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Spini Road Killings: The Quetta Version – by Anwar Ali Hazara

A Sukuzi van on its way to Alamdar Road carrying Shia Hazara passengers from Hazara Town was ambushed by 2 armed assailants when it slowed down near a speed-breaker on Spini Road, Quetta. According to the driver, two bearded men with Kalashnikov rifles walked out of a butcher’s shop on the right side of the road and started spraying bullets on the van. The driver, who stepped on gas with all life left in him, tells that he was chased by the assailants for quite a while throughout which they kept firing at the vehicle.

The attack resulted in the immediate deaths of four Shia Hazaras, including a woman, while another succumbed to injuries at the CMH, taking the tally to 5.

When the news of the attack reached Alamdar Road and Hazara Town, the two densely Shia Hazara dominated areas (or ghettos) in Quetta, angry protestors flocked to Meezan Chowk, Jinnah Road and Brewery Road to stage demonstrations and protest against the killings.

The protests at Meezan Chowk initially encountered a distasteful response from young Pashtuns, numbering close to a couple of thousands, who clearly threatened the Hazaras not to disturb their businesses by creating a scene in ‘their city’ every other day.

This could have easily led to a bitter conflict had more Shia Hazaras not flocked to the scene, and the Pashtuns elders, including the notables of Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) and Anjuman-e-Tajiran-e-Balochistan (ATB) not intervened and admonished the gullible Pashtun youth. The PkMAP and ATB not only condemned the incident, but also said that not only the protestors had a right to it, but even others should join them in the protest. This was evident in their support for the call for shutter-down strike in Quetta the following day. Later, Sardar Akhtar Mengal of the Balochistan National Party (M) also condemned the incident and raised very valid questions implicating for the already known culprit: the Military-Jihadi nexus.

While the protestors at Meezan Chowk and Jinnah Road were lucky enough to remain safe, the ones staging a peaceful demonstration at Brewery Road were not. SHO Brewery Police Station, Nazar Muhammad Dashti baton-charged the peaceful protesters who were staging a sit-in opposite Bolan Medical Complex, which resulted in a few aerial gunshots.

Later, a drama was staged by SHO Nazar Muhammad Dashti who himself shot his gunman, and then asked the police to open fire at the protestors whom he accused of having killed a policeman. This resulted in the death of a 15-year old boy, who had been shot from the back bursting his heart and his chest from the front. He couldn’t have fired at the police even if he had wanted to; all he was holding in one of his hands was a small stick. Along with him, there were 3 others who were injured.

This is not the first time Nazar Dashti has staged such a drama. After a previous attack on Shia Hazaras in the same area, he had carefully placed a few harmless and shallow cuts on his skin, and accused ‘angry Shia Hazara boys’ for having stabbed him with knives. However, his hospital drama ended in a few days. Suffice it to say that Nazar Muhammad is not only anti-Shia and anti-Hazara in views and acts, but he is a darling of the Deep State, proven by the fact that he is the only SHO in whole of Quetta who has jammers installed in his car.

After having killed an innocent protestor and injured another three, the police also arrested 25 of them, of whom three are still in custody and an FIR has been registered against them. What fate awaits them is yet to be ascertained.

While the Shia Hazara continue to die, most of the Shia Mullahs are trying to make themselves palatable to the military state as well as Iran by ranting about NATO supplies. Even Shia Mullahs in Quetta, most of whom are politically unaware and under-educated, froth at their mouths condemning USA and Israel for the killings.

The so-called Hazara nationalists – represented by Hazara Democratic Party and led by the ISI agent Abdul Khaliq Hazara – are waiting like vultures to sell Shia blood for their political interests. These sell-outs are no friends of the Shia Hazara, and are solely focused on somehow winning a couple of provincial assembly seats in the next elections. For this purpose, they will continue to not only sell Shia Hazara blood, but not even resist from getting them killed if it serves their purpose. These people project Shia Hazaras in Quetta as influenced by Iran in order to pimp themselves to ISI, and more recently even to the US, not realizing that they are corroding all support for the poor populace that continues to die unabated.

