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Pakistan’s Cheap Justice praises MQM -by Raja M Asad Abbas

Pakistan is perhaps the only country in the world where an increasingly politically vindictive Chief Justice dismissed an elected Prime Minister and is now grinding his axe to disqualify the second PM.

It’s therefore no surprise that political circles in Islamabad and ordinary people in streets have started to describe Pakistan’s CJ as Cheap Justice. Another slur currently popular on Twitter is #IftikharMental to cast doubts on mental stability of CJ Iftikahr Chaudhry.

CJ Ifthikhar Chudhary in April 2012 gave a statement while hearing a case that “Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is a party which brings the common man to the fore in elections”; he praised MQM in the court just because they bring a common man to the Parliament!

But Let me take you in the history on May 12 2007 when Chief Justice was deposed by General Pervez Musharraf (For whom He Paved the Way to the Presidency by Giving Him a Cover in Early 2000’s and Taking Oath Under the PCO) and the Nation was Standing with Him to give Him Back his position the party Which he was praising because of the common man, that party sacrificed 44 Workers of Pakistan Peoples Party (and the Killers were acquitted by the Courts) just because they went to welcome the Cheap Justice on the Karachi Airport and the whole Karachi was burning when the Cheap Justice was enjoying coffee and cake in the Lounge of Karachi Airport.

All that and nothing happened even after the SUO-MOTO notice taken by Cheap Justice on May 12. And on this May 12 the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court said we remember the Incident of May 12. But I think that Cheap Justice doesn’t remember that 12 May massacre Which was Organized by the so called Common Man Party (MQM). But the Cheap Justice For Once did not mention or pay respect to the 44 Workers of Pakistan Peoples party martyred in Karachi, Moreover, another 50 Workers of Pakistan Peoples Party were Martyred in Islamabad when a Suicide Bomber Attacked the Welcome camp of Pakistan Peoples Party once again to support the restoration of Cheap Justice.

Now let me come to the topic for which I have made my pitch as CJ praised MQM for bringing a Common Person into the Parliament, why didn’t he Praise Pakistan Peoples Party for also brining a Common Person into the Parliament. PPP in Muzaffargarh gave the Party ticket to Jamshed Dasti while overlooking Ahemd Mujtaba Gilani the brother of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and also this time in the Senate Election PPP brought forward the grass root Leadership from Sindh Like Senator Saeed Ghani, Senator Ajiza Dhamra and Others. Alhough CH M Aslam Gill Lost His Senate Elections but he was appointed as the Advisor to PM.


RAJA PERVEZ ASHRAF who assumed the Office on June 22 , 2012 as Pakistan’s PM and More than 4 days have passed till this Article is Published still the CHEAP JUSTICE is quiet. By rewarding and promoting the MIDDLE CLASS PPP has shown it is the common man’s party. However, Cheap Justice remains vindictive, his eyes are once again set on the NRO case while he keeps adjourning the ASGHAR KHAN PETITION against ISI and military generals.

While political opponents and right-wingers are casting accusations About Raja Pervez Ahsraf But nothing is Proved against him Even by the SC of Pakistan and NAB (The national accountability bureau)………… By the Above giving Facts do I And the workers of Pakistan Peoples Party hold a Stance that We Have A hypocrite CHEAP JUSTICE sitting on the top who Even Uses Isalm for his Own use he remarked in a Case we r not sitting hear to accept the Swears on QURAN-E-MAJID but took it again and Again in his Son’s Case a Person who was not Earning and Had Took his Mom and Sister for Shopping on 342 Million and he says he Knows Nothing I won’t be going into that detail but uptill I think my Point is Much Clear than Any One that We have a HYPOCRITE CHEAP JUSTICE.

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Dr Uzma Ali


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  • Only those people use abuse who don’t have a civilized response. I am not surprised to see Imran Asghar’s response. He has simply used bad language.

    Excellent post Asad! It is sure to give people heartburns.

  • @Bashir Bhai i was expecting it from the Sons of Genreal Zia ul Haq so that’s Not a big deal 🙂

  • کیا کسی کو چیپ جسٹس کا وہ ڈرامہ یاد نہیں جب چیپ جسٹس کراچی میں عدالت لگا کر بیٹھ گیا۔ الطاف حسین نے دھمکی آمیز پریس کانفرنس کی اور یہ دم دبا کر واپس آگیا۔ بالکل اسی طرح جس طرح یہ کوئٹہ سے اپنے ً آقاؤں ً کے ہاتھو بے عزت ہو کر آیا۔ اس پر بھی لوگ اسے ہیرو قرار دیتے ہیں ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ حیرت ہے۔

  • The lamest of the lamest article and more precisely the king of lamest sentence will be:

    “It’s therefore no surprise that political circles in Islamabad and ordinary people in streets have started to describe Pakistan’s CJ as Cheap Justice. ”

    The writer needs to disguise himself, and then meet ordinary people in streets of Islamabad. And by political circles, 1st detach PPP circles and then count how many are criticizing your so called cheap justice.


