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Not-So-International Jurist Award for CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry – by Mohsin Shaharyar

According to media reports, the International Council of Jurists (ICJP) has conferred the “prestigious” International Jurists Award, 2012 on Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in recognition of his contributions to the administration of justice. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in London on May 28th in which the award will be presented by Chief Justice of United Kingdom Rt Hon Lord Phillips. The dignitaries such as chief justices, law ministers, members of the parliament, bar leaders, law teachers and journalists from different countries will also attend the ceremony. The news was exclusively churned into multiple news outlets managed by Independent Media Corporation commonly known as Jang Group (comprising Geo TV, Jang, The News etc) -itself reportedly facing a multibillion tax evading case in Sindh High Court of Pakistan.

The first step was to investigate the website:


The International Council of Jurists is a body of jurists working towards promotion of administration of justice and healthy development of law, suitable to social and economic needs of the people, the official website states.

The contact information contains a Land Line number, 4 Mobile numbers, 2 from the UK and most interestingly 2 from India. It did not take much effort to ascertain our correspondents that the said “International Council” is hardly anything other than a dubious website, nothing more than a One Man Show actually.

When the Pakistan Analysis correspondent rang the land line contact number on the ICJ Website which is +0044 20 7799 1688:

“Hello! It is Singhania & Co”

A nice feminine voice sweetened the ears.

“Isn’t it International Council of Jurists”? The correspondent asked.

I give you a “Mobile Number”. She replied.

07984 384 735

Who should I speak to? The correspondent asked

“Pooja” She replied

Further investigations revealed that the so called “International Council of Jurists” is nothing more than “An Indian Company”.

Out of 5 past Presidents of International Council of Jurists, 4 were Indians. For the ignominy of Pakistan, it shows the Flag of India, Bangladesh, UK, and Maldives but not of Pakistan. Most Paradoxically, Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry is its Vice President and going to receive award himself!

Although the ICJ claims to be working towards promotion of administration of justice and healthy development of law, suitable to social and economic needs of the people, however its current president Dr. Aggarwala keeps on visiting the disputed border areas for boosting the morale of Indian soldiers against Pakistan. Even on the ICJ website his pictures of visiting Kargil to boost the morale of of Indian soldiers against Pakistan are available for everyone to ponder.


One wonders why Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry has hardly punished any terrorist in the country despite the fact that the terrorists have made the life a burning hell for every Pakistani. From common roads to sacred mosques not a single inch of the country is safe from terrorists of the Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba and other enemies of Pakistan and its people. While he is very active in taking suo moto action even on a slap from a local political in Sindh, the innocent blood flowing on the roads of Pakistan on daily basis goes unnoticed!

Taking oath of the PCO in 1999, legalizing the coupe of a military dictator, suspended in 2007, and reinstated by the PPP coalition government in 2008, and now contempt case against PM has won him fame all across the world. Yet his political activism has no benefit for the ordinary Pakistani who remains a victim of multi-layered corrupt judicial system of Pakistan.

A Question to Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry

Dear Mr Chaudhry, whilst we “congratulate” you for such a “Big International Award”, could we please ask you a very basic question?

You are receiving this Award in the UK, so let’s see what the British Courts says on the power of Parliament VS Judiciary


Can the UKSC overrule the UK Parliament?

No it cannot. Unlike some Supreme Courts in other parts of the world, the UK Supreme Court does not have the power to ‘strike down’ legislation passed by the UK Parliament. It is not the Court’s role to formulate public policy, but to interpret law and develop it where necessary, through well-established processes and methods of reasoning.

My Lord!

Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry is the ONLY Chief Justice round the globe, who has not punished even a single terrorist in the country during his never ending tenure as Chief Justice. Instead, he and his colleagues in the SCP and also in Lahore and other high courts have a track record of releasing most notorious and dangerous terrorists such as Malik Ishaq, Aurangzeb Farooqi, Hafiz Saeed, Qari Saifullah AKhtar, Molvi Abdul Aziz etc.

We have put the case in the court of Chief Justice.

Would he take now a Suo Moto action against himself?

