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A U.S. citizen’s perspective on silent Shia genocide taking place in Pakistan – by Rusty Walker

The recent wave of cold-blooded targeted killings of Shiites Muslims at multiple locations throughout Pakistan is almost too horrific to digest. More than 250 Shias have been brutally murdered in the last three months alone; a similar number of Shias are injured or permanently maimed.

In September 2011 in Mastung (Balochistan), February 2012 in Kohistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and April 2012 in Chilas (Gilgit Baltistan), a similar pattern of segregating Shia passengers from Sunnis, followed by their brutal murder was repeated.

Massacre in Mastung happened next to a Pakistan army check post, massacre in Kohistan was conducted by militants wearing Pakistan Army uniforms, and the Chilas massacre happened right next to the local police station. According to a recent statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission, it is hard to refute the accusation that military is involved in killing of Shias in Pakistan.

In all of these massacres, attackers repeated the atrocity of lining up and identifying only Shiite passengers, who were segregated from Sunnis and murdered on the spot.

In the most recent incident, on 3 April 2012, where the banned Deobandi group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ) ordered several passenger buses to stop near Chilas, and proceeded to machine-gun down all those identified as Shiites is a clear show of genocide in progress. Eye-witness accounts claim that those who ran were either shot or bludgeoned to death with rocks, several were burnt with acid or submerged under water.

The target killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. On June 6, 1963, over a hundred Shiites were martyred and twelve injured by the Wahhabi-Deobandi extremists in the Terhi town, near Khair Pur, on the sacred day of Ashura (10 Muharram) during the military regime of General Ayub Khan. On that tragic day 118 Shiites lost their lives; their only crime: participation in Muharram rituals.

During General Zia-ul-Haq’s martial Law, 1977-1988, the Shiite persecution and target killing became more systematic element of the state’s policy.

In the last six decades, we have witnessed the gradual conversion of Pakistan from a secular state (Jinnah’s speech on August 11, 1947), to an Islamic state (Objectives Resolution in 1949) to a Sunni State (General Zia-ul-Haq’s promulgation of Sunni Islam) to a Deobandi-Wahhabi State through the Pakistan Army’s willing participation into anti-Soviet Union Jihad in Afghanistan, which was financed, unfortunately, by U.S. during its myopic Cold-War mentality, and by Saudi petro-dollars and indoctrinated by a Jihadi Wahhabi-Deobandi ideology.  While the US had perhaps short-sighted geo-strategic reasons to participate in anti-Soviet Union resistance in Afghanistan, it was a mistake to allow the Saudi-ISI duo to produce a rabidly violent and intolerant breed of Salafi-Deobandi Jihadis.

Formation of the Siph-e-Sahaba-Pakistan (a Jihadi-sectarian Deobandi organization) in early 1980s by Pakistan Army was intended to counter and harass Pakistan’s Shia Muslims in order to suppress their opposition to the Wahhabi-ization of Pakistan and also to reinforce the Deobandi-Wahhabi Jihad Enterprise in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

The systematic murder of Shiite Pakistanis can be tracked from mid-1980s to the present date. Gruesome details and data are available on Shia activists’ websites such as the World Shia Forum, Shaheed Foundation and Shia Killing.

Here is an overview of most recent statistics in the last three months:

There is a consistent neglect of this targeted Shiite killing bordering on apathy from Pakistani and international Human Rights groups, civil society and media (both right wing Urdu media and liberal elites in English media), some of whom may have been paid off or/and harassed by the Pakistan Army/ISI.

How can this be allowed to continue? The answer: the Pakistani Army and ISI along with the Supreme Court and some members of the civilian government (e.g., Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Balochistan CM Raisani etc) are too much invested in protecting the Jihadi-sectarian militants of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, i.e., Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat /ASWJ-SSP and its strategic depth Frankenstein, to stop it. Fear of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Taiba, SSP-ASWJ and Taliban (Wahhabi-Deobandi militants) turning on Pakistan itself, sets up the Perfect Storm for the massacre of perceived infidels, the Shiites, along with other persecuted groups e.g., Ahmadis, Sunni Barelvis, Christians, Hindus etc. However, the number of Shias killed is far greater than any other faith-based target killing in Pakistan. Routinely maligned, and erroneously aligned with separatists or Iranian-links in a smear campaign, the Shiites for the most part, are middle class, intelligent, tolerant, peaceful and productive members of Pakistan society on all levels of occupations, from common workers, and entrepreneurs, to medical, judicial, commerce and government officers.

And yet, Jihadi-Deobandi SSP/ASWJ militants align with Salafist LeT/JuD and Pakistan Taliban to engage in what can only be described as a systematic elimination of all Shiites, reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s ruthless murder of Ukrainians in intensity varying only in the numbers killed. However, the death toll of Shias in Pakistan is rising on a frequent basis.

The recent massacres occurring of Shias in Pakistan suggest either authorities’ incompetency, fear or perhaps some law enforcement agencies are complicit with the killers. Perpetrators that kill and attack in plain sight are never investigated, arrested or prosecuted. The violence is not limited to one region or ethnicity (Shias are found in various ethnic groups in Pakistan), but has spread through southern Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkha, and may be linked to organized target killing of Shias in Karachi (Sindh), Quetta in Balochistan, and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan.

The Pakistani civilian government has a mindset of “hands-off” in terms of Shiite rights protections, despite President Zardari’s Shiite background. The principle being that the military formed the Jihadi-sectarian militants as proxy warriors and let them handle it- but, further, Zardari, from the Bhutto dynasty, should be understood also as being aware of assassination as a danger as no other president prior to him, were he to cross the line against the ISI/ Pak Army. Demonstrators and others who speak out are in real and present danger. The Pakistan Army still ignores atrocities in Parachinar, Gilgit Baltistan,  and Balochistan. The Pakistan military is too much of a threat to citizens that speak out, including the media, to be accountable for its abuses and what is an outright genocide on Shiites being perpetuated throughout Pakistan.

As an American, I have written on the topic of Shia genocide and the role of the military establishment in Pakistan – thus proving that there is no monolithic viewpoint in America and that we welcome criticism of the US foreign policy. There are many moderate Americans like me who want to highlight the situation of Shias in Pakistan where they are facing genocide at the hands of the Islamist (Wahhabi-Deobandi) Jihadis that are being nourished by some sections of the military establishment.

However, a blanket, reactive criticism of US foreign policy is not the correct way to work together either. In the United States, there is a very strong Saudi-Ikhwan lobby that is trying to make us do its dirty work in Syria and wants us to align ourselves with Al Qaeda. While I have no love lost for a police state like Syria, I am uncomfortable that the Saudis want to drag my country into supporting the Al Qaeda mercenaries that are attacking Syria from Turkey and Jordan.

Furthermore, the rot in the situation is not just from my end. At my end, there are many Americans who are deeply critical of the US State department being influenced by the Saudi-Ikhwan lobby.  However, in Pakistan, the Jinnah Institute FP elite report was an eye opener in that it included 53 prominent journalists, analysts who, without specific dissent, endorsed recommendations that Mullah Omar and the Haqqani Taliban network needs to be supported Post 2014! Barring a few journalists of integrity and the LUBP blog, the mainstream media (including a bulk of liberal elites) lent their full support to these horrific recommendations – recommendations which are an open invitation to the Taliban to take over Pakistan, purge it of all non-Wahhabi-Deobandis and take it back to the Stone Ages.

While the United States must not engage with Taliban, why is it that Pakistani intelligentsia provides it with no choice but to engage with the Taliban. It is now imperative that before the US is pushed further into the Saudi embrace, it must realize that several in Pakistan’s seemingly liberal intelligentsia (much of which works as a tool to raise anti-US sentiment in Pakistan) is not the honest partner it claims to be. The Jinnah Institute and other similar reports emanating from ISI-sponsored think tanks should be chucked in the can.

Appeal to international community and human rights organizations

An appeal to the justice system and Human Rights Organization would be in order. However, currently one would be hard pressed to consider Pakistan judiciary’s indirect role in enabling the Shia genocide. Aside from known killers being pardoned due to military pressure, the judicial over-reach and unwarranted actions over and above the affairs of the legislature and the executive prove that the military has influenced, if not intimidated the judiciary as well as the so-called establishment “free press.” Reports are that General Kayani has been involved in pay-offs to Mullahs and press to distort the killings as historically expected Sunni-Shiite sectarian violence. This is a distortion of the State-sponsored Shia genocide particularly in view of the fact that majority of Sunnis have dissociated from ASWJ-SSP and other Jihadi-sectarian militants.

Because the corrupt Supreme Court will not go against the Army/ISI which tacitly still supports ASWJ-SSP-LeJ, which has grown in wealth and numbers, independent of any control over it now; elements in the Pak Army are in league together with these groups. It appears that the Pak Army remains concerned over cracking down on ASWJ/LeJ/SSP and LeT/JuD in fear of risking all these splinter groups joining in unison with the Pakistan Taliban would once again start attacking the state with impunity (as they did against General Musharaf). Pak Army also remains complicit with LeT over its obsession with India, so, much easier to allow atrocities on Shiites, and insist on the mainstream press to mislabel it as sectarian unrest.

Foreign correspondents in Pakistan are perpetuating the same silence and misrepresentation to international media. State sponsored Shia genocide is misrepresented as Sunni vs Shia conflict, ignoring the fact that Sunni Barelvi Muslims (majority of Sunnis) have rejected fringe Deobandi militants who are a part of SSP-ASWJ and Taliban, and also the fact that Shias are being killed by the ISI, not  Sunnis.

