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Qabil-e-rehm hai wo qom – by Zafar Naqvi

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • Qabil-e-rehm hai wo Hakumat jis ko paise k ilawa or kuch bi nazar nahi ati ho OR qabil-e-rehm hai wo Adlia jis ne har bar Mujrimo ko hi azad ki hai OR Qabil-e-rehm hai wo Qanoon jo Andha hai, or jis ki dor Inhi Qabil-e-rehm Hahumat or Adlia k hato mai hai.

  • WELL Said & PURE LOGIC ! THANK you 4 depicting our Sentiments Mr Zafar Naqvi !

  • by the way I want to include one more line ” PITY the Nation that havs Judges like Khosaa and his Predecessor like Naseem Hasan shah who CONFESSED his Immorality by admitting that he & his Cronies gave UNJUST DEATH PENALTY to the first & the Last time popularly elected person who ELECTED from 5 different Places of PAKISTAN “!!

  • جو ساتھی میرے ویوز سے اختلاف رکھتے ھیں، وہ اپنے مُختلف ویوز کی بنا پر رکھتے ھیں اور میں اُنکے ویوز کو جبتک وہ اخلاقیات اور قانون کے دائرے میں ھوں اور منطق و ثبوت کے ساتھ ھوں، مانتا بھی ھوں اور حقیقت سے کبھی انکار نہیں کرتا، چاہے وہ میرے اپنے خلاف ہی کیوں نہ ھو،

    اگر آپ لوجک، دلائل اور قانون کے مُطابق میری کسی بات کو رد کرتے ھیں تو میں بھی جاننا چاہونگا کہ وہ لوجک، دلیل یا قانون کیا ھیں، شُکریہ ظفر نقوی

  • everybody is against the judicial murder of zulfiqar ali bhutto,but why we are not ready to understand the difrence bitween bhuto and zardari,bitween naseem hasan shah and iftikhar chaudhry,bitween 1980s and 2012.maybe everybody wrong but we have to begin our journey towards brilliant future and our future lies in the supremacy of law and constitution. please tell me as a president of islamic country,is he above the law or he is equal to all people of the country. plz we should learn to follow the constitution.judiciary also provide everybody fare justice.if we perform our duties than a bright future is waiting for us otherwise we are going downwards thank you { zahid mehmood muskurahat }(PTI)