Author - Alizeh Khaleeli

Photojournalist, wedding photographer & writer inspired by life and it's realities.

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Freedom Not Free People

We are in a war we refuse to own. At whomsoever’s behest,whatever temporary gain lured us; we entered the war-enter we did.A reluctance to...

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One day I will find that vacuum that can contain the fury of my tears. The space that will not corrode with bitter truths I cannot yell. Of all the...

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Karabala: A Love Story

It is not possible God,for broken hearts to break more. Yet it breaks and shatters leaving me thinking its million pieces are now finer than grains...

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Buried Alive.

Perhaps this is the anguish the families feel doing their best to “survive” after ASWJ,LEJ and the Taliban have left them in a colorless...