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Eyewitness accounts of Shia genocide in Gilgit and Chilas – by Shujat Hussain Mesam

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On Tuesday, 3 April 2012, at least six passenger buses were stopped by Al Qaeda affiliated Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) militants in Bonar Das area in Chilas (Gilgit Baltistan), passengers were segregated by checking their identity documents, those found or believed to be Shia Muslims were shot dead and many other Shias were kidnapped.

The current massacre in Chilas is the sequel of the February 2012 incident when ASWJ-SSP militants stopped buses and vans travelling to Gilgit on the Karakoram Highway in Kohistan, verified the identity of the passengers before killing 16 members of the Shia community. In a similar incident in September 2011, at least 29 Shia Muslims, mostly of Hazara ethnicity, were killed in Mastung area of Balochistan after the ASWJ militants attacked their bus and killed all Shia passengers after verifying their sectarian identity.

Pakistani state (both Pakistan army and government) is making an all out effort to block information from Gilgit Baltistan to the rest of Pakistan and international community. Upon advice by Pakistan army (ISI in particular), Pakistan government has instructed the print and electronic media to refrain from using words such as “Shia killing” or “Shia genocide” and instead use a false neutral term “sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shias”. The aim is to cover up the state-sponsored Shia genocide currently taking place in Pakistan.

On the directives of Interior Minister Rehman Malik, phone services and wireless communications were jammed in Gilgit on Wednesday, 4 April 2012, bringing communication to a standstill.

Given that Pakistani media is under instruction to refrain from reporting the full scale and extent of Shia genocide, there is very little published information on what actually happened in Chilas.

For ordinary readers, it is very difficult to get the right information about how many people have died in recent Shia massacres in Gilgit-Baltistan. Some put the numbers as high as 80.

However, there are people who have received information from eye witnesses about the massacre of Shias in Chilas.

One person is Shujat Hussain Mesam of Gilgit Baltistan region who has recorded statements of three witnesses who were riding the buses which were attacked in Chilas. The passengers were interviewed by Hussain’s father, who is a retired government employee.

One eyewitness, Aslam, is a 30 year old male who provided the following details:

About three thousand (3,000) fully armed assailants intercepted a convoy of 25 buses. They pulled all the passengers down. After confiscating the luggage, the buses were then set on fire. It appeared to be all pre-planned and even the police and administration present there were either helping the assailants directly or turned a blind eye throughout the entire episode of bloodshed and mayhem.

The assailants had set up a makeshift tent to host those (mostly Sunnis) who were going to be released later. The male Shia passengers were then lined up. The gunmen checked their ID cards and shot and killed many on the spot. Many bodies were riddled with bullets. Those who ran for life were then attacked by the mob with stones and bricks and killed them in that manner. The assailants pelting stones were laughing and high fiving each other upon hitting the target.

A large number of Shias were also taken hostage and may be still alive. The estimated the death toll is no less than sixty (60), while at least another sixty (60) went missing. I (Aslam) was not carrying an ID card and remained associated with a Sunni family as the kind hearted elderly male guardian claimed me to be his son. Those males believed to be non-Shias were then sent to the tent along with females and the children. Later, they were sent to the house of Haji Abdul Aziz, where they were offered refreshment. At some point, the police arrived at Haji’s house and escorted me and other passengers to the few remaining buses which then took them to Gilgit.

Another survivor, Zakir – a 22 year old Shia male, said:

My bus was first to arrive at Buner farm, where the assailants had gathered. I claimed to be a Sunni student without an ID card upon which the assailants hurled me towards a government building along with two old ladies and three girls. There, I was able to call my family members and also contacted an influential government official in Chilas, who was later instrumental in saving my life. The official sent his police guards who escorted me away. After spending the night at the officer’s residence, I was then sent to Gilgit in a helicopter with the dead bodies of Shias. From there, I reached my hometown Skardo. The man (a Shia) sitting next to me in the bus showed his ID card to the assailants and was subsequently killed.

Ilyas is the third survivor and eyewitness who stated the following:

I was assisting some ladies from Khapulo during the bus journey. As the attackers approached me, one of the ladies claimed me to be his son and a Noorbakhshi by faith from Khapulo. This way, I was able to save my life with the help of that kind and brave lady.

Once the assailants were done with the passengers at Buner farm, they then marched towards Gilgit. The military personnel stopped the mob at Juglote and refused further advance. Juglote is only 40 kilometers from Gilgit city. At the same time, Shias of Nagar retaliated by taking 19 Sunnis hostage. Further, thousands of men of Nagar valley marched towards Gilgit and Chilas to protect and avenge the death of innocent Shias. They were stopped by military personnel at Danyor from where they could not march any further.

Despite curfew, exchange of heavy gun fire continues in Gilgit city. Many people have got injured as well as died of gun shots but exact numbers are not known. In absence of proper rescue and first aid facilities, and imposition of curfew, the number of deaths could increase. The main hospital has run short of medicine while residents have no access to food supplies. Life has come to a complete halt in Gilgit city yet government opts to act as bystanders.

Dominated by Sunni Deobandi elites of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistani media, civil society, NGOs and human rights groups continue to ignore the plight of Shias of Gilgit Baltistan. In a rare relay of facts on ground, Express Tribune published this grim picture of life in Gilgit under Pakistan army’s curfew:

When Gilgit shut down after the recent violence, 20 children, all under the age of 12, found themselves stranded at a house with limited supplies, and a single caretaker. Violence broke out Tuesday morning and schools asked children to head back home. A group of 20 children, however, found themselves in the middle of heavy shelling in Khomer area, and sought refuge at a temporary shelter. They entered the house of a former engineer, Muhammad Hussain, who had died recently. According to a neighbour, who informed The Express Tribune about the incident on Wednesday, there was one woman in the house to take care of all of them. Food supplies have almost exhausted and with communications systems jammed, and the city under a strict curfew, the children have been stranded for almost three days now. The parents of the children may have no way of knowing where they have been for the last three days, the neighbour said.

