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Ideology of Pakistan – this is what we are teaching our kids.

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Some selected Comments on this by Pakistani and Indian friends

Vj Shiraz ; damn wth is ths :s
Ideology is set of ideas not a science of ideas :s

Rakshi Rath ; Funny how much this resembles the Saffron brigade’s version of history and ‘arguments’ for Hindu rashtra.
Louts are the same, across religions, and across nation-states.

Adil Noushad ; ideology is theorization of ideas

Yadvendra Mehra ; When I talk to you Ali ,I feel elated and somewhat hopeful for our future, but when I see this………my optimism ….just evaporates.
And Rakshi,no school text books do not teach religious supremacy in India.

Aarti Tikoo Singh Who writes these books? I can’t imagine a Ph.D scholar or a political science professor writing this shit, particularly:

“The term ideology means the science of idea. It contains those ideals which a nation strives to accomplish in order to bring stability and homogeneity to its nationhood. Ideology is a system of ideas which reflect the way of … See morethinking of a nation or a class who has been denied its due place in society. The ideology grows amongst the dissatisfied group of society as a challenge to the prevailing social set-up.”

Barrister James Cambel ; that’s one disgusting literature. dividing people. I wonder what a Hindu Pakistani thinks of the curricular ?

Ali Arqam Durrani ; The article from Wajahat Masood shows the ambiguity abt the future shape of Pakistan in the ML leadership mind except Jinnah

I think the above chapter is translated from one of “Daily Jasarat” or “Tarjumanul Quraani” article.
Yasser Latif Hamdani ; There are two Pakistans. There is one that is ossified in time by Zia ul Haq. Then there is the other Pakistan. In time you’ll see we will change all of this.
Wajahat is a genius.
Ali K. Chishti ; James, the state is for Military Generals, Feudal and Capitalist regardless of religious beliefs. If you are anyone then a Muslim in Pakistan then you are a “thing”.
I would like to see Bhagwandas as President and an Ahmediya as a Prime Minister – that’s what Jinnah’s idea for Pakistan was…
YLH – Nawaiwaqt Generation versus Herald Tribune 🙂
Yasser Latif Hamdani ; We have time on our side. The process of modernity and secularization is irrevocable and irreversible.
Ali K. Chishti ; yes, and soon we shall get, Objective Resolution out and make whatever left of Pakistan a Secular, Progressive, Liberal and Democratic State which Jinnah had always wanted after partition.
Ali Arqam Durrani ; The whole series of Articles from Wajahat Masood is appreciable…I for the first time have read from an Urdu writing intellectual, such a balance critique of partition issues…
Recommended…atleast the secular forces should act in the educational sector for syllabus review and teacher’s training…
atleast MQM should come with an educational agenda in the shape of a chain of schools, starting from Karachi. As educating Karachi will have an impact on the whole country for its metropolitan nature…
I know they have hundreds of enlightened persons like U, who can serve in this sector….
Ali K. Chishti ; we had already started something similar. its called the SUN Academy in FB AREA it will eventually expand.
Ali … If you can get the Aga Khan University Education Board wider acceptance for SSC and HSSC examinations, you’ll make a huge difference.
who is the author of this?
Ali K. Chishti ; M.Ikram Rabbi – Caravan Book House, Lahore. The author intro says he wrote books for CSS, PCS and other competitive examinations.
Musab Iftikhar Khan ; “Pakistan ka matlab kya La-illha-e-ihlaya” is considered to be the founding basis of Pakistan.
I wonder when the Pakistani and infact Muslims all over the world will adopt rational thinking and reading culture?
Aridaman Singh Dhillon It is a total lie that during pre-partition days in India, Hindu nationalism was forcibly imposed upon Muslims and others. In fact the British had used Muslim bureaucracy and judiciary and Sikh soldiery to keep the Hindu majority suppressed. Such situations do try to raise their head in the post-partition India, but till now the secularism professed by the Indian National Congress has been able to keep the Hindu nationalism in control to a large extent.
It is a fact, though, that over the centuries, the Hindus and Muslims had continue to cherish their separate cultures, but then it is always so with all cultures all over the world. The cultures behave like this normally and learn to co-exist unless one culture succeeds in annihilating the other or forcing it to merge under duress.
The Indians of all hues had learned to co-exist over the centuries till the British faced banishment at the hands of the joint 1857 mutiny of the Hindus and Muslims. The willy white-man managed to win over the Sikhs to help them quell it – and thenceforth made sure that the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and the Isai were kept divided and instigated against each other…. See more
Ever since the division of India, the Americans and the Chinese are keeping Pakistan and India incited against each other. It were the British remnants in the Pakistani army and administration and the Americans looking for a base in Kashmir to contain Russia and China who had instigated Pakistan to attack Kashmir – and since then we have been at each others’ throats.
All religions profess peace, universal brotherhood and co-existence – real Islam also does it – but exploiting rulers and clerics spread hate, discrimination and divisions to achieve their goals. This is why it is absolutely wrong to claim that there is no casteism or discriminations in Islam. Why else is there bad-blood amongst Sunnis, Shihas, Ahmadias, Muhajirs and converts from lower caste Hindus etc?