If so, the case would appear as:

Chief Justice of Pakistan VS Mr Iftikhar Chaudhry

Adapted from Pakistan Analysis

About the author

Abdul Nishapuri


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  • I would rather see Hafiz Saeed as Chief Justice of Pakistan. That would be much more transparent.

  • This may not be the perfect justice court but certainly this the best we have in the history of Pakistan.

  • Mr. Iftikhar is serving for his mentors, how can he punish their bastards. His act as Chief Justice is very shamefull, he must be removed & prosecuted on crime against state.

  • I dont say tht this supreme court is the best one. But its better than all previous one. Atleast first time in history supreme court is calling powerfull culprits for aitsab.

  • dear everyone,
    it is v sad for to say that u people can easily be manipulated by essays like this…wt wrong has he done , if the Prime Minister is corrupt is this CJs faukt if the president is a bastard is it CJs fault….on the issue of terorism is he the prime minister plus the army chief..on suo motos issue…. how the fire in karachi stopped when he went to karachi and started hearings of the court there…he is a on songle noble gentle person who is standing as a wall against the enemies within our gov and yet he is the bad guy..i pity on u MR mohsin shehryar…plz dont misguide the people..

  • Thank you Mohsin Shaheryar for this research. I hope they keep our cj in England or make him the Chief of International Court of Justice!

  • LOL!! CJ being Vice President of this “International Organization” is rewarding himself. This is called Self-Tehseen

  • Mohsin shaharyar is a London based writer as I know and he writes for different International periodicals.

    Practically speaking, Mr Iftikhar Ch is doing NOTHING apart form destablising the State (Not the Govt).

    On one hand he is releasing the Mass Killers of Sipah e Sahaba and Taliban and on the other hand, he opens “Non Issues” as Waheeda Shah slap case and Memo Gate Sacndal

  • Oh! An Eye opening article

    Salute to Critical PPP for such an outclass article

    We need to show the real face of this Thief Justice to the world and specially Pakistanis

  • Chief “Justice” and “International” award

    Ha ha ha

    Pakra gea Bechara

    Bakre ke Maan, kab tak khair manae ge

    Let’s see if he resigns now?

  • When the CJ goes to London to receive the award, who will pay for that trip? Who will pay for his TA/DA? I hope the government asks all these questions. Oh I forgot, the government will ask him, but he will not answer and instead take suo moto and give his journalists the lead stories to publish!

  • Kiss nay ullooo bana diya 😉

    CJ Iftikhar receives Int’l Jurists Award

    KARACHI: The International Council of Jurists (ICJ) has conferred the prestigious and world-renowned “International Jurists Award – 2012” on Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in recognition of his contribution in the field of administration of justice.

    The ceremony will be held in London on May 28 in which the award will be presented by Rt. Hon. Lord Phillips, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in the presence of chief justices, law ministers, members of parliament, bar leaders, law teachers and journalists from different countries who have been invited for the prestigious occasion.

    The award is a regular feature of the International Council of Jurists and some of the earlier recipients include Mrs. Justice Rosalyn Higgins, President of the International Court of Justice; The Rt. Lord Phillips, Chief Justice of United Kingdom, Ms. Justice Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada; Justice Awn S. Al-Khasawneh, Vice President of International Court of Justice, etc.

    The Chief Justice of Pakistan had put up a great resistance against the former military dictator and also became the inspiring icon for the historical movement of restoration of judiciary and in the year 2007, he was also awarded ‘The Medal of Freedom’, by the Harvard Law School Association.

    Meanwhile, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said that provision of expeditious and inexpensive justice to all segments of the society is the first and foremost priority of the judiciary as provided in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    He was addressing a two-day meeting of the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee held on 27-28th April 2012 in the Committee Room of the Sindh High Court Karachi.

    The Chief Justice of Pakistan who is also Chairman National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee (NJPMC) presided over the meeting.

    In his introductory remarks in the meeting, the Chief Justice stated that undoubtedly, the Judges are making extra efforts to meet this constitutional requirement and after implementation of the National Judicial Policy visible improvements have been noticed in the disposal of cases.

    Besides Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the meeting was attended by Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed Khan, Chief Justice Federal Shariat Court, Justice Qazi Faez Isa, Chief Justice High Court of Balochistan, Justice Mushir Alam, Chief Justice High Court of Sindh, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Chief Justice Lahore High Court and Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, Chief Justice Peshawar High Court.

