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Voice of a dying tribe – by Chander Parkash

When our country (Pakistan) is devastated by sectarian genocide & targeted persecution, rural areas of sufistic Sindh has maintained its’ shining example of religious tolerance & pluralism in general. The majority of the country’s Hindus reside here & they have a history of tranquil co-existence with Muslims. The two communities enjoy each other’s religious festivals together & attend one another’s weddings and funerals.

Amid the apparent serene, overhears; “You (all) Muslims are just the same. There would be no justice for us (Hindus) in Pakistan.” Rinkal Kumari cried before Chief Justice of Pakistan during her last court hearing which fell on deaf ears as well as went unnoticed in (biased) mainstream media. On the dark morning of Feb. 24, Rinkal Kumari; a 19-year-old Hindu girl, was forcibly kidnapped from her home in Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki, Sindh. Her parents could only find her scarf outside their home which suggested potential abduction, only getting it confirmed when a few hours later, her parents received a phone call from a known local Muslim cleric, that their daughter, Rinkal Kumari had embraced Islam and renamed as Faryal Bibi. He called again and informed her parents that she has married a Muslim guy; Naveed Shah.

Later it was revealed to the public that she was kidnapped at gun point, forcibly converted to Islam, tortured and threatened to not tell the truth. Her entire family would be killed if she did not relent. It’s a matter of disgrace that all this has been done by Mian Mithoo, a communal, divisive politician and a sitting MNA ironically from PPP. It is not mere coincidence that the cleric to call her home, Mian Shaman is the elder brother of Mian Mithoo. And it would not surprise anyone that Mian Shaman is a champion in facilitating alleged forced conversions.

During her first hearing at a local court, Rinkal pleaded before the judge to let her go with her parents. Ignoring her plea, he adjourned the hearing. During second hearing, 100 armed men stormed the court & brought her there under strict custody. Blatant breach of institutional process was also observed then; Rinkal’s family was not allowed to enter the court & statement was taken from her on gunpoint before the Ghotki magistrate. She tried not to give a statement in favor of her kidnappers but she was slapped in front of the judge. Having taken her statement at gunpoint, the kidnappers made fanfare of guns outside court, declaring it a victory of faith. What could be more shameful than this? Justice and dignity of faith were indeed murdered together.

The issue isn’t only about one Rinkal. She is only one of those 20 – 30 unfortunate Hindu girls kidnapped every month in Pakistan and forcibly converted to Islam. Urging the authorities to take note of these forced conversions, HRCP officials told reporters on Saturday that culprits were taking advantage of loopholes in the law. Amarnath Motumel of HRCP said that within a month 20 forced conversions had taken place.

A few questions posed to the authorities;
• Where is mainstream Urdu print and electronic media? Their silence on this issue is deafening.
• Where are the law enforcement agencies? Their absence on this occasion is blinding.
• Where is the government? Are we living in a nation which was supposed to provide equal opportunities to all its citizens at the time of its formation?

Can you hear this ominous sound of silence?

This silence, lack of initiative to protect a section of the population is the symptom of a sick society. They want us to leave Sindh, but we won’t leave this soil at any cost. We have been living here for last many thousands of years and belong to this soil. They do not want us here. They prevent the media from covering the atrocities on us. This issue is being covered by BBC, CNN, New York Times and other international media but don’t find our mainstream electronic and print media covering it. I salute the Sindhi media which is covering this issue explicitly amid obvious pressure and maintaining the very roots of pluralism. It was only Sindhi nationalists who protested in many parts of Sindh & blocked highways for the same cause.

“The state is not giving the Hindus an equal environment, so they are turning to a narrative of forced conversion to fight back.” Said Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, sister of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari. “I have a lot of discomfort with this kind of behavior.”

Foreseeing the future, the atrocities will cease the existence of Hindu in the land of pure. Pakistan will soon have no Hindus anymore. Hundreds of Hindu families migrate to India every year. Pakistan authorities never bother to listen to their problems. Hindus pay billions of rupees as tax to government, but in return their girls are forcibly converted, businessmen kidnapped for huge ransom, and our very 1973 constitution labels them as 2nd class citizens. Is it a sin to be a Hindu?

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  • Chandar, well done..!!! by raising the voice against this injustice from an insane so called ‘majority’ towards poor ‘minority’.. In Pakistan, Social behaviour is getting worse day by day and intolerance against religious minorities is raising with uncontrollable pace… Better to fight against it rather to fly…

  • Very sad story of Hindus in Pakistan. Kidnapping, converting them and then marrying are abominable & sinful acts. Suitable law should be enacted to curb this menace immediately.

