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Basit, son of DDG Intelligence Bureau Riaz Sheikh, writes an open letter to Ansar Abbasi

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Utmankhel1: Yes why the journalists dare speak against the Intrests of the country ? They should keep on singing the songs of agencies and they won’t be bothered.

    The more wise of them do follow the Safety Principles as detailed below.

    In an other article i pointed to the double standards of some of the pakitani media where they write “SHAHEED” for palestinians but “Halak” or sometimes “JAANBAHAQ” for people slaughtered more brutally by our agencies and army through taliban.

    Daily Mashriq even wrote HALAK for people killed by taliban and JAANBAHAQ for taliban killed on one page. Thats why they are never attacked.

    Similarly, whereas Qayamat Masood ran to Lebanan during it’s war with Israel, but he would never visit Swat or Momand or Waziristan to find out what the taliban and our army are doing there.

    Be biased and you will be safe.

  • Riaz Sheikh is one of the many pests that have been bleeding this nation dry since its very creation. I have seen Riaz Sheikh arrested twice for corruption charges in the last 2 decades. The last time he was arrested, his assets were seized by the government. And yet within a couple of years his family rose back to be one of the richest families of our society. How much does this man OFFICIALY earn to be living like the king of a small nation? I have seen how they spend and it makes me SICK to think that people like him, nay, THIEVES like him throw away hundreds of thousands of rupees that they have snatched from the hands of this starving nation. How DARE they steal from a country that is struggling to EXIST and then paint themselves as the victims?
    Basit Riaz, you and your siblings are nothing but a bunch of pampered, arrogant FOOLS. You have been living off of the money stolen from a bleeding nation and you WILL have to pay it back one way or another! Insha Allah