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Item number kartay anchors – by Ishaque Qureshi

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  • Hamid Mir, Javed Chaudhry and Raza Rumi are three best journalists of Pakistan.

  • superb analysis each and every anchor the writer has described fit in the box,our TV talk shows are becoming quite tiresome and boring.

  • Extremely well written piece with a salty touch of humor and satire. in a pleasent manner you have encompassed short comings of the electronic media reporting. i hope this will enable anchors to realize their responsbilities and also help people to understand what they are upto. an eye opener i should say. best regards

  • Great attempt and good observation. They are really out of track and discussing unnecessary issues. missing Kamran Shahid…

  • bht aaallllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. u presented facts .. Gr8.. i double like u dare to talk about Item Number karte Anchors.. 🙂

  • The writer highlighted those issues which our Journalists(anchor persons) forget as basics of Journalism. They work for Capitalist. Its Universal truth that”there is no ethics in Capitalism”. Well attempt Mr. Qureshi

  • May aftab sb ky khayalat sy100% ittifaq karo ga, aj kal ky ya t.v anchor Sony ap ko masekha samajty hy, apny program’s may masla ko khal ke janab nahy balky apny program may politician ko appas may larany ka kaam sar ajam dy rahy hy,

  • Well done Ishaq. Blunt but very relevant. Most Anchors to protect voyeristic ratings so to protect their inflated finalcial packages befooling people with “oh my god” coverage…


  • Shiekh Rasheed is indeed Shiela Ki Jawani item No for many anchors …..nice reflection on Pakistani media,……. the gayari sector……lol

  • Excellent, good effort. At least someone has written / touched this bleeding but very important corner.

  • This article is opening up a window to reflect upon the so called media of pakistan that are now playing as politically as the political paries does.

    Every channel and anchor doing best to take max attention of lost people of this country.

  • Recent anchors, are like our leaders,’ kursi salamat rahe, kuch bhi karna pare’. This is a rat race,their aim is, ‘who shouts like wolves’ will win. Trend is changing, most audiences hate talk shows. I am one of them.Pl no more these nonsense talk shows.

  • great effeorts about political stage shows there is no need of saima ch,nargeis,dedar,etc.they all are yellowish jounlist with expensive dress and costly interior.they are not playing positiv roal for society. salay pochaty hain syasee logon say k ap k incomtax goshawary khan hain or apna tu kabe nahee batya k hamare incom kia hay or is ka itna tax hay ,baat kartay hain zulm ke or dress up aisy hoty hain jaisy kisi shade pay ja rahay hoon, sir ya anchor hazrat kia cheez thaay channels anay say pehlay khany peenay k lalay thaay in ko jub say ya electronic windows khully hain tu in ko pata challa k khana or pehnana b koe cheez hota hay. once again mr. ishaque qureshi i slute u for taking bold stance about these heera mandi residents.

  • Excellent observations. You are true in your writing that now a days anchor persons are bidding for high ratings of their programs and not working on buliding constructive positive opinion. They invite opposites who can speak loud and literally fight. This makes their show popular. But their is one thing that media has expossed a lot about our leadership and has certainly exposed the journalists. Its a double edge sword. Our media needs maturity. Lets hope for the best.

  • Well done Ishaq. I heard and discussed these realities in a number of social gathering. Once I asked your Mir Sb that why dont you invite concerned citizen to counter politicians in your programs. The simple answer was “Hum Nay Program Chalana Hota Hay”.

  • Without agreeing with you, I love the way you have argued your case. Doesn’t look like the “first time”

  • Well wriiten but I have few suggestions. Criticism should logically lead to a conclusion else one does the same which anchor persons are doing. It is always good to compare people with an ideal or near ideal person and suggest ways and means to improve. I wonder if we have any however, world is full of such persons. Do some research and tell the people here are ideal anchors or good journalists or patriots who responded to conscious’s call rather than dancing to tune of owners. Keep writing. Well DONE

  • Very well written……. This is infact true and I really enjoyed reading it. Keep writing.

  • QYRASHI SAAB ,, Mery father Marhoom kety they
    akk waqt ho ga jab izat bachey waly zat daar kelhain gey
    ratoo raat ,,, millioner bany waly ya TV malkan aur , in deky ,,, bacha jumoora anchors,,, mery nazdeek iklaq aur kirdar ki har haad uboor kargey hain ,, aur uss par ya satam key … khushakal aur kuch ……… female anchors jo anchors kam aur …. kissi pind ki bii jamalo .. aur …. subai key kssi hotel main saja hooa show peice lagti hain ,,,, well done … kepp it uppp

  • Janab Qureshi sahib ma yakeen k sath keh sakta hun k ap aik achey likhari ban saktey han. ap ka article no doubt bohat zabardast ha. Apki first flight bari zabardast rahi ha in writing. I wish u go in more details one by one.
    Wish u best of luck.

  • Great Effort, keep it up, We know that this is your first article but we want you to do more

  • kya bat hey janab pheli bar main itna kuch , dosrey key leye juu bacha kar raka us kaa intezar rahay ga. waiseyy kuch item number buhat buri tarhan pit bhe jatay hain aur wuu ratoon rat aisay ghayab hotey hain jaisay gaday key sir sey seeng

  • Likhe parhe hotey hum tuo shayed TV anchor hum bhi bane hotey,

    achi story bana lete ho dear Qureshi.

    Hope you will continue writing with keen interest for long time.

    Parties ka kya hai Pakistan mein aik se aik Tonga Parties hain, Sheikh Saab ne tuo jana he hai Khan Saab ne party he aisi bana di hai… lekin Khan saab ye bhool rahe hain ke yahan vote se inqilaab ayega, noujwano ko change nazar nahi aa sakti kyonke unka vote he nahi hai abhi tak, aur jiska vote na ho woh kya change layenge…

    iss socio-polito-corrupto economy mein koi change nahi laai ja sakti jab ke elite bureacracy wahin mojod hai… raha journalists ki integrity ka swal tuo woh sab kuch tuo Mr. Qureshi aap ne bayan kar dya hai,

    i can see a comment here about Aftab Iqbal, but i dont see any sincere and sober efforts in his program…

    mujhe tuo sab se acha character iss sab drame mein “AZIZI” ka Haal Chaal acha lagta hai, kam se kam sach bolne ki taqat tuo hai uss mei… anchors ki daal roti tuo chalti rehti hai aur ab tuo social issues pe NADIA KHAN ne bhi drama shuru kar dya hai late night weekends pe… aur pata nahi kitne character bhare pare hain iss drame baazi mein… hum tuo thak ke abb TV on karna he chor chuke ke ajkal power breakdowns (so called managed loadshedding) kuch had se barh chuki hai_ ab tuo koi aur apna he drama lagana parre ga, jaise kabhi N- kabhi P- kabhi Insaaf ka drama –

  • A good subject… seriousness hidden in intense laughter.

    Keep going on!

  • one thing the writer has forgotten to write the political women and there hideous hair do,s especially asma arbab alamgir and there make up,my God if there make up is removed they will loose 15 pounds on the spot why carry so much weight.

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