    Uhum uhum…
    Middle class??? do you know the definition of middle class?? Middle Class are those who face load shedding, water shortage, life threats, who has to face tension that he need to stand in the long line to fill CNG tanks.

    Raja Sahab is not middle class member. He might be in his childhood, but not now for God’s sake. Don’t make Pakistani nation a fool.

  • For ibneanwar…

    لوگ تو زرداری ک بھی بہت بڑے فین ہیں، وہ بھی جان نثار، جو صدر کو بچانے کے لئے PM بن کے قربان ہونے کو تییار ہیں.
    جب ایسے لوگ ہیں تو CJ کے بھی چاہنے والے تو لازمی ہونگے میرے بھائی!

    افسوس یہ ہے کہ آپ PPP جیالوں کو پاکستان سے زیادہ جعلی جمہوریت کے صدر کا دکھ ہے جس کو آپ کا بھی کوئی احساس نہیں ہے.
    بجلی آپ کے گھر بھی جاتی ہو گی، اور اگر آپ کا تعلق کراچی سے ہے تو فائرنگ وغیرہ سے بھی پالا پڑا ہوگا .
    جا کے پوچھو اپنے نمائندوں سے کے تمہاری ہماری حفاظت کے لئے ٤.٥ سال میں انھوں نے کیا گُلل کھللایے.

    Ask common questions yar. They will say every thing except a workable agreeable solution. Can you ask them?? Any one at this forum?? I guess not. I would suggest that try to think from Pakistan’s perspective, not from Zardari’s perspective.

  • You will hear only reasons for failure…
    Blames to past rulers, army, every thing…. except a solution.

    Why they are reducing prices after continuously raising them since last 4.5 years? to get sympathy votes? Have you seen a half page advertisement in 1 July newspaper from Sindh government to thank federal government for reducing rates on petroleum?


    Its a shameless joke!

  • @Rehan have U ever gone to People down in the Streets whom Still Vote for Pakistan Peoples Party not only in Sindh but in Punjab in Muzzafgarh Gujranawala Bhuerwala Multan Qasoor and So Many Other areas have u been ever to them what u people think that with one or 2 rallies u will be the best but how come u would be when ur Box is empty or i can say it better (DABA KHALI HAE) have u ever met those whom were present in Kamoo Shaheed out at 46 C what u people think my own family is Contesting Elections from 70’s so that a joke for me

  • He Was and He is still middle class u accept MQM as a Middle Class when the cheap Justice says those whom are living abroad from the last 20 yrz yes they are the Middle Class u accept those as ur Middle Class when the cheap Justice says whom are the industrialists of Karachi Yes U accept those whom are said by the CHEAP JUSTICE who are the Bhatta Mafia

    And May i tell caz i belong to the same thesil so all those are there too even in the Sangar House so first see all these facts

  • App ki Jamooriat to woh hae na Jis Ma CHeap Justice Uniform ma Aik General Ko dusri dafa election larne ki Ijazat dita hae

    Agar App ko itna pata hota to app yahan na hote sirf aik comparison
    GDP Growth Rate
    2008 ma 1.21 tha
    2009 ma 4.9
    2010 ma 2.3 Pura Mulk silab ma tha
    2011 ma 2.9 Pura Sindh Silab ma tha
    2012 ma 3.7

    Kis ka zaida hae with full Warr on terror Silab 2009-12 ya 2008??????????????????

  • @Bhai Jan App shaid Pakistan ma Kabhi hote he Nahe thie iss lie Dawe Karte waqt char rahe thie Minaro par aur phr Quwoen ma Utar jo Gae Petrol Prices kam bhi hoi hain 4 sallon ma

    Jab Shebaz SHarif Nawaz Sharif latptop par pure page ka IShthar dete hain tab
    jab Imran khan Sirf jalse ki lie Pure Safe ka Ishthar dita hae tb

  • App ki Awam batounm koun si hae

    Which Come in Sakth Garmi from Achi families for the Khoon Kharabi jis si app puchte hain