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Unfortunately, people who are actually on the ground and really risk their lives cannot afford the luxury of hiding in their cocoons and tweeting like one Dr @mSaleemJaved who, for the brief while that I have observed him on twitter, has continuously pandered to the demands of elitist lifestyle liberals in an attempt to become acceptable to them.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to know if he really waits for Shia Hazaras to be killed so that he can get a few more followers by tweeting about them.

    This is quite characteristic of even his master Abdul Khaliq Hazara, a pimp by profession, who cashes in on the blood of slain Shia Hazaras to forward his political agenda.

  • beena sarwar ‏ @beenasarwar
    RT @mSaleemJaved: The self-proclaimed minority rights activists do not learn that putting forward false allegations don’t actually work

    beena sarwar ‏ @beenasarwar
    The real aim of some self-proclaimed liberal humanrights activists seems to be to provoke & create divisions among progressive Pakistanis

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    @beenasarwar Excellent point. Some ppl using fake IDs/twitter accounts & HR causes are undermining progressive Pakistanis. #doubleagents

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    @beenasarwar Just because we are not hysterical & tolerant, it should not be taken as a sign of weakness.We will expose these #doubleagents!


    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    ISI- and Iran-infected Shia mullahs blame US for #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan http://islamtimes.org/vdcb59b8arhba5p.kvur.html Shame!

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    Iran and ISI-infected Shia mullahs of MWM will surround the US consulate to put a stop to ISI-engineered Shia genocide. Disgraceful.

    Nadeem F. Paracha ‏ @NadeemfParacha
    RT“@AbdulNishapuri: More and more, MWM seems to be a Shia version of DPC, an ISI production.”

    Imran MujeebSiddiqui ‏ @SSGPA1
    @NadeemfParacha @AbdulNishapuri LMAO-daal may namak ziyada hai, hmm must be ISI-tsk tsk

    Ali.Abdullah.Noorka ‏ @AliNoorka
    @AbdulNishapuri some body tell me about u that u r a indian funded fundamentalist,,Bt I don’t blv on this,,bt now I sure u belong To CIA

  • Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    .@mSaleemJaved So you have left the vainglorious, self-styled fake activist in times of distress; and he is ranting against you?

    4h Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    @Razarumi The awkward moment when a self-proclaimed Shia Thekadar’s ultimate happiness becomes blocking another Shia activist. 😛

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    @mSaleemJaved haha, you have been blocked? Your voice is being silenced. Shame on the #fakeactivists and plants of ISI/violent Mullahs! #SOS

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    @Razarumi Yep. The entire gang has blocked me. Must have celebrated as one of their greatest achievments. Rooh-e-Mullah Shaad baad! 😛

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    @aliarqam So how would you term the hysterical activism of your nameless friends? Black or red?

    Ali Arqam ‏ @aliarqam
    RT @mSaleemJaved: Mullah Abdul Nishapuri complains that he is left alone by Shia activists and then equates …

  • Dear Abdul Nishapuri, thank you very much to you and to your team for keeping us informed about the issues that are affecting Pakistanis on daily basis, well done! With regards to recent killing of shias in Quetta & Karachi, I’ll say don’t get discouraged if some paid workers of ISI from Quetta (unfortunately a few HDP/HSF sell out hazaras) are trying their level best to give shia killings of Hazaras an ethnic colour so that their masters attain their objectives! It must be remembered by the general public that not a single hazara in Quetta was murdered because of his ethnicity but because of being a Shia. Unfortunately as we all know very well the history of recent violence against shias in Pakistan coincides with the coming of Gen. Zia to power.

    Those fake liberals who are trying to call Shia killing of Hazaras an ethnic one are doing disservice to the souls of thousands of shias who were killed and displaced in Pakistan in the course of the last two decades; they were killed simply because they were shias!

    Where were/are these fake liberals (a half a dozen paid tweeples) when shia Pashtun of Parachinar/Orakzai were facing death on daily basis, their access via road to other parts of Pakistan was blocked, forcing them to take a route through Afghanistan back into Pakistan! Why no one termed those killings as Pahtun killing or Pashtun genocide, they didn’t because it was Shia killing and not pashtun killing. What about thousands of shias who got killed in various parts of Pakistan over the last two decades? Were those killings ethnically motivated? No!