Infant in danger
Meanwhile, parents of a 9-month-old boy suffering from kidney failure have appealed to authorities to allow them to go to Islamabad immediately. “The infant needs urgent medication, which is only possible if he is evacuated to the federal capital,” Mansoor Wali, father of the child and a resident of Kashrote told The Express Tribune. He appealed to the authorities to let him go to Islamabad through a military or PIA aircraft immediately. He said that last night he managed to take the child to a Gilgit hospital where doctors advised that the child is shifted to a hospital in Islamabad. “That is only possible if the authorities provide a seat in an army aircraft from Gilgit to Islamabad,” he said. http://tribune.com.pk/story/360534/unsuspecting-victims-gilgit-violence-leaves-20-children-stranded/

According to ISPR, army troops have reached in Gilgit and controlled the situation. The same army troops which routinely protect and train ASWJ-SSP militants and also ensure their safe acquittal or escape from Pakistani courts are brutally suppressing local Shia population of Gilgit-Baltistan whose only crime is that they were protesting against Shia genocide.

The mothers, sisters and daughters have shed all the tears they had. The children cannot sleep due to nightmares. But the bloody coffins continue to arrive with each passing day. The aged fathers have no strength in their shoulders to carry all those coffins to the graves.

Through its implicit role in the formation of anti-Shia alliance Difa-e-Pakistan Council which provided the anti-Shia militant group Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (also known as Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) an opportunity to reorganize and recruit more militants, Pakistan army has enabled further Shia genocide in Pakistan. Pakistan’s judiciary routinely releases dangerous Jihadi-sectarian terrorists involved in Shia massacres. Pakistani media, civil society NGOs and human rights groups continue to remain silent on Shia genocide, or worse, misrepresent it as Sunni-Shia sectarian violence ignoring the fact that majority of Sunnis have dissociated from anti-Shia militant groups.

The current wave of Shia massacres in Gilgit Baltistan cannot be seen in isolation from the country-wide Shia genocide which is taking place in Pakistan since 1960s and which became state supported and systematic since 1977 when an Islamofascist dictator General Zia-ul-Haq imposed martial law in Pakistan. Pakistan army and judiciary have shown their real face as the supporters of terrorists and extremists. The politicians too seem to have sold the interest of their nation for personal or political favors by the all powerful military-judiciary establishment.

Here is an account of how a Pakistani newspaper holds Pakistan army backed non-state actors (Jihadi-sectarian militants) for anti-Shia violence in Gilgit Baltistan: Shia genocide in Gilgit Baltistan and the role of army-sponsored non-state actors

In a recent statement, World Shia Forum (WSF) has expressed concern over the ongoing Shia genocide in different parts of Pakistan, particularly in Gilgit, Karachi and Quetta.

The Shia massacre has exposed the artificiality of the so called two nation theory. It is now the responsibility of the United Nations and other regional and international players to pay close attention to plight of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan whose lives and fundamental human rights must be protected.

Update: Video of Chilas Shia massacre


Source: Senge Sering, Institute for Gilgit Baltistan Studies, Washington DC, DC, 202 689 0647

Pictures of some of the Shias killed in Chilas on 3 April 2012

They were first brutally tortured, then killed with stones. Acid was thrown on some of the slain Shias to burn them alive. ISI trained and prepared Jihadi-Doebandis for proxy war in Kashmir and Afghansitan, they are using ISI’s training to brutally kill Shia Muslims in Pakistan.


LUBP Editor’s note:

We note with concern that some innocent Sunni Muslims have been kidnapped in reaction to the Chilas massacre. We urge Shia activists to refrain from harming innocent citizens of any faith or sect. Shias are being killed not by Sunnis but by State-sponsored ASWJ-SSP militants, who for Shias are enemy combatants. It is the responsibility of not only government of Pakistan but also local majority population to ensure safety and security of all communities including Sunni and Shia Muslims. No non-combatant must be harassed or hurt.

According to Express Tribune, more than 20 people, reportedly Sunnis, went missing in Nagar valley on Tuesday, and are yet to be traced. They were kidnapped in reaction to the Chilas incident, where about 10 Shia passengers were killed. Three of the missing people, including District Health Officer Rasheed, Civil Judge Inayat and Bank Manager Habib, were reportedly abducted by armed men from the vehicle of regional Finance Minister Mohammad Ali Akhtar in Nagar Valley. According to Bank manager Rashid’s family, he had last contacted them at about 1:45 pm on Tuesday and since then his phone has been switched off. The Hunza-Nagar district deputy commissioner told The Express Tribune on Tuesday that investigations were underway to recover the missing persons.

According to The News, unidentified gunmen abducted about 20 workers of two flourmills in Hunza following the sectarian clashes in Gilgit-Baltistan, sources said on Thursday. The sources said some 30 gunmen stormed the Hunza Flour Mills and Gojaal Flour Mills in Hasanabad area of Hunza and kidnapped 20 workers.They said that 12 labourers belonged to Shangla district while others hailed from Punjab. The kidnapped workers from Shangla district include Faridoon, Sher Alam, Bakht Alam, Sadiqullah, Muhammad Jan, Qismat Gul, Salman, Ahmad, Abdul Wahid, Din Muhammad, Naseebzada and Nizar Alam.The reports suggested that the kidnapped workers had been shifted to Nagar locality, which was the stronghold of a sectarian outfit.