Yasser Latif Hamdani ; @Musab, Jinnah shot down the “pakistan ka matlab kiya” as something he and the League never approved. I think enough said.

If Pakistan was founded on some ideology remotely similar to what is alleged, then why did almost every Mullah and his mother in law oppose the Pakistan movement?
Musab Iftikhar Khan Yasser, I’m not endorsing what I wrote. I only gave this as an example of what young naive Pakistanis completely unaware of Indo-Pak history think. I’m amongst those secular minded progressive countrymen who are of the view that the Pakistan was used as a political bargaining tool by Jinnah to gain maximum concessions for Muslims of British India.

Ranjit K Sharma ;This type of hate-filled syllabi are also found in some regions of India. While this should be opposed, a few wrongs here and there, I believe, cannot create hatred among the whole lot of peaceful Pakistani citizens.

Musab Iftikhar Khan ; I was disturbed to read the comments by Indian readers on MJ Akbar’s Times of India article drawing a comparison between Jinnah and Gandhi. It was quite shocking to read that most Indians view Jinnah as a conspirator with British who divided India. I thought conspiracy theories and hate syllabus are part of Pakistani curriculum but after reading … See morethe comments on article I was almost certain that India is also not alien to this concept. Jinnah as a statesman was praised by both Nehru and Gandhi, and even more recently Lal Kishan Advani and Jaswant Singh went to a great length to describe his secular politics. Intellectuals in India should shed some light to this topic.

Indera Kaur ; basically there are people on both sides. Musab, remember we think, act, eat alike. We South Asians in all of our lives had criticized and criticized. I as an Indian respect Jinnah only after I started reading. Only if we understand that.

Nehru and Jinnah would not have lived in one-India. Nehru’s ego partitioned, Patel’s Hinduvita Majority Idea … See morepartitioned – Jinnah fall into the trap and there was not another option.

Having said that we would one day be like the European Union. Pakistan need’s to root out the greatest internal and exteral security danger which is extremist Islamist and India need’s to do the same.

Kamran Shaukat ; These are not books but hatred machines. I would recommend everyone to see the analysis of “Sustainable development policy institute” on the very same topic.
That analysis is an eye-opener. It is disappointing to see the quantity of hatred we are injecting in our youth !!
Mark Cameron ; I am so happy that, there’s no, “blame-gora” game played in this debate. On topic, this is as bad as it gets. Reminds me of Nazi literature during Hitler days. Apparently, Muslims and Pakistanis need’s to understand that it’s about time they themselves had to modernize and stop this hate and branding people of opposite religions as infidels.
Musab Iftikhar Khan ; Indera, Indeed! As Jaswant Singh says we live just 8 1/2 minutes apart and share the same way of living. I sincerely hope Pakistan and India resolve the issue.

