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General Zia-ul-Haq to be deleted as president from the constitution of Pakistan – by Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: President General Ziaul Haq will be deleted from Pakistan’s constitutional history when the 18th Amendment, to be moved in parliament in a few days, is passed.

A new history is being written by our politicians as ruthless military dictator General Ziaul Haq will be stripped of his title of President of Pakistan, 22 years after his death in a plane crash. General Zia’s election as the president of Pakistan through his infamous presidential referendum of December 19, 1984, will be deleted from the pages of the Constitution.

The ironic part of this unprecedented move is that a large number of parliamentarians sitting in the lower and upper houses were part of the Majlis-e-Shoora of General Zia and had greatly helped him win the referendum. They would now vote against their own actions of the past to strip him of the title of the President of Pakistan.

After this passage of the new amendment, General Zia would be remembered in the Constitution and political history of the country only as General Ziaul Haq, not the president of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif, the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and their political lieutenants, who had played an important role in the victory of General Zia in his presidential referendum of 1984, will now vote in favour of deleting their one time benefactor from the pages of the Constitution.

According to the available copy of the proposed amendments to be laid down in the lower house, Article 41 which was added in the Constitution of 1973 at the behest of General Zia in 1985 by the then assembly is now being changed. Clause 7 of Article 41 is being deleted to strip Zia of his title of the president. After holding the referendum in 1984, one year before the general election of 1985, Zia had got himself declared as the president of the country.

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  • General Zia-ul-Haq’s name will be remembered along with Yazid ibn Muawiya, Abdullah ibn Ubayy, Slobodan Milošević, and Adolf Hitler.

    He will never be forgotten!


  • Great step towards strengthening of democracy! However our lawmakers ought to proclaim Zia as a criminal traitor and push the courts to give a posthumous symbolic punishment which a traitor deserves!

  • Erasing Zia
    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Parliament, we hear, is planning to strip away the Zia era from history by denying the late military dictator status as a president of Pakistan.

    Many of us of course share sentiments against Zia – they remember him as a man who derailed democracy, played a key role in the hanging of an elected prime minister and initiated the descent into extremism that has today become the biggest scourge of our society. …

    The Zia years were undoubtedly dark ones. The images of people being flogged, of public hangings, of repression at levels that had not been known before, are not easy to dispel from minds. A generation grew up in such times.

    The 11 years through which Zia ruled in many ways distorted the nation, turning the country into a new, more frightening place where hatred lurked everywhere. The legacy of the dictator lives on too in our laws, the many amendments made to the Constitution and the attempts to ‘Islamise’ the country. The legal dichotomy that today confronts us is one outcome of those changes.

    The question to ask our parliamentarians though is whether there is anything to be gained by scratching out all this or denying Ziaul Haq a place among the former presidents of Pakistan.

    Surely it would be wiser to learn from what happened during the years he controlled national affairs, and work out how to undo the influence left behind.

    The success of Zia in brainwashing people was marked. We need to turn back the bigotry and reintroduce the tolerance that once existed here. And here we notice, with a deep sense of irony, that the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms has so continently shied away from touching any of the provisions rammed into the Constitution by Zia in the name of Islam in order to serve his own twisted notion of religion and satisfy his hunger for power.

    How does avoiding concrete steps to undo the damage that was done, and still is being done, by what that dictator did help his ‘eradication’? A deeper irony can be found in the fact that, not too long ago, another dictator did everything he could to wreak havoc on the institutions and the body politic of this country, just to cling on to power, and then made good his escape, having been presented with the guard of honour. He does not seem to figure in the deliberation of those engaged now in planning to ‘erase’ Zia. The task of setting right the wrongs done by tyrants and their sycophants cannot be performed by deliberately falling into a state of denial through an exercise in forgetting and erasing, but by remembering, each step along the way, what it was that landed this country in the moral, political and social impasse it faces now.

    Many expected to back the move in parliament to erase Zia may do their own conscience a favour by remembering their own role in strengthening the yoke of infamy that was the Zia era. This country needs meaningful reform, not meaningless change through removal of portraits. And this requires more thought, commitment and of course character from decision-makers.

  • How the most corrupt government of Zardari and Bhuttos can do this. First they should think about them selves, the kind of corruption which Bhuttos gave to Pakistan ( now zardari) is unmatchable in world even by dictators.I hope our country soon get rid of these corrupt bhuttos and zardaris. Deleting Zia’s name from history of Pakistan will not make difference in life of people of Pakistan instead if Bhuttos and zardari are deleted practically, people of Pakistan may live a life

  • zia was a traitor and bhutto was the first man who encourage to zia to come in first to the force leader but he is ARAIN and all arains r traitors if u got arain and snake togather then please dont hasitate to kill arain first …. zia was an arain and this is understood that arain cannot b trusted . bhutto was an innocent person and he believe to zia ul haz but zia was a traitor and he kill bhutto . bhutto was the most intellegence person in the world but due to zia traitoring he got mertyred . pls pls pls dont trust arain . ok

  • Zia-ul-Haq Stole our past and future,destroyed our dreams and reversed the development of our country.
    All the qualities of evil and devils he possesed. Allah knows how long we would suffer because of his actions

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