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  • یہ جو دہشت گردی ہے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اس کے پیچھے وردی ہے

    Behind all this anti-Shia terrorism is Pakistan army.

  • Alert:

    Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri
    Ameen Shaheedi
    Hasan Zafar Naqvi

    Pakistan army has planted the above three Shia scholars to deflect attention from ISI and Pakistan army.

    All three of the above have received huge sums of money from General Kayani so that they don’t utter a single word about ISI’s role in Shia genocide.

    Instead they have been tasked to keep supporting Imran Khan, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, Jamaat-e-Islami and other refined haters of Shia Muslims.

    The will threaten to surround US Consulate but never take such an action against Saudi consulate or GHQ.

    It make it very clear that these three Mullash are no better than Sajid Naqvi.

    Down with Kufis of MWM and TJP.

    Down with ISI touts.

  • Shiitenews
    گلگت الرٹ:تازہ تررین اطلات کے مطابق سانحہ چلاس کے واقع کے بعد میں جو مسافر واپس آئے ان میں سے ابھی بھی 150 سے زائد مومنین لاپتہ ہیں جن کی تلاش جاری ہے، نمائندے سے ملنے والی اطلاع کے مطابق احتمال یہ ہے کہ ان میں سے اکثر مومنین جام شہادت نوش کر چکے ہیں۔

    At least 150 Shia Muslims are kidnapped.

    Please correct your post.

  • After the Kohistan tragedy, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had promised the local people that special security forces would be deployed along the Karakoram Highway for the safety and security of passengers. I wonder what happened to that promise. The fact is that even after the Kohistan carnage, no such safety measures were taken at all along the KKH.

    The trail of sectarian unrest dates back to the radical policies of military dictator Gen Zia. In Gilgit-Baltistan the monster of sectarian violence raised its ugly head in the early 1990s when attacks from Kohistan and Diamer were launched in Gilgit. The unrest in GB shows that the government is probably not doing anything to control sectarianism to keep the people of the area engaged in such issues. Keeping in mind the sensitivity and geographical importance of GB, this divide-and-rule policy must be shunned.

    M Hassan Waziri



    Imran Khan condemned sectarian clashes in Gilgit and Chilas. He also said that on coming to power his party would work towards unity among all sects to promote peace and harmony in the country. He has given a 90-day plan to end corruption, wants to end feudalism, change the patwari system and many other things but all of this will only happen when and if his party gets power.

    If Khan actually has some workable ideas to bring about a change why doesn’t he share them with the elected legislators now? Can’t Khan work with others to save the country? Doesn’t it show that Khan is becoming eager to be in power? If he has a solution for the Gilgit issue he should propose it to the government without delay. And in case he can’t, he should better stay out of parliament unless he attains more maturity.

    M A Kazmi



  • A Gilgiti Shia Muslim target killed in Karachi by ISI-backed ASWJ militants:

    Karachi target, killings claim four more lives

    Staff Report

    KARACHI: The ongoing target and sectarian killings claimed four more lives in different parts of the metropolis on Thursday.

    A young Shia man was shot dead in Buffer Zone, near Nagan Chowrangi within the limits of Taimuria police station. The 22-year-old Ahmer Abbas was sitting in front of his hostel situated at Sector 15, Buffer Zone when two armed men, riding a motorcycle, shot him dead and fled. The body was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) for medico-legal formalities.

    A police official said that the victim was MA student in the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus and was living in hostel where the incident took place. He said the victim hailed from Gilgit and initially police revealed that it was sectarian killing. After spreading of murder news, tension gripped several area of Karachi, including Ancholi, Jaffar Tayyar Society, Rizvia, Abbas Town and other areas, where shops and major markets were closed while angry people staged a protest at Numaish Chowrangi.

    The protesters set ablaze tyres on road, causing massive traffic jam in surrounding areas, including MA Jinnah Road, Numaish, II Chundrigar Road and other routes. No case was registered till filing the report.


  • Zohra Yusuf, HRCP’s chairperson, is either afraid of ISI or is a sold out soul.

    Here is a copy of her meaningless, vague statement on Gilgit Chilas massacre. Not a single time she refers to target killing of Shia Muslims or Shia genocide.

    In fact not a single time does she refer to “Shia” in her statement.

    Would HRCP condemn Jewish holocaust by referring to vague terms such as “ethnic violence” while refraining to name Jews and their target killing in specific terms?


    April 06, 2012

    HRCP slams violence in Gilgit-Baltistan

    * Commission urges promotion of sectarian harmony

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed serious alarm at the continuing loss of life in sectarian strife in Gilgit-Baltistan and demanded that the government, political parties and civil society organisations join hands to bring peace to the area at the earliest.

    In a statement issued on Thursday, the commission said, “HRCP has watched with growing concern the reprehensible and lengthening shadow of sectarian bloodshed in Gilgit-Baltistan and condemns it unequivocally.”

    “The relative calm in Gilgit following the imposition of curfew and deployment of troops is a tense one… and retaliatory attacks and incidents of hostage-taking have been reported amid concerns that the authorities have responded only to some of the more violent incidents and are proceeding in a reactive manner,” the statement read.

    “HRCP is very concerned about people facing great difficulties as provisions and food stocks, even milk for children, have run low. In hospitals, medicines are scarce and food is being rationed as curfew has continued without a break. Those who have provided shelter to others irrespective of sect or faith and out of concern for human life, find their own lives at risk. Everything must be done to ensure safety and protection for their lives and property.”

