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Ahmadiyya Muslim website banned by PTCL in Pakistan – Naseem Chaudhry


Ahmadi Mosque in Lahore

Editor’s Note: We would like to bring this to the attention of our readers as well as unequivocally condemn this latest act of censorship.  The Ahmadiyya muslim community is under constant threat by the Jihadi nexus of ISI-backed TTP-LeT-LeJ/ASWJ/SSP militant groups.  The act of censoring an Ahmadi website stands in stark contrast to allowing the hate-filled rants by the clerics of the groups listed above.  Such hate-mongers are given undue coverage on the private corporate media by the likes of Anti-Ahmadi bigot, Hamid Mir.

Currently, the latest aggregation of this group is the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC).  The two main leaders of this group, Hafiz Saeed and Malik Ishaq have the support of Pakistan’s Judiciary which has seemingly gone out of its way to free them.  The PTI-PML N-Judiciary provides civilian cover, support and patronage to these ISI-backed groups whose main targets are Ahmadis and Shias.  It is shameful for PTCL a private-public company to ban an Ahmadi Muslim website when they have failed to check both cyberspace and the airwaves of actual hate content against Ahmadis and Shias.

After seeing this news on social media, it was decided to bring this to notice of LUBP – a website that is very vocal on Ahmadi, Shia, Hindu, Baloch, Pashtun rights.  Since LUBP has major web traffic, my humble request to Abdul Nishapuri bhai to publish this and bring this to the attention of human rights activists world wide.  As it is, Pakistan’s Supreme Court going out of their way to release terrorists like Hafiz Saeed Ahmed.  Hafiz Saeed and Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) are leading efforts to go after peaecful Ahmadi communities in Pakistan.

Abdul bhai, please use LUBP traffic to distribute the news and create condemnation for this latest attack on my Ahmadi brothers. Shukria.

The official website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community http://alislam.org/ has been banned by PTCL in Pakistan. Who will raise voice against this act of censorship? #NetFreedom? #Pakistan #ePersecution #AlislamBan

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  • if you ban something you admit that you are in danger from that….be brave and face with etiquette rather than being “ultra smart”….this way Govt. shows it is feeling the heat …it is fearing that ulema on other side do not have reply to ahmadis……..!!!!

  • Banning any website is wrong bu the case of Ahmadi website is unique. It was being used as a source to pollute the faith of muslims who don’t have much knowledge about their religion and can easily fall prey to the vicious and cleverly weaved Ahmadi trap. Therefore the over-reaction on the ban of Ahmadi website is unjustified and condemnable

  • Abbas Ahmad, How are Ahmadis polluting the faith? Are they killing anyone like Shias, Deobandis and Brelvis do to each other and to Ahmadis?

  • molvi sahib do you dont have a sane answer to the AHAMADDI & SHIA?
    Are not these dirty tricks to use eliminate what ever is damaging your dirty incomes? Is not zakat dirty for you?
    Gen Mustharf was using the same tricks against every dirty org?
    Is it not fact that behind the curtain Ayoub Yahia Zia & Mustharf been promoting the sects..?
    Are not they Translate it that the holy cow of islam is in danger! To motivate ignorant majority?
    Despite modifying their behaviour to be out of sins life, the molvi has covered holy book & the house of god under a cloth. Is it not fact?
    The pity for those who term themselves orphan with a claim that their father was murdered by kufar,
    is it not fact that the a married man or woman
    could never be termed an orphan? The molvi even at the age of 40 claims that he is orphan keeper thats why he can digest zakat?
    did not the God curses for such a man or woman accepts such dirty income? Its haram for a grown man the what could we accept from a molvi?
    Molvi is afraid of
    shia, ismaeli, bohri & qaedyani, as none of these collects zakat. Sunni’s school of thought is standing on the incomes of usher, zakat, chanda, bhatta, fitra, sadka, kherat, fidya, niaz & sherini! Can a molvi survive without bootys?
    What more molvi earn is not jazia & mall e ganemat? Pakistan armed forces could not stand without such greedy molvis who creat such a situation that could only be responded by forces, when ever ISI fabricates
    a net?
    is not it a stunt to ban a web site to make it famous?
    Does it not ultimate meant to promote sects, to make a globe out of bubble?

  • Molvi yatimon ko etna kharb krta k usy khoni rishton ki tmiz b nein rehti or pher usi yatim ko usi ki video dikha k sangsar ka fatwa dedeta hy ya usy jacket pehnne ki choice deta hy or sath e usy paka b kr deta hy k tum kufar ko maro gy to tmhara ye gunnah e kabira be maf hojae ga or jis k sath monh kala kia hy wo be youtube pe jane se bach jaegi balke tum ne uska jo udhar dena hy wo be usy mil jaega!

  • Qadianis are citizens of Pakistan just like Muslims and other non Muslim Pakistanis are. And its important for every Pakistani to respect law of the land. In Pakistan non Muslims are not allowed to preach their religion. And its very unfortunate that qadianis most of the time break this law and get punished and then show the world that they are oppressed. We welcome this ban on qadianis website. Respect our law our constitution or get banned.

  • Pakistan Flag, so you accept that there is no freedom of religion in Pakistan. When the world condemns Pakistan about it then don’t complain.

  • It is about time PPP should take a public stand on the matter. Bucking into right wing pressure didn’t work for Shaheed Bhutto and will not go well for AAZ.