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Dictator Zardari Gets Slapped by Supreme Guardians of Justice – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

Followers of Hazrat Imran Khan and Hazrat Nawaz Sharif celebrating the dismissal of a corrupt dictator.

I am sure that Pak Fauj appreciates how Moeed Yusuf, Shuja Nawaz and their colleagues watch out for them in Imperialist Amrika – even more when some of them dilute their mild criticism of army generals by also pointing towards the civilian “kleptocrats” who we all know are the real problem of Pakistan.

Qazi ul Qudha, CJ Triple H (His Holiness Highness Iftikhar Chaudhry) should also appreciate how my liberal friends watch out for the Judiciary in Pakistan Press.

I have been doing some Tableegh of my own on facebook and am happy to say, I have reformed Sabir Nazir into a patriotic ghairatmand whose article in support Triple H and his Judicial Supremes brought tears to my eyes:

“The Lady Justice that was once a courtesan of Zia ud din Ayubi has now been transformed into the Gorgon Medusa. Any one who dares to cast an evil eye on Judiciary would turn into stone.”

On the other hand, RAW is actively undermining our Judiciary and today a Hindu Judge writing for the Hindu (can anyone else detect the Hindu connection that I see) now says this

“The language of the above provision is clear, and it is a settled principle of interpretation that when the language of a provision is clear the court should not twist or amend its language in the garb of interpretation, but read it as it is. I therefore fail to understand how proceedings on corruption charges (which are clearly of a criminal nature) can be instituted or continued against the Pakistani President. Moreover, how can the court remove a Prime Minister? This is unheard of in a democracy. The Prime Minister holds office as long he has the confidence of Parliament, not the confidence of the Supreme Court. I regret to say that the Pakistani Supreme Court, particularly its Chief Justice, has been showing utter lack of restraint. This is not expected of superior courts. In fact the court and its Chief Justice have been playing to the galleries for long. It has clearly gone overboard and flouted all canons of constitutional jurisprudence.”

Pakistani Supreme Court has gone overboard – by Justice Markandey Katju (Supreme Court of India)

Followers of HIK celebrating Yom-e-Nijat (Salvation Day)

Imtiaz Gul sahib and other ghairatmands like M. Akram, Haroon Wasti, Dan Qayyum, Fundy Kasuri,

Please thwart this RAW conspiracy. Don’t these Indians know that Constitution is just piece of paper! The word of CJ Triple and his Judicial Supremes is the Law.

In these times when Judiciary is being invaded by foreign RAW powers, I am relieved to see comrades like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi and Talat Hussain and their courageous stance against the Darth Vader regime of Zardari-Next PM. Even if they have some criticism for the Judiciary, see how they bash evil Bhutto-Zardari party and their current dictatorial regime.  These educated folks have done a fantastic job of deflecting unfair criticism against CJ Triple H.

They have destroyed the propaganda of Zionist crusaders that after the passage of the 18th Amendment and NFC award, it is also upto the  provinces to increase power generation and add to the national grid. Or the whole conspiracy of Rental Power Plants and this Naansense of sovereign gurantees, which is ofcourse against our sovereignty. This naansense about LPG imports has also been squashed by CJ Triple H Subhanallah.  We all know that Ali Musa “Escobar” Gillani was going to import high quality heroin in LPG tanks and NOT gas for energy.  We don’t need Gas.

If whole Ummah eats Gobhi and Lobiya (beans) then one moment will finish Gas shortage Jazakallah.

Please refer to alleged saying (Hadith) of late Humanist, recently expired Al-Prince Nayaf bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud:

“As Salam un Iftikhar-un wa fee haza Inal Haq wa includan al Khilji, al-Jawad un also Jawad al Khosa un al Ramday Khalil un!

Wa salam Iftikhar un his Khandanun khas taur pey Farishta Al-Arsalan. Don’t Fikurun, al Jannah (Justice Jan) fil election fixun!

Blessings on CJ Iftikhar (Triple H) who is always Right along with his Sahaba like Justice(s) Khilji, Jawad, Khosa, Ramday.

Also blessings on House of Iftikhar especially the (pious) angelic Arsalan.

Don’t worry, Justice Jan is there to fix the election!

Thats it folks. I am heading out to celebrate. Me and my mates (Hafiz Saeed “The Hoff” and Malik Ishaq “MI” are out for the night. Its been a long while (nearly 3 days) since we have done some good Rafzi (shia) – Qadian bashing. I hear tommorow there might be an anti-drone rally which definitely attending followed by lunch (Roasted PPP MNA served rare) and a Fashion show cum Support the Judiciary rally by prominent CJ Triple H supporter, Ayesha Tammy Haq. This year, the motif is the Robe and the Arsonist. Hoff and I are going dressed as the anti-imperialist anti-Zionist Klu Klux Klan. I hear they are going to string up some Bhutto Zardari Party (BZP) billionaries on crosses for a good ol’ fashioned whipping. So kinky and so 1980’s.

Zinda hai Zia, Zinda Hai!

The messiah, Ibne Zia, is here. And his name is Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary – Mashallah

Syed Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hujjaji

PTI-PML-N lawyers chant slogans in favor of Mumtaz Qadri in Islamabad. Jan. 5, 2011
A lawyer (follower of Hazrat Imran Khan) kisses Hazrat Mumtaz Qadri

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  • ریاض ملک حجاجی صاحب آپ مذاق اچھا کر لیتے ہیں لیکن عمران خان سے اتنی دوری اچھی نہیں –

  • Thats it folks. I am heading out to celebrate. Me and my mates (Hafiz Saeed “The Hoff” and Malik Ishaq “MI” are out for the night.


  • “If whole Ummah eats Gobhi and Lobiya (beans) then one moment will finish Gas shortage Jazakallah”

    hahahahha….. too good a sarcasm….. 😀

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