    I find it very disturbing to see how British MPs were fooled into believing that shia killings of Hazaras were ‘Hazara killing’ when they raised the issue in the Parliament recently, not knowing that there has been a concerted effort by some failed asylum seekers emanating from Hazaras of Quetta who in order to boost up their cases have been pushing for the ethnic card to be used; just a couple of days before the last ‘Hazara’ demonstration that took place outside of the Pakistan Embassy in London, many hazaras living in the UK, including me, received text messages from the organisers asking us not to attend the demonstration that was being organised by the shias of UK because they said we shouldn’t allow the shia killings in Quetta take a religious colour!

    But when finally the one we attended in front of the Pakistani embassy, was purely a Hazara one where not only religious slogans were NOT allowed but efforts were made not to involve non-hazara demonstrators – whether shia or non-shia; you can check for yourself on the YouTube about what I’m claiming, you wouldn’t see any placard condemning Shia killings!

    Regrettably, I have never seen such a level of hypocrisy amongst our hazara youth and the way they have been doing opportunistic politics for their personal gain here in the UK and Australia over the dead bodies of so many victims!
    Very soon the MPs here in the UK will find out about the real motives of those constituents who obliged them to raise the matter in the parliament; they will also realise that Shia killings in Pakistan is not confined only to Hazaras but to all the shias of Pakistan.

    In the end I’ll request your team not to give up please, keep exposing those pseudo liberals who are doing politics in the name of genuine victims and getting paid for their campaigns of disinformation and misrepresentation!

    Good luck

    Mehdi Hazara

  • I forgot to put NOT and another minor correction in the last part of the 4th para, which I’m pasting below again with the correction:

    “But when finally the one we attended in front of the Pakistani embassy, was purely a Hazara one where not only religious slogans were NOT allowed but efforts were made not to involve non-hazara demonstrators – whether shia or non-shia; you can check for yourself on the YouTube about what I’m claiming, you wouldn’t see any placard condemning Shia killings!”


    Admin’s note: Done

  • @Anwar Ali Hazara

    Thank you for writing an actual account of the suffering faced by Shia Muslims including Hazra Shias in Quetta. I know several of my friends, non-Hazara Shias, too parcipated in the event. One of them was actually injured by police shelling.

    It is widely known in Hazara community that Abdul Khaliq Hazara supplies women to FC corps commander and other generals. Members of Hazara Democratic Party should have at least some shame and remove the pimp from their leadership.

  • @Mehdi Hazara

    Excellent comment.

    I too have been following how some ISI-esque fake liberals are using ISI-spokesperson Saleem Javed to undermine the Shia cause, to obfuscate Shia genocide by ISI-backed terrorists. This single incident alone has clearly exposed the integrity of fake liberals on Twitter and also in mainstream media (The Friday Times, Dawn etc).

  • SHOs will come, SHOs will go.

    SSP Chaudhry Aslam was suspended in Karachi. What effect?

    SHO Ameer Muhammad Dasthi’s transfer will have no effect too!

    Shia genocide will remain as long as ISI is sponsoring ASWJ-SSP terrorists.

    روری تھانے کے ایس ایچ اونے پرامن مظاہرین پرفائرنگ کی تھی جسکے نتیجے میں 2 مومنین شہید ہوگئے تھے۔

    ہزارہ ٹرائیب نیوز- کوئٹہ اسپنی روڈ پردہشت گردوں کی ٹارگٹ‌ کلنگ کے بعد مظاہرین نے اس بزدلانہ حملے کیخلاف پرامن احتجاج شروع کیا تھا۔ احتجاج کرنے والے مومنین پربروری تھانہ کے ایس ایچ اوامیرمحمد دشتی نے فائرنگ شروع کردی جسکے نتیجے میں 2 شیعہ نوجوان شہید جبکہ دوزخمی ہوگئے ۔
    تازہ ترین اطلاعات کے مطابق بروری تھانہ کے ایس ایچ اوامیرمحمد دشتی کوبرطرف کردیا گیا ہے ۔ اوران کی جگہ ایس ایچ اوقادر یا ایس ایچ اوعاشق کولانے کی اطلاعات ہیں ۔ نئے آنے والے ایس ایچ اوکا تعلق ہزارہ کمیونٹی سے بتایا جاتا ہے ۔
    یاد رہے ایس ایچ او بروری تھانہ کے فائرنگ کے خلاف شیعہ عمائدین سردارسعادت علی ہزارہ کی سربراہی میں برسراحتجاج تھے ان کا مطالبہ یہی تھا کہ ایس ایچ اوکیخلاف ایف آئی آر درج کرکے انہیں‌ برطرف کردیا جائے


  • Child’s play:

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    @AliTalash Ali, please ask @HDPOfficial to take care of #LUBP and verify that Saleem Javed is not a member of HDP but an unbiased writer.

