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Aitzaz Ahsan, PPP and Long March: A critical perspective – by Abbas Ather

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You too Aitzaz Ahsan, the leader of the legal community?

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Abbas Ather offers a critical perspective on Aitzaz Ahsan’s relationship with Pakistan People’s Party.


Wanderer said…
wonderful, much needed perspective on our “Lion” AA.

19 FEBRUARY 2009 08:53
Ahmad said…
Ather Abbas has lost his memory; though not surprising in this age group. How could the chief justice take notice of Benazir’s Shahadat when he was already suspended and under house arrest?

19 FEBRUARY 2009 10:10
Raazi said…
Good point. What do you think about other issues that Abbas Ather highlighted in this column?

19 FEBRUARY 2009 10:23
Ahmad said…
From this single blunder you can imagine how credible his other “facts” are! Baba ji has certainly got carried away in his love for “Zar”dari

19 FEBRUARY 2009 19:52
Raazi said…
You are being disrespectful to someone who is much senior in age. Who do you think is ‘mistake-free’ in our journalistic or political arena? Can you give me an example, Mr. unbiased?

19 FEBRUARY 2009 20:01
F. Khan said…
Great articles. Abbas Athar rocks.

20 FEBRUARY 2009 08:19
Ahmad said…
Two wrongs don’t make a right, Abbas Athar is misguiding us, twisting the facts as visible as a sun in daytime. You have to earn respect as a journalist. I didn’t intend to attack on him personally, but like baba ji I got carried away probably. His channel “Express” also is part of media, he says deceived by converting thousands into millions. Lawyers movement is a hope for this nation, don’t let it ruin.

20 FEBRUARY 2009 17:06

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