In the last few months, the situation has reached the stage of a human rights crisis. If the international media, human rights groups, US, EU, UN and the international community in general do not pay urgent attention, the Jihadist militants will be further encouraged by no interference, in which case, the atrocities of this type generally escalate, and may turn  into another Rwanda or Armenia.

About the author:

About the author: Rusty Walker is an Independent Political Analyst, educator, author, Vietnam veteran-era U.S. Air Force, from a military family, retired college professor, former Provost (Collins College, U.S.A.), artist, musician and family man. Mr. Walker is an ardent supporter of Pakistan. Here is a link to Mr. Walker’s other articles published on LUBP: https://lubpak.net/archives/tag/rusty-walker

About the author

Rusty Walker

About the author: Rusty Walker is a world-travelled, Independent Political Analyst, educator, author, Vietnam veteran-era U.S. Air Force, from a military family, retired college professor, former Provost (Collins College, U.S.A.), artist, musician and family man. Rusty Walker is an ardent supporter of Pakistan.


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  • I salute you Mr. Walker on writing a balanced and objective article on Shia Genocide

  • 1 اپریل 2012 سے ۔ ۔ 10 اپریل 2012 تک

    ظلم کی انتہا ۔ ۔ شیعہ ہونے کی سزا ۔ ۔ پاکستان بنانے کا صلہ

    “پاکستان کی سرزمین پر شیعہ شھید”

    آزاد عدلیہ، متعصب میڈیا، سیکیورٹی ادارئے سب خاموش تماشائی

    قاتل آزاد ۔ ۔ چلاس میں امن ۔ ۔ دھشتگردوں کے لئیے مکمل حفاظتی انتظامات ۔ ۔

    شیعہ آبادیوں میں کرفیو ۔ ۔ درجنوں بے گناہ شیعہ جوان گرفتار ۔ ۔ رابطہ منقطع.


    ارے ریاستی اداروں ایسے لوگ آگئے ہے۔ جن کے دماغوں میں نا بلوچ محب وطن ہے۔ نا مہاجر محب وطن ہے، نا شیعہ محب وطن ہے۔ ان لوگوں نے پہلے بھی مشرق پاکستان کو جُدا کیا تھا۔

    علامہ راجا ناصر کا کراچی دھرنے میں خطاب


    کراچی دھرنے میں علامہ راجا ناصر کا سیاسی تنظیموں پر سخت تنقید

    ایم کیو ایم کی طرف سے ہمارے لوگوں کو ہراساں کیا جارہا ہے۔ میں الطاف حسین سے بھی کہتا ہو کہ اپنے کارکنان کو روکیں،اس کا نتیہ صیح نہیں ہوگا۔ میں شاہی سید کو بھی کہتا ہوں کہ وہ اپنے ان قاتلوں کو روکیں اے این پی کے کارکنان نے پہلوان گوٹھ میں شیعہ نوجوانوں کو شہید کیا۔ سب اس بات کو یاد رکھے ہم ڈرنے والے نہیں ہے


    شیعہ نسل کشی جاری ۔ ۔ میڈیا،عدلیہ،حکمران سب خاموش


    ریاستی سرپرستی میں کالعدم تنظیمں آزاد ۔ ۔ کہاں ہیں رحمان ملک ؟؟

    اسلام آباد: سپاہ صحابہ کے کالعدم دھشتگرد شیعہ قوم کے دھرنے سے خوف زدہ
    ۔ ۔ ۔ پرامن دھرنے کے کیمپ کے سامنے اپنا کیمپ لگا دیا

    kisi b political party ne purey mulk me shia target killing k against koi action ni liya.day by day shia target killing bharti ja rhi ha r koi pochney wala ni ha? tu phr hm esi diplomatic political parties ko kyoun vote dn? jo hum pr itna zulm honey k bawajood ek lafz na boli? phr ye hamarey kis kam ki hn?? hm esi political parties ka Boycott krty hn

    Agli Baari, No Zardaari

  • shias should raise their voice in congress hearing in US as Balochs did, LUBP should show some concerns for target killing of PPP members in Karachi too.

  • Malik, for the record, “talk,” is action; as is, writing and publishing which brings attention to atrocities the media is silent on. Vigilantism and revenge killing is less an answer than action by the proper authorities, or the Pak Army if theywere doing their job of protecting citizens from terrorist groups.

    Shahid, I am not “biased,” because there is no Sunni genocide, as you very well know; unless it is the Wahhabi/Salafist Sunnis you are worried about, in which case you would be sympathizing with the terrorists.

    There is no prejudice in this article against Sunnis, and many times in the past my writing and LUBP’s writing has featured Sunnis that are not radicalized. My past writing and LUBP featured Sunnis, Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Hindus, Christians, as well, as secular- heroes and villains, and Taliban killing of tribal villagers not identified by religion (some have been Sunnis).
    The recent escalation of the attacks on Shia Muslims has not received the coverage that it warrants given the extreme nature of the murders. The atrocious acts of these killers justify a wider global inquiry into obvious Human Rights violations.

  • Its a good piece and I think most ppl will agree with the arguments the author has put forth, hard to disagree with the facts. But sadly, the role of the US has been portrayed just as an innocent bystander that was duped into supported the wahabi brand of islam rather than something it calculated and thought to be in its interest during the cold war. The CIA trained these so-called muhajideen (taliban, now Al Qaeeda) and jihadi group, the Saudi money paid for it and the Pakistani army’s role was to protect them. Now sadly the monster they created are coming him out of their caves to bite them in the ass.

  • Right, Meera, thank you for catching that. I neglected to include your accurate account in the article. It would have been a more complete had I done so. I will write it here: as Benazir Bhutto called it, we created a “Frankenstein” when we, the U.S. along with the Saudis, funded the Mujahedeen who turned into the Taliban; The U.S., at the time did exactly what you said, with the result you so graphically illustrated. This was just one of the many blunders of using a Machiavellian method of strategic policy, funding with very short-term analysis (another blunder I my view was secretly funding Iraq against Iran in the 80s). We, too often, “Sleep with the Enemy.” It is very short-sighted.
    I write about the concept here:

  • Meera, I have edited my text in the article (see paragraph 8) to include U.S. involvement more clearly.

  • Ow Mr Rusty Walker to day government of Pakistan is the Shia government because Asif Ali Zardari is Shia second think is that those who are saying that Shia is killing then i think they are hypocrite . Shia are muslim say Muslim are killing . And those shia saying that we as shia are killing then they shia are killed by some one but just Shia not a muslim because according to Quran those who divide him self and saying that we are Shia or sunni etc etc are not the muslim . Special in case where panic can be created due to division to show .So think before you decide that who is right and who is wrong and be a Muslim not sunni or shia .

    One think to Zardari and PPP and also administrator of this webside that you are not doing a good job by again and again posting this kid of issue means shia issue in way that dispute will be created between two division of Muslim . So you must go to hell if any dispute if created due to your hypocrisy ok . So for Allah sack don’t create any dispute among the muslim of Pakisan. And be a true muslim not shia and sunni etc etc .

  • Thanks Rusty that is very honest and kind of you. You didn’t have to edit an already posted piece but its good to have balanced voices such as yours calling both sides out on their blunders. Histories are made up of many parts, players and realities. Its for us to look at all of them and discern what went wrong on a whole not jut in parts. There are always multiple sides to a story and you can only get a complete picture if you explore all of them. Many sadly fail to do that and persist with their rather one-sided narratives. Appreciate that instead of biting me head of you took the criticism and quickly reflected on it and made the edits you felt were valid. Keep writing.

  • Excellent article mr Walker
    Thank u for ur excellent work

    To those who are crying about sunni genocide are the ppl who r actually biased and blind….everyday i get news about shia killings in pakistan never heard if there was any sunni killed by any shua organization and contrary to this jindullah and sipah sahaba aka ahl e sunat wal jamat openly accept the responsibility of shia killings…

    We r not biased but the pakistani political parties,judiciary and the so called free media of pakistan is biased….no media channel even reported about challas incident and the sit-in against the shia killings in pakistan infront of parliment house by shia ulmas and local shia ppl

    Chief justice took notice of waheeda shah’s two slaps and media kept crying about that mattet for more than a week……100 of shia muslims die every month but iftekhar chauhdry never took notice of all the massacre
    Malik ishaq openly took responsibilty of shia 100 of shia killings in front of judiciary and judges and he said i will do the same in future…..why did oftekhar chauhdry set him free?

    Thats what u call justice?

    We r not biased
    U ppl are biased and blond who dont have any pain for any other human being

  • Nice rant with little or no supporting facts. Intention seems was solely to malign the Pak Army. Pak Army has shias serving in it. Everyone has denounced the killings. Sensationalizing will not lead to justice, but rather further shias on sunni or sunni on shia killings. Just wondering, where is the concern regarding the recent American massacre of Afghan villagers? I’m sure you’re going to rationalize that away as the work of a “lone wolf”, “insane”, or “needy” individual rather than the logical expression of a US army man given the rampant anti-Muslim propaganda he was subjected to during his time in the US Army.