    The commission said it would be naïve to think that the scars of the events of the last few days in Gilgit-Baltistan would go away by imposing curfew and shutting down cellular phone services or by preaching calm.

    “The monumental task of healing the wounds and promoting sectarian harmony must begin at the earliest in consultation with the affected communities and should be persisted with. Political parties must desist from indulging in point scoring. And in addition to publicly expressing their unambiguous condemnation for violence they should also share with people their vision for controlling the situation and preventing recurrence of such senseless violence in the future. They should join hands with the government to help implement that objective,” it said.

    “Those who have fanned the strife in Gilgit-Baltistan must be identified and held to account as must those who pulled the trigger in target killings. In fact, there is every reason to pay equally urgent attention to contain the continuing bloodletting based on sectarian identity in Quetta, Karachi and elsewhere in the country.”


  • One could smell the trouble ahead, as protests were being planned and verbal threats from mosques in Gilgit City were being murmured. The law enforcement agencies, however, remained numbed. Residents blamed that the government, for unknown, reasons abets the criminals in Gilgit city. Others questioned: ‘why such an enormous pressure and oppression in Gilgit while most of the brutal killings either happened in Diamer or were supported by Diamer’.

    As per local residents, the government of Pakistan and its Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, attempted to resolve the issue on the lines that PPPs clever politics suggested. No practical intention was shown to arrest the culprits but attempts were made to please some religious groups who neither had a blood relation with the victims nor were at good terms with rival parties and groups. It was then the anger aggravated and people-to-people discomfort started burgeoning.
    Political and Legal experts believe that the government’s approach to deal with the law and order situation either has been sceptical or inapt, for it only seems to reward the aggrieved without necessarily touching the aggressors. ‘Compensation and reward can never end crimes’, a local notable told.
    A report on the situation has been submitted to interior minister of Pakistan. People in Gilgit-Baltistan, however, hardly trust Rehman Malik who is considered the most controversial politician of Pakistan.
    Nationalist parties in Gilgit-Baltsitan demand implementation of the State Subject Rule, under which no outsider can either settle down or buy property in the area. The demography here, unfortunately, has been reengineered. The local residents have been overwhelmed by mass ethnic flooding from other parts of Pakistan. Indigenous people of Gilgit-Baltistan complain that the newly settled outsiders have brought militancy, violence and crimes into the region.
    People in Gilgit are in fear over the unrest. It is feared that if the government continues giving cold shoulder to the region the situation here can turn into a chaotic situation. They say: ‘when the law breaks every man is for himself’ and, such is a situation in Gilgit-Baltistan.


  • Salute to Skardu and Nagar AGAIN for proving it AGAIN and AGAIN that the two doors in the FORT of ISLAM are still safe for entry and exit for all.

    But, i am affraid, this facility will be lifted very soon as these two communities have recieved more deadbosides very recently.

  • In the past two days, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), mainly dominated by Shia-Ismaili Muslims, faced one of the worst kinds of violence in its history when over 20 people lost their lives during the deadly clashes unleashed after some unknown people threw a hand grenade on the participants of a rally of the banned organisation, Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ). The ASWJ protestors were demanding the release of their detained party members allegedly involved in a firing incident on a Shia procession last month. In a separate incident, a gunman killed nine Shias on board a bus near Chilas, following the same pattern of murders committed at a highway near Kohistan a few weeks ago. Sunni prayer leaders in Kashroot made provocative announcements against Shias while many Balti Shias armed with weapons took to the streets. Tension mounted across the region, so much so that the GB government had to call in the army to control the situation, imposing a curfew in Gilgit city and even giving shoot-at-sight orders.

    The history of communal and sectarian violence in GB is quite old. It started in the 1970s and reached its climax in the 1980s under General Zia’s pro-jihadist regime. People in GB have continuously been facing sectarian tension that often causes severe unrest and carnage. The current spate of violence was, however, anticipated as we had already pointed out in this space after the massacre of Shia community members in buses near Kohistan that the wave of sectarian violence if not checked in time would result in further unrest. Had the law enforcers realised the mounting tension earlier and taken pre-emptive measures, many precious lives could have been saved. The situation raises a question on the unabated activities of the banned ASWJ. Why has it been allowed to hold a rally against the arrest of its members facing charges of terrorism? Similarly, the incident once again brings to the fore the need for a deweaponisation campaign in the country generally, and in GB in particular. Despite the army’s presence in the restive areas, the situation in GB is still tense. It seems difficult to keep watch over the scattered populace of the mountainous area. However, the anger of the population can only be controlled by putting a stop to the activities of sectarian groups (ASWJ, SSP) playing with lives with impunity.