    Justice Iqbal Hameed ur Rehman, Chief Justice Islamabad High Court, Justice Muhammad Azam Khan, Chief Justice Supreme Court of AJ&K, Justice Rana Muhammad Arshad Khan, Chief Judge Supreme Appellate Court Gilgit-Baltistan, Justice Ghulam Mustafa Mughal, Chief Justice High Court of AJ&K, and Justice Raja Jalal-ud-Din, Chief Justice Chief Court Gilgit-Baltistan attended the meeting as observers on special invitation of the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

    Earlier the performance of the District Judiciary was reviewed in the NJPMC meeting. The statistics presented by the District & Sessions Judges showed that the District Judiciary of all the four provinces performed very well and more than 90% old cases have been decided after enforcement of Policy.

    The District Judiciary Balochistan in particular did very well. It is currently poised to decide any civil or criminal case within a period of four to six months from the date of filing of a suit or complaint, which is a remarkable achievement.

    In the same way, the District Judiciary of other provinces and Islamabad has also decided a large number of cases and there are number of Sessions Divisions where no old case is pending adjudication. The committee was informed that at the time of launching National Judicial Policy the judge case ratio was 1:1860 and now after implementation of Policy and strict monitoring the judge case ratio has been decreased considerably.

    In Balochistan the judge case ratio is 1:32 and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1:293, in Sindh 1:309 which is reasonable. In Punjab 1:1020 and Islamabad Capital Territory is 1:1392, though this figure is higher as compare to other provinces; however, considerably less than the pendency when the Policy was launched i.e. 1:1860.

    The Chief Justice of Pakistan and members of the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee highly appreciated the hard work performed by the District Judiciary and praised the District and Sessions Judges of Peshawar, Karachi West, and Islamabad for showing good results.

    The committee decided that the number of the judges of the district judiciary be immediately increased in order to allay the concerns of an ordinary litigant and to meet the challenges of growing population and economy. It is further decided that federal and provincial governments shall make financial allocations for the increase in the strength of judges including allied staff and related infrastructure in the forthcoming budget.

    The committee observed that another factor for delayed disposal of cases is the scattered courts of special federal and provincial Tribunals/Courts. Therefore it is decided that such courts/tribunals be conveniently located in single judicial complex in every city. This will provide justice under one-roof for the convenience of the litigant, as well as, the bar and will go a long way in reducing unnecessary delays caused due to lawyers attending to various courts located at different places in a city.

    The committee observed that cases related to public revenues are not properly pursued which occasioned in losses of public money. It was decided that efforts should be made by courts to decide such cases within a period of six months in order to meet the constitutional requirements. The Chief Justice of Pakistan directed that in next fifteen days all High Courts and District Courts should identify all public revenue cases and fix them for urgent hearing.

    The committee also considered the jail inspection reports furnished by the District & Sessions Judges and asked the concerned authorities to improve the living condition in jails and address all the problems highlighted by the District & Sessions Judges during their fortnightly visits.

  • Over 2.5m cases pending in country’s courts: Said Cheap justice Pakistan.
    We must appreciate Cheap justice for providing instant justice to the 1000 terrorists by releasing because it was weak prosecution against them, while the MURGHI CHOR will remain in jail because of strong prosecution.

    One slap is so important to take Sue motto, while hundred killed remain unnoticed. and even this eunuch is very much interested in providing justice to his/her family 😀

  • Actually Iftk ch the Taliban Judge,he sees from single vision working for talibans/terrorists. Appointing such persons is clearly insulting cout/law/judiciary.
    All the judges in supreme couts are now working with CIA , Israil & Indian agencies to destabilize Pakistan thats why Indian agencies awarding a fake medal to their beloved taliban judge. Why army & govt not any action against the criminal decisions by the court & linked of the judges with terrorists.

  • Zebrdast.
    Mohsin bhai,

    Pakistan k awam C.J sy resigns ka bherpur mutalba krty hae?