Indera Kaur ; Correcto. There’s no other option. Imagine the amount of money we spend on defense gets diverted to “people” yes, the people who make up both the countries. I see both middle classes in Pakistan and in India crushed and constantly pushed ; farmer’s committing suicides and look whose milking? The Capitalists in India and Establishment and Feudal in Pakistan. Sad.

Ahmed Quraishi ; This is nothing. We need more of this. We in Pakistan need to indoctrinate our children with Pakistani nationalism, fierce and proud, while making them globalists. We are not “SouthAsians” or “Asians”. We are Pakistanis. Nothing is wron in this book. In fact, it needs to be integrated and updated to also reflect the fact that Pakistanis are the … See moreinheritors of a the Mughal Empire and heritage just as the Iranians inherited the Safavid empire and the Turks inherited the Ottomans. That’s Pakistani history. Ali, the road to modernism doesn’t pass through self-hate and self-flogging. That’s called defeatism. We are proud of who we are, a people and a culture that brought civility, language and culture to this part of the world. It’s the Pakistani culture and encompasses everything.@Musab: The closest world capital to Islamabad is Kabul. The second closest is Dushanbe. Only a minority of North Indians, from areas that used to be Muslim seats of power, have something in common with Pakistanis. The rest of the billion Indians have nothing in common with Pakistanis, except humanity which is a universal currency. So please don’t be too quick to judge after watching a few Indian movies.

Stephen Tyne ; @Ahmed, It’s one thing to bring your kids with “patriotism” or “nationalism” but it’s another to indoctrinate them with “hate” because by doing that you create Frankensteins in long-term.

Indera Kaur ; My question, by hating Hindus, what would an average Hindu feel’s about Pakistan? There are obviously 20 + million of them in Pakistan? Plus, Jinnah asked a Hindu to wrote Pakistan’s National Anthem?

Are you trying to say that Pakistan is more closer to in term’s of culture then CAR’s and Afghanistan than India?
Owais Bandookwala ; @Ahmed Beta, buhat achay. prorably that is why, Jinnah left his Jinnah-House in Bombay.
Kindly, change our language to Pashtu and Arabic too. Sad.
Beta, a very sincere advice, hate ideologies of Hinduvta, Pan-Islamism/Neo-Cons/ Zionism but not generalize it. Two wrong’s does not make one right.
Yasser Latif Hamdani ;I don’t think appeals to J-man are going to work with militaristic fascists like Ahmed Qureshi, a dogged follower of Zaid Hamid.
Ahmed Qureshi is a Musharrafite. Maybe he would explain to us what his hero General Musharraf who Qureshi described as God’s gift to mankind and Pakistan in particular, was into Indians and his Indian heritage? Was it the good General who created Indo-Pak bonhomie in 2004-2006?
Wasn’t it Musharraf who was Gandhi’s monument in Delhi and wrote in glowing terms about him? Atleast be consistent oh.
Qureshi is a small time crook in Pakistan. Frankly as a Pakistani nationalist, I find Ahmad Qureshi to be an embarrassment. The dude is actually an expat who grew up abroad and probably has a Kuwaiti passport.
But don’t worry … The people of Pakistan struck a crushing blow on Zaid Hamid and his coterie on 23rd March, 2010 …when no more than 20 people came for Zaid Hamid/ Ahmed Q/ Maria B bonanza at the Al Hamra open air. (Ahmed Qureshi had predicted 100,000)
Ali Arqam Durrani @Ahmed Quraishi
No such thing like Pakistani Nationalism exist…..As if the material above is right, why we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims and muslims from all over the world are “Pakistan Ka Matlab kia” type Pakistani Nationals…..
“Muslim hain hum watan hai, saraa jehaan hamara”
Well said Owais Uncle….

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