  • Digging our own graves
    By Kamran Shafi
    Published: April 5, 2012

    And now for a matter so painful to one who has travelled to Gilgit-Baltistan since 1972 when my late brother Momin, my cousin Farooq Hyat and I, trekked from just past Muzaffarabad to Kel along the Neelum River, and across the Shontur Pass into Gilgit Agency where we stayed at Rattu and Astor and Gilgit with the great Northern Scouts. Momin died in a mountaineering accident on Mount Paiju in Baltistan, and so I went to Skardu for the first time in 1974 to visit his grave near the airport.
    Many are the times that I have gone to the area since, and it pains me to report that from the killings orchestrated during dictator Ziaul Haq’s time when the Shia village of Jalalabad, just outside Gilgit on the main road, was set upon by Sunni zealots. This is what I wrote about Gilgit on April 20, 2006, almost exactly five years ago, in the Daily Times: “Such was the level of readiness all across the city, with armed and helmeted patrols everywhere, that it made me feel I was somewhere else, not Gilgit where I had spent much gentle time, many a wonderful evening with gentlemen like Group Captain Shah Khan and the late and very dapper Hussain Wali Khan; and had pleasant lunches (always lunches!) with the late Mir Sahib of Nagar.
    “What had happened to my Gilgit, I asked myself? And then it all came back. Nothing had happened to Gilgit, the tyrant Zia had happened to Pakistan! I recalled the deep religious and sectarian and tribal schisms engineered by Zia and his henchmen to divide the populace of Pakistan so that he could rule the country easier. Gilgit was not to be spared: I recalled too, the 1982 massacre of innocent Shias at the hands of imported and uncouth and cruel tribesmen, who machine-gunned the village of Jalalabad in 1988 to destruction: men, women, children, cattle, and all. It was said then that the slaughter in which upwards of 500 human beings lost their lives…. (I am a Sunni, incidentally, if it makes any difference.)”
    And so on and on we go, digging our own graves; trying to box above our weight; and killing those who do not agree with us. In Twitterese #FAIL.
    Published in The Express Tribune, April 6th, 2012.



    I was wholly unaware of the massacre of shias that took place in what I used to think of as a relatively tranquil region. It is just another chapter in our history which we like to pretend never happened. I found this book excerpt which provides some background information of the hostilities. Skip to page 402 (pg.15 of the document) for the relevant part.


  • Pakistan army has arrested dozens of innocent Shia Muslims in Gilgit.

    The same army which does nothing to stop Shia genocide in Pakistan, provides full security and protection to ASWJ-SSP terrorists is good at killing innocent Turis in Parachinar, Hazaras in Quetta and Gilgitis in Skardu.

    Firday prayers are not allowed. Mosques are closed.

    Funeral of several of the slain Shias are yet to take place.

    Na Pak Fauj of Na Pakistan.

    Who will liberate us from Na Pak Fauj?

    سیکیورٹی ایجنسی کے ناکارہ اھلکاروں نے شیعہ نوجوانوں اور عمائدین کی گرفتاریوں کا سلسلہ شروع کردیا ہیں۔ اور مختلف شیعہ آبادیوں میں چھاپے مار کر بے گناہ مومنین کی گرفتاریوں کا عمل بھی تیز کر دیا ھے۔

    مزید اطلاعات کے مطابق ایک نجی محفل میں چھاپہ کر انتظامیہ نے 16 فعال شیعہ جوانوں کو گرفتار کر لیا۔ جن میں شیعہ عمائدین اور مختلف تنطیمی عہدیداران بھی موجود تھے۔

    شيعه طلبه ايكشن كميٹى كے بہت سے نوجوان اور جعفريه اسٹوڈنٹس كے متحرك راهنما برادر سيد تصور كاظمى بهى شامل ہيں

    جبکہ گلگت انتظامیہ نے گلگت کے تمام رابطوں کو منقطع کرکے گلگت پر ظلم و ستم کی نئی تاریخ رقم کرنے کا فیصلہ تو کر ھی لیا ھے۔ لیکن اب شیعہ جوانوں کی بلاجواز گرفتاریاں اور تشدد کرکے شیعہ قوم کے صبر کا مزید امتحآن لینے کے در پہ ہیں۔

    افسوس کہ جن اداروں کا کام امن کا قیام اور قاتلوں کی گرفتاری ھے۔ وہ سیکیورٹی ادارئے خود ھی امن کی تبھا کاری اور بلاجواز مظلوموں اور شھداء کے وارثوں کی گرفتاری میں مصروف ہیں۔

    تازہ ترین اطلاعات کے مطابق گلگت میں سخت ترین کرفیو نافز ھے۔ جبکہ نماز جمعہ بھی منسوخ کردی گئی ہیں اور اب تک شھیدوں کی تدفین عمل میں نھیں آسکی۔


  • حکومت ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔نے گلگت میں مرکزی انجمن کے تمام عہدہ دراوں کو گرفتار کرلیا آغا راحت الحسینی کی گرفتاری کی کوششیں جاری

    گلگت مرکزی جامع مسجد فورسز کے نرغے میں آج نماز جمعہ پڑھنے نہیں دیا جایے گا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔کرفیو بدستور جاری ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔مرکزی جامع مسجد کو کل رات سے وزیر اعلیٰ اور وزیر داخلہ کی فورسز نے نرغے میں لیا ہوا ہے

    via Sabah Hasan – Jaag Pakistan Jaag

  • مجلس وحدت مسلمین نے الزام عائد کیا ہے کہ گلگت اور کراچی میں ملت جعفریہ کے عمائدین کی دہشتگردی میں کالعدم گروہ اور ریا ستی ادارے ملوث ہیں۔
    تنظیم کے سیکرٹری علامہ راجہ ناصر عباس نے ایک بیان میں کہا ہے کہ اگر دہشتگردی کی اس آگ کو فوراً نہ بجھایا گیا تو پھر اس آگ سے عدلیہ، حکومت اور قانون نافذ کرنے والے ادارے بھی محفوظ نہیں رہ سکیں گے ۔

    کراچی میں دو شیعہ نوجوانوں کو قتل کر دیا گیا ہے جس پر شہر کے مختلف علاقوں میں احتجاج کیا جا رہا ہے۔

    دونوں نوجوانوں کے ہلاکت کے خلاف شیعہ آبادی والے علاقوں انچولی، رضویہ، گلستان جوہر میں مشتعل افراد نے احتجاج کیا ہے، جس کے دوران ٹائروں کو نذر آتش کیا گیا۔
    سہراب گوٹھ کے قریب ایک گاڑی کو آگ لگا دی، جس سے سپر ہائی وے پر گاڑیوں کی آمد رفت معطل رہی، پولیس نے شیلنگ کرکے مظاہرین کو مشتعل کیا۔