  • Rusty sahib, excellent article. The media has failed, the judiciary is complicit in this genocide of Shia muslims as well as PML N and PTI which are aligned with Sipah Sabaha through DPC and Rana Sanaullah. Rehman Malik is a disgrace to the PPP and they appear spineless to stop this genocide. Thanks for writing this balanced piece

    @Meera, atleast the US secretary of State admitted this mistake. Same with Shaheed Mohtarma who has done so since 1998. Same with President Zardari. Why don’t you write about those Pakistani groups who still view these Taliban as “ours” and who protest more loudly when they are killed by drones as opposed to when hundreds of shias are massacred. Practice what you preach because I have read your anti-drone article as well as your belated petition for those victims of those whom the drones has weakened. How can you treat both the Taliban and their 40,000 victims in the same category of victims?

    I want to clarify that the civilians who are being killed by drones (and your biased Pakistani media has done a pathetic job of distorting the numbers) is horrible then your Punjabi army and Punjabi politicians still support the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba and use Pashtun hostages as human shields and hide behind our women and children. Only the drones can liberate us from your disease of Racist Punjabi-Jihadi nationalism.

    Pakistan needs to be free of the Punjabi-Gardi of GT road. I am not against the average Punjabi but your Punjabi elite as represented in your judiciary, army, bureaucracy and PTI-PML N is a group of very sick people who equate drones with Taliban – completely hiding the fact that you have used Seriakis and Pashtuns for your Jihadi experiments and destroyed all of Pakistan for your previleges.

    Shamroz Achakzai

  • really a tragic situation. no one is coming to rescue shia muslims. it is an act of terrorism.

  • Well done Mr Walker,

    Being an american you have shown a true picture to the biased media and judiciary of Pak.

  • I am a muslim living in Saudi arabia with a majority Selefi and Wahabi culture/environment.
    The spread of rumours and ignorance to justify the killing of shia as “halal” is wide spread and people are groomed to beleiving this from a very young age.
    The issue is clear that young people are taught to stay separated ( e.g. I hear on many many occasions that you should never share food with Shia as they will poison you). The truth is, when the 2 groups merge (via work or socially), they realise that there is in fact very little differences between the 2 muslim groups (Shia and Sunni) and this is all driven by politics, justified as religious beleif.
    Wake up people!
    Rust Walker, thank you for painting a clear and accurate picture of the widespread ignorance.

  • : Rusty Walker thanks,i am a pakistani shia,i felt so alone in my country but your words gave me hope.

  • I congratulate Mr. Walker on his excellent article and hope that he would continue his efforts in highlighting the state backed oppression and unabated killings of shias in Pakistan to justice and peace loving people of the world.

  • Meera,

    “The CIA trained these so-called muhajideen (taliban, now Al Qaeeda) and jihadi group, the Saudi money paid for it and the Pakistani army’s role was to protect them”

    This is a lie. The mujahideen who fought the Soviets were ONLY ever trained by the ISI. The CIA trained NO ONE. Gen Zia asked Carter for help. Carter offered only nonmilitary aid of US$400Mn, which Zia rejected calling it “peanuts”. But it was after this that careful lobbying of American Congressman was started and American aid for this war increased.

    There was no Taliban at the end. The Taliban came about as an organized movement in the 1990s entirely because of being propped up by the ISI. Otherwise they were nobodies.

    The Taliban did not turn in to Al Qaeda. The people who eventually became Al Qaeda were Arab volunteers. Their numbers range from five to fifteen thousand. Their role in fighting this war was negligible, including that of Osama bin Laden. Most of the stories of his courage and valor and fabrications. Most of these Arabs stayed in Peshawer and would only occasionally venture into Aghanistan and even then under the command of an Afghan Mujahid.

    Sadly, it is actually you who is minimizing the role of the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army STILL protects the very same Jihadis who have killed thousands of Pakistanis.

  • Jamshed-
    “Pak Army has shias serving in it. Everyone has denounced the killings.”
    For the record: There are many, many honorable Pakistani Army soldiers (and decent ISI operatives working with CIA),from Pubjab to Sindh- KP to Balochistan- Sunnis and Shias, and they work hard, love their families, do their duty to country, just as our military servicemen do. I am not indicting the PAK military.
    This fact does not cancel out those elements within these organizations, including the ISI, that are part of this tragedy.

    You commented:’…Just wondering, where is the concern regarding the recent American massacre of Afghan villagers? I’m sure you’re going to rationalize that away as the work of a “lone wolf”, “insane”, or “needy” individual rather than the logical expression of a US army man given the rampant anti-Muslim propaganda he was subjected to during his time in the US Army.”

    I have an article that will cover this soon and it was one man’s insanity for which the U.S. justice sysem will punish him severely. So, no, I wouldn’t characterize it as “rampant anti-Muslim propaganda,” of which you have no supporting truth of, and in fact, does not exist in the US military.

  • Dear Mr Walker

    We want to thank you for taking time and writing this article to expose Pakistani crimes in Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistan is busy talking about Palestine and Kashmir, yet has failed to stop Shia genocide in its own backyard. In 1988, military officials were directly involved in Shia killings and the situation is no different today. We demand UNO peacekeeping forces must be stationed in Gilgit Baltistan as administration is bent on changing local religious and ethnic demography. The way men were dragged and butchered in front of their female relatives remind us of oppressive Nazi Germans slaughtering the Jews. Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia was condemned. UNO should pass a resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan.

  • Senge, how is it “ethnic cleansing”? Those who are being slaughtered not just in Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan, but Parachinar, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan, Kohistan, D I Khan are all from different ethnicities. They are ALL being killed for being Shia muslims. Just like Barelvi Sunnis are being killed by the same people who are killing Shias. Ditto for Ahmadiya muslims. They are being killed because they are not extremist Deobandi-Wahabis.

  • To the commenter Shahid,

    WHAT Sunni genocide? Are you serious? Please show us where there is a systematic killing of Sunnis going on in this world. There is no bias here. The author is stating facts. If you were a true, good Muslim, you would not have made such a stupid comment. Instead you would have commented on how awful this genocide is and how it needs to stop, etc.

  • Good Job sir! Atleast someone cares about innocent shias being killed brutally. It is 100% true that CJP (supreme court), Media etc are keeping a blind eye on all this. There is a peaceful protest going in Pakistan for last 7 days and no media has covered that even for 5 seconds. It is now a time that Sunni and shia people in Pakistan rise against this wahabi/deobandi army who is heavily funded by saudis before it is too late!

  • I have Rusty Walker on my list but I had not paid attention to his profession or back ground.As I read his article it became clear to me that he was doing what they do best in his country and in western Europe generally “if you cannot convince them, confuse them”. And he is doing a great job at confusing Pakistanis and playing with the emotions of a vulnerable minority which happen to be a victim of terrorism just like any other community in Pakistan. All the Shias seem to buy his baseless theories willy-nilly without any scrutiny, a typical mind-set of a community facing violence in any country. All the Shia readers tend to shed tears on his shoulders and wipe their noses on his sympathetic sleeve with roses hidden under his cuffs for Shia Muslims of Pakistan, and only one or two readers have seen through his real motives. The writer is an American ex-military man and he is doing what wolves do in Sheep’s clothing, he is pretending to be a friend of Pakistan while fanning the hatred amongst sects. If a robber robs a bank wearing a guard’s uniform it does not mean it was a real guard. He seems to be suggesting that ISI is using military uniform to commit these atrocities without a sheared of any evidence. But he is doing what enemies of Pakistan do best confuse the public and play on the vulnerabilities of victims. I love the way he keeps on calling Lashker e Tayyiba and Wahhabi Islam and so innocently drops in on unsuspecting reader that yes we armed Afghans, used ISI and Saudi money but hey we freaking made a mistake now we want to go after Saudi oil and hey you stupid divided sectarian Muslims lets go after Saudis now because they were the real bad Wahhabi Muslims. His heart bleeds at the death of Shias in Pakistan but his damn country is ready to kill or nuke millions of Shias in Iran to protect its bastard child called Isra-hell, just as he distracts us with his crap on FB. Some friend of Muslims/Pakistanis he is bravo.

  • @Naheed, get your mind out of the Salafi gutter ok! A fellow American does what your media and pseudo liberal elite fail to do which is highlight the plight of 20% that is getting massacred by the Jihadis protected by your army!! OK! Your Ostrich mentality is not going to help either. And while it is your right to critisize the US and Israel, your Anti-Semitism is showing loud and clear in your abusive language against an entire country. No wonder, you and your Raza Rumis hate this blog; it is one of the few places that shows the mirror to your ugly side that is devouring your country of mostly good, decent folks

  • Thanks, Peter.
    I was so astounded by that Naheed conspiracy rant that I chose to ignore such ignorance on that level. Only cruel and prejudiced people can come up with such unfounded hate-speech.

  • Well said, Susan, “It is now a time that Sunni and shia people in Pakistan rise against this wahabi/deobandi army who is heavily funded by saudis before it is too late!”

  • A thousand Salutes to Mr Rusty for raising his voice in favour of the MOST OPPERESSED NATION of Pakistan (better to say F’ckistan)and showing a very true picture of the brutalities of Pakistan army. ISI and Saudi butchers, who have paki judiciary, “cheap justice iftekhar chaudry, media and political parties on their payroll. It really surprise me that how cruel and black hearted r those who r opposing and criticizing Mr Walker on his tremedous work.. you know why? because TRUTH IS BITTER.