    Ali Talash ‏ @AliTalash
    @AliTalash @HDPOfficial @mSaleemJaved @AbdulNishapuri Is Saleem Javed a member of #HDP?

    HDP ‏ @HDPOfficial
    @mSaleemJaved, we verify that Mr@mSaleemJaved is not affiliated with @HDPOfficial but an unbiased writer & social Media activist. #LUBP

  • It is highly possible that Saleem Javed’s efforts to divert attention from shia killings to that of ‘hazara killing’ could be with a view to driving a wedge amongst the peace loving shia hazaras of Quetta, thus causing opposition towards himself in the media/twitter and then ultimately using those printed information as evidence for the reasons on the basis of which he would flee Quetta towards UK/Australia where he would then seek asylum!

  • Well the article writer look so interested to make a new advocacy and group for himself. because nothing looks good to him.. Mullahs are running after Iran, HDP is ISI agent .. Mr writer these are the issues we are tired of hearing and talking about on the social media every day. and you are aggravating the situation by writing and connecting your personal views. you are make more problems by dividing Hazara people to nationalist and religious groups .. what is you own take on how to deal with the situation we are facing … Do you have any ? share that let people know about that .. don’t make the situation worse than it is please … for me there was noting new in your article but to put your own biased views on a critical situation without any solution and way of getting out of that …

  • @Muhammad Kareem: how much do get paid to propagate against Saleem Javed, Raza Rumi? or you are ordered by your MOGALLIDIN/bosses to do so.
    @Mehdi Hazara: I am confused why your name is Mehdi Hazara. let me suggest you a better surname “Mehdi tabedar”
    @Abdul Nishapuri: better you use fake names like “Kareem Iranparast”, “Mehdi Irandost”, “Rahat Ali Mullahparast”.
    shame on you iranian agent. you better stop taking dictations from your boss Mullah Abdul Nishapuri shame on you.

  • mohammad kareem: my son your coments are actually doesnt depends to this article if possible leae these coments some where else i hope you will understand further that everything has its own place thank you

  • @Azal Afzali: bacchem chera badtu amad! Haqeeqat ra natanisti qabool kani, ba lay laash haa ye shiago da naam-e-aazra shumo siyaast neen taa k case haa ye panaah khastane shumo da UK/Australia qubool shuna while you don’t give a damn to those non-hazara shia victims who were killed just because they were non-hazara shia!

    Baayad k aazra yak kame haqeeqat passand shna wa az insaaf roogardaani nakana, warna taareekh mora muaaf nakhad kad!

    You didn’t like it when I said the organisers for London demostration in front of Pakistani embassy sent us the txt messages and asked us not to attend the demonstration that was being organised by the shias of UK for the shia killings in mastung/Quetta!Because they wanted us to highlight hazara killing without mentioning shia killing and for this purpose a separate demonstration was organised!


    in the above demonstration the non-hazara shias were excluded!

    You didn’t like it when I said UK MPs were fooled in believing that the shia killings in Quetta were in fact ‘Hazara killings’. Shame on you and on the organisers and on those social media activists who are trying their level best to portray shia killing in Balochistan as ‘Hazara killing’ so that their pending cases are decided in the light of those development. Really these are sad times for humanity that 1000s of shias have been killed in Pakistan by ISI backed militant outfits yet some of opportunist hazaras are trying to turn the tide in their favour! You can do that, not me! My conscience will never allow me to take advantage of the death of so many shia hazaras and non-hazara shias who perished for just carrying the label shia!

    We hazaras can claim asylum in the light of shia killing because we are being killed for being shia, so there’s no need to falsify the facts and hurt vitims families furhter. The non-hazara shias will ultimately find out what we hazaras have been upto!