  • I would like to start a patition to raise awareness of the atrocity and ethnic cleansing going on in Pakistan against Momin brother and sisters, instead of taking up arms as another brother suggested we should tackle this in a diplomatic way like our mola did… Aggression is not the answer

  • سانحہ چلاس، بلتستان کے عوام کے مطالبات

    اسلام ٹائمز:شہدائے چلاس کی تدفین کے ساتھ ساتھ احتجاجی دھرنے اور اپنے جذبات کو حکام وقت تک پر امن طریقے سے پہنچانے کا سلسلہ بھی جاری ہے، ابھی دو مزید شہیدوں کے جنازے کا انتظار ہو رہا ہے۔

    اسلام ٹائمز۔ چلاس کے مقام پر انسانیت سوز مظالم کے نتیجے میں نہتے مسافرین کو جس نے دردی کے ساتھ شہید کیا گیا، جس نے کربلا کے مظالم کو تازہ کیا۔ اب تک تین شہدائے اسکردو کو لاکھوں سوگواروں کی موجودگی میں دفنایا گیا، ساتھ ساتھ احتجاجی دھرنے اور اپنے جذبات کو حکام وقت تک پرامن طریقے سے پہنچانے کا سلسلہ بھی جاری ہے، ابھی دو مزید شہیدوں کے جنازے کا انتظار ہو رہا ہے۔ اب تک بلتستان کے سوگوار عوام کی طرف سے جو مطالبے پیش کئے گئے وہ مندرجہ ذیل ہے۔

    1۔ دشمنوں کے نرغے میں محصور مسافرین کی سلامتی کے ساتھ بازیابی عمل میں لائی جائے۔

    2۔ شہید کے جنازوں کو فوری طور پر منتقل کیا جائے۔

    3۔ چلاس میں فوجی آپریشن کیا جائے۔

    4۔ شاہرہ قراقرم پر پاک فوج کی تعیناتی کو یقینی بنائی جائے۔

    5۔ سکردو سے اسلام آباد تک متبادل محفوظ روڈ کی تعمیر فورا عمل میں لائی جائے۔

    6۔ پاک چین بارڈر اور انڈیا بارڈر تک رسائی کے لیے محفوظ متبادل سڑک تعمیر کی جائے۔

    7۔ اسکردو ائیرپورٹ کو آل ویدر بنایا جائے۔

    8۔ پی آئی اے کے کرایوں میں کمی اور پروازوں میں اضافہ کیا جائے۔

    9۔ سانحہ چلاس اور سانحہ کوہستان کے پس پردہ سازشی عناصر بلخصوص خود فروختہ مفتیان بالخصوص قاضی نثار کو فوراً گرفتار کیا جائے۔


  • Dear Friends, Pakistan is not safe for us now, we should to keep weapons during travel.If we lost our life also we will able to reduce the Qty of these terrorist.

  • گلگت کے حالات انتہائی تشویش ناک حالت تک پیچ چُکے ہے، گلگت میں حکومتی حکم پر ٹیلی فون، انٹرنیٹ مکمل طور پر بند کردیا گیا ہے۔ شیعہ کلنگ کو مختلف زرائع سے خبر موصول ہورہی جس کے مطابق اب تک سانحہ چلاس کی شہدہ کی تعداد 10 سے 15 کے درمیان ہے۔ متعدد مومنین لاپتہ ہے، جن کے بارے میں شک (شک ہے غلط بھی ہوسکتا ہے) ہے کہ لاپتہ افراد کی اکثریت شہید ہوچُکی ہے۔

    اب تک حکومت اور ہمارے ٹیکس کے پیسوں پر پلنے والے سکیورٹی ادارے ناکام رہے ہے۔ 3 دن گزرنے کے باوجود بھی حکومت شہداہ کی تعداد بتانے اور شہداہ کے جسد خاکی کو ورثاء تک پہچانے میں ناکام رہی ہے۔ گلگت کے مختلف علاقوں سے متعدد شیعہ نوجوانوں کو بھی گرفتار کیا گیا ہے۔ البتہ آغا راحت کی گرفتاری کی اطلاع میں کوئی صداقت نہیں۔ شک ہے کہ حکومت اور ہمارے ٹیکس کے پیسوں پر پلنے والے سکیورٹی ادارے گلگت کو پارہ چنار کی طرح چُھپا کر ملت تشیع کو حالات سے بے خبر رکھنا چاہتے ہے کیونکہ اُنھیں خوف ہے کہ ملت تشیع ملک گیر احتجاجی تحریک کا آغاز کردے گی۔

    مومنین سے سخت التماس ہے کہ نمازی جب نماز ادا کریں تو گلگت کے مومنین کو اپنی دُعا میں یادرکھے، ہر ماتمی جب ماتم کے لیے ہاتھ اُٹھائے تو شہزادی کونین سے گلگت کے مومنین کی فتح و حفاظت کے لیے دُعا کریں۔

    سانحہ چلاس: نماز جنازہ محمد تقی

    سکردو احتجاج

    شہدائے چلاس تصاویر


  • [6 April 2012] Interview with H.I. Amin Shahidi – Protest at Parliament House Islamabad – Urdu

    Protests have erupted in various cities of Pakistan where ulama and public have gathered to condemn the terrorist and criminal activities of banned outfits.

    Hujjatul Islam Amin Shaheedi is outside the Parliament House, Islamabad with many people to protest against this Shia genocide in Gilgit Baltistan and incompetency of the Government of Pakistan and its agencies.


  • Tweets by SSP-ASWJ activists:

    @AhmerMuavia 3 April
    Gilgit Shiy0n k khelaf jihad ka Elan h0 chuka Hai Jahan Shia Nazar Aye Qatal kr0. ye Msg Chilas Chitral pindi karachi p0hncha

    Naveed812 ‏ @Naveed812 3 April
    Gilgit Chilas Aur K0hstan Se Hazar0n Afrad ka Musallah Lashkar Gilgit ki Traf Rawana h0 chuka Hai. Tmam Suni ink0 apne Ghar0n me panah Do

    Naveed812 ‏ @Naveed812 3 April
    Gilgit; Aj abi tak 27 Shia Murdar ho chuky han… 5 Sunni Shaheed… 70 k Qareeb Sunni Zakhmi… Repoter; TNA313 SMM

    Naveed812 ‏ @Naveed812 4 April
    Islamabad: Chilaas Main 40 MotrCycle Swaron Ny Garyon Ko Roka, 9 khatmul (shia) murdar Kiye our 4 shia kafro Ny Darya Main Chalang Laga Di:

  • Most gruesome act of #ShiaGenocide in last many years being ignored by Pakistani media, civil society & rights groups.

    Daily Times is the first newspaper to show some integrity: “around 100 Shias killed on Tuesday”


    Security forces arrest 100 during GB raids

    By Manzoor Qadir

    ISLAMABAD: Security forces carried out raids in several parts of the Gilgit city and arrested 100 people on Friday. People were also barred from offering Friday prayers.

    Law and order situation remained volatile in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) as people in Skardu, Chilas and other parts of GB took out protest rallies to condemn the recent killings and abductions.

    Sources said security forces carried out raids in several parts of the city and arrested 100 people. They also detained top clerics of both Shia and Sunni sects to bar them from leading demonstrations against the government.

    Security forces have also set up pickets outside the Central Imamia Masjid and other mosques in the Gilgit city and people were restricted from offering Friday prayers. Reportedly, law enforcement agencies also raided several places in the city to arrest Shia leader Agha Rahat al Hussaini.

    As many as 100 people have lost their lives and another 150 have gone missing during the recent spate of sectarian violence in Gilgit, sources told Daily Times on Friday.

    In Skardu, tens of thousands of Baltis staged rallies demanding the government to hand over bodies of around 100 Shias who were killed on Tuesday.

    Reportedly, as many as 100 people had been killed and around 150 passengers – who were on their way to GB from other cities – have gone missing.

    Sources claimed that dozens of decomposed bodies had been recovered form from various parts of the GB. They also said that around 75 passengers belonging to Skardu had also gone missing.

  • ریاستی اداروں کا خیال ہے کہ انھیں جنگ فقط ان افراد کے خلاف لڑنا ہے جو ریاست کے اقتدار کو للکارتے ہیں یا بجلی اور گیس کی تنصیبات کو نشانہ بناتے ہیں۔ ان اداروں کا خیال ہے کہ مخصوص مسلک رکھنے کے جرم میں اگر ایک امن پسند قبیلے کے لوگ قتل ہو رہے ہیں تو یہ واقعات افسوسناک تو ہیں لیکن اس سے ریاست کو چونکہ کوئی خطرہ نہیں، اس لیے قاتلوں کے خلاف کسی کریک ڈاﺅن یا خصوصی مہم کی ضرورت نہیں۔ یہ ادارے یہ حقیقت سمجھنے سے قاصر معلوم ہوتے ہیں کہ جب کوئی قبیلہ یا کسی خاص مسلک کے ماننے والے اس یقین تک پہنچ جاتے ہیں کہ اب کسی سرزمین پر ان کا عقیدہ، جان، مال اور عزت و احترام کچھ محفوظ نہیں اور قانون کا کوئی راستہ ان کے لیے کھلا نہیں بچا تو پھر ان کے فیصلے دن میں سونے والوں کے لیے قدرت کی تعزیریں بن جایا کرتے ہیں

  • Meanwhile, residents of Gilgit city heaved a sigh of relief on Friday after authorities relaxed curfew for only two hours from 3pm to 5pm with restriction on gathering of more than two people.

    People rushed to markets to buy essential commodities as within no time shops were empty in the small town.

    Shopkeepers took advantage of the situation and charged people of high prices all commodities.

    “I had to buy milk for the baby and got it but price was very high but I had to buy it,” said Waqas Ahmed in a market during the break.

    ATM machines at some places were thronged where electricity was available, but a large number of people went homes without cash and could not buy even essential goods because most of the electronic machines were out of order.


    [Pictorial] Gilgit during the curfew break

    Today the residents of Gilgit city had the liberty to walk out of their houses for two hours. The authorities had relaxed the curfew from 3 to 5 O’clock, during which the residents of Gilgit rushed to the markets to purchase edible and non-edible items. There was a lot of rush on shops selling LPG Gas Cylinders and edible items.

    The people of Gilgit city, approximately 150,000 in numbers, have been confined to their houses since April 3, when the government authorities called in Pakistan Army to bring the deteriorated law and order situation into control. Up to 13 people were killed and around 60 injured on April 3rd when some people belonging to the Shia and Sunni groups clashed after a grenade exploded at a protest rally organized by the Tanzeem Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamat.

    Pamir Times’ senior volunteer reporter, Asghar Khan, drove through some part of the Gilgit Bazar today. These photographs can give you an idea about the current situation on ground.


  • Did this mob kill 100 Shia passengers? a

    Thousands protests in Chilas against the Gilgit Massacre

    Chilas: Protesters demanded action against those who attacked a rally in Gilgit. Photo: Asad Ullah
    Special Reporter

    Chilas, April 5: A huge protest demonstration was held in Chilas, the headquarters of Diamer District today. The protesters demanded action against the culprits who killed innocent people in Gilgit. Speaking at the occasion, the speakers said that the government has failed to fulfill its promises for arrest of the culprits and implementation of a charter of demands.

    A large number of people came to Chilas to attend this procession from Darel and Tangir, in as many as 500 vehicles, accordingly to eye witnesses.


  • Pakistan army, ISI, continues to harass activists of Gilgit Baltistan:

    Woman’s name on ECL: Court puts ISI, FIA chiefs on notice
    By Obaid Abbasi
    Published: April 10, 2012

    “Not a single letter was given to me when my name was placed on the ECL,” she claimed.
    The revelation that Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) unilaterally placed the name of a woman from Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) on the Exit Control List (ECL) earned the spy agency’s chief and others court notices.
    Islamabad High Court (IHC) Chief Justice Iqbal Hameedur Rehman on Monday issued notices to the ISI directors-general, Federal Investigation Agency, Immigration and Passports and the Civil Aviation Authority, along with the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Tribal Affairs secretary on a petition filed by Zaibul Nigar to submit replies by April 30.
    Nigar, the wife of Abdul Hameed Khan, chairman of Balawaristan National Front, a nationalist party seeking independence for G-B, maintained that the interior ministry placed her name on the ECL without a solid reason.
    During the hearing, Deputy-Attorney General (DAG) Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri informed the court that her name had been placed on the ECL on the direction of the ISI. On hearing this, CJ Rehman made the agency party to the case.
    The petitioner informed the court that she has visited several countries during the recent past, including a trip to Thailand in 2010. On January 30, 2012, when she was intending to go to Thailand again, the FIA offloaded her from an airliner at Islamabad Airport without any reason.
    “Not a single letter was given to me when my name was placed on the ECL,” she claimed.
    The counsel for the petitioner informed that the court that his client had approached the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on March 30 against restriction of his clients’ movement, where they were directed to approach the IHC.
    “My client is a responsible citizen of the country and has never been involved in any criminal activities, nor is there any case pending against her,” he added.
    He contested the security agencies move as ‘illegal’ and against the fundamental rights of citizens under Article 15 of the constitution.
    Published in The Express Tribune, April 10th, 2012.


  • Finally, an establishment’s newspaper, The News, admits what happened in Chilas:

    Bad as the situation in Gilgit is, it is the dreadful events that took place south of Chilas last week which reveal the full horror of the conflict. A number of unsubstantiated and unverifiable ‘eyewitness’ accounts have emerged in recent days. Although these reports have to be treated with extreme caution, there is a commonality about some of the detail in them that suggests more than a grain of truth. Male passengers on the buses do appear to have been physically examined for the tell-tale marks of self-flagellation – and then summarily executed when they were discovered. The convoy of dozens of buses was supposedly protected by the police, who appear not to have made a significant attempt to protect the passengers when attacked. As many as 100 may have been killed at the scene and there are reports that 250 may have been abducted – and in a reciprocal move up to 30 people are being said to be held in Nagar. At least one and possibly more were stoned to death, but it is impossible to substantiate allegations that many had their eyes gouged out before they were killed. Whatever the final body count it is clear that a dreadful atrocity has been committed. This will remain in the collective memory of the people of the area for generations, but perhaps the most serious wound has been inflicted by a local administration that failed to protect innocent people, and searching questions as to why need to be asked and answered.

    there are reports of increasing shortages of food and essential medicines as the regional lifeline, the Karakoram Highway, remains closed from south of Dassu/Komila. Water supplies in Gilgit are also cut off, and residents are reduced to using contaminated waste water. Mobile phone services remain suspended. The authorities have removed speakers from the mosques of rival sects in a bid to de-escalate tensions, but essentially the situation remains frozen at the point at which the curfew was first imposed, and nothing is any closer to resolution.


  • I dont know what to say these enemy of huminity are endangering pakistan’s existance and playing in zionist hands. For how long shia of Pakistan will take this genocide and how long shia of pakistan will be silent on this criminal acts. So before we take law in our hands Government of Pakistan has to act seriously and should realize that we are humans, or otherwise what will happen would not be in favour of islam because Pakistan is first and only one atomic contry. For the sake of islam its stability id necessry.
    On the other hand judiciary is puppet in anti islam powers, cause a small incident causes a somoto action but killing of hundered shias make no diffenece to them.

    so awake before it is to late then there would be no return

  • Salaams, my heartfelt prayers go out to all the victims and their families. Is this not what the Prophet Muhammad came to liberate us from? Is their no value for human life, this is not Islam and how are we to propagate Islam if we ourselves are not willing to respect each othe for their differences. Shame on our so called leaders and politiions and more so the ignorant masses who follow them and sing their praises. I am of Sunni background and nowhere did I ever hear or read the that our beloved Rasul advocated this kind of behavior. Let us hold hands together and overcome those that are mischief makers and Despot Rulers and Ulama who have sold their Quran for a mere piece of wealth. I pray to Allah for all so that sanity may prevail. We are Insaan and not “Insane”
    Was salaam

  • pak army must fight an operation in chilas to get rid of fanatic people otherwise they will be a challenge for pakistan.they are following the path of UBL

  • pak must have an operation to smash these talibans who turned this beautiful chilas into a hell

  • meray momin bhio hame ab waqt k yazid[la]k samne datt jana chahia aur hr zulm.o.naiasafi ka mu torr jawab deni chahia


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