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Obfuscation by Sethi and Rumi in The Friday Times: Shia genocide by Deobandis in Pakistan or Sunni-Shia sectarian violence?

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State-sponsored Shia genocide or Sunni violence against Shia community? A response to Sadanand Dhume

We are very disappointed to see misrepresentation of Shia genocide in Pakistan in at least four articles in a recent issue of The Friday Times (March 02-08, 2012 – Vol. XXIV, No. 03). If Pakistan’s apparently progressive or liberal columnists in English press are obfuscating and misrepresenting systematic attacks on Pakistan’s Shia and Sunni Sufi Muslims at the hands of the Jihadist-state sponsored Deobandi terrorists, what can be expected from the pro-Taliban, pro-Jamaat-e-Islami right wing columnists in Urdu press?

Clearly, authors and editors at The Friday Times (TFT) have taken lead from their Editor in Chief Najam Sethi who himself was found misrepresenting Shia genocide in Pakistan only a few days ago on Geo TV’s Aapas Ki Baat (Talk Show). The details can be read at the following link: https://lubpak.net/archives/73439

Such a view dishonestly blames Sunni Muslims for violence against Shia Muslims and vice versa. It also shows a false neutrality and false binary between the systematic and indiscriminate massacres of Shia Muslims and acts of violence against Sunni Muslims. We urge TFT editors to consider the fact that majority of Pakistan’s peaceful Sunni Muslims have dissociated themselves from Deobandi ASWJ-SSP terrorists: https://lubpak.net/archives/71673

Saleem Javed’s article on “Hazara persecution” misrepresents Shia persecution and genocide as an ethnic one and misquotes the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ)’s general warning to Shia Muslims across Pakistan by confining it to Hazara Shias only. This is what the author wrote: “Banned militant outfits have threatened to make Pakistan “a graveyard for the Shia Hazaras” and have asked them to leave the country by 2012.” Of course, the author carefully hid the fact that the LeJ’s warning is explicitly against all Shia Muslims of Pakistan and that LeJ is a sectarian, not an ethnic, terrorist organization. The author hides two facts: (1) Shias of not only Hazara ethnic but of all ethnic origins are being killed in Balochistan, (2) Massacre of Hazara community cannot and must not be seen in isolation from the ongoing Shia genocide taking place in other parts of Pakistan.

Saleem Javed’s article is very implicative particularly when it refers to Sariab Road to give it Hazara vs Baloch ethnic colour. (Previously, TFT published another misleading article on this topic in which Khaled Ahmed presented false binaries of Hazara Shias and Pasthun Taliban.) Indeed if Hazars are being killed due to their ethnicity, then the author should also disclose which ethnic group is killing them? This ethnic angle serves neither Hazaras nor Shias but serves the interests of those who are interested in covering up the ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan.

Saleem Javed’s article also has a very serious charge against Iran. The author writes: “In a single incident in 1998, Iranian forces killed more than 630 refugees, mostly Hazaras, in the Safed Sang Camp detention center.” This charge, however, has not been substantiated. Is there any statement by any human rights group (HRW, Amnesty) or United Nations to support this allegation? We have many complaints against Iranian theocracy including its very poor record on free speech and human rights, yet this is a very serious charge published by The Friday Times without any proof. If this charge remains unsubstantiated, it will show that the TFT has conveniently recycled and spread the Saudi-US inspired propaganda.

Critical readers are aware that Iran and Iranian-patronage is often used as an excuse to spread further hatred against Pakistani Shias. Defaming Iran legitimatises Shia killing in Pakistan, SSP-ASWJ does that. Now progressive journals such as TFT are using the same discourse?

ASWJ-SSP militants and ISI-propagandists often stereotype Pakistani Shias as Iranian agents

Pakistani Shias are routinely stereotyped by SSP-ASWJ-Taliban and establishment-touts (Ejaz Haider etc) as Iranian agents. In fact, SSP-ASWJ leader Ludhianvi describes his participation in Difa-e-Pakistan as Difa (defence) against USA, India and Iran. Iranian connection or label is then used to misrepresent Shia genocide in Pakistan as a proxy-war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iranian label is also used to reinforce the othering and hatred against Pakistani Shias. This leads to further target killing. Saddam used to do that, by describing and ridiculing Iraqi Shias as Iranian agents. Same tactic is used by autocratic anti-Shia regimes in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. Ejaz Haider (of the Jinnah Institute) used the same technique in an Express Tribune article in 2011 to justify the target killing of Shia Hazaras in Quetta by painting them as Iranian stooges. Now, The Friday Times has done the same by blaming Iran to be responsible for the murder of 630 Hazaras which has two effects. It dishonestly highlights the ethnic nature of Hazara genocide in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere which is anything but true. Further, it throws bad light on Iran and by stereotypical association on Pakistani Shias, thus obfuscating and justifying their genocide.

