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Chief Justice Chaudhry is responsible for the crisis in Pakistan -by Sikandar Mehdi

Justice (retired) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, a respected jurist also known to have close relationship with Nawaz Sharif and PML-N, has very different opinion of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhrys’ ruling while PML-N and PTI are trying to ride on the back of judiciary. In a recent talkshow, Justice Ibrahim openly criticized judiciary. However after he left the show, the ultimate legal expert Dr. Shahid Masood criticized him with some lame and frivolous examples.

Our media is acting like Toilet Paper of judiciary. Everybody criticized Justice Iftikhar Mental (as commonly known on Pakistani Twitter) except Pakistani media. All international media and especially Indian SC judge has openly criticized this Clint Eastwood style of Justice (Clint Eastwood had no PCO oath and definitely no son like Arsalan). Since the judicial coup, not even a single international outlet has praised the decision but rather labelled it as “REVENGE DECISION”. This so called judiciary is bent on taking PPP government down but instead they are making heroes out of fallen leaders.

Mr. Iftikhar Mental, no matter what you do, you can never legally become President or the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Your wish can only be served by illegal means. It is matter of discussion, what you want to name it Bangladesh model, revolution, judicial restraint, national interest, but between you and the whole world, it will still be ILLEGAL.

Media pundits who have continuously spread right wing pro Taliban/Al-Qaeeda agenda are now the Legal experts too. Our supreme court is in hyper drive with Dual core Pentium 10 processor to derail democracy or at least weaken it. First I was of the opinion that instead of having all this democratic set up and continuous military interruptions, why not make COAS to be president of the country but now I think why not make CJ the president of the country and let him run this bloody show. Forget Bangladesh model, make a new Pakistani model.

After 62 years of independence we are still searching for damn models. We had military governments, we had imported PM’s governments, we had technocrat governments, we had lota governments, we had Ameer ul Momineens and why the not this new thing. We love experimentation what the heck, have this Judge be the president, CJ, PM and do what ever he wants to do with this unfortunate country self proclaimed Fort of Islam, leader of Ummah country. Mr. CJ go a head and make Mullah Omar the president of country if it serves you better.

As the time goes by I fail to see any light left for democracy in this hell bound country. First this weak political government couldn’t provide par excellence governance but rather a bad performance, then on top of it we have this PCO loving judiciary backed by media and right wing political parties harking to shut down this democracy-wemocracy bullshit.

This social fibre of this country was destroyed by uneducated bearded mullah with its out of the world interpretation of religion and now we have this bloody new kind of BUFOONS Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Mehr Bokhari and Kashif Abbasi who are interpreting constitution for us. God help us.

Video clip: Faisla Aapka with Asma Shirazi, 26th June 2012

Need to watch at least first 15 minutes. Renowned jurist and former judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim says Parliament is Supreme and CJ is responsible for the current crisis in Pakistan.


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Dr Uzma Ali


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  • Only a few days ago IftikharMental was a top trend on Pakistan’s Twitter. This shows the level of disrespect for Pakistan’s current Chief Justice in Pakistan.

    People are doubting his mental stability, and rightly so.

  • That’s the voice of PPP walas. I really appreciate your efforts and it’s time to stand up and break the silence from PPP stalwarts or left wing scholars; otherwise this Red mosque mullah and their supporters will make this country worse than Afghanistan.
    What happened when whole world saw on live TV what the Red mosque mullahs did, they had piles of illegal weapons and killed commando of Pakistan Army, but this chief justice bailed them out and nobody knows what happened to the cases against the Mullahs. Same thing happened with Asghar Khan case. He and his fellows are protectors of murderer of Salman Taseeer, Shahbaz Bhatti and thousands of other innocent peoples;

  • …And the inheritor of the progeny of Bhutto, the devil-incarnate Zardari is responsible for nothing?

  • Zardari has spent 10 years; where was/is ISI and other agencies which cannot trap him (if he is corrupt from head to toe) like Arslan. If Zardari is corrupt then all the justice system and civil and military establishment is also corrupt; why so much cry only for one person there must be something fishy. Only opening the cases does not make a person guilty. As far as letter to Swiss courts is concerned, in the supreme court decision there was one option out of 6; which says registrar of supreme court can also write letter to Swiss authorities. Moreover, why court is emphasizing so much to write letter while by itself is not hearing any case against Zardari; i believe there are lot of cases against him in Pakistan too.
    Pakistan issue is Terrorism and lawlessness and no court is taking any action against either the master mind or puppets to stop it; not a single case.

  • The problem is our Chief Justice is Pro-Taliban, corrupt, and incredibly right wing. He released many terrorists that massacred Shia muslims in Pakistan. Consider how great his salary must be, and how much money he launders off the state, with his son’s worldwide expeditions, travelling and living like a prince, as Pakistanis starve.

  • for the (losers) fans of CJ (white crow) who point fingers on COAS… Read the comment! ( and please don’t stop supporting this dishonest man (CJ), as you won’t know neither you will understand the difference b/w Cheif of Army Staff and a biased Cj

  • In COAS Defense:
    Being a Military leader is not easy. He is not a dictator. He may have flaws, but he has been able to keep a lot of PPP government infidels in check.
    For all who have commented and are critical, don’t forget that Military strategists that reach a Corp commander and 4-5 star level come through a 30-35 year grind and experience, continuous education and gradual experience. The probability of making a COAS in 1:50 from Lt. Generals. A new officer starting today has 1:500 chance of making a Brig, 1:1000 chance of General, and 1:10,000 to make a COAS

  • Can anyone from all the critical minds give me one example of a politician in Pakistan who have served in same profession growing to next stage for 35 years to get qualified as a legislator to make laws, OR a Minister? Let me give you the experience of political leadership— 1. President: No experience in any business, job or profession.
    2. Prime Minister- 10 years of renting houses in Islamabad and selling lands as a sales guy.
    3. Governor Punjab and all 3 Governors: None as a Administrator
    4. Every Minister in Federal Government- None in the Ministry operations or business, similar job or profession.
    Now you know why the misgovernance?