    And for the information of Naheed Hayat, SHIA MUSLIMS are not a “minority”. Shias r more than 20% of Pakistan population. Sunnis r Barelvi, Maliki, Hanbali, Shafai, salafi, deodandi, ahl e hadis, wahabi, if you HONESTLY take their pergentage, you will definitely know, who should you call a MINORITY.

    Infact, again this is a cheap try of degrading the LOVERS OF AHL E BAIT(AHMS) and putting this label of so-called Minority on Shia Muslims by “innocent” ISI.

  • To Naheed, remove the veil of bias and you could read more clearly. If I was “fanning the hatred amongst sects.” as you claim I do,
    I wouldn’t have clarified my point in the paragraph as follows (see above):
    “State sponsored Shia genocide is misrepresented as Sunni vs Shia conflict, ignoring the fact that Sunni Barelvi Muslims (majority of Sunnis) have rejected fringe Deobandi militants who are a part of SSP-ASWJ and Taliban, and also the fact that Shias are being killed by the ISI, not Sunnis.”

    I never blame the Sunnis, nor the Shiites, as I have many friends in both sects that work together and have respect for each other.
    I only blame the radicals.

  • Naheed,

    It is actually you who is partly responsible for this violence. While I do not believe in collective guilt (or guilt by association), I do believe people like you who try to explain, cover up or minimize the issue are just as bad as those who do the actual killing. Not all of us have the courage, resources or the time to actively do something against this violence. The LEAST we can do is raise awareness about it.

    Terrorism is a tactic. It stops working when people turn against those who perpetrate these crimes.

    This violence against the Shia, the Barelvis, the Ahmedis and indeed against the Salafis and Deobandis who call this terrorism will stop if Pakistanis, en masse come out and condemn it.

  • @ Nahhed A few simple questions for you: Is it not true that hundreds of shias have been killed in last three months just for their beliefs??? Is is wrong that army and ISI are not patronizing jihadis killing shia muslims? Do you think media played any role to stop the genocide. Do you know that Lahore High Court while releasing Malik Ishaq of lashkar e jhangvi, ordered the government to pay him handsome stipend amount on monthly basis??? In a country where a cruel murderer is awarded as ” pensioner”, where the pseudo intellectuals like you sell army ” things by propagating that some one is “confusing Pakistanis and playing with the emotions of a vulnerable minority”. is it a mere confusion? Hundreds of people are massacred in just three months is a confusion???? And would you like to tell me that which else “community” is a victim of terrorism” ?????? You said “all the Shias seem to buy his baseless theories willy-nilly without any scrutiny”, What scrutiny you want???? are you not enough yet? it shows, what Mr Peter described as your salafi gutter mindset. Shame on you.

  • Ali Syed and ibneanwar, thank you! You both speak the truth. This has nothing to do with “theory,” nothing to do with sectarian conflicts of Sunni and Shia, it is a fact that Pak army and ISI are enabling Shai genocide and this tragedy needs wider coverage, attention from Human Rights Commissions, and wider exposure than the establishment press is willing to do.

  • As a Pakistani Shia living in Britain I am always so scared of hearing bad news from my relatives back home. Mr Walker I cannot thank you enough for this great article, there’s so much I was ignorant of, that I didn’t understand. Thank you for shedding light on this issue, unlike our own corrupt Pakistani Media! Keep up the good work.

  • @Naheed, if Walker is baised in his approach and trying to confuse the Paki people, then why the hell is media silent and the sit-in is taking place in front of Parliament House in Isalmabad. It is now 7th day, why our media is silent on this shia genocide? Does anyone have any answer to my question?

  • @Naheed: Why is Pakistani media not covering any of this? almost 30K shias died since 2001 did anyone with in Pakistan raised any voice? I think it is about time that Sunnis and Shias open their eyes and stand against this wahabi army who are playing double games with their own people just like they were playing double game with USA. Accept the reality that Pak army does support terrorist elements in Pakistan. Every word said in this article is nothing but TRUE!

  • Thanks Mr.Walker for this article.

    The question is what can be done to get attention of international community or unitaed nations to do something about it?

    As for the sunnis especially from pakistan, I have no hope that they can even understand the severity of this nmatter or the pain Shias of pakistan bearing from the era of zia-ul-haq, only thing they will do is try to defend it, they dont have the heart to even feel the suffering.

  • As for Naheed if in your own country where more than 260 peoples of your own faith killed less then 3 months then you need no one to confuse you.

  • THE killing of at least 15 passengers of the Shia community, after they were taken off the buses in the Chilas area, Diamer district, is a gruesome act of violence.

    The trail of sectarian unrest dates back to the radical Islamisation policies of former military dictator Gen Zia. The sectarian monster is raising its ugly head in the country.

    In Gilgit Batistan this menace emerged after the 1980s when fanatics from tribal areas, Kohistan and Diamer attacked Gilgit.

    The planned and organised settlement of non-locals from tribal areas, Kohistan, Kashmir and some parts of Punjab further deteriorated the situation.

    It totally changed the demography of the locals. In the 1990s the ratio of locals to non-locals was 4:1 but now it has been raised to 4:3.

    The consecutive trail of untoward incidents and growth of unrest in GB shows that sectarianism is officially being promoted as a calibrated policy to keep people engaged in trivial issues.

    Keeping in mind the sensitivity and geographical importance of GB, the divide and rule policy must be shunned, as India already claims that GB is its integral part. GB might be the second Balochistan if the grievances of this region are not entertained.


  • Thank you sir for your kind attention!
    Thanks a lot for writing this, brought tears in my eyes to see your concerns…

  • Very nicely done! We can’t thank you enough to shed light on this topic. Pakistani media is totally quite about this issue and we are happy that atleast some one from far land is thinking about the innocent people getting killed in Pakistan almost everyday. Please continue this great work! May be your writing will help save some innocent lives! Don’t worry about the negative comments here, there are many wahabis in Pakistan who will try their best to discourage you. Thanks,

  • @ Mr. Rusty Walker, I am a Norwegian Pakistan. As a Shia who loves this country since my forefathers had a huge role in the formation of it, I cried while reading this article. I still have tears in my eyes while typing it. If I had read this article a few months ago, I would never believe even in a single word of it. But over last few months, I have met Pakistanis from Parachinar and Quetta here in Norway. They told me stories that I could not easily digest. I had always regarded the killing of Shias in Pakistan as the CIA-Mossad conspiracy. As I see more and more Shias being subject to heartless violence as government machinery is unmoved, and Malik Ishaq moving around, I believe in every word you say. My heart goes to each and every Shia in Pakistan regardless of their race. Will their misery get the attention of the world, I ask?

  • RW Hi, I have a theory, any body likes or not: Shiite Killing and History:
    Back in Banni Ummaid’s period, shia genocide took place as a result Abbasides came to power, Abbasides started killing Shias, Chnagez Khan took over, Ottoman empire targetted shias and were wiped out, Shah Iran became hostile to shias and was kicked out, Taliban took over Afghanistan and the first thing they did was enmass killing of shias around Mazar-e-Sharif, they lost power, Zia was an ardent enemy of shias and he could not servive, Saddam Hussain & Gaddafi’s story are still fresh. Now the blood of Shias is going to bear fruits in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Shiites are not afraid of being killed, we know sooner or later one has to go. Its a blessing that a peson dies with a purpose –

  • Very interesting views of some so called enlightened bigots, just because I am not Sheeple and I don’t buy the lies I must be Wahhabi, makes me laugh. Pakistani media has covered the news with the utmost horror and I myself have read many articles in all the main newspapers. All of you including the writer very selectively chose to ignore the question as to what USA is planning to do with millions of Shias of Iran in very near future? Almost 600 CIA operatives were rounded up and put on flights to Dubai and Kuwait in weeks after the Ray Davis killing of two local CIA recruits. I guess they were on picnic in Pakistan and ISI just picked them up and cleared our streets by accident. And yes I saw as I traveled with some middle aged Americans in Shalwar suits and KheRis just with ruck sacks on shoulders being put on planes.
    Every loss of life in Pakistan is regrettable regardless of any religion, sect, colour, race, or creed. There is no evidence of ISI being involved and this article has not given any, but is misleading. We all need to unite as Pakistanis and rise above our personal school of thoughts to defend ourselves. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • OK SHIA’s of PAKISTAN, you deserve what you get. You people cry like little girls all the while the demonic Wahhabi/Taliban go on killing you with impunity. WHERE IS YOUR RESPONSE??? I am not talking about protests and sit ins. Many of them have happened over the years, yet SHIAs are still being killed. If you truly are the believer of the one who stood his ground against the army of Yazeed(L.A) at Karbala, then show that belief in deed. Time has come to stop protesting and letting the enemy know the power of “Haidery”. EYE FOR AN EYE no less, dont be scared of the ISI, when one of you die, kill 10 of Wahhabis/Taliban, show them you mean business. Nothing ever is achieved buy sulking and running scared. YOU SHIA’s need to UNITE as one first, then go and fight these monsters with impunity.Remember these Wahhabis/Taliban are no different to those Demonic creatures whom we saw in the movie Lord of the Ring. Their sole purpose is to kill SHIA’s, no rhyme or reason will work with them. IF YOU HAVE SUFFERED ENOUGH, WAKE UP, AND FIGHT!!!!