  • judiciary kab biased nahi rahi? ajib baat he cjp ne 2 bar pco pe hlf uthaia.musharaf k referendm ko sahi kaha.mafi mang li wo pak. imran khan musharaf k sath khrre rahe phir mafi mang li.wo pak. nawaz shareef ne supreme court pe hmla kiya. mafi mang li wo pak.musharaf k tmam hwari pmln and pti me jate hein to pak.ppp join krte hein to musharaf ki bakiyat.jamateislami hmesha jenerals ko support krti ai.dictators k wkt me koi long march inko yad nai aata.musharaf ko wardi me president bnaia.unho ne bhi mafi mang li so wo bhi pak.but gilani itna zalim insan!law president ko immunity deta he or gillani ko himmat kese hui k us ne kht nai likha!gillani ko shrm nai aai k wo convict ho k bhi pm ki seat pe betha he!us ko kese himmat hui ke wo appeal ka soche? kiya us ko yeh maloom nai he k wo ppp ka member he? ppp wale to jahanmi hein unk kliye to sab kanoon hein.baki bad doodh se nahae hue hein.

  • ahh! UK ki parliament aik be-deen be-eman parliament he. ager us ko wahan ki be-deen aur be-eman supreme court per edge hasil he to hameyn us se kia???

    we are muslims and will go into qabar but there is another world afterwards. since we believe in that our supreme court can turn down any legislation that is hazard for the after life. is meyn aisi kon si burayee hey bhai??

  • @arif
    How is not writing a letter which will be against the constitution, is a decision to save in the after life? Why is the chief justice receiving the award from a “Hindu” organization? Why is he going to a ‘bedeen’ country like uk whose parliament allows freedom of speech and association which has allowed the icj to be formed? Meetha Meetha hup hup, karwa karwa thoo thoo?

  • Great research Shaharyar. How sad is it our Chief Justice wants cheap popularity through cheap ways.

  • sir , don’t be surprise if you see judges lining up for ‘international ‘ literary awards too .

  • This article (propaganda) is bull shit… a cheif justice of SC will never do such a blunder to risk his whole career just for one award.

  • SAJ> Are you unable to see all this evidence. CJ is going to recieve this award from our enemy(India)’s dubious organization. Dr. Usman> you forget CJ is related to Terrorist leaders like Rana Snalulla of laskar-e-jhangvee. He also admires Salman Taseer’s killer only because he hates a political party called ppp. God save this nation of sadist and ignorant people from crooked eyed people who get screwed in the butt by fake indian jurists everytime they see a chance of cheap publicity.

  • […] At the same time, CJ and his SCP have failed to take notice of ongoing Shia genocide and persecution and massacres of Baloch, Pashtun and other oppressed groups at the hands of Pakistan army and its various proxies. If by restoring human rights, he meant that he and his colleagues at the SCP and Lahore High Court have been safeguarding and promoting human rights of army generals, Jihadi-sectarian terrorists and Islamo-fascist politicians, then such claim may be wholeheartedly accepted. Source: criticalppp […]

  • Well said and its now hence proved…JUSTICE is BLIND..

    When you look into Choudhary Iftikhar, the deinitation further clarifies..BLIND is the JUSTICE..so is our Chief Justice..

    Now come to the point, the actions, his efficienciesm suo motos, judicial activism, his ACUTE PATRIOTISM..

    Not even a single second it will take to decide whats his objective, whom he is playing for..what sort of agenda he is following.

    See the present scenario of PAkistan, it looks there is no other issue than writing a letter to SWISS courts..be happy my country men…hes never dares to take a suo moto for the real issues of PUBLIC interest..rather he sets the rules for his own interest….cheers

    Did you ever listen about free masonary tactics…see here …When a contesting MPA slaps an officer, this Chief Justice is able to see something went wrong…nice to see….but….The same JUSTICE blindly ignores and put a deaf ear to the cries of hunddreds of people/army personnel being killed by terrorits….hes BLINd..rather hes trying to obstruct the ways to curb those TERRORISTS…He cant see people being slaughterred on roads, he never notices passengers being gunned down for belonging to a particular sect, he never notices the beheaded soldiers of PAK ARmy….

    Yes what he notices is that, he serves to free and grant bails to the TERRORISTS who are there to ruin this oountry..who have an agenda to disintegrate this land..who are playing in the hands of those powers who never accepted the existance of our beloved PAKISTAN…