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All Praise for The General – by A.H. Amin

Pakistani analysts have a tendency to view US as a demi God and frequently assess US intentions when it engages or disengages the Pakistani military.

Analyst generally find little or no fault in the sitting army chief whose good jobs are praised and his good intentions of not being a coup maker elevated to the highest pinnacles of praise and compliments.

Analysts turn strategists raise the Pakistani military to the level of the only player who can set Afghanistan on the right course and are further immensely pleased that the so called demi God of Pakistan USA now sees Pakistani military as the only cook who can cook the Afghanistan broth. Have things changed or we changed.

Long ago Napoloeon wrote a political pamphlet praising a key French revolutionary figure and that pamphlet became his first step to his success.We had a man called Altaf Hussain who began as a fearless journalist and finally sold himself to Ayub Khan .

This is a standard worldwide pattern.Appear to be a balanced analyst while pleasing the right men at the the right time , all for personal advancement sanctified as balanced analysis.

It is surprising that respectable Pakistani analysts , leading as some one calls them , lament about civilian efforts to clip the wings of the military while ironically all along in Pakistani history it is the military which has clipped the wings of civilians and taken a lead role in Byzantine intrigues to destabilise and destroy Pakistans civilian governments.

In any discussion about the armys relationship with USA one has to understand first of all the whole business of waging war and warfare.The USA in simple terms views the Pakistani military as an affordable , low cost in terms of investment military machine which can serve the useful and philanthropic objective of stabilising this region.

Much cheaper than the exorbitantly expensive US soldier sitting in Afghanistan and doing little.

Analysts have assessed the US soldier as a 30 thousand USD per soldier per month liability on the US taxpayer when his salary,perks,ammunition and all logistics are included.

Conversely the Pakistani soldiers cost with all logistics does not exceed 2000 USD per month even if one is too lavish.This is a difference of 15 to 2.This simply is the US preference for the Pakistani military whether its chief is from Delhi ,Sialkot or Rawalpindi.

Even if the USA agrees to rely wholly upon the Pakistani military to stabilise Afghanistan , this would be an exercise in futility.The forces involved in the Afghan war are multiple and include Russia,Iran,India and many other NATO states with different agendas.Even most Afghans do not view Pakistan as Afghanistans saviour.In this situation US hopes that Pakistani military can stabilise Afghanistan border on extreme naievette.

It is tragic and ironic is that USA is glorifying the Pakistani military and sending wrong signals to Pakistan.Respectable US analysts like Borgchave are praising the Pakistani military .The whole exercise would lead to a military take over and diasaster in Pakistan.A situation which would become a strategic quagmire and liability even for the USA.

It is comical , albeit ironically so that the US State Department is literally being manipulated by the Departmenbt of Defense about USA’s Pakistan policy and that too based on extremely flawed conclusions in the US military that the Paki8stani military has nearly destroyed the Taliban and Al Qaeda etc.Whereas the real fact remains that some 90 % Taliban are 90 % sound and healthy and the Al Qaeda has re-located to Yemen and Somalai and the 90 % intact Taliban are regarded as good Taliban by the Pakistani military ?

When Pakistani analysts write about strategic brilliance of someone and pin point it as the reason for US policy change this is a sharp departure and degradation from real journalism to strategic sycophancy !
It is rather sad that the Pakistani establishment uses men who wield pen as useful tools of the Byzantine game.Things have not changed from the time when Z.A Suleri was the pointsman in Pakistani establishment to the likes of the eight o clock and ten o clock Pakistani media journalists on logistics payroll of some one in Pakistani establishment and daily spreading fire and heat against Pakistans elected government.

Above all the supreme irony is the fact that the very NRO which was used to propel the PPP to power and whose repeal now is being used against the PPP was conceived , practiced and implemented by Pakistans men in khaki now being praised and complimented as supreme strategists by so many analysts.

The bottom line in Pakistan remains that civilian rulers would constantly be manipulated by fear,coercion,political blackmail , given little room for being effective , subjected to psychological warfare from television and parts of print media and finally sidelined and banished for being corrupt.

And then some analysts come with apparently balanced analysis and give pass marks to the generals and also sympathise with Pakistans poor civilian rulers.What a farce.Life goes on.

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