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Hamid Mir doesn’t know about LeJ-ASWJ killer Malik Ishaq – by Banda-e-Khuda


Part 1 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010

Part 2 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010

Part 3 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010

Part 4 – Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi Sipah Sahaba Geo TV Interview – 5 July 2010.flv


“Malik Ishaq’s counsel declared that his client had been imprisoned for over 12 years and that the prosecution had failed to produce any cogent evidence which could implicate him in any of the 44 cases of culpable homicide for which he was accused, out of which he had been acquitted in 34. He is the founder of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LJ), which is aligned with al Qaeda along with Jandullah and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan. Like Omar Sheikh, another terrorist linked to LJ and al Qaeda, he was not subdued by jail conditions. He allegedly continued to plot terrorist acts and was accused of having executed the attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009. The news of his release will not be well received in Sri Lanka. Nor by Iran whose diplomat he had allegedly killed in Multan.

It has already been reported that Malik Ishaq had in October 1997 admitted to an Urdu daily to being involved in the killing of over a 100 people. He was flown from Lahore to Rawalpindi in 2009 on a military plane to get the al Qaeda-linked terrorists to negotiate with attackers who had taken several people hostage inside GHQ. On his release, he was accompanied by Sipah-e-Sahaba chief Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi who is in triumph today, having made a political deal in Punjab after the alleged killing of a minority group in Gojra.” http://tribune.com.pk/story/210440/the-release-of-malik-ishaq/

How can such a heinous murderer escape justice in land of free judiciary?

Murderers are protected, witnesses silenced, threatened or worse killed, the deep state backs this. Hamid Mir helps the deep state by pretending to have no knowledge of self confessed Murderer of hundreds of innocent people.

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  • Excellent post by Band-e-Khuda! Good research of social media to highlight the dishonesty of Hamid Mir. LUBP is now being quoted everywhere. Abdul Nishapuri sahib, LUBP team is getting stronger by the day inspite of efforts of some lobby to destroy it. In Lahore, more and more people are quoting LUBP.

  • Pakistani media celebrities are very confusing. Those who pose as liberal champions like Raza Rumi, Nadeem F. Paracha, Marvi Sirmed, Bina Shah: they promote people like Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi. How can Hamid Mir pretend he does not know about Malik Ishaq and Supreme Court.

    Jhoot ki bhi inteha hoti hai!

    Why these liberal champions standing with Hamid Mir???

  • The culture of impunity

    Someone has to be held responsible for the brutality unleashed on Shia Hazaras and non-Hazara Shias in Balochistan.

    The chief of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Malik Ishaq, should be taken into custody and inquiries conducted about his party’s blatant involvement in the killing of Hazara and other Shias. The law enforcement agencies have to answer about their lax and inefficient security measures that are letting the Hazaras be killed like flies. The Balochistan government owes a response for its failure to ensure the right of life to its people, especially the Shias belonging to the Hazara community. These are the questions that need answering by the self-admitted perpetrators of these atrocities as well as those whose responsibility it is to ensure law and order in the province.

    The suicide attack on a bus carrying 50 Shia pilgrims back to their homes in Quetta from Taftan, Iran, on Thursday, resulting in 14 deaths and 30 injured, is one more link in this continuing horror story. It was yet another attack on innocent people, whose only fault was their ethnic identity and religious beliefs. Not so long ago, a school bus was hit by an explosion, killing innocent Shia students. We also had the Mastung bus carnage, not once but twice, when the passengers were lined up and shot at close range in front of their relatives. The killers are not just interested in snuffing out lives but inflicting the worst possible forms of butchery, not sparing even children, as part of their heinous sectarian agenda. Bomb disposal officials seem convinced the 50 kg of explosive material used in the suicide attack on the pilgrims’ bus was meant to create a bigger fallout. The fear factor sought to be created has so far eluded the authorities, who appear to be sitting ducks while ironically pampering the likes of Malik Ishaq, who openly struts his stuff from the platform of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council.

    The inept and callously indifferent approach of the authorities to what has now emerged as the latest woe in a long litany of unending sorrows seems doubly tragic when the killers have no qualms in publicly claiming responsibility. It is incomprehensible why the admitted killers and their leaders are left free to wreak their havoc on a peace-loving and inoffensive community. The shameful inaction of the government in exposing and bringing to justice the elements behind the killings reflects its callous lack of seriousness in bringing peace to our terror-stricken society, particularly in Balochistan. Even our society’s well known penchant for conspiracy theories struggles to explain what is going on and why and who is ‘protecting’ these barbarians. According to the new security protocol adopted after the Shia pilgrims’ route to Iran became a killing field, every bus carrying pilgrims is supposed to get security clearance before entering the city. The ill fated bus that exploded in Hazarganji did not follow the protocol. This latest atrocity is a ghastly reminder of how unsafe the Hazara community of Balochistan has been rendered.

    The incessant security lapses have come to be seen, especially by Shias, as a systematic genocide of their community. Recently the UN Human Rights head, Navi Pillay, has raised concerns over the gravity of the situation in the province, particularly for the minorities. Some voices on the social media go so far as to accuse the judiciary of suffering from paralysis in bringing the culprits to book following the Lahore High Court’s acquittal of LeJ chief Malik Ishaq. Some others are asking the UN to step in more vigorously. Since 1999, 700 Hazaras have been killed in Balochistan. The incidence of violence against the community has risen sharply, with clear indications of a further intensification in the near future. From 2008 to date, almost 20,000 have left the country for safety abroad. It is time to untangle the venomous web that Ziaul Haq had woven around this country in the misused and abused name of Islam. To go about this tough chore, especially when a large swathe of the country is ensnarled in it, may not be easy. But there is no escape from the task of exposing and bringing to justice the elements making blood cheaper than water.