  • @ Naheed. Please stop defending your masters (ISI) here. We are NOT ready to buy your dirty ISI stuff here. And we (Pakistanis ) have NOTHING to do with Iran, OK!!!! I dont care if US or Israel attack or ruin Iran.This is NOT my business. I care where I born, raised and live and I am concerned only my fellow country men…That it. So you dont need to sell any Iran based sympathy here. I am frightened reading Ali Ali comments, and fear that he is not alone, many shias have start thinking like this way. You and your masters must be afraid of the day when this kind of feelings get widespread appreciations, ultimately turning into a nightmare.

  • Rusty,
    May God Bless You
    You had the guts to speak the truth. Please dont give up. The people are looking up to you to keep this momentum going. WE are all behind you.

    The crooks who are supposed to be leaders in Pakistan from Zardari to Imran Khan are all silent. They are all involved with their own seat and stippends they get from the backers of this genocide. They dont have the guts to face the truth. I wonder how they will face the burning fire of hell for their silence and for siding with the animals who have no morals or feelings for any humans.

    Again May God Bless you for speaking the truth

  • To Abu Ali Husain, and Rizvi, Thank you so much; I am humbled by your good wishes and also your intelligent and sincere replies and of all those I list here that have commented positively: Ummul Banin, Hunter, Senge Sering, Sajjad, ali, Living In Saudi, salaam baltistani, Shamroz Achakzai, Mohsin Ali Shah, Rahat Ali Changezi, Abbas Shigri – thank you all for your sincere words of encouragement, they are inspiring.

    Also, thank you for insightful responses: Alim,Zaid, Asif,Umar, Salman Raza, ibneanwar, Ali Sye, Peter Stravinsky, Susan, Sarah, Asad, Bashir Malik, alamdar hussain naqvi, Meera Ghani, Mir- thank you all for supporting this effort towards awareness and solving it, too.


  • ohh wow mr walker i havnt seen a writer lyk urz thanx so very much for writting on us v feel so very alone here its just so unbearable………….

  • Thx mr walker.. really appreciate what you did for the present situation of Shia killings.. We are desperate now in these situations to raise our voice in the world…..

  • Thank you Rusty Walker !! u have posted the truth .. heads off to you .. posting truth shows positively in u … May God Bless you…
    Now this is the time , we have to show our power against these Talibans (Wahabis) .. They are killing us like animals .. we have to show them , we are alive , and to save our lives we can take life too ..
    Our religion doesn’t say that die .. it says us to resist and save your life …

    now i will say to all the Muslims to read Surah e Fatiha for our beloved shaheeds … !!

  • very good artical uncovering the Pak army and establishment’s nefarious aims

  • May Allah rest the soul of martyred young Shia Muslims in Heaven.It is very surprising for most of us that we believe the sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain who stood against the cruelty and unjustice of Yazeed (L.A) But we are silent against the followers of Yazeed Lanti.There are so big names of Ulama Ikram in the field of reciting Majaalis e Azaa, but there is no one who can lead Millat e Jafaria. I personally feel that all ulama ikram are busy in selling the holy blood of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) In early 80’s there was Mufti Jafar Hussain Who led millat e Jafaia and after his death Allam Arif Hussain Al Hussaini had the spirit of leading. After his martyre there is no significant name of leader in Shais Muslims.
    These days there are many small Shias groups but without leader,it is only because WE ARE NOT FOLOOWING THE GLORIOUS PATH OF HOLY PROPHET (S.W.W) AND HIS AHLE BAIT (A.S). Massacre of Shia Muslims had been started since Banu Umaya and Banu Abbas and will not stop till the appearance of Hazrat Imam Mahdi(A.S.). SO DEAR SHIAS, IT IS TIME TO UNITE AGAINST SIPAH E YAZEED.
    Any how, the writer has explained and analysed in a neutral manner and his services are appreciated but WHAT U.S.A WILL DO AGAINST IRAN THEY ARE ALSO SHIA MUSLIMS AND USA DOES NOT LIKE IRAN.SO BE PREPARED TO SAVE YOUR SELVES FROM SO CALLED MUSLIMS AND NON MUSLIM AS WELL.Allah bless you.

  • I am a Muslim. Some call me a Sunni. Many of my family members are Shia. Four of my best friends since the last 40-50 years are Shia. I have prayed behind Shia Imam and some of my Shia friends prayed behind me during their visits to my house. Since Seventies my neighbor in Pakistan is Shia. My late father and brother used to work with the Shia community leaders during Aushoora to make sure the procession and the whole program of ten days went smoothly. I feel sad and I pray for all the Sunni and Shia killed in these clashes.

    For the last 6-7 years I have been a member of a Forum on Internet where majority of members (1000) are Shia. While reading their Posts I feel being a small minority Shia are highly organized. They are well educated and know how to spread their opinion all over the world using electronic media.

    Last month I visited Pakistan and Middle East where I met three of my very old friends and I asked them; why Shias are being targeted in Pakistan? Here are their replies in very brief.

    My neighbor (he comes on TV as a Zakir also): There are jahil scholars on both sides who love to incite their followers and create hatred towards others. Then there are Agencies who are not doing enough to stop the bloodshed.

    My friend, a retired senior Pakistan Army officer: The answer is simple. You tell me who is benefitting from the whole thing, Sunnis or Shias? No one! Let us not forget the foreign agencies which are creating problems for Pakistan. Our people are fools they do not realize how they are being used and pitched against each other. Shias are being killed more in numbers but some Sunnis are also being targeted.

    Banker from Middle East: It is very sad and I do not see any end to it. Too many parties are involved in this killing.

  • YMalik To say that “foreign agencies” are to blame for Shia massacres, or, Sunni-Shia disconent, is conspiracy theory of the worst kind.
    The West is not causing Shia genocide. It is the ISI/Pak Army establishment.
    You sound like a wonderful Muslim, a good person, asking good questions- but, please do not end up demonizing teh U.S. and West for all your own Middle East and South Asian problems. I realize Bush made a mess of things…we are trying to pull ourselves out of that hole. The CIA is not trying to destabilize your nation – it wants to destabilize radical jihadists- we NEED the Middle East and South Asia stable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We want Iran stable, Iraq stble, and Adfghnistan stable (Afghan is an almost impossible task, even if left alone for themselves) and we want peace in the region…that is the U.S. Middle East foreign policy.

  • Rusty, Thanks for your quick response. I agree with you conspiracy theories are always bad and are spread by ignorant people. In their comments none of my three Shia friends demonized US or West. They did not target a single country by name. Neither did I. However you did 🙂

  • Unless and until the Shias who are comfortable in Pakistan, ie those who have a roof over their heads and have 3 meals a day, get up and speak out against these massacres things are not likely to change. I call upon those people living in areas like DHA Karachi, Lahore etc for once to remove the shackles of money and do something for the masses. Stop being a coward and come out and take charge of the situation!!!! Fear the time when these terrorist Wahhabis take over your homes and end your lives, for that time is at hand!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

  • Exellent work mr Rusty Walker,
    at least some one is showing his interest and serious concerns for human cause . this is fail and use less practice of blind extremists and and their perpetrators. this is attempt to apply theory of Ethnic cleansing but it is useless shia muslims are in majority in Gilgit-Baltistan unlike rest of pakistan. Being shia our parents and our religious scholars taught us this holy verse

    “…So We decreed for the tribe of Israel that if someone kills another person – unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth – it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Qur’an 5: 32)

    but wahabi’s deobandis are followers of abu suffian , mavia yazeed and so on(rebels against holy prophet’s mission)thr successors who were founders of terrorism genocide from the start of islam. Shia,s are followers of holy prophet pbuh Ali as hassan as hussain as. these all are family members of holy prophet and his successors.

    in recent series of killings of shia muslims in gilgit baltistan shia muslims shown heights of tolerance and patience . there were 100s of sunnis deobandies govt employees and workers were trapped during tension in 100% shia populated dist nagar in gilgit baltistan. it was so easy to show the reaction but shia muslims shown humanity and provide them security and safely handed over them to local government most of u people already seen in newspapers . this was not because of afraid from these sick wild beasts who spreading genocide . but Almighty Allah forbidden us from killing of any un concern or innocent person. but according to theories of wahabi .killing of shia or any non muslim or any person whos thoughts hv minor diff or deviation from them should killed . this is how these wahabies explane the theory of jihaad .

  • thanks rusty, the worls’s most cruel people belongs to wahabi/salfi , if i say them animals maybe animals would mind it.they hav terrible faces like sheetaan(devil).

  • Yes, abbas, Salafists even look cruel and miserable as people.
    They give a bad name to true Islam and the Prophet (PBUH); The Muslims where peaceful coexistance of Sunnis, Shia, Sufis, Ahmedis, Christians live and work and pray and conduct decent, non-violent, productive lives in harmony with each other, love their women and children and respect others religion and unique cultures.

  • Thank You Mr Walker.A very well written article based on facts and truth.
    Genocide of minorities is mounting by the day because of the reasons given by you and also because of tacit support from the Supreme Court which has recently released very high profile terrorists.Certain sections of the The Pakistani media are assisting the terrorists clandestinely, notably Hamid Mir, the son? of ShakilUrrehman Mir owner of the Jang Group.

  • Thanks Rusty….!!
    You are absolutely right.Pak Judiciary, ISI, CIA and Pak Media are more responsible for the situation in Pakistan than Pak Amry and also the Saudi Govt. supporting the terrorist acts in Pak. But most responsible for the situation is the shias of the world who are still silent on Shia killings, if the shia of Pak also put weapons against the Terrorist than the Pak GOvt. Pak media and Pak judiciary will automatically take action against shia killing otherwise they will keep continue shia killing.

