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Rise and Fall – A Piece of Advice for Mumtaz Ali Bhutto

By: Jarri Mirza

Mumtaz Bhutto on 17th October 2009 wrote an article with titled “Bahadur baap ki buzdil beti ” on the eve of BB’s homecoming . And now he is announcing to be a poplitical successor of BB and calling Asif Ali Zarari to be an opportunist . Let us examine who is an opportunist.

According to BB in her book “Daughter of the East” Mumtaz advised her to call for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto autopsy since there were no marks of hanging on his neck and it will be good political move for the party . BB’s replied  to him then that  she wanted to leave her father in a peace. Histoty is repeating itself; someone is playing  a dirty game on a death body as he once wanted to play in a past , and someone is gathering his emotion together and trying make his pain into his strength as BB used to say “convert your pain into your strength”.
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Previously published in Daily The News.

This is with reference to Nawab Mumtaz Ali Bhutto’s article “Rise and fall” (Nov 2). Surprisingly Nawab sahib is addressing Benazir Bhutto as a shaheed today and his present ‘whipping boy’ is Asif Ali Zardari. This takes me a few years back when Mr Bhutto was using exactly the same language about Benazir Bhutto. Would Mr Bhutto be kind enough to describe the reasons behind this change in his sentiments?

The criticism of Mr Bhutto about President Zardari’s expenditures and resources seems totally biased and hypocritical as Nawab sahib, a self-proclaimed ‘chieftain’ of the Bhutto tribe, has never made his assets public nor is there any public information about his tax returns. This is not a secret though that Mr Bhutto owns huge land holdings and urban assets and enjoys a lavish lifestyle while his own haris are deprived of basic necessity like clean water.

As regards his venom against the democratic process and President Zardari’s regime, one can clearly feel the love for power which makes Mr Bhutto dream for an unconstitutional change thus creating an opportunity of becoming a ‘caretaker’ — once again. There is a democratic set-up in place and parliament has a legitimate right to complete its constitutional term. Like it or not Nawab sahib, you have to wait and let the political process take its course.

Another alternate Mr Bhutto can resort to is to go back to his parent political party, the PPP, become a part of the democratic process and raise his voice inside the party and in parliament. If Mr Bhutto has decided to stay away from the democratic process then the best course for him is to sit back and wait for the present regime to come back to the people in the next election. If President Zardari is such a failure, people will reject him in the next election.

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    Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto was amongst those notorious Five Uncles i.e Ghulam Mustafa Khar {Lion of Punjab}, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto {Dahesar}, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi {as per Dawn News TV Show 2008 involved in Mehran Bank Scandal: Video http://www.sharifpost.com/2008/01/06/dawn-news-tv-investigation-report/ }, and Maulana Kausar Niazi {Maulana Whiskey and a former Deputy of ISLAMIC PERVERT Maulana Mawdoodi}, Abdul Hafeez Peerzada {Sohna Munda} of Late. Ms. Benazir Bhutto who betrayed the widow Ms. Nusrat Bhutto after the Judicial Murder of Zoulfiqar Ali Bhutto by General Zia, Maudoodi, Jamat-e-Islami, USA, Henry Kissinger and last but not the least Judiciary in 1979. They left her high and dry when they were needed and many amongst those Uncles of Benazir Bhutto were helped by e.g. Ghulam Mustaf Khar, Lt. General Retd. Faiz Ali Chishti [the backbone of General Zia's Martial Law and nowadays a Pseudo Claimant of Restoration of Democarcy under the banner of Nondescript Ex Servicemen Society].

    Mumtaz Bhutto's loved Zoulfiqar Bhutto so much that only after a few days of ZAB's Murder, both Mumtaz and Hafeez Peerzada got married [Courtesy Monthly Herald Pakisatn Divided They Stand by Mazhar Abbas Issue of January 2008]. Mumtaz Bhutto loved late Ms. Benazir Bhutto so much that after the dismissal of her second government [1993-1996] by PPP elected President Tumandar Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Laghari, he joined the Caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh under President Laghri in 1996 so much for the love of Ms. Bhutto. How come the establishment tolerate Mumtaz Bhutto as a CM during in caretaker regime of Farooq Laghari, after Laghari sack Benazir Bhutto due to 'excuse' of Muratza's cold blooded murder [any guess who did that?]. they killed a Bhutto, to get Benazir Bhutto and then install Mumtaz Bhutto. He was the same Mumtaz who was hounded by the Islamic Pervert Right Wing Press of Pakistan [Read Jang, Jasarat and Nawa-e-Waqt] but Mumtaz was epitome of Federation in 1996 Caretaker Cabinet. Murtaza was portrayed as a Terrorist during the days of Zia by the same Right Wing Press of Pakistan [Read Jang, Jasarat, Takbeer and Nawa-e-Waqt] but as soon as he returned to Pakistan during Benazir's second govt. he was made hero and every story in the book concocted to destroy Bhuttos.

  • i couldnt agree more with mr mirza and mughal sahib.keep the truth alive.i and many silent ppp supporters and voters wants you to keep up ur efforts as the 'hidden hands'have unleashed a media campaign against mr zardari.there r also some authenic reports about ms.fatima bhutto up coming book on the bhutto family.in her interviews she has hinted of repeating the same charges against benazir and mr zardari as those levelled by saif-ur-rehman and now mumtaz bhutto.i am for freedom of expression as bb also stood for it.fatima has all the right 2 write about whatever she wants to.but,since mr mumtaz bhutto is her political mentor;my request to this blog is to make sure that you counter any malafide propaganda and distorted versions of historical facts 4m her side too. in the end ,i wish u all the best .good job,jiyalas.keep it up