    Aazra khod ra kalo badnaam kada, bassa diga kalo shud munafiqat! Da naam-e-mazloomeen-e-shia baayad k mo siyasat na kani!

    ma na khaya maali irani ha ra munum wa na az tu wa az sag-e-ISI abdul Khaliq ra kada meytanum!

    I know how HSF/HDP are remote-controlling these kinds of demonstrations from their headquarters in Quetta on the specific instructions from ISI!


    Thanks LUBP for providing us this platform so the justice is done justly!

  • According to a best friend of Raza Rumi, Abdul Khaliq Hazara and ISI, everything published on LUBP is written by Abdul Neshapori

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    To Mullah Abdul Nishapuri of #LUBP: It’s now time for you to die out of shame. I’d have hanged myself with a dog’s chain if I were you.

    11m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    To A Nishapuri of #LUBP: If you think I’ll use ‘those printed information as evidence to seek asylum in UK/Australia’ then Y R U providing?

    12m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    ‘They(Hazaras) R turning Shia killings in their favor’. Claims Mullah Abdul Nishapuri in his hate piece under a pen name pertaining Hazara.

    12m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Mullah Abdul Nishapuri of #LUBP has condemned UK MP’s adjournment hearing about Hazara Shia killings in Quetta and hopes they’ll regret.

    13m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Abdul Nishapuri of #LUBP has expressed extreme disdain as to why Hazara demos against Shia killings in Quetta don’t take a religious color.

    13m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    A Nishapuri of #LUBP, like his spiritual father Jawad Naqvi, writes “I have never seen such a level of hypocrisy amongst Hazara youth”

    14m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    A Nishapuri of #LUBP, after being exposed to be anti-Hazara, has accused them of killing each other for ‘personal gains in UK and Austrlia’

    15m Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    A Nishapuri of #LUBP has written a hate piece agnst Hazara saying they don’t resist from getting each other killed if it serves thr purpose

  • What I feel is that there is no one clear, every one is agent. Every one is working for some Power (ISI, Iran,personal intrest …..) Resulting a wors life for us, a lfie that is becoming more harder as days passing. We cant go out of our area. Who ever among us tries to make group and make us unit a person or a small group stands and say “That is agent, working on cause of some one else”. Let me sujjest one real and long lasting Sulution. Be patiant read it and think about it.
    We are being killed as we are SHIA from more than 100 years. Lets make a group of at least 300 or 400 and announce in news paper giveing our Name sayin “We accept the real Islamic Religen I mean SUNNI”. and futher more a week or two week later an other group bigger become SUNNI. Lets arrange it and make 2000 to 10000. After being mixed they will stop killing us. Belive me its Easier and Non harm Solution. I am one vouluntier. Comment on my sujjestion and let me know who is with me.

  • @Rahim Rahimi: this suggestion of yours will have harsh reactions from the puppets. we, wanting to raise our voice to stop or atleast Shia Hazara killings, are named as ISI agents/khaliq’s supporters. there are over 500 Shias killed in Quetta since 1999 and over 80% of them are Hazaras (@Mehdi open your eyes).
    your nonsense thought, Shias organized the Protest in UK and Hazaras did organize a seperate protest!!! prove it.
    how come you Iranian Puppets left the ground, did your boss order you?

  • @HumayounBehzad Hazara’s unique racial features make it easy for their LeJ-ASWJ killers to identify & kill them. Cause of hate is sect!
    he agrees in one and disagrees the other.
    @HumayounBehzad Sectarian violence means Shias are being killed by Sunnis which is not true. ASWJ-SSP-Taliban don’t represent Sunnis.
    @HumayounBehzad Statistically, the ratio of non-Hazara Shias killed in Balochistan is no less than Hazara Shias killed. @ShahidQazi1
    do you agree?

  • @Rahim Rahimi: Call Sunni hazaras to live among you here (if shia extremist allow them) rather than converting to Sunni. this can be a better solution.