We encourage TFT editors to understand that certain agents of Pakistan’s military establishment have been tasked to distort and misrepresent the Shia genocide to give it an ethnic colour. For example, the following article explains how such agents work: http://pakistanblogzine.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/abdul-khaliq-hazara-and-the-ethnic-cleansing-narrative-by-marya-mushtaq/

Also please refer to the list of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan to understand that Shia genocide in Balochistan and elsewhere is not an ethnic issue: https://lubpak.net/archives/64797

Do TFT editors know what’s common in Shia Pashtuns, Shia Hazaras, Shia Punjabis, Shia Muhajirs, Shia Saraikis, Shia Sindhis, Shia Balochs etc? Have they read the SSP-LeJ’s fatwa against Shia Muslims, particularly those of Parachinar and Quetta?

Ali Chishti’s article (The Al Qaeda connection) is relatively better because it not only highlights the target killing of Shia Muslims by ASWJ-SSP terrorists but also shows that a large number of moderate Sunni Barelvis too have been killed by the same group of extremist Deobandi terrorists. However, Chishti needs to clearly highlight the fact that Shia genocide is being enabled by a military state which supports Jihadi-sectarian militant groups of extremist Deobandis. He needs to stay away from the sectarian violence or sectarian fault-lines discourse which is both misleading and obfuscating. He also needs to acknowledge that a significant number of non-Hazara Shias too have been killed in Balochistan for their Shia beliefs.

In the same issue, TFT also published an article by Zia Ur Rehman, titled ‘Battle for Kurram’. The article presents false neutrality between the well documented establishment-Taliban-ASWJ’s blockade and genocide of Shia Muslims of Parachinar (Toori Pashtus) with Shias’ legitimate defence to save their lives, honour and property from the army-backed Haqqani Taliban (and their Punjabi ASWJ-SSP supporters). The article also uncritically recycles the estabslishment propaganda about an imaginary Shia terrorist group Haideri Taliban. Zia-ur-Rehman writes:

The only known Shia militant group is the Mehdi Militia (sometimes called the Haideri Taliban), consisting mainly of Turi tribesmen. “The group has large public support among Shias in Kurram and is concentrated in the upper Kurram area of Parchinar and Ziayran,” according to a report published by Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS). Their opponents say the group is supported by allies in Iran and Afghanistan.

Did you notice the dirty word “Iran” again to justify and obfuscate Shia genocide in Kurram? Recently, Jang Group too published the same ISI-esque propaganda about Haideri Taliban by holding the group responsible for a recent bomb attack on a bus station in Peshawar. Upon strong protestations by Shia and other rights activists, Jang retracted the ill-intended report and rendered an apology, which can be read here: http://pakistanblogzine.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/jang-group-the-news-retracts-its-isi-inspired-report-on-haideri-taliban/

In his article in the current issue (Violent Sectarianism), Raza Rumi refers to vague terminology, sectarian violence or sectarianism to presents a simplistic and inaccurate account of Shia genocide in Pakistan:

The recent rise in sectarian killings, for instance, is a continuation of the trends already gathering pace in Pakistani society from the 1980s. They indicate the growing retreat or failure of state and law enforcement agencies against the expanding power of militant groups that deploy guerrilla tactics to achieve their goals. Sectarianism in its contemporary manifestation, therefore, cannot be delinked from the larger growth of Pakistan-based terror groups and their alliance with the global Jihadist project negotiated by the loose conglomerate known as Al Qaeda.

Clearly, Rumi does not recognize that more than the failure of state and law enforcement agencies, it is the active support of Pakistani state (read Pakistan army) to anti-Shia Jihadi-sectarian groups which is enabling an ongoing and systematic Shia genocide. More than Al Qaeda or Taliban, the blame rests with those who created, mentored and treated AQ, Taliban and other Jihadi-sectarian organizations as their strategic assets!

Rumi refers to Muhammad Amir Rana’s vague data related to sectarian violence and fails to provide any statistics at all in terms of total number of Shia Muslims killed in 2011 or in previous years.

One line comment on Rumi’s article is this placard in Urdu in a recent Shia protest against genocide: http://www.dardistantimes.com/sites/default/files/story_images/Gilgit-Kohistan-18-Shot.jpg which clearly describes that Pakistan army’s Jihadist policies are responsible for systematic and ongoing target killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

What’s common in Najam Sethi, Hamid Mir and Raza Rumi’s discourse? All three of them describe Shia genocide as sectarian violence! This is where the apparently progressive writers (Sethi, Rumi, Haider) and known Taliban apologists (Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi etc) converge.

Almost all of the articles published on Shia genocide in the current issue of the TFT refer to vague and false neutral terms: sectarian fault lines, sectarian violence, sectarianism. This is utter non-sense. It is now amply documented and established that Shia genocide by the Jihadist-generals-sponsored ASWJ-SSP-Taliban terrorists must not be misrepresented as sectarian violence. It is well established that majority of peaceful Sunnis reject and disown ASWJ-SSP terrorists. Therefore, presenting Shia genocide as sectarian violence is an intellectual dishonesty. In a similar vein of dishonesty, media used to call frequent ambush of Talibans on Shias of Parachinar, Hangu and DI khan as “Tribal feud”.