  • Dear Rusty!this is the great piece of writing. Thank you so much for raising voice against planned brutal killings of the Shia muslims all over Pakistan. Silence of concern authorities of our country shows that these acts of terrorism against Shia community are sponsored by the govt particularly in the recent terrorist attack in the Chilas it seems that security agencies ensured that passengers buses (about 30 buses) reach in the front of the terrorist on right time. Thousands of terrorists (different age groups) killed innocent Shia passengers by hitting stones, sticks and bullets.

  • well RUSTY it was a gr8 article as far as it unveiled most of the crystal clear facts that mainstream media in PAK and elsewhere in the world do not talk about……
    The separation of BANGLADESH was a complete intelligence failure and thus it was necessary to raise the anti INDIAN sentiments among the different divides in PAKISTAN to avoid any such future support to foreign forces by the natives…Moreover the issue of gaining strategic depth (highlited by Mr Rusty) using AFGHAN width and finally to support the illegal and un constitutional govt of ZIA UL HAQ were the preludes for monstrous creation of JIHADIS by PAK MILITARY…the Wahabi version from SAUDI Arab, material support from USA and local and centeral ASIAN manpower was a perfect recipe to make their dream come true.However SHIAS never go for JIHAD unless verified by the decree of a MUJTAHID….So now the jehadis had 3 fronts…the Afghan,the Kashmir and the Shias….THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SUFFERING For…
    offcourse there is no “an eye for an eye”kinda solution here…….the strategy of IMAM KHOMENI and ALLAMA IQBAL is the most effective solution and IA will be….i e to come out united in large numbers for a REVOLUTION…

  • Mr Rusty thanks for this valuable article you wrote. This is 100% unbiased and based on 100% facet. Those who call this article bias are actually biased themselves. They can never accept any criticism even if they are wrong as well.

    It’s crystal clear that behind all this massacre and genocide of Shia’s there’s Saudi Arabia involved who gives fitwah and their so-called follower extremist mujahiddins and militants kill the Shia’s.

    Mr. Abbas is 100% correct to say that it would be unjust on the part of animals to call all these terrorists animals. They are just much worst than the animals who don’t even have the clear idea why the are killing innocent people… Just for the so-called heaven the key of which is tied to their neck when the go for a suicide bombing… What a shame!! for the Islam and Muslims to have these people claim to be muslims.

    According to them they are doing jehad but these ignorant, foolish people don’t even know why and against whom they are doing jehad. They use the word jehad for their own benefits. They have earned the title of terrorist for the entire Muslim Community through out the world… What a fame today Muslims have got (Terrorist) known all over the globe…

    Time to think consciously and Wake Up and understand the real Islam… for all the real Muslims of the world regardless of their sects!!!

  • S.Z.Abbas , thank you, sir, the Jang Group does us no favors.
    Imtiyaz Ali Baltistani , thank you sir, yes, I wonder if this goes on, whether the Shia, great fighters as they are, will continue turning the other cheek. There is only so much persecution a devout group of can take; but, it resistance to come from an outraged publis, not one sect or it becomes mistaken for “sectarian conflict,” which this is clearly not.
    Kazim- The editors are trying to get the article out there.
    Jaffar and D I KHAN – thank you.
    Arif – Thank you, and well said: ” Time to think consciously and Wake Up and understand the real Islam… for all the real Muslims of the world regardless of their sects!!!”

  • Great, accurate article, sums up the awful situation well and makes it clear how this came to pass.

    Hopefully more people will speak up about these atrocities outside of Pakistan to highlight the situation.

    A US citizen speaks more honestly and accurately than myriad sunni groups, media outlets or politicians within Pakistan but hey, they’ve all got something to fear, lose or gain….

  • Hello Rusty,
    Thank you so much for caring enough to write about this horrific genocide of innocent Shia’s in Pakistan. As a Sunni Pakistani who grew up in Pakistan in the 70’s, I am deeply saddened to see the recent treatment of all minorities and specially Shia’s in Pakistan. Growing up in an affluent part of Lahore, we had a totally integrated society of both Shia’s and Sunnis, we may have attended different mosques (not always) or had an awareness of being Shia vs. Sunni (only occasionally) but there was never any hatred or discrimination. We were all just people, neighbors, friends and families all living in harmony and peace with each other. Several of my dearest friends were and are Shia, our families visited each other, we ate together, appreciated each other without giving a second thought to our insignificant religious differences.
    Then came the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and things started to change and now 30+ years later they have spun totally out of control. I left Pak for US in 1980, but now when I look back at the land I love, I can’t help but cry about what has happened. The once peaceful and tolerant folk have turned into hateful fanatics by the millions. The silent majority is just that, silent and in fear of their own lives and safety. We are all guilty of complacency, not standing up for our Shia, Christian, Hindu and Ahmadi brothers and sisters. But this will come to haunt us, even in USA and a liberal state like California, I meet young American Muslims who are so brain washed by salafism that they consider Shias as non-Muslims and secretly support actions against them.
    The non-Wahhabis make up majority of Pakistani, we must not remain silent, we need to stand up for what’s right and just, if for no other reason than for selfish reasons. Because if we don’t, we are the next on the Wahhabi chopping block, do you know that they consider all non Salafi’s as weak Muslims? They consider the imams who peacefully spread Islam in Indo-Pak as being wrong and weak in many areas. The Salafi/Wahhabi’s would like to re-educate and straighten out all Sunnis to their exact interpretation of Islam and whoever resists will be killed just like Sunnis and regarded as infidel. So wake up and smell the coffee Pakistanis, before it’s too late.
    Now speaking of the decline of civil society and overall deterioration and destruction of Pakistan and Afghanistan, I blame (to a vast degree) the cold war between the two super powers Russia and USA. It was their war, not ours, we were just pawns in their great game and left to fend for ourselves upon fall of Russia.

    But in the end, it’s us, the people of Pakistan who are responsible for ourselves, pointing fingers at India, USA or Israel will not solve our problems. If we consider these countries our enemies, what else can we expect from them? It’s our job to pull ourselves up off the ground by the strap of our boots and save our nation and our faith. Remember God only changes those people’s destiny who first change themselves.
    Peace !

  • Yes, it is true, Ali, we all have something to gain, and there is nothing wrong with self-interest- it is a fact of life- it is in my best interest to protect those taken advantage of, and this helps all of us- in ridding the world of radicals; perhaps in this way we can join in soldarity overcommon issues that ultimately mean more freedom, liberty, respect for each other, pluralism, and economic welfare for all of us.
    Instead of the alternative, unwarranted fear of each other, misunderstanding, and isolation.

  • Mr. Walker, I very much respect your work. I’ m just curious if you are currently is Pakistan or the States? I live in Florida, just curios you did your research remotely or on the ground?

  • a lot of people are curious about that. I no longer give out my location or when or where I am, or trips for reseach anymore, as I have received threats, and thinly disguised attempts to my retrieve personal information. I find I can write more freely by not being an open book- however, contrary to challenges I have had in comments here, I have not assumed a different identity and I am who I say I am.

  • I can reveal sources with no names- I have many close friends that live in Pakistan, some that have fled, some families and friends of my mother’s that moved during the partition from India to Pakistan; A friend in Waziristan; Many friends in Karachi and Lahore; several in Islamabad, ex-military friends, some of whom, a Brigadier and a general (retired) do not agree with my perspective but freely give me their opinions and advice; Baloch, Punjabi, Shiite and Sunnis friends here and in the U.S., Washington D.dC., War College ex-military and professors, CIA [No one from ISI]; journalists, et. al. and of curse, my own reading and research provides me with a complete and unbiased perspective. My role as an analyst is an Americn point of view, nothing more, nothing less. My goal is positive change for Pakistan. I have also met many Pakistani friends on Facebook tha are great resources.

  • erratum: “of course…”

    …and there you have some of the reasons for my abiding interest in Pakistan. It is a fascinating mix of cultures, aside from religion, each province unique in its own way.

  • Thank you very much for answering. I was just curious how you happen to know so much about shiites. I am a Shiite myself and grew up in Karachi. I know the horrors of growing up as a Shia in Pakistan. I just graduated from university of Florida and I plan on going back to Pakistan in hopes of promoting positive change. You mentioned you are on Facebook. Do you have a fan page? Since, you have an American perspective, I’ m looking for guidance in this respect. If one were to go back what should to the route to promote such positive change. I look forward to your insight.

  • Safdar, you will do fine; you sound like a very open person, with passion and intelligence as most Shias I know. Follow your great instincts, and read the the articles in Let Us Build Pakistan, and other Shia sites online. And, as you know, most Sunnis and Shias left to their own life, are just good people living life in harmony.


  • Great work Mr Walker you show some humanity that these bias pakistani media does not have courage to show.

  • It is not new that such attrocities have been commited on Shias in the recent past, History is witness that such attrocities have been going on for Over 1400 Years now. However with so much of outcry for Human rights across the globe, its time that Preachers (West) show some unbiased action. May Allah (s.w.t) grant patience to the families of the people who have lost their life.

  • dear Mr Rusty
    we have alot of people or you can say so called priests who spread hatred….the facts you have mentioned are true …and being a human being we condemn that but the hatred and prejudice you have shown is condemnable too ….no proof or solid reason has been put forward. Shia Muslims have been working on high posts in civil and military level in all those times . so please do not deceive innocent people whether they are shia or Sunni . they are Muslims . we did have Jews like you who put these issues on fire …its not a new move at all.

