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Injustices Iftikhar et al, the Rottweilers of Aabpara, take a big bite off the PPP

By Ikhtiar Hussain

Injustice Iftikhar might have been barking when he read the verdict against the Gillani who as prime minister represented 180 million people of Pakistan. His arrogance and sense of victory over Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was more than visible when he read the verdict:

“Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has become disqualified from being a Member of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) in terms of Article 63(1) (g) of the Constitution on and from the date and time of pronouncement of the judgment of this Court dated 26.04.2012 with all consequences, i.e. he has also ceased to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan with effect from the said date and the office of the Prime Minister shall be deemed to be vacant accordingly”

Have you notice something here which reminds of the Allah of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his fellow accomplices in the army, judiciary, and politics: “Majlis-e-Shoora”; and the word “Parliament” appears in brackets only—as if it is an insignificant detail.

It appears that the decision was written in the ISI headquarters in Aabpara. Since it victory in the general elections in 2008, the PPP government has been facing one challenge after another mounted by the Army generals and the Nawaz League. But when all efforts failed, the trusted judiciary was summoned into action. Since they were restored by Yusuf Gillani three years ago, Injustices Iftikhar et al had been operating as Aabpara pimps. In this ‘dalali’ capacity, they did everything to destroy the PPP government, but failed. However, now they have succeeded. Abetted by their fellow criminals in the media, the ISI, and Nawaz-Imran League, the trusted Rottweilers of Aabpara have finally succeeded in destroying democracy in Pakistan.

Hazrat Ali’s words come to mind again. He said that be wary of the mischief of the person whom you have done a favor. It is true, it was Gillani who restored Injustices Iftikhar et al, and now the same ungrateful criminals have fatally stabbed him in the back.

(Ikhtiar Hussain is a human rights activist who lives in Bronx in New York. He can be contacted at: jim123@rocketmail.com)

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  • They will take a bigger bite when they disqualify and imprison Zardari and his butt-ugly children God-willing. It will not be long now…

  • Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    Judicial offence on democracy can be foiled on through political defence (patience and wisdom). #JudicialCoup #Pakistan

    PPP workers must refrain from clashes with ISI-backed PTI & PML-N demonstrators in Punjab’s streets. Don’t fall in their trap

    PPP accepts Supreme Court’s decision under protest. Judicial Coup will be foiled through patience and perseverance. No clash!

    No unconstitutional letter will be written to Swiss courts. Come what may! #PPP #JudicialCoup #Pakistan

    Ravez Junejo ‏@ravezjunejo
    @AbdulNishapuri Whether any1 else is happy or not at PM’s disqualifcation, Raza Rumi must be on Cloud 9! His wish for #Gillani came true! 😡

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏@AbdulNishapuri
    #LUBP Post: Pakistan army sponsored #JudicalCoup in Pakistan http://shar.es/suPhb Includes copy of court order.

    Prince Ali ‏@dhahri_prince
    You Can Disqualify Us From Offices! Can U Disqualify Us From Peoples’ Hearts?? #JeayGillani #JeayBhutto

    Ravez Junejo ‏@ravezjunejo
    Only in #Pakistan does the Supreme Court absolve dictators who break the law and punish elected premiers who follow it! #PPP @BakhtawarBZ

    Shehryar Taseer ‏@shehryar_taseer
    Chief Justice Pakistan has staged a Judicial Coup against the democratically elected Government of PM Gillani #Pakistan #Islamabad #gillani

    Aseefa B Zardari ‏@AseefaBZ
    PM Gillani I will stand by you the way you stood by Shaheed Mothrama Benazir Bhutto and President Zardari !

  • >>>Since it victory in the general elections in 2007,

    Your ‘shaheed’ Benazir was still alive in 2007. The elections were in 2008. Lagta hai faisla sun kar ‘Ikhtiar Hussain’ hosh-o-hawas kho baithay hain…

  • Correct me if I am wrong, ain’t these 8 Supreme Court judges in General Kayani’s lap in the picture? Where are the remaining three?

  • Ikhtiyar Hussain is barking while enjoying his stay in USA, with no load shedding, no terrorism, in absolute utopia.

    Kindly come to Pakistan and say the above words in public. People will make you bark. Then you will realise whats barking actually is.

    Gillani restored CJ due to public pressure you arse. You never wanted him to restore.

    Letter likhna paray ga, warna siyasi shahadat se kuch faida hasil ho sakta hai. Choice is yours. DOn’t make Pakistanis a fool.

  • I blame Honb’le CJ for delaying the justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.
    Had this historical judgement been deivered 2-3 years back,our beloved Pakistan would not have been facing chaos,hooilganism,napotism,terrorism,depression,load shedding,poverty and would not have been about the virge of declaring it a failed state. This corrupt government has pushed Pakistan into dark age.
    Anyway somebody has rightly said “Better late than never”.

  • AT LAST!!
    Jatoi Saraiki
    Khar Saraiki
    Laghari Saraiki
    Mahmood Ghaznavi Saraiki

  • CJ Iftakhar Chaudhry was restored when COAS Gen Kayani MADE Gilani do so. So dear idiot writer, the quote of Hazrat Ali(rz) doesn’t fit in here at all. Period.

  • No big bite Sir: We are thankful to CJ for his verdict in vengeance (CJ thinks perhaps PPP is behind Malik Riaz). This will only add more sympathizers/voters in the next election which is not too far away. I salute Yousuf Raza Gilani for his strong rigid but logical stand (six month jail is better for me than being tried under Article 6).

    Through this forum, I challenge the judiciary, during this tenure of PPP any PM will deny SC’s illegal and out of jurisdiction orders. you keep on disqualifying, we are firm on our stand. Time goes you say, oh No::: Alas,Time stays we go. You are not for ever, time is turning on you big time. Malik Riaz is enough for you, we do not need to come on street.

  • @ khalid humayun

    In short, we are DHEEEEETTT.
    We will not let the court order our leaders to bring back the heap of dollars stucked in swiss banks for the sake of people of Pakistan on who’s name we got votes.

    That’s very shameful.