We encourage TFT editors and other media persons to read Saroop Ijaz’s bold and clear article on Express Tribune (4 March 2012) on this topic. Saroop writes:

The Shia Muslims are being systematically murdered in Pakistan. Use the word ‘genocide’ and people would begin to protest and bring forth the dustiest of legal definitions. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ is slightly less contentious and is now occasionally being used in the case of the Hazara and other Shia. Reflect on the full import of the term for a moment, it has the implication that some people are merely filth and murder is a way to cleanse the impurity. Repulsive thoughts; are they not, but this is the mindset that is plainly looking us in the face. It is not ‘sectarian strife’ or ‘conflict’, since that would presume the existence of at least two parties with a semblance of parity. The euphemisms would be silly and disingenuous at all times, but what makes them wicked is that it is either fear or prejudice which leads to their usage. To admit or be open to the possibility that the Shia are being slaughtered through an orchestrated scheme, in a country with the second-highest Shia population in the world is to be open to the realisation of just how deep the rot has spread.

Apparently, by painting Shia genocide as routine sectarian violence (barring a few one line caveats here and there), the current issue of The Friday Times serves to deflect the responsibility of Shia genocide in Pakistan from the real killers: i.e., Pakistan army, which has recently enabled further Shia genocide through the tacit support to the Difa-e-Pakistan Council comprising anti-Shia Jihadi-sectarian terrorists.

More than one authors in TFT’s  issue under review have cited research by Muhammad Amir Rana, director at Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) to provide a flawed and dishonest account of Shia genocide in Pakistan. Of course the terminology used by Rana himself is vague, sectarian violence, and that’s not without a purpose. Rana does not provide the exact data on total number of Shias killed and lumps up all deaths in one block and one terminology. His sense of history is as flawed as that of other proxies of Pakistan’s military establishment.


Here is a sample of Rana’s research reported in Shahzad Raza’s article in TFT:

According to PIPS statistics, 314 people were killed in 111 sectarian related incidents of violence in 2011. The advent of violent sectarianism in Punjab, Rana recalls, dates back to the assassination of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, a Deobandi religious leader from the district of Jhang. A killing spree that began in reaction still continues in one way or the other.

The above paragraph shows how intensity and scale of Shia genocide is covered up. For example, refer to this vague line: “314 people were killed in 111 sectarian related incidents of violence in 2011.” Now compare this to the Amnesty International’s clear data (revealed on Twitter by Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty) that at least 276 Shia Muslims were target killed in 2011 in Pakistan, this figure does not include many other deaths which remain unreported or unverified. Do you see the difference?

Also any researcher who dates back Shia genocide to SSP’s terrorist leader Haq Nawaz Jhangvi’s death is either dishonest (a sold out soul) or incompetent. Where will Rana hide the fact that the systematic genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan started in Therhi, Khairpur (Sindh) when at least 118 Shia Muslims were butchered by armed Deobandis on 6 June 1963 during the rule of Pakistan’s first military dictator General Ayub Khan? Where will he hide the fact that the recent wave of violence and target killing started in the aftermath of the Saudi-funded, ISI-handled recruitment and training of Jihadi-sectarian militants for the so called Jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir?

This is how TFT resorts to false neutrality to justify and obfuscate Shia genocide: “What we have seen recently is the ruthless targeting of Shia doctors,” Rana says. “In response, Shia groups kill lawyers and leaders of their rival groups.” (Shahzad Raza cites Muhammad Amir Rana).

Really? Would Rana equate Palestinians’ violence to the State atrocities by Israel against Palestinians? Would he compare and equate Kashmiri militants struggle with the disproportionately violent response by the Indian State? Can a few, very few acts of violence or resistance by Shia Muslims against ASWJ-SSP militants (enemy combatants) be equated with the State-sponsored Jihadi-sectarian groups’ indiscriminate violence against Shias? Are Shia Muslims indiscriminately targeting Sunni Muslims the way they are being indiscriminately killed by SSP-ASWJ-Taliban terrorists in their Muharram processions, mosques, markets and offices? Apparently, these questions do not mean much for TFT editors!

The issue under review of TFT is a sombre reminder that Pakistani media is an accomplice to genocide of Shias and other persecuted and target killed groups in Pakistan.

We want to assert that Hazras are killed because they are Shia not because they are Hazras. Any attempt to hide the Shia identity in turn hides the real motives of the LeJ-SSP killers and enables further Shia genocide. Moreover, those who are killing Shia Muslims in Pakistan don’t represent Sunnis. This is not sectarian violence. This is Jihadist-establishment sponsored terrorism.

We hope TFT will stop publishing propaganda which gives Shia persecution and target killing an ethnic color. Similarly, anyone who describes target killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan as a routine sectarian violence contributes to misrepresentation of Shia genocide by the establishment-sponsored Jihadi-sectarian militants.

We will welcome all genuinely representative research on Shias, Ahmadis and other oppressed groups and urge Pakistan’s urban elites, including those in English media, to consider engaging with genuine Shia, Ahmadi, Baloch, Pashtun activists before writing “on” them?

Ahmadiyya Muslims’ reaction:

Ahmadis on Twitter have strongly reacted to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