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Congratulations on Chilas victory – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

Stop Sunni Genocide in Pakistan: Photo courtesy SSP-ASWJ via Express Tribune

I am writing this post to thank Pakistani media on behalf of my friends of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) also known as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ).

During this week, SSP-ASWJ has achieved great victories in Chilas and Gilgit and managed to liberate many villages and towns from the infidel Rafizi (Shia) influence – Eyewitness accounts of Shia genocide in Gilgit and Chilas – by Shujat Hussain Mesam 

This is part of an ongoing process where we have achieved major victories from the Rafzi (Shia) occupiers in Mastung, Quetta, Kohistan, Parachinar, Karachi, Rahim Yar Khan, D.I.Khan, and a number of people have enabled, supported and empowered us in this matter.

To my collegues from the mainstream Urdu media like Javed Chaudhary, Ansar Abbasi, Najam Sethi, Kiran Bukhari, Nasim Zehra, Kamran Shahid etc:

I wanted to thank you for providing air time and legitimacy to Islamo-Marxist leaders from Jamaat-e-Islami and to Maulana Ludhianvi of SSP-ASWJ. They finally got a chance to present our Islamo-Demo-Khlifato point of view forward and and of course on Rafzi oppression – for which I want to specially thank comrade Najam Sethi for giving air time to Maulana Ludhianvi on his show “Aapas Ki Baat” (My best wishes to your Chirya – must be exhausting journalistic effort to present his views on a 4-nightly basis).

I want to thank my colleagues at the Friday TimesDAWN and Jinnah Institute for providing the liberal perspective on this issue. You could very easily have gone with the Zionist perspective and called this a “Shia Genocide” but you chose not to. You provided nuance, perspective, specificity and balance to your views.

You did the excellent job of highlighting that in Quetta, the violent and dominating Shia Hazara community are being taken on because of their ethnicity and not their sect. In the rest of the country, it is simply a fight between the majority and State-backed violent, intolerant, feudal, Iranian-fifth columnist Rafzi Shias against the peaceful, pacifist Islamo Marxist groups like Sipah-e-Sahaba – a group that has also borne the brunt of oppression by the Mushrik Sunni Barelvis, Qadianis, Hindus and Christains.  Thank you for providing an unbiased account of this conflict.

Thank you for largely delinking the Rafzi vs Sipah-e-Sahaba conflict from the patriotic Strategic Depth policy and from the danger posed to Pakistan by Christians, Hindus, Qadians, Barelvis etc. Barelvis think they are also Sunnis but I must credit the media for reinforcing that Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) stands for all Sunnis and for being judicious in not stressing on the SSP vs the Sunni Tehrik struggle. Looking at two pictures frequently published by Express Tribune, it became evidently clear that Pakistan is experiencing sectarian violence which is in fact “Sunni Genocide.” ( and

Finally, thank you for ensuring that Rafzi Shias never appear as sympathetic victims but as those who have been hoisted by their petard! – a note of appreciation for you all here ISI-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan or Sunni-Shia sectarian violence?

A big, big thanks to His Holiness Hazrat Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and his Supremes for releasing Malik Ishaq. Your institute placed patriotism and faith above such silly considerations as due process and the Constitution which, as Hazrat Zia ul Haq said, is a piece of paper anyways and over which, you really have the right to interpret how ever you like. You are like Rafzi Ayatullahs and I am glad that you have stepped in to protect Malik Ishaq, leader of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (aka SSP-ASWJ). When history is written down (hopefully by pious bureaucrats, well-paid consultants and retired fauji who hate Bhutto Zardari Party – BZP), it will show how un-biased your views were with regards to evidence and how your treatment of this was the same for pious Malik Ishaq and the Krupt BZP – after all we all know that press conferences, written statements of intent and eye witness accounts are not really evidence. The real evidence is which party one belongs to. Presumption of innocence only matters if one belongs to Sipah-e-Sahaba and I am glad that you understand and appreciate this dictum.

A shout out to the BZP interior minister, Rehman Malik. Along with Babar Awan, Sherry Rahman and Aitzaz Ahsan (although he seems to have strayed lately with his advocacy for corrupt PM), you are the BZP I can tolerate. Thanks for taking a stand against the Rafzis in Gilgit and for demanding the release of my Sipah-e-Sahaba leaders. You, sir, stood up to your own BZP administration of GB and I salute you for that – and for your even handed operation in Karachi which you have limited to Lyari. Kudos. Bhai log party of Karachi under the leadership of the Courageous Quaid-e-Qiwam (QeQ) must be happy with Rehman Malik’s assistance in ensuring that Karachi police only goes after BZP-Lyari gangsters and Rafzi youth and no one else.

And lastly, on to my Pious Patriotic Punjabi Puttars (PPPP) from PML N and PTI. History will salute you for taking a stand and coming out in the support of Sipah-e-Sahaba and Hafiz Saeed. PTI president Javed Hashmi, the original Baaghi (rebel)  -as opposed to that fake Baagi, Benazir – has taken the lead and history will remember this brave and courageous rebel for supporting Hafiz Saeed and for coming out of the closet in terms of supporting DPC.

Syed Riaz Bin Al Malik Hajjaji

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  • Our heart cries for our Shia brothers kidnapped in Chilas.

    To Pakistani and international media: SHAME ON YOU!

  • who wrote this bloody articles on this sensitive issue….SSP and ASWJ are the agent of ISI RA MUSAD CIA.. the follower of SSP and ASWJ are the follower of MUAVIA and YAZEED…….

