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The Shia-Hazaras of Quetta are grateful to LUBP – by Anwar Changezi

I want to reassure the dear friends at LUBP that the Shia Hazaras of Quetta are grateful to you. I came to know about your work only recently, but as I checked your archives and matched them with the mainstream media, I can confidently say that LUBP has been at the forefront of activism for all marginalized and oppressed people of Pakistan, including Shias of Quetta. Many of my friends in Quetta also actively follow your blog and rely on it for information as well as analysis.

The Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) does not represent Shia-Hazaras, and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) does not represent Shias. Statements by parties who sell blood of innocent people for their political or economic interests should not deter you from your work. They are themselves directly or indirectly facilitating the killings of Shias by echoing the ISI narrative on domestic and international issues.

Keep doing the good work. Your team has voluntary done a remarkable job in highlighting Shia genocide and even forced the so-called mainstream writers to speak on the issue. We are grateful to you. Shias in Pakistan, and especially the Shia-Hazara of Quetta should strengthen LUBP and remain grateful to the selfless people who run this blog without any financial or political benefits.

Thank You.

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  • Thank you, Mr. Changezi, for very kind words and reassuring post. Much appreciated.

  • MR.Anwar changezi@ you are not representing the whole hazara nation here…. How can we thankful to LUBP ??? the LUBP is spreading rumours and propaganda against the shia hazaras …. they are the iran puppets,,,, at least i am not thankful to this stupid newspaper who are misrepresenting the hazaras…. shame on you Anwar Changezi and LUBP…


  • there are lots of views i have which are different from lubp, and i sometimes get angry over them. but i must say that i came to knw abt the sufferings of minorities through this blog, specially the hazaras of quetta. my relatives in australia and other countries get their updates from lubp. my request to them is plz dont be confrontational.

  • I came across this website a few months ago when a friend referred me to this article http://criticalppp.com/archives/75775 . Since then I have not even for a single day quit visiting it at least once. I must straightforwardly say that I am a nationalist, and here in England I have participated in every meeting and protest held with regards to the situation in Quetta. I am sure you realize that we Hazaras are more vulnerable to attacks due to our distinct features. Every other community might have faced the same problem, but ours is a bigger problem that needs to be kept in perspective before addressing it. Our emphasis must be to talk about the ethno-sectarian nature of the killings. But it’s to be noted as well that currently we’re bearing the brunt of terrible Wahabiaization of Pakistan. Hazaras are targeted because the state looks at them with suspicion. Rather every Shia is being looked at with Suspicion now. Back in Karachi where I had Syed friends belonging to influential Shia families, I was often told of the discrimination they face in their respective fields. Quetta in those days were relatively peaceful. So I would dismiss their concerns with abandon, thinking at least we are safe in Quetta. I have come to know now that what they were going through in Karachi is our fate now. But at least in Karachi they have people, influence and ultimately, their stakes. What do we Hazaras have? Our survival rests on being on good terms with Baloch and Pashtun in the province. We must strengthen the bond with them as much as we can. We know that currently we are at the receiving end due to the state’s policies. We have lived with our Baloch and Pashtun neighbors for a century, and will continue to live with them. We Hazaras hope that they stand with us in the times of need. As for the future, until Pakistan reverses its policy of Islamization, no minority will be safe.


  • I am a Punjabi settler of Quetta. I can assure my Hazara brothers that a large number Shia settlers have been killed in Quetta by the very terrorists who are killing Shia Hazaras and other groups of Shias.

    Here is a detailed list: http://criticalppp.com/archives/64797

    Our sorrows and killers are common. Please don’t separate us from you.

  • I agree with Mr. Anwar.

    In fact LUBP is the only secular Pakistani blog which is highlighting miseries of Shia Hazaras and other persecuted communities of Pakistan. Recently it was attacked by MWM Mullahs because they thought LUBP is an American/Zionist puppet.

  • Anwar sahib,
    i agree with your opinions mentioned in your thanks giving. HDP does not represent shia-hazara, true. Infact HDP represnts only HAZARAS. I am not a member of HDP neither have any interest to join it. But there r some policies that i favour. like publicly denouncing iran nawaz mullas who intends to hijeck the situation of hazaras. Yumul-qudss was one of the deaiest rally, organized by mullas. Mullas r always reluctant to sit and talk to other ethinics pashtun, baloch in qta. Perdone my ignorence but I dont see any economical interest for HDP yes for Sadat sahib and his so-called shia ulamaa collegues, it may be economical interests.

    Your well wisher.

  • who give right to LUBP to claim representation of shia people who has been killed in all over the pakistan by so called Islamist funded by arabs, and why they are blaming DHP and MWM.