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Mian Mithu is innocent and is in dire need of further State cover

So it has happened.  The court has delivered justice.  The Honorable Chief Justice, Mr. Iftikhar Chaowder has done what was needful of any man of good faith and noble intentions for public appraisal.  Being the keeper of the faith, it has restored the faith of people, and especially of those who want faith endorsed the only correct way known to us.  The Chief Justice’s decision has spread a wave of happiness in people who were already fed up of the propoganda some liberals and left- wingers were feeding about forced conversions.  The so-called Muslim fundamentalists, that the liberals love to call them, are once again singing praises of love and free-will, hence breaking their own defined taboos which abhor love marriages and conversions to other religions, but exceptions, of course, are unavoidably necessary to uphold their consistency in faith.

People are joyous. Indeed a reason to celebrate.  Facebook and tweets are showering their blessings.  What a beautiful day it is to celebrate a much awaited decision. A three-member bench comprising of Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez has done it.  Yes, when these three brave deliverers are there to decide, why should there be any ill-feeling towards the fact that Rinkle, Lata and Asha were not heard at the court by their deciders.  It wasn’t them, it was a man lovingly known to us as Mian Mithu, a proud PPP-MNA who took all the time and attention of the worthy court.  After all, he was more important than the parents of the aggrieved girls who moved the petition against abductions.

The parents are lying. In fact, they’re not even worth the time here and let’s not waste our words on these unimportant issues. There’s no such thing as abductions or forced-conversions.  For God’s sake, speaking against people’s conversion to Islam and endorsing their right to reversion is blasphemous, constitutionally.

The petitioners will soon have to learn their lesson well.  This is what Sunni Tehreek workers, wrongly labelled as hooligans, have vainlessly tried to do so by stopping a mass of left-wingers from marching forward in favor of Rinkle Kumari a day ago.  If it weren’t for their tireless efforts, three of the Progressive Committee miscreants would not have been charged with blasphemy and thirty of them held in lock-up.  These so-called liberals are the people that must be kept in check, and the religious activities of fellow militant citizens should not be termed as acts of vandalism, rather, they must be taken as corrective alliances for our society that is taking up deviant ways, like shouting over needless issue of Hindu Marriage Registeration campaign, nor must there be any talk of how and why do Hindu girls become easy target for these abductions (read marriage) of all the people belonging to minority groups.  Marriage of a Muslim man to a “converted” Muslim woman has legal acceptance in every way possible; all previous relations of these women, including that with her former male co-habitant and the illegitimate children they’ve produced from the so-called marriages, if any, have no legal definition here.  All marriages that are not registered are unlawful and wrongful, and who, in their sane, rational mind, would accept wrongful marriages like that of Hindu matrimony here? It is good a system we have that we do not allow a Hindu woman to claim her previously existing marriage in court for it might be a lie; we all know there is no way her marriage can be officially proved.  This particular feature is perhaps the reason why a Hindu woman becomes so attractive for noble intentions for marriage by her prospective Muslim suitors.

The libelous content against Mian Mithoo must also be ignored.  That he is not linked with just one case, but several other crimes like human trafficking is all bullshit. Mian Mthu is a very pious person. His long beard; rosary in his hand and calling these allegedly kidnapped girls as his daughters says it . No need to check into his background profile and record history; the pleading of minorities from his constituencies do not exactly warrant any serious introspection and a judicious enquiry on him for interefering in the matters of the court, and influencing upon the honorable judges to not meet with the girls and their families but himself on their behalf. Who can suspect Mian Mithu here? My heart says he is innocent and is being framed unjustly for lack of any evidence.  And why must not the state protect him instead, as it is already doing.

And as for all those agitating against the decision, shame on you.  So far, there are only three such cases of this nature, the rest of the numbers are all phony stories.  But I am glad that these three particular cases, though they didn’t deserve any media attention as well, were taken up.  Otherwise, these loud mouths on human rights issues for minorities must not have been shut for good.  These women have decided to go, of their free-will, with their legal husbands. This exposes us the truth. Why did Asha, (an alleged kidnapee) a girl of 15 yrs, chose to go with a Muslim man twice her age and already with a wife and four grown-up children than with her parents when allowed to decide for herself? if this is not love then what is? And why would she feel intimidated by her loving husband and a fatherly guardian Mian Mithu, a powerful man, even if they jokingly threatened and harrassed her family? But in this case, love of these girls for their husbands is more powerful than their love for families. They had a choice, after-all. And we can see that clearly.

p.s there is no hint of me committing any Contempt of Court or Blasphemy. I am all praises for a system that allows me free-will and freedom of speech.  Thank you.

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  • Watch Asha on Jazmine’s show (Samaa TV). She accepts that she has accepted Islam with free will. I support minority rights, and fully believe in secularism, but these 3 girls weren’t forcibly converted

  • @faraz:

    Mian Mitah was allowed open presence in SC during court proceedings instead of registering a case against him for incitement to murder.

    The girls have no choice especially when they know that even SC will not provide justice to them. What is she to do or say?
    Why did SC not allow their statements in open court? Why were they not allowed to meet their parents? SC effectively facilitated their abduction by handing the girls over to the abductors and issuing a statement on their behalf without any independent verification of the statements. Once girls realise there is no justice in Pakistan along with an open hand to Mian Mitha in SC there is really no choice for them except to accept their fate.

  • I think there is no point to discusss issue of rinkel, asha, its almost clear they married with free will, the disagreements can be on handling the case.

  • @Malik

    Please watch the program. Its all in the open now. She was sitting with her husband, explaining all the details.

