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The SP of Gujranwala police, Mr Athar Waheed, the other side.

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  • This tulla (poice walla) is notorious for bribery and nepotism. It is known in Gujranwallah that he charges 3 million to let go a murderer.

  • He is a good police officer and the decline of crime in gujranwala in the recent months proves his and and his teams performance.

  • How can an police officer involved in extra-judicial killings in fake police encounters claim to resign to uphold law? Hypocrisy of the right wing as usual?

  • Salam,
    Mr Ather Waheed i am very proud of you.You are a good police officer,also a good human being.What you have done is simply a matter of rule of law.It is clear that when we talk about the indipendence of institutions we shoud keep in mind that all institutions including police department should also have independence to work according to law without any political pressure.

  • Athar Waheed, shame on you. Your zameer (conscience) was sleeping while General Musharraf was raping the constitution and the rule of law in this country. All of a sudden, your zameer has become active against a democratic government? How much money have you been bribed by Nawaz Sharif for this cheap media popularity? You are a killer of Nanno Goraya, you know that.

  • We are proud of you Mr. Athar Waheed. I have check his history, for your kind information, he was on study leave for his MSc crimnology. So he was not in country when the above mentioned things took place. If he wud’ve resigned on any of the earlier law voilations, people like you wud’ve asked,”why he didn’t reign when musharraf took power” and things like that. Keep your mind positive otherwise people will think a thousand time before taking any right decision at any time.

  • Hasan, can you disclose your source? Was Athar Waheed on leave when Musharraf was in power? What was his reaction to Nanno Goraya’s extra judicial killing? What is this tulla’s relationship with Ansar Abbasi?

  • Yes Raazi… my friend was his class fellow in UK and their session was from 2006-08. He told me about him that he was a very brilliant student and among the toppers in the class. He was always uppset about the country’s condition and often said that he’s thinking of leaving that police job and search a career in teaching.

  • MR.ATHER WAHEED v r proud of you u r a brave police officer,i would like to adress MR.RAAZI for his usage of rude language.It is very shameful act,and please can you prove your comments?ofcourse your reply is no……..so please b careful in future.

  • @ Azad + other Ather Waheed’s lovers

    One thing i’m sure about is Ather Waheed would become IGP of Punjab and the famous constable (who presented his belt and cap to elder Shareef/Badmaash )will be directly promoted to the post of SHO of his area of posting once Shareef brothers (read Badmaash brothers)come again to power !!!

  • when was this police wala when Musharf run this country illegally.This police wala should resign and join Nawaz party he is Govt servenat and not potical leader shame on this police resing de kae nawaz shirf ki party ki worker ban jao shame on this police wala

  • Now Nawaz & Shahbaz projected his self is champion of rule of law, why they attached on supreme court and ilegally removed syaed sajjad ali Shah with help of Saeed Ahmed siddiqi killer of judicary now wanted to be a champion bcoz iftkhar now is Nawaz league judg.

  • i think that Mr.Athar Waheed has done a great job by dis obeying the government.he is a very intellegent and brave man of 31th common.i also request Shahbaz Sharif to take keen interest in Attar case and completely resolve his case because he has just nothing by dis.obeying the Govt unuseful and stupid laws.
    Engineer M.Taimur Ayub Khattak From Nowshera(N.W.F.P)

  • Athar should resign and join muslim league its better for him,many ppl join just police for collect bribe from poor people of pakistan, and now he should get ilegally promation bcoz many ppl do CSS for doing mega corruption they are master of corruption, CSS is not matter of braveness, Then why young ASP left the firing Sence in Lahore, shame on police and athar too

  • It s very bad to comment without any verification of facts. We should not discourage the people who show courage to give some new thoughts & actions in this out-dated & traditional society where we are always suppose and presuppose in holistic terms. What this police officer did, he did it out of his conscious in a society where no body has the courage to say no to unlawful & illegal orders.