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The Arsalan case is buried under mediagate and Gilani’s exitgate – by Sabir Nazar

In the tradition of revered Urdu, I will also start my column with a pious story of honourable Qaziul Qazat Maulvi Omar Mushtaq from golden Islamic period Zia ud din Ayubi.

Zia ud din Ayubi and his companion Hamid bin flower were responsible for the breakup of USSR and added millions of square miles of central Asian republics and Afghanistan to Pakistan and these republics and Afghanistan are now proud coalition partners of Nato. He lost few thousand square miles of vanilla ice cream to India that does not grow a single blade of grass. But his greatest achievement was to recover the famous Jehangir’s bell of justice from Bilal ganj, Lahore and hang it in front of Maulvi Omar Mushtaq’s grave.

The pious ghost comes out often and rings the bell. Some misguided people who were grown up before the text books of Zia uddin were printed, call the historic judgment of Mullah Omar Mushtaq’s judicial murder. These misguided people are living in jahiliyyah according to Sayyid book, and call the Islamic rule of Zia ud din Ayubias marshal law.

The Caliph sani Musharraf Atta young Turks also struck the bell (now rechristened as Maulvi Mushtaq bell) and received the historic judgment from PCO1 of artillery division. After the once-again historic restoration of Qaziul Qazat, PCO2 were court-martial-ed and put before fire squad of PCO1. The rule of lawyers returned to the land of pure and was exercised on media, police and even magistrates posteriors inside the premises of courts. The corruption was eliminated from lower judiciary and only money change hands outside the premises of the courts.

By the grace of God, Jehangir’s bell is now firmly around the neck of Democracy. Now we have swift justice that can only be overtaken by SUV of Chaudhry Arsalan. The speed of justice is now calculated by Einstein’s speed of light but is at snail pace on unimportant issue like Asghar Khan case. Now no bloody civilian Prime Ministers can escape the rule of law at least down the Taunsa barrage. Lady Justice was also swift to dole out justice for the companions of Ziaud din Ayubi, like Red cleric, Hafiz charity, and Malik peace nikIshaq.

The Lady Justice that was once a courtesan of Zia ud din Ayubi has now been transformed into the Gorgon Medusa. Any one who dares to cast an evil eye on Judiciary would turn into stone.

The Arsalan case is buried under mediagate and Gilani’s exitgate…

Source: Dawn