    • God sees through you and your likes and deep down you for sure know . Pakistan is heading fast in to the black hole and it is people like you that are responsible. May god help honest and humane people of Pakistan because they will need it.

  • faraz, open doesn’t mean she has a choice. After the programme where will she go except to the same people who will do anything to her if she said anything in their opposition? You seem like a very simple person just relying on the face value. Who is on her side? Even Jasmine can’t protect her from Mullahs who has to worry about herself. When government and federal minister can not be protected then what is she hoping for? Women from rural areas are not that strong and usually go with the pressure. You just don’t know Pakistani society and especially rural culture.

    The way things panned out in SC speaks for themselves. Rinkle specially asked to meet her mother the last time she was in court and she was not allowed by SC. What more evidence do you need? Asha is only 16. She was abducted for 1.5 months and was presented straight into court and was not allowed to meet her parents. No open court testimonies and cross questioning by lawyers of parents’, who are a major party in the case, were allowed in SC. This is all a big facade.

  • Mir, asha is only 16. Hardly in a position to make serious decision on her own specially when she was hostage for 1.5 month and under threats.

  • This so called marriage is abominable. The girls have no choice and Pakistani justice system exposed itself to the world community that with gun anything is possible.

    Even if the girls had return to home, they would have lived entire life under life threat and possible acid attacks. Also these girls lived with their so called sex starved husbands for months and most likely had forced sex too. Under this situation, what decent choice the girls have? Their life destroyed by thugs such as low lifer Mian Mithu.
    This is blot on the history of Pakistan and history will judge these acts.

  • These pseudo-liberals of our society must now realize that the world does not revolve around them. It was necessary to deliver justice to bring down their fever. These women decided their fate on their free will. Rest is all myths. So stop moaning and take the back alley.

  • Unaiza,

    please don’t confuse decision of the girls to go back to their husbands with free-choice here. that will be extremely unjust. Thank you.

  • Any woman in her senses will make hard decisions if:

    1.that can invoke blasphemy laws against her
    2.her family is in danger
    3.her previously existing marriage has not been proved in court (lack of Hindu Marriage Registeration in Pakistan)
    4. Her perpetrators are fully covered by the authorities and are too powerful

    Is there any room for her to avail free-choice here? She is left optionless. It is not consent here, but helplessness.

  • Its institutionalization of Rape! These girls have been sent back to rapists!
    Free choice doesnt come with coersion! It only came if CJ would have allowed the girls to meet their parents and and decide in open court! These girls cried in court no one listened! They were sent to a place where they were constantly threatened! She had concern about her brothers! If kidnappers are free to roam around they cant make free choice. Failure of Supreme court is that it failed to provide protection to these girls and the families to make a free choice.

  • Since Mukhtharan Mai case , this court has set unique standards which are nothing but slowly legalizing rape!
    How can a girl who is minor make a choice? this court has forgotten ABC of Law. A 16 y old girl is not competent , Its choice of her parents n gaurdians to make a decision!
    Its simply a scandal! we have people sitting on bench who dont deserve a liscence of bar! In any civilized country they would be in jail for the decisions they are writing

  • thankyou dear pakistanis…you have left us with no option but to leave our homeland…no words to describe when our sisters and daughters are being kidnapped and court stamps them as legal….may all you live in peace as we all bad hindu citizens leave u as soon as possible…but all who are commenting must live in upper sindh areas for at least a year as a middle class person they will come to know the truth…no demands…just regretting the descions that our fore fathers decided to live here after partition…

  • You can not save me,
    You could not save me in Ghotiki,
    And not in Meer Pur Mathelo, too.
    Bring me before to Sukkur High Court,
    Mian Aslam, Mian Rafeeq and Naveed,
    In a Police Head Quarter near to that court,
    What would n’t done with me?
    My cries and trills were reaching to roads.
    You could n’t save me even in Karachi High Court,
    Shelter home became worst torture cell for me,
    Naveed was being brought in my room every night after 8pm.
    On 25th of March, Mian Aslam, Naveed and DSP brought down
    Thundercrack and drumfire on my life.
    I streamed a lot in Supreme Court on 26th of March,
    But none has saved me.
    Having sent me again to shelter house,
    What was not done with me?
    On the eve of 18th April,
    Brutal, barbarian, wicked and wild scene of 25th of March was repeated again,
    I was ruined, disgraced and destroyed.
    You can not save me,
    Either I should sacrifice myself or yourself,
    You can’t save me,
    You can’t save me, my mom.
    -Sarwech Saryo


  • after reading this i wish i could rape a hundred muslim unmarried women and destroy their families here… but first i want to blow off mian mithu’s head with a bazooka

  • I��m impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that��s both educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I am very blissful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something regarding this.

  • Iftikhar Chowdhry is nothing but a closeted Mullah! Rinkle Kumari’s case is a travesty of justice.

  • This is the worst blog i have ever read, there are mis representations & the person writing the blog has no idea of what is happening. If everything is good and that stupid looking jerk Mr Mitoo A***ole is a good man why on the earth is the judicial system of pakistan being able to give the girl a chance to meet her family

  • In case the author has not heard of Wikileaks, these are emails sent between the USA and global intelligence departments – these emails dictate the media stories even before or without the event taking place. This particular leaked email has 79 press releases, at no 45) it mentions “Abdul Haq Alias Mian Mitha” attending some oil conference – now this is a disguise for all illegal laundering of black money from human trafficking – this is also proof that MM is a USA spy, secret service employee of USA, doing Espionage in Pakistan – https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/84/849868_pak-pakistan-south-asia-.html