  • Atta ur Rehman Qureshi – I am not a Jew.

    Your comment: “Shia Muslims have been working on high posts in civil and military level in all those times.”
    Atta, I know this to be true.

    Nevertheless, your opinons do not change the facts in my article.

  • i don t want to change your views …i used word jew not as an abusive word..that reflects your mentality who could not report the brutality done by his own country and try to be a hero by misguiding innocent unaware people…….

  • Atta ur Rehman,

    Sir, your statement reeks of bigotry. Rusty’s religious background is irrelevant – what is the problem even if he was Jewish??

    Anyone who speaks for human rights must be respected and acknowledged. FYI, Rusty has written against the policies of his own country and is not one of those Ostriches who continues to deflect valid criticism.

    Also, within muslims there are many different points of view. As per Munir Commission report, many clerics from all backgrounds could not agree on what is Islam and who is a muslim. Unfortunately in Pakistan, there is a group of heavily armed, ISI-backed Jihadis who are not only killing Shias but Sunnis, Ahmadis and Christains also. They have no tolerance for anyone different.

  • Well said, and thank you, Bashir Malik!

    My country, that I love, has made egregious decisions since WWII- through the loop hole of presidential powers act, bypassing the congress discretion of declaring war as the Founding fathers intended; President’s and their administrations both, were short-sighted in the U.S. policies in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, in the Middle East, South Asia and and bad decisions in invading Iraq (2003) and Afghanistan (2002) costing the lives of too many in many countries, including collateral damage to Muslims in Iraq and Aghanistan, and too many American soldiers; leaving a mess- our capable generals were put in impossible positions of trying to win hearts and minds, while invading countries without an reasonable exit plan that could have been arranged with the surrounding nations themselves. So, I hold no illusions. My concern for Pakistanis is pure as the “land of the pure.”
    Not everyone has a cynical motive- I deal with good peole- or, I wouldn’t waste my time.

  • Atta- that I would try to be “a hero by misguiding innocent unaware people…….”
    That is an insult.

    I am no hero, and I know it. I deal with very aware Pakistanis- they are not innocent-they are good Muslims- whether Sunnis, good Shiites, and good Ahmedis, and whether good Christians, or good Jews, or good secular individuals that ascribe to no religion, all of whom want Pakistan to get control of this Hazaras targeted killing, and control of its government and its powerful and wealthy ISI/military who have massive financial holdings and has had decades of control of distribution of USAID and other incoming aid. And, the ISI/Pak generals allow target kills, protect terrrists, while hudreds of brave Pak soldiers die of frostbite on Glaciers in Kashmir, and allow Shias to be killed, whomever they deem helpful to their ultimate Strategic Depth program- incredibly still in affect- against India- How could I be misleading anyone, with these facts staring at you, while Shiites die and no one in the establishment press addresses the true reasons covered in my article.
    Thank goodness for Let Us Build Pakistan- the true heroes.

  • Plain and Simple. Even though some of the misguided actors invoke religion in our national politics but
    American have stood fast in maintaining separation of
    of Church and State. A persons religion is a matter between him and his makers and nobody’s damn business.
    For those who are familiar with US history I have few quotes for you.

    Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.” Thomas Jefferson

    “There is not one redeeming feature in our superstition of Christianity. It has made one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.” ~Thomas Jefferson

    “The doctrine of the divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for
    absurdity.” ~John Adams

    • “The United States is in no way founded on the Christian Religion.” George Washington

    “The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma.” — Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to a friend

  • Bobby Mirza, this is not a format for your American political views. My essay is not about “our national politics” – It is not always “all about us.” It is not about the U.S. or Christian dogma, nor Washington, Adams, Jefferson or, Lincoln who have nothing to do with this story.

    The only relevance for the United States is that Pakistanis that have settled in Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York and from other states are finally staging protests and demonstrations outside the Pakistani embassy, in front of the UN building.

    In this way, the United States can help our ally Pakistan- not quoting passages of US presidents.

    The religious and non-religious alike have a right to their beliefs. I have no issue with religion, as long as it is separate from the state/government, whether, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism, Buddhism, et. al., but, that is a separate and unrelated subject here. The core of the issue here remains about ISI-supported Wahhabi-Deobandi extremists killing Shiites with impunity in Pakistan!

    I prefer responses here to relate to the story- and continue to be focused on the blood-bath endured by a religious sect, the Shia- in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan, and other provinces that include Punjab and Sindh; Shia are being murdered in a concerted attempt at genocide, that is under reported, and I would hope that the focus remains there as it is still going on.

  • This is the voice of reality being sensed by a non Muslim so shame on our Muslims who should learn a lesson from Mr. Walker

  • اسان جي قوم ۾ اگر مختيار جهڙا دلير ۽ سلمان جهڙا وفادار ۽ ميثم جهڙا فدائي ۽ ابوذر جهڙا محب هجن اسان جي ڪاميابي آهي هي ته هڪ لشڪر آهي پڳوري دنيا هڪ پاسي ٿي وڄي ليڪن اهي اسان جو ڪجهه به نٿا بگاڙي سگهن

  • امام حسين عليه السلام نه هارايو نه هارائيندو يزيد هر ميدان ۾ هارائيندو اچي ٿو اهو چاهي جهاد جو ميدان هجي يا علم جو ميدان هجي يا صبر جو ميدان هجي ڏسو نصرالله کي 30 ڌينهن ۾ دشمن کي ستياناس ٿو ڪري۽ انهن تباهي جي ڪناري پهچائي ٿو اسان وٽ ٽه اهڙيو شيون جيڪي ڪائنات ۾ ڪنهن به وٽ ناهن
    1)الله تعالي جي توحيد ۽ آل محمد عليهم السلام جي ولايت سان منسلڪ آهيون
    3) امام حسين عليه السلام جي عزاداري انهن ٽنهن جي ذريعي اسان کي ڪنهن به ميدان ڪير نٿو ماري سگهي اسين مولا حسين عليه السلام جا عزادار آهيون هن پر آشوب دور ۾ اسان کي متحدط ٿيڻ گهرجي

  • This whole situation is like a riddle nobody can solve it.we hazara’s can not walk down to bazar or to our jobs or to schools.those who doesnt agree with rusty walker when some sick jihadi will slautgher ur loved one then i will see how much patient n calm u remain.in recent years from 2007 till date thousands of hazaras n shia from quetta fled to take refuge in diffrent countries.n those left are targeted or martydomed.as of 18-06-2012 a bomb blast taken place on college bus in jinnah town quetta killing n injuring dozens of young male n female students.we dont know who to fight back just wait to be killed n buried…..these groups sipa sahaba,lashkar jhangavi,taliban,these r just brand name that pakistani ISI is using for his benifits (hatiyon ki jang main hamesha nuqsan chiyuntion ka hota hay) same like africa,afghanistan,iraq,srilanka,kashmir,vietnam,barma.etc Mr R.W as of ur analysis is there any involvment of surrounding countries like india,iran,and china or russia coz these countries are against
    U.S n pakistan is united with U.S ?

  • mukhtar- Thank you for asking me this:
    “Mr R.W as of ur analysis is there any involvement of surrounding countries like india, iran,and china or russia coz these countries are against
    U.S n pakistan is united with U.S ?”
    No, the danger of Shias is not going to come from India, who is involved in building its economy, as is the U.S. [also, don’t be worried about the political ploys of U.S. cozy with India, it still considers Pakistan an ally, complicated by the Pak Army protection of Deep State jihadists]; the same Pak Army allowing the killing of Shias in FATA. [U.S. drones will continue to target Salafist jihadists regardless of a change in administration whether Obama or Romney].
    Iran is more Khomeinism, more than traditional Shiite- they nonetheless are interested in the Shia community sustained globally, but, as you know, Iran is not in league with, or in a conspiracy with Pakistani Shiites- nor is it deeply aligned with the good Shia people Pakistan, the Hazara community; there is of course, a religious alliance, but much too much is made of this by the Pakistani military that uses this as an excuse to persecute the Shiites.
    China is only for China, regardless of what it says; they are not to be trusted, it is a Human Rights disaster area; but they are NOT involved in killing Shias- on the contrary they are concerned with the Sunni radicals. The same can be said of Russia. It is a bankrupt country, full of gangster mentality including Putin- but, no real concern for Shiites.
    The most danger is within Pakistan. There is the concerted effort within Pakistan I mention above- Wahhabi-ization of Pakistan, the Deobandi-Salafist Jihad Network in Afghanistan and Kashmir; elements within ISI and the Pakistan military systematically are part of this slow and constant genocide, if only by ignoring it and allowing what they could easily stop; the radical Salafist elements oppressing Shias in Yemen, the Saudi Arabians are duplicitous and treacherous, in Bahrain, and even Sunnis jihadists of Malaysia – Shiite marginalization is leading to trouble escalating in the future.
    Also, the press and the Pakistani Judicial System is criminally silent on the issue;

  • Very well written Mr. Walker, at least we Hazaras are not alone and there are people like you who can feel the pain for us and show sympathy to us. Otherwise, what ever the game is going on in this region, we hazaras are suffering very badly. This cruelty has ruined the daily life of us in Quetta city. People has no option left but to put their lives in danger and migrate illegally towards Australia and Europe. The general public including Balochs, Pathans, Punjabis etc whether shite or sunni are all living peacefully together but this brutal killings is not going to stop.

  • Shia people! LET’S UNITS
    Let us show the whole world that we ars shias and we are peaceful people. We should make a big organisation in helping each other. We all should contribute as much as we can to make it successfull. Money, men, logistics and moral support.
    Lets do it people

  • Mr. Rusty Walker: Your article is full of knowledge and seems like you have had always a very close eye on this issue. Every line in this article is true which can neither be challenged by Pakistani government nor by international media. Hippocratic behavior of international community and media make a big head line when a lady singer in Peshawar is killed by some terrorist but don’t write a line for a mass massacre of these people who are always killed in front of police and levies check posts by the help of ISI and its sub agencies. Saudi Arabia’s funding against Shia People will demolish Pakistan from map and it should be mentioned that if Nawas Sharif comes to power then the situation will become worst because they have a strong back up from LeJ, SSP and other terrorist groups.

  • Mr. Rusty Walker, I appreciate you for such an in-depth and unbiased piece of writing and hope to see similar writings in international media as well.
    Shia and Hazara communities have lost all hopes from majority Sunni community and the Pakistani media who is keeping deafening and criminal silence over the ongoing massacre. It would be injustice if I blame all Pakistani writers for not highlighting these atrocities in their writings. But such bold writers are small in numbers and often face intimidation and some times at the cost of their lives by “unknown” elements. But majority of them just follow directions of the “virtually invisible rulers” (the same you mentioned in your essay). Local media highlights the issue of less importance for days but don’t bother themselves to air any talk-show or program on genocide of shias. Similarly, national and local political parties hold massive rallies for release of a female from US custody but never even condemn the brutal act of terror against minority communities. This state of silence could also be seen within international community. Apart from British MP Mr. Alan Johnson and member of European Parliament Mrs. Rita Borsellino no one else highlighted the massacre of Hazaras around the world, including the international human rights organizations.
    The massacre of Hazaras is not limited to Pakistan only but Hazaras in Afghanistan have seen worst persecution in decades by the same Deobandi/Salafi and its mastermind spy agency. Last year’s bombing during procession of Ashura in Kabul is an instant example of such atrocities.
    Justice system of Pakistan is proactive and takes action on “recovery of a bottle of wine” but it is not obliged even to ask the administration on genocide of a whole tribe. I would not blame the Provincial or Federal Governments for their inaction because their own hands are red with the blood of innocent civilians.

  • Killing of Shias of Ali A.S.W.S has been a routine which dates back from the time of Karbala when Grandson of Prophet A.S.W.S Immam Hussain A.S.W.S was martyred. These Yazidis have been in power and killed shias using state armies.
    Shia community cannot be destroyed with this killing. We will continue to mourn Immam Hussain A.S.W.S. We shias LOVE Prophet A.S.W.S, his Family and Sincere Companions (Sahabas). This world is for very short time. We and Yazidis will get justice soon form GOD Inshallah.

  • Good work Rusty….Keep it up. You have knowledge which even most Pakistanies dont have. God bless u for raising your voice for Shias

  • each and every single word is nothing but true and depicts the real picture over here in Pakistan.Thanks a lot sir for raising voice of suppressed community at international level !!

  • Rusty your assertion regarding involvement of Pak Army in Shia killings appears to be self made. What Army has to do with latest Babusar killings. On 4th Sep, Imran Khan, after a visit to GB and meeting with notable Shias and Sunnis, has said that he is now certain that this genocide has been done by militants paid by foreign country. This statement is more true as compared to your baseless argument that Army has some link with LeJ idiots. Lej and its offshoots are destbilizing Pakistan. I would like to mention here that at Babusar, two sunnis objected to segregation and killings of Shias, these sunnis were also killed. This clearly shows that Shia Sunni are brethren. Pakistani society is trying to move in right direction, some fourth generation warfare efforts actually serve to motivate people like me to be more honest, disciplined and patriot. Therefore, I would request my countrymen to look into fourth generation warfare techniques and be more honest, dutiful and patriot. Lets face the challenge together countrymen, time has come

  • Rusty, you have straightaway lied that Pakistani press and Judicial system is silent. For your info, CJ of Supreme Court heard the case in Quetta on 5 Sep, he summoned IGFC, IGP, Chief Sec and many others and had such a long debate which would never have occured on Belfast issue. Rusty you are seriously biased, wrong and misleading.In early September Pakistani media highlighted Shia killing and Rimsha case everywhere in primetime. Mr RusTY what About Afia iddiqui. As per you Remze Clark, she has been done injustice. Show me WHERE IS US MEDIA. YOUR NEXT COLUMN SHOULD BE ON INJUSTICE WITH AFIA SIDDIQUE, YOU MUST TARGET US MEDIA FOR IGNORING JUSTICE. HAVE SOME COURAGE . Try to be honest

  • sis hafsa
    our cjj’s silence
    kindly look at the supreme courts decision of releasing above 1000 terrorist who later on attacked at KAMRA air base and babusar killings.At one side he is taking action against waheeda shah for a slap and on the other side he has not taken a sou motto on these killings . How many dead bodies he wants to take a sou motto?????
    Our media’s silence
    when MWM(Majlis e wahdat e muslimeen) organised a DHARNA at parliment house Islamabad ,It was not given coverage.After raising voice against this ignorance ,it was given a coverage on the 4th day. what’s this????
    Many times when news of a target killing of Shias came ,they didn’t show his name .In reaction a service started with the name”www.shiakillings.com” to make people aware of these killings then this site got banned.
    we feel sorry for Aafiya but she was not tortured by people of her homeland . In case of shia killings people of our dear homeland are involved.
    what has these innocent people done ????
    I disagree that ARMY is involved in these incidents but In these killings SSG’s uniform was used .HOw did our Army reacted on this issue?? what steps ‘ve they taken to stop these people using their uniforms ???

  • Hur ,I disagree. Army has nothing to do with shops selling army uniform. It is police domain if you know the law. Please do your homework and then comment. dont waste our time

  • Imran, Hafsa- Your comment: “Rusty, you have straightaway lied that Pakistani press and Judicial system is silent.” is incorrect- and refutable. I don’t lie- there is no reason to lie- I prefer facts, I accept new and better facts when I receive them.
    If you all feel I am biased, perhaps, I should include that I would agree that the United States, as most other conuntries and Humanitarian organizations are ignoring the Shia genocide; more groups should speak out, including the Sunnis (No, Sunnis are not the problem, as I state often- but, they are largely silent)

    I am well aware of Saudi money funding Shia killings. It is not my intention to indict the entire Pakistan military; however, I believe that the Shia genocide is out of control, and falls within the scope of Pakistan military to control these areas- The Pak Army has d
    one nothing to remedy this on-going bloodlust from Salafist, which include murderers gleeful faces and horrid beheadings seen on video.
    This is more important than calling me a liar, and quibbling over army uniforms.

  • There is a deliberate effort on your part to malign Pak Army. What do you mean by Army should go and take care of these killings? Why dont you recommend such steps for curbing gun culture in USA? Why not in Norway where a Knight Templar killed many more? Your attempt to malign Pak Army is incorrect. Moreover, as expected, You have simply avoided commenting on Ramze Clarcks opinion and injustice done to Afia. So convenient Mr Rusty, sooooo convinient

  • Rusty , Imran Khan has opined that these killings are executed through a foreign power. He said so after visiting GB. I think he is correct and your attack on pak Army is incorrect. Why dont you focus on gun culture in USA and use your time to save your nation instead of misleading Pakistanis

  • Imran Khan is duplicitous. As a politician, he makes a great cricket player. He is aligned with jihadists for votes.

  • Rusty is the pathetic name of stupid attempts by enemies of Pakistan to fragment the society.We will resisit this fragmentation. USA debt has crossed 15 trillion, you beter take care of that, morfeover do take care of 300 million dalits in India.

  • Those who kill shia muslims in the name of Islam are idiots and nut heads. They will burn in hell forever. Killing a human without a reason will take them to the depth of hell, where hellfire will tear them apart. Hellfire is waiting for the killers of innocent Shia muslims, they should be punished in this world, will surely be punished in life after death.

  • Admin: If you rename me as deobandi (which actually I am not) what are you trying to prove? I think you lack the courage to face a disagreement. And once more,LeJ are idiots and criminals.long live my beloved country Pakistan.

  • I salute you Mr. Walker on writing a balanced and objective article on Shia Genocide, much more is required to do on this issue. Terrorists are enemy of whole the world today shia of Pkistan are their target tomorrow will be any other school of thoughts.

  • Thank you Mr. Walker, I would love to get in touch with you to discuss some options. Please contact me on my email address divajaan@hotmail.com.

    I would also like people who have contributed their comments to contact me for some options on how to deal with this genocide.
    LUBP please also contact me for some options and ideas on how to deal with this atrocity collectively.

    Thank you very much

  • Mr. Walker I am glad to know that people like you are there in the world to speak truth and raise voice against brutal acts. It is matter of humanity and global community must understand that spread of such terrorist ideology will take over whole the world if not stopped / condemned?

  • Salam,
    Em Shia Student of Pakistan and havng Masters degree holder wants to get admission in M.Phil but not hve any financial resources.If any momein wants to help for my further study i am very thankful to him.


  • Salam,
    Em Shia Student of Pakistan and havng Masters degree holder wants to get admission in M.Phil but not hve any financial resources.If any momein wants to help for my further study i am very thankful to him.