    Concerning Rinkle, why she opened the door on dark morning hour without informing her parents? (Published reports not giving clear explanation. If some reader know, please share)

  • Surprisingly the Chief justice of Supreme court of Pakistan is also not free from biase when Rinkle Kumari cried before the court that she wanted to go to her parents ,the court sent to a Muslim social organization for three weeks for brainwashing and terrorising so that she could accept whatever has happened her to be her desire and fully satisfied with her own desire to convert and marry Muslim.Matter must be kept live throgh writing articles ,making news and views in media and people participation of a movement against such dastardly acts.How those morons cry if the similar incidents occur with Muslims in india.

  • Ham moslman tu bohat baray ban gaye,yahan tak ke janat ka confirm ticket har moslman ki jaib me hai lekin afsos naak baat ye hai ke INSAN na ban sakay.

  • kya itne bde mulk me insaniyat nhi bchi?
    kya aap juda koum hone ki vjuat se ye krte rhenge? kya tumara vjood sirf ek majhab ke liye he insaan ke liye nhi? kya islaam iski manjuri deta he? kya isse muhammad pasand krega? kya saare musalim ki is baare me ek hi raay he? jo muslim nhi unki koi ijjat nhi he? kya aap apne ko unki jagah pe rkh kr soch skte he?

  • well done Chandar prakash
    according to AHMAD FARAZ

  • zehen sey beemar log.

    pata nahin kaise khuda ke saamney khadey hongey . ye begairat Qaum.

    Allah inko inhi ke watan mein zaleel kar raha hai.

  • The situation will not change for a very long time. Until and unless there is anarchy in the country. The young girls have no say especially if they are poor and have not been educated. Really sad.

  • Mr Chander parkash: You had fart so much in words form which is no use to Pakistani people and government. you should go to India for having peaceful life where you can enjoy your religious and mental freedom.
    And one more suggestion: Your writing is an west of your time and to those who read it.

  • Chancer: you have used the word TRIBE for Hindus living in Pakistan. Please read the definition of tribe…to have a better idea bout tribe. You are the master of sick language faculty. improve your disease.

  • rona atta h jab aise incidents hote h,i salute rinkle for showing courage,she must be allowed asylum in european country at any cost,so as she may disclose the ugly face of mian mithoo and his accomplice.shame on mian mithoo and his suborinates

  • i know much of pakistani living in australia,newzealand, uk,usa,and europe,would they like shame treatment being meted out to innocent helpless public in pakistan in the name of islam,,islam being religion of dictatorship,lot of blood is shed just to puritanism of dogma which has not place in modernity which respect whole public beliefs,faith and voice,pakistan is being feudalistic nation with having landlords enjoying whole power is going to boil again because of lack of education, job and justice,they will further disintegrate into chaos,baluchistan is seperate than whole pakistan will become farce,hatred breed hatred, the politics of blood,is hurting them more,their reputation in world is worse terrorist breeder state, respect humanity,dignity of weaker and follow the interenstic beauty of religion which alway stand for poor,weaker,,but pakistan islam is totally hijected by political class to usurp power,,

  • yeh miyan jo hindus ko nak m dam de rakha hai is kamine n han ab wo waqt door nhn bhagwan siri kirshan n janam liya hai aur wo yeh sub dekh raha is hurami ko ma ki bad dua hai aur yeh sirf ek hurami akela nhn hai is k pata nhnkitne sare yeh samjhta ab mujh se hindu dar k india bagh rahe hain nhn chore ge tujhe miyan hum tujhe yeh chitawani d rahe hain to huari bahno ka relijon change kar raha hai na tu apne dharam m rahe kar nhn mare ga khin aag lage g tumen aur tumein na qabar acept kare gina rab aise tumari qabar bhatkti rahe gi dekhna

  • very sad and disgusting. Pakistani society is not a civilized society and it is not a Islam and it is only a special type of terrorism and it would be difficult for pak govt to give answer to rest of the world. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME Pakistan. I think Pakistan will be again divided just like 1971 because Pakistan is not a country and it is only the land of terrorists. Minorities and secular Muslims are not safe in Pakistan.

  • I am really upset that what should I do? Being a Sindhi Pakistani-Hindu, I want to live and die here but the situation which is created against Hindus in Pakistan does not allow me to live here. To migrate to another country is not a easy job. Definitely I will be an immigrant/refugee there. I am confused to take any decision. I don’t want to leave my motherland but not at the cost of leaving my religion. I am don’t want to loose my any identity. But the extremist society doesn’t accept me as Hindu

  • Extremely sad how fast we are sinking moving away from the ideals of Mr. Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan, when he addressed the Constituent Assembly in 1948.
    There is no compulsion in Islam, so one wonders what is the idea behind forced conversions.
    People are forgetting 1/3rd of the Pakistan flag is white to represent the minorities. Few countries in the world recognise minorities in their flag. We all salute the flag. We must make sure that the white stays in our flag, and all citizens are equal.