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LUBP being bullied by Pakistan’s “fake liberal” elite for its coverage of Shia genocide

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In the last week, hundreds of Shias have been gruesomely massacred in Gilgit-Baltistan as part of a larger, ongoing Shia gencoide in Pakistan. At LUBP, we have striven to provide both analysis and reporting that is mostly missing not just from the mainstream press but also from that segment of bloggers and activists who present themselves as secular-liberal. For that, and for being critical of Pakistan’s compromised media, we have often been bullied and harassed on social media by those “liberal” (in fact pseudo-liberal) dons who did not appreciate their sense of victimhood and “liberal” tribalism being challenged in any which way.

For example, for representing the current wave of most significant massacres in Pakistan, which happen to be of Shias, we have been recently labelled by a “liberal” Pakistani blogger and columnist Raza Rumi and his Twitter entourage, as Iranian proxies, Ayatullah Mouthpieces and “Qum university”. This is regardless of the fact that we have also written and published articles to the contrary, both during and before the current surge in the ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan. Refer to the conversations on Twitter where we were labelled the exact opposite for being critical of the Shia clerical alliance, MWM (Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen). For writing against the MWM, LUBP was referred to as “douche bags” (on a facebook forum documented on another site here) so we are in the enviable position of being cursed by both the “civil society” and the “theocrats”; none of whom have an honest and compelling answer when we presented with an alternate point of view.

For the record, LUBP has taken an active stance not only in highlighting and condmening Shia genocide but also on attacks on Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Balochs, Pashtuns, Hindus, Christians and other persecuted communities. Of course, given the recent surge in frequency and intensity of attacks on Shia Muslims, we have posted more articles on Shia genocide and we take pride in writing and publishing posts on an issue which is being wiped out by the mainstream media.

However, we are for the separation of Church and State and do not agree with theocratic dispensations. Similarly, we have no qualms in calling out Iran’s human rights violations, misguided agendas of some compromised or naive Shia leaders and have done so. All this is obviously uncomfortable for those “analysts” who prefer to box all Shias and those who support their rights, within manufactured stereotypes that serve to dilute and demean the miserable and precarious plight for Shias in Pakistan. When we deconstruct these stereotypes that are revealing of a subconscious anti-Shia prejudice, those who cannot respond to our arguments resort to such infantile tactics. Our “liberal” friends can say what they want and attack us via strawmanning tactics and false conflations. They can misattribute our posts to other authors and others’ posts to us, dare us to reveal our name, picture and location, call us “internet viruses” and what not, but this actually bolsters instead of weakening our stance.

Another tactic to deflect attention from their weak arguments is by attacking the very concept of using pen names and for asking those who are percieved to be using pen names, to either reveal their true identities or risk being blocked. For one, pen names are a universally accepted, legitimate tool used by authors and activists particularly when their intention is to criticize powerful agencies responsible for state-sponsored violence in the society and state-induced silence in the media.

Unlike pseudo-liberals’ wishy-washy, vague and spineless critiques, LUBP has to take a stand and, therefore, many of its authors have to write under pen names. Casting suspicion on their identities is similar to the Red Baiting tactics that preceeded the McCarthy Hearings in the United States. It’s worse than a witch hunt in today’s Pakistan and for our friend Raza Rumi and other critics of LUBP to wilfully engage in this tactic shows a disregard to the inherent violence that could ensue against those falsely accused of writing for LUBP or for those who surrender their pen names. It’s also hypocritical because our “liberal” critics do not reserve the same language or treatment to others on Twitter who prefer to use annoymity. And we can respect Cafe Pyala, Kala Kawa, @smokenfrog etc on this aspect.

This type of baiting seems to be a hypocritical tactic of those who cannot stand the annonymity of those taking an anti-establishment stance but who hide behind intermediaries and private messages to harass and campaign against LUBP authors and affiliates. Yes, many of us did get your message loud and clear but your pointless harassments are not going to work.

For example, when we evaluated articles in The Friday Times and Jinnah Institute (including those written by Raza Rumi) for misrepresenting Shia genocide as “sectarian violence” and “ethnic violence” thereby wilfully obfuscating and diluting the suffering of Shias in Pakistan, our “liberal” friends could have proven us otherwise. Unfortunately they decided to resort to ad hominem attacks, abuses and harassment instead of responding to the critical questions and observations.

We are all for building coalitons of support but such coalitions should not be built to maintain and reinforce silence and/or misrepresentations of state-sponsored atrocities in the mainstream and social media.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • By attacking Raza Rumi, Ejaz Haider, Najam Sethi, Sherry Rehman, LUBP has proven that it is worse than Ansar Abbasi and Hamid Mir.

    You are giving undue focus to deaths of a few Shias and Balochs. Others too are dying in this country, do you ever bother?

  • I used to respect Raza Rumi. For the last few days his language on Twitter is unacceptable to say the least. Here are a few nuggets:

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    so the “let us bully Pakistan” have started to attack @ajmaljami ? The latest victim!!

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    RT @SufyanArshad: @Razarumi Solidarity forever Raza Sahib against ‘Let Us Bully Pakistan’ & it’s foul mouthed fake blogger Abdul.. #LUBP

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    RT @mughalbha: LUBP should start acting like Real Secular Blog instead of Qum University

    Saeed Akhter ‏ @saeedkhan23
    @Razarumi I contributed to LUBP then stopped when found its obvious tilt to one sect
    Retweeted by Raza Rumi

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    And if you know better, let me know. Who is Nishapuri? Have you met him? Does he have a name and a picture? NO. It is Nishapuri tweeting behind the mask.Double fake

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    Laibaah, an establishment planted internet virus, is attacking me for praising @HamidMirGeo’s brave television shows in recent weeks.

    Hamid Mir ‏ @HamidMirGEO Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @Razarumi may Allah save Pakistan from this virus infecting political diseases all the time

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    It is Nishapuri tweeting behind the mask.Double fake RT @shobz:worse than a virus.more like a worm which will never die.feeds off negativity

  • I congratulate LUBP for this very well written critique! LUBP is doing a valueable service to the progressive tradition by speaking out on the taboo , exposing the lies of state and also exposing the ideological apparatus of the state, which according to Gramsci is as important in maintaing control as is the coercisve arm of the state.
    LUBP must continue its march forward and be proud because its fundamentally important to break the silence these attrocities are taking place!
    You have all the reasons to be proud for taking side of the victims! In history one always has to take sides , that is not objectionable. what is objectionable is to take side of the executionier!
    Faiz was also called a traitor! Dont look backward look forward.

  • @Shahid
    who wrote, “You are giving undue focus to deaths of a few Shias and Balochs. Others too are dying in this country, do you ever bother?”

    I won’t think a second time to call you a delusional lunatic. Did you ever consider what is meant by “UNDUE FOCUS”.

    -Your like minded Dollar Jihadis get the innocent people out of the buses and execute them.

    – A fruit vendor, an engineer, a doctor, a civil servant, a police constable, a political worker, a housewife & her children traveling in a van, a hawker and likewise a long list of common people are being shot on daily basis just becuase of their ethnicity or sect and YOU ZEALOT can’t withstand even a piece of writing in support of those people whose fatality weren’t a natural death.

    Haven’t you been pissed off when your controlled media hypes up criket hysteria, fantacism against Israel or minority like Ahmadis, solidarity with Palestine or dosing the masses for fomenting a bogus national pride??

    If secession of Balochistan like Bengal is repeated; be ready not to whine against Isreal, India or USA. Your grunt against innocents being killed in cold bold make you one of the supporters of Dollar Jihadis.

    Last but not least, a few hours ago the Dollar Jihadis killed 8 Hazara cobblers in Quetta belonging to Shia sect of Islam. I wish you or any of your family member to suffer in such way so that you could revise your version of ‘undue focus’.

  • I thought Raza Rumi was a cultured liberal type who would be progressive and at the forefront in writing about Shia genocide. Yet, when I read his tweets, he comes across as a total opportunist. As per him and his gang of twitter bullies, anyone who talks about Shia genocide without detracting from this serious issue is an Iranian moulvi. How insensitive can this Rumi fellow be. And then he claims to be a champion of Sufi. Munafiq kaheen kaa

  • Yes, LUBP condemn all kind of terrorism except US terrorism in Japan, South America, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, Israeli Terrorism in Palestine, Indian terrorism in Kashmir and Basharul Asad’s Terrorism Syrian…


  • Kashifnaseer, they cover issues pertaining to Pakistan you dork. As if terrorism in other parts of the world is only condemnable, and within Pakistan it is ok.

  • @Ashraf Gul: Kashif Naseer Deobandi doesn’t like it when Deobandi terrorism is exposed. He would like to divert attention to whatever he can, while Pakistan is being turned into a Deobandi state by eliminating everyone else.

  • Alright, my comment has become victim of moderation. But whatever was said, is true and not the typical indignation ( surely, I wouldn’t repeat it here ).

  • I was expecting something from LUBP on killings of PPP members in Karachi i hope LUBP will consider recent killings in Karachi as serious as persecution of minorities.

  • We greatly applauded LUBP’s stance against inhuman butchery of civilians by the savage proxies of hyper-insensitive “Financial Animals”.

  • @Shahid

    it’s not undue focus but right thing for LUBP to do, that is to highlight the target killings of shias who have been becoming victims of state sponsored terrorism since Gen Zia took power.

    Clearly there is difference between target killing of a particular section of the society and the general violence due to law and order situation; in target killing of shias the State by means of Pak army is complicit.

  • Abdul Nishapuri, Laibah or whoever you people could be, fake or real, believe me it doesn’t bother me at all! What is important for me the facts that you present to the general public about the atrocities committed against shias of Pakistan, exposing at the same time those bigots who are trying to misrepresent these killings by giving them an ethnic shade.

    Just keep up the good work, we need you to keep us informed and thank you very much for working so hard to expose certain fake liberals; surely the families of victims will have some strength by reading these posts, thinking that some people out there do care about their sufferings.

    Please, please don’t give up, keep writing, keep exposing. Remember you are writing about the plight of those people who are being targeted by State of Pakistan through one of its important pillar the army.

    Once again many thanks


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