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Imran Khan, mental hospital and Zardari-phobia – By Abbas Ather

In his column in daily express on 20 June 2008, Abbas Athar suggests that Imran Khan should build a mental hospital. Abbas Ather also suggested the name of a possible first patient, i.e. Imran Khan himself.

Imran Khan’s advisors in ISI and Jamaat-e-Islami told him to boycott the elections because he was assured of the postponement of elections or the dissolution of the newly elected assemblies. A failed politician, suffering from Zardari-phobia.



Why Imran Khan Has Failed To Lead The Nation ??
Today Pakistan is going through the most fragile time of its history. The people of Pakistan are desperately looking for a honest leader to lead them into the future. People of Pakistan have lost faith in these two face leaders like Zardari, Nawaz Shareef, Qazi Hussain, Asfandyar, Maulana Fazlurehman and the kalla gaboon Altaf Hussain. We have also seen the military’s failed performance both on war front and political front. These dictators to whom we have praised over time have used this nation to fill their own bank accounts.

When Imran Khan came into politics, some people thought it was the last chance of hope, however after more than 12 years, IK has still not proved his leadership potential and the nation who is waiting for a leader is still in wait..


* is it cz he called nawaz and benazir both thieves in the beginning of his political career and later moved towards nawaz…

* on one side he and his X wife wrote hardliner Islamic columns in Pakistani newspapers but at the same time were busy spending the most liberal life in a conservative country like Pakistan….

* is it cz he failed to groom any other visible personality in his party like a great leader and even after 12 years, he is a 1 man show…

* is it cz on one side he tries to ally with the moderates through his personality and then sits with the hardliner conservatives like Qazi Hussain…

* is it cz he sided with Musharaff in the beginning when the whole nation knew that the fairist dictator is worst than the evil democracy….

* is it cz he tries to convince people by being a opportunist and uses his rhetoric to attack by words and not actions….

* is it cz the nation has not forgot about his playboy past and is not willing to accept his new image…after all Pakistan is a conservative society….

* is it cz also like a Pakistani politician he has learned not to let any other person ahead of him in his party…

* during the last two years, he had a chance to promote his party heavily through free news/talk shows appearances but again and again we saw ONLY him on TV screens……

* he bravely talks about Baluchistan and FATA and NWFP but has also failed to visit these areas to prove his actions more than words….

** most importantly, People were expecting him to take part in the “in camera security briefing” BUT apparently he has took off like he always does when there is some serious issue back home…….. so that later he can use his rhetoric….