  • Afzal Afzali, I dont have any Idea how to contact Sunni Hazara! I am realy thinking a compaign for what I siad. Also I will try to have some contact with Sunni Hazara even if I need to go Watan(Afghanistan). That bringing Sunni Hazara is realy not precticle as I think.
    Please do comment good or bad, Try to be positive in comment and do sujjest me. E mail me if any one dont want to coment openly. I am launching a Facebook Compaign too.
    Rahim Rahimi

  • Salam Dear

    Well i read your article. i am really disappointed from your view. Here in Quetta it is totally Hazara Killing not shia killing. why Hazaras are not targeted out of Quetta like taftan and other places of Balochistan. there are many wahabi groups. No doubt behind this killing there is hand of security agencies of Pakistan.

    it is not the time to blame each other. it time for getting get to gather to one cause. please sir do not try to divide us. we fuck iran and ISI too. just think about your own interest. as it is said
    no one is your enemy it is all about interest so think about your interest and fuck others okkkkk. proud to be hazara and we do not need to have any certificate from any one that we are shia.


  • Salam Dear

    I read the article and as well as the comments from different friends. my friends are talking about the personalities that they are agent of different countries.
    i want to reply all of you friends be an agent but do work for your nation interest. As one personality said,
    so dear friends think about your nation interest and fuck others. NO one is permanent friend and no one is permanent enemy it depends on their interest.

    So do not divide your nation and just think who can be beneficial for your nation interest and fuck the rest of them whether that is Iran or USA or some other countries


  • @Afzal Afzali: my eyes, heart are both open; you need to open yours, be fair with yourself and with the people who are around you no matter who they are; don’t call shia killing ‘hazara killing’ because it is not!

    The killings of shia hazaras in Mastung took place on Sep. 20th 2011 (Tuesday) and just three days later shias demonstrated in front of Pakistan embassy in London on September 24th, view the video below (check the date of demostration) shia hazaras were also present during that demonstration -don’t forget it was a shia demonstration against shia killing!


    Then on Oct the 3rd 2011 (Monday), almost 10 days later Hazaras organised their demonstration in front of Pakistan Embassy, without involving non-hazara shias because theirs was a Hazara demonstartion whereby they wanted to portray the killing as ‘hazara killing’ for their own ulterior motives, that is why their demonstration was not a spontaneous one like that of shias of Sep. 24, rather it took the organisers 10 days to get their participants from across the UK on the demonstration site.

    The above also shows the pains the shias felt about their shia hazara brothers’ killings and they did not wait long!


    I know Azali the above proof will not satisfy you as it doesn’t go well with your intended goals of misrepresentation and double standards! You can bury the facts for sometimes but can’t hide them for ever!

    Abdul Nishapuri, I find it equally shameful that some of these peudo-liberals/intellectuals think that any one who does not agree with them is Abdul Nishapuri! Let them accuse you of whatever they deem fit their narrow world of personal interests and tunnel vision!

    @Rahim Rahimi, bacchem bor kannu her chi k dil tu meykhaya, awal khod tu sunnish, aazra kho amu ter hum baray paissa ghadar eessaaeie hum shudan, az yaad tu raft da quetta mo aazrago chi kaara ra nakadi wa na muni barae paissa! Your even suggestion is enough for the enemies to know how cowards we could be, want to convert because others want to kill us. Afterwards you will expect them to feed you as well baz saba’ish khad guftan auw ammo dukhtara-e khod ra hum baireen na k mo shuma ra baaz mukshi, shame on your week personality and way of thinking!

    AbdulNishapuri, keep up the good work, the majority of hazaras are not with these ISI touts (HDP/HSF)



  • I’m please you have provided us ‘hazaras’ this platform where you should expect more and more hazaras, expressing their views for and against an issue – unlike hazaranewspakistan!

  • Joining hands to Mehdi Hazara – All what u said is the voice within me unheard. Well , individual efforts will make us go to some positivity at-last. Individuals like Mehdi Hazara shall continue their efforts and make it possible to fail the ISI sponsored agents like Khaliq’s plans.

    Pleased to see blogs like this one.

  • Rahimi’s suggestion needs to be amended. Converting is no solution. But call for unity with the Ahl-e-Sunnat brethren will heal the wounds somehow. Remember! Do not sell off your beliefs at any cost, even if you only make a Call for it and remaining from within the same. It is what Jinnah did by not presenting himself Shia on Public and so we are facing the consequences; that today we are deemed and compelled to be called as a minority , which we will not accept EVER.