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Talking Heads, Grand Standing – by Banda-e-Khuda

Nasim Zehra claims she came back to clean up Dunnya TV. I wish her well in her efforts. Mango man (aam admi, commoner) needs to see results of her claims. By returning there is a bigger responsibility to make sure there is noticeable difference in Dunnya.

Suggestion anchors that have promoted murder in the past should no longer be in Dunnya, Mango man should feel there is a new Sheriff in Town. https://lubpak.net/archives/31768

It seems like a similar story is repeating at the Geo.


Amir Liaqat is brought just when money can be made by putting hypocrisy into overdrive during Ramzan. It is not just he food vendors that exploit the Roza Dar. It is also the TV talking heads for programs like Jahil online. Audience is emotional and tunes into such shows, Geo rakes in the advertising.

Sirf  doodh dahee wala munafa khoor nahin. Yeh murda zameer media bhi iss kam mein shamil hai

Let us see what Sana’s resignation brings. Banda-e-Khuda wants to respect these people of the “free media”, give us a reason to do that.

Mango Man would be heart broken to learn that the shenanigans of Nasim Zehra and Sana Bucha are ploys to negotiate more lucrative contracts.