  • It is not barvery to kill unarmed innocent passangers.Those who were killed were unarmed people,which shows the mind set of beasts,without human soul.If you were powerful enough then you would have had fighting face to face with us. We are more powerful than the terrorits of Chilas who killed our innocent people and in reaction we did not harm any Chilasi who were working here in Skardu baltistan. We are barve people therefore we hunded over to the governmnet about 200 chilasis who were working in Skardu.We follow the foot steps of Holly Prophet(PBUH) and you follow Yazeed whose job was to kill innocent people and crush the dead bodies.The same parctice of yazeed was rpeated in Chilas and peaceful Baltis were targeted.Shame On you Yazeedi Tolla.

  • Array Nikamay UnPad, Mian Riaz; Kaash… Tum may itni aqal hoti ki yeay Mazmoon Khud likh saktay!! Tum to Kirayay kay mulazim hoo, balkul usi tarha Jish tarha tuharay doosray Khanas / Firoon / Yazeez / Hitlar bhaion nay Masoom logon ka saath Chilas may katal-aam kia. Rasool Kareem nay kufaar kay saath bi aisa solook nai kia – TUM FIROWN KAY PAROOKAR HO, ISLAM KAY NAHI. Tum, Khuda ki Prastish nahi, Chand laakh raqam ki parastish kartay hoo—Chilas may masoom insanoo ko maar dia, Gilgit may FASAAD shroo hoi, is mazmoon ko tweeter kay through facbook may Kisi kay nigrani may hoa,,, QUU? SIRIM CHAND RUPEES KAY WASTAY – JISKI TUM PARASTISH TARTAY HOO…

  • hahahaha look at picture sunnio ka katal… shiayay maar kay khatam kiyay aur drama baner dekho….

    Labbaik ya hussain

  • Javed Hashmi backs ‘most wanted’ Hafiz Saeed, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki
    By Owais Jafri
    Published: April 6, 2012

    PTI President said he had spent his entire life with Hafiz Saeed and Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

    MULTAN: Javed Hashmi, the Paistan Tehreek-i-Insaf President, on Friday extended his support to Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed on whom the US recently placed $10 million bounty for his alleged role in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.
    Calling him a preacher of peace in the world, Hashmi said, that if something should happen to Hafiz Saeed, then the entire nation will be responsible.
    He was addressing a public demonstration organised by the Difa-e-Pakistan Council in Ghanta Ghar Square in Multan on Friday. The gathering was also addressed by leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, Lawyers community, Jamat-e-ahl-e-hadees, Ahle-SunnatWal-Jamaat, Jamiat ulema-e-Pakistan, and members of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.
    Leading the ceremony, Hashmi said that he had spent his entire life with Prof Hafiz Saeed and Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki at university as both were union leaders. They were one of the most pious students in the university, he vouched.
    He further said that the services of the ‘most wanted’ men were for the welfare of the country and can never be forgotten. He said that a social worker can never be a terrorist but all those declaring him terrorist are the real threat to the peace of the world.
    “I salute the workers of Jamaatud Dawa and their unity, their passion to fight for the honour of their leader who deserves respect and honour by all the Muslims of the world.”
    The PTI president revealed that name of Difa-e-Pakistan council had been suggested by Hashmi and Prof. Hafiz Saeed had honoured me by declaring this as the final name of the council.
    Hashmi added that in his experience, he found Prof Hafiz Saeed and Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki always loyal, and dedicated to Islam, Muslim Ummah and Pakistan.
    He concluded that every citizen of Pakistan will fight for Prof Hafiz Saeed and will become a Hafiz saeed if something happened to the JuD chief.
    Hashmi further added that he had resigned from the parliament only because it had become the slaves of US, which like India, worked against the interests and people of Pakistan.
    The participants in the gathering raised slogans against Obama, Hilary Clinton and United States and vowed their complete support to Hafiz Saeed and Jamaatud Dawa.

  • It seems that Wahabi Salafis have completeltly taken over the peaceful Sunnis of Pakistan and have turned against the shia minority population , These agents of Zionism, jews
    turned Wahabis are the worst enemies of Islam and want to destroy all traces of Islamic Heritage . They are trying to trap the country by offering alms of Oil, Gas and Money just to harm Peaceful Iran . This is all a conspiracy of the most EVIL ISRAEL < BEWARE or Perish,

  • May GOD Bless you for speaking against the oppression against shias. excellent!

    Shame on media!

  • I have 2 hands and 2 feet and believe me i know how to use them but we will not do anything that can cause damage to any human being no matter what age, color, race, sect they belong to because this is what Hazrat Muhammad(saw) taught us. Those who are deobandis or wahabis can go to hell and continue to kill shias. Imam Hussain(a) is the king of martyrs in Heaven and we don’t mind being His gulam. We know very well who is that big shaitan telling u to do all this.

  • Dear Jehangir Hafsi,

    You sound like a retard to me. Have you made this up??? Is there a man named Riaz or is this a fictional character that you have made oblivious that you are writing about something extremely serious and not a fiction story book.

    Lastly, the credibility of this blog/website/whatever crap this is- can be determined by letting this article be placed in the “Satire” section. Do you even know what Satire is?.

    Please people, un-subscribe from this blog, its a shit-hole.

  • Also, to my Shia brothers and Sisters,

    This writer is just trying to instigate more hatred in us. It is just a group of Rascals who are killing the Shia’s. The entire Pakistan still governs by the slogan of Shia-Sunni Bhai Bhai.

  • Also, Hur, Angrezi nahi Ati tou cool nahin bantay, paindu dekh tou lay kay kia likh raha hai.

  • All of you who think Riaz Bin Malik has written something offensive. Think again, this is a satirical piece which has taken on all the hypocritical politicians, judiciary, mullahs and journalists who don’t give a shit about the genocide of Shias taking place in Quetta, Chilas, Giglit, etc.

  • @Riaz Malik Very well done as always but it is a shameless lot. They won’t change.