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What is Bhuttoism? Perspectives by some ordinary Pakistani citizens.

Ma Says:

Bhutto haters cannot comprehend what does or doesn’t Bhutto mean to PPP.

and they only think Bhuttos mean a race or a clan. but the fact is contrary to it.

the fact is in the eyes of PPP Voters ZARDARI and his Sister Firyal TALPUR are Bhuttos while Mumtaz, Ghanwa, Fatmah, and Zulfiqar Junior are NOT Bhuttos.

so being Bhutto is not being of a Bhutto clan but it is something of character, sacrifice, commitment and standings.

but Bhutto haters, right wingers, products of the ISI and General Zia will never understand as their hearts and minds are locked by the Mullahs and jihadis.

MalangBaba Says:

“zerdari is elected president of pakistan,we all should respect him,second he is entitled to govern his own way,if u dont like his policies,its fine,vote him out in next eletions but dont try to derail democray,……..”

They are as democratic as Zia. their justice is justice of Zia. They can worship even Shaitan as far as he promise to kill Bhuttos.

Their democracy is selective
Their justice is selective

They never respected democratic mandate in the past they will never accept it in future.

A year ago they were asking for head of Shaheed BB

Now they r repeatedly calling for killing of President zardari and Balawal. But they don’t know that Bhuttos like Egyptian phoenix are reborn from their own ashes. Tum Kitnay Bhutto Maaro gay?

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Some Comments:

MalangBaba says:

Today even Zia’s children and his political heirs and partners in crime (NS, Qazi etc) are affraid to link themselves with his name. This is the legacy of a dictator.

I think Arian community of Lahore is fedup with Nawaz Sharif and his arrogance. They are being pushed to PPP. I think it is a good start to widen PPP’s vote bank in Lahore.


Hameed Gul’s reference make no sense. He is a sworn enemy of PPP. He is person who created IJI and supplied money to Sharifs anf Qazis to run a joint election campaign against PPP. Being head of ISI this guy presided the first meeting of IJI. He even awarded tickets to IJI candidates and manipulated the election results in Punjab to give IJI lead in Punjab assembly just few days after it lost in Punjab in National elections. He is bigger criminal than any other general in Pakistan.

Can he be believed. How was not in a position to become a shoe polisher of Bhutto in Ayub days.

Ziaists are very good in lies like their dictator peer.

I am neither too old not too young. fortunately I saw Shaheed Bhutto’s time as a young student and saw the cruel face of Ziaists. My family was not a Bhutto fan but I became a big fan of Bhutto after I witnessed the shameless atrocvities committed by Zia and his partners in crime in particular Jamaat Islami.

I do remember a lot. But unfortunately most of anti-Bhutto members of this forum don’t even remember that pl of Pakistan rejected the boycott call of elections just 11 months ago. I don’t expectr U to remember what Nawaz Sharif used to say about Justice Iftikhar till March 8, 2007 and what Imran Khan used to say about Mush till he dumped him in 2002.