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HDP, Daily Jang and Daily Ummat serving ISI to create sectarian unrest in Quetta – by Zawar Hussain

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Jang wants to spark Sunni-Shia violence in Quetta to cover up Shia genocide by ISI-backed Jihadis

Daily Jang is helping ISI to manufacture Sunni-Shia sectarian violence in Quetta – by Ali Muntaziri

On 4th July 2012 law enforcement agencies arrested three Shia men and later their female kin in connection with terrorist activities in Quetta. The people who belong to Dera Ismail Khan were arrested on a police check post, after which their house in Faisal Town Brewery was raided resulting in the arrest of the women.

As soon as the news broke out, Hazara Democratic Party in Quetta spread rumours that those arrested were Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives who were residing in the Shia area. Thousands of SMS messages originating from HDP workers were exchanged and sent to the Shia Hazara of Quetta in order to create confusion and help those who had arrested the Shia men and women.

Later the same people ran SMS campaigns that outsiders were creating problems for Hazaras of Quetta and the Hazaras of Quetta should disown the Shias of other areas. This is what the agencies who run HDP want that the Shias of Quetta are isolated from the rest of Pakistan.

The same HDP workers spread another rumor that respectable Shia women had been raped by FC and Police while in custody. This was done to rouse sentiments of Shias across the country and especially in Quetta so that sectarian unrest can take place and HDP could blame religious elements in the society for it and make it an excuse for law enforcement agencies to start a crackdown against Shia leaders and religious people in Quetta. This shows the extent to which HDP can go in order to serve its interests.

This is not different from what previously Daily Jang and Daily Ummat have done in connection to Quetta and Shias. These two newspapers have been publishing false reports about presence of Mehdi Militia in Quetta and linked acts of terrorism in Quetta with the organization in order to create sectarian hatred in the city.

This is clear that HDP, Jang and Ummat etc are all actually serving ISI’s game in Quetta and are equally responsible in the killing of Shias in Quetta. Shias should be aware of them and reject them.


Source: http://jang.com.pk/jang/jun2012-daily/22-06-2012/cities/quetta/index.html

PS: Cunning move
HDP dissociates itself from arrested Shias: Hazara‬ People has no involvement in any sort of killing or terrorist acts in the ‪Quetta‬ city or vicinity, HDP. pic.twitter.com/qkie3xmx

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  • We, Shia Hazaras of Quetta, hate HDP leaders and operatives because of their subservience to the ISI.

    The innocent women and their male kin originally belonged to D.I. Khan.

    Shame on HDP proxies of ISI.

  • Hazara Duffer Party (HDP) is the Quetta version of PTI or Jamaat Islami. They are ISI thugs.

    Shame on their conspiracies against Shia Hazara community.

  • HDP is the main cause of dis-unity of SHIA (HAZARAS) along with the other SHia Communities in Quetta. Last week, The HDP Chairman Mr.Khaliq Hazara had a meeting with Turkey Prime Minister (Tayyip Erdogan) & also with Saudi ambassador. These are the recent meetings of this ISI-America backed party. On the record, they had many meetings with American officials in Quetta & islamabad…!!

  • دونوں خواتین جن کو متعصب پولیس اہلکاروں نے 4 جولائی کو گرفتار کیا گیا تھا رہا کردیا گیا ہے۔ شیعہ کلنگ نے خود اُن خواتین سے بات کی ہے اور اس بات کی تصدیق کی کہ دونوں خواتین کو رہا کردیا گیا ہے۔

    آج ملت تشیعُ کا نوجوان کامیاب تو ہوگیا مگر افسوس لسانی تعصب زدہ زہنی بیمار افراد نے جو کیا وہ کبھی بھلایا نہیں جاسکتا


  • This article is built on false perception. In fact, none of the members of HDP has spread the rumors around. so please don’t create confusion with such articles. You all have been misreported.

  • Looks like its not HDP but our very own LUBP creating confusion and dis-unity between hazara brothers. It could be LUBP behind that text campaign, now don’t ask me for an evidence pls.

  • you Muhammmad Hussaini@ irani puppet shut ur mouth against thea nation,,,, u people have sold ur faith for the money of iran…. don’t devide us at this hard time … Nsir Hazara shame on u puppet of iran ,, u call ur self hazara …. don’t call ur self hazara ,,,,,,,

  • the part of newspaper u have shared is not related to this propaganda …. the writer is biased and is the enemy of our nation who spreads false proganda against us….
    dear brothers don’t fight with each others.. we are united and all this news are fake…..

  • Such a Biased writing. Why didn’t the author mention the reason behind the arrest of those DI Khan Residents? What were they doing in Brewery Quetta? Another important question raises is what is wrong with the press release of HDP? I dont find any negative message or any false propaganda in the news attachment. We condemn the thugs of Critical PPP who are intentionally or Unintentionally dividing Hazaras and fueling the sectarian tensions in Quetta and through out Pakistan. Not everyone is an ISI thug. so Idiot of those who first blamed HDP, then our beloved activist Dr Saleem Javed, Sajjad Changezi of being ISI thug. grow up Critical PPP’s idiot bloggers.

  • I like this Hazara man (Khaliq). He always provides me and my fellow generals with nice women. We will never hurt him and other loyalists in HDP as long as they remain loyal to Pakistan and its Pak Foj.

  • Hdp is exposing himself more n more with whatever is being done in the name of qaum parasti… cutting the hazaras of quetta from shias of pakistan is what Hdp is trying to acheive. shame on Hdp. all the refugees of afghanistan have took the hold of Hdp and want to dictate every hazara who is living here for over 100 year.

  • my question to the writer is that, what is the use of wine(sharab)by the syedas, i think your sisters are drinking wine and prayying. Hazara zinda baad.

  • I agree! HDP is a very secular group and is not even in favour of Juma prayers and Ashoora’s juloos. They are no lesser than the people of Kufa at the time of Mukhtar.

  • the statemen is quite clear and they have not written any thing against shia. dont try to bring unrest among community members.

  • HDP is the puppet of ISI and FC….. HDP President is Donkey and always get money from ISI….. He is not representing whole Hazara Shias in Quetta. He and his fellows are always getting Money from ISI and started propaganda against Hazara’s Shia….. He will very soon will be end in hand of ISI thugs when they will no use of this bastered person…..

  • @Ali Changazi…. Shut your mouth bartered person , Go to hell with HDP president….You will see very soon that whay play ISI with your bastered president……

    The article is 110 percent true….. I agree that HDP is working to divide Shia Hazaras…