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Justice or revenge? – by Realistic Voice

ye dagh dagh ujala ye shab guzida seher
After four years of day and night struggle, honorable Chief Justice and his puppets (clapping hands) have succeeded to hunt the elected Government. At this very inappropriate time when the whole world is focusing on the issues of NATO supply and Afghanistan, it was mandatory to support the Government rather than to attack. But after many unsuccessful attempts to target the Government they got their longing revenge of delayed restoration of judiciary.

We, the ordinary people of Pakistan, as helpless observers, are anxiously waiting for the role of heroes of restoration of judiciary, why are they not showing up now?  They should come up and stop judiciary from this revengeful attitude, especially, Aitzaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Munir A. Malik, Athar Minallah, Justice Tariq and many others to raise their brawny voices in the interest of nation and stop the Chief justice from further revenge.

This spite is not only destabilizing the Government but ultimately against the nation as well.

Unfortunately, all these heroes are looking dreadful from contempt of court. They do share their opinion but their voices are meek enough to ignore and resultantly, go unheard. Only brave voices against an increasingly dictatorial Chief Justice are those of Pakistani activists on social media who are describing him as IftikharMental to cast doubts on his mental state. The only fearless voice we listen is of Asma Jahangir. Perhaps she is the only “MAN” (in this misogynistic society) who is preaching truth and reality. Where are other warriors of justice? All these barriers of justice were very bravely out against a dictator but now they are in their bins against this judicial dictatorship.

If presidential immunity is constitutional then why are our Chief Justice and his companions unaware of it? Is it the duty of Asma Jahangir to guide them the same way she did about the code of conduct in Malik Riaz and Arslan Iftikhar’s case for which the CJ had to leave the bench the very next day?

Dear Munir A Malik, Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed Rashid Rizvi, Ali Ahmed Kurd et al, Even if learned practitioners like you are unaware of the constitutional position of immunity then better take off your black coats and ties and go back to your bar rooms or simply class rooms as beginners. But if you are sure of what you are continuously saying about immunity then shout it out. The court should not force the Government to go against the constitution by writing letter because violation of constitution leads to high treason.

For God sake standup, because we know one decision of Maulvi Tameez ud Din case was the start of break up of our beloved country and perhaps, God forbid, the decisions of this court are going towards the same road again. Stop it please by all means. In the end, I request the Chief Justice of Pakistan to stop these revengeful proceedings and let the country move on in a stable and honorable manner.

Dunya ki tareekh gawah hai

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Danyal Lakhnavi’s poem

    Dunya ki tarikh gawah hai: De-realisation of lawyers movement’s anthem

    دنیا کی تاریخ گواہ ہے
    دنیا کی تاریخ گواہ ہے
    اس عدل کے سنگ جمہور نہ ہوگا
    یہ حال رہا تو ملک ہمارا
    وحشت، خوف سے دور نہ ہوگا
    جوعدل کرے کمزور ادارے
    جوعدل کرے کمزور اکا ئیاں
    دنیا کی تاریخ میں سوچو
    طیش میں کب انصاف ہواہے
    منصف کی بس اپنی انا سے
    عدل یہاں ناپید ہوا ہے
    عدل کے دیوانو اب سن لو
    ہم جج اپنی منوائیں گے
    روٹی، کپڑا اور گھر اپنا
    ہر جج کو ہم دلوائیں گے
    آٹا، بجلی، پانی، ایندھن
    سارے ججوں کو عام ملے گا
    وفادار وکیلوں کوہر ممکن
    روزگار اور کام ملے گا
    غازیوں، ریپسٹوں کی خاطر
    عدالت ھوگی ماں کے جیسی
    فوج لگے گی سب کو پیاری
    اور بوٹوں کی آس رھے گی
    پارلیمنٹ کے ایوانو سن لو
    مومن جرنیل پھر آئیں گے
    ضیاء اور مودودی نے لوگو
    دیکھا تھا جوسپنا سب کا
    پاک وطن پر اب بس ہو گا
    غلبہ فاشسٹ جج کے ڈھب کا
    پارلیمنٹ مفلوج رہے گی
    تین جیم اب عیش کریں گے
    جنتا یوں معتوب رہے گی
    چیف کے پروانوں کے ہاتھوں
    اقلیّتیں مصلوب رہیں گی
    اپنا مذہب سب سے اعلی
    ہم ہادی اور سب ہی مضل ہیں
    اپنے ہی جذبات مقدس
    نرم ونازک اپنے دل ہیں
    باقی سب بے مایہ وبے دام
    ہم برتر ہیں سب ارزل ہیں
    اوروں کی اوقات ہی کیاہے
    ہم ہی اس در کے قابل ہیں
    جبروتشدد اپنا راستہ
    فتح ہمارا مستقبل ہے
    جاؤجاؤ سب سے کہ دو
    اپنے پر اب کٹ نہیں سکتے
    جمہور دشمن اشرافیہ
    ہم سے اب یہ عہد کرے گی
    پرمٹ، فنڈز اور فیض کی خاطر
    جاری جدوجہد رہے گی
    رستہ تھوڑا ہی باقی ھے
    رستہ تھوڑا ہی باقی ھے
    دیکھو دیکھو وہ منزل ہے
    منصف اعلا جاگ رہا ہے
    سوموٹو کو تاک رہا ہے
    جیت ہمارا مستقبل ھے
    جیت ہمارا مستقبل ہے
    (اعتراض محسن)


  • Pity the nation whose higher judiciary is out to destroy its institutions. What they’ve done now is way out of their jurisdiction, if not legally they should restrain ethically. As many international observers rightly termed their actions no short of a “judicial coup.” I wish the sense will prevail & politics will be left to politicians.

    Thanks for writing.

  • Tareekh me insaaf ka Qatal aksar adalton me hi howa ha. A k AAZAD.
    The letter may b written by attorni jeneral. iftikhar chudhary do what rana sanaullah said to him,becz they are kazans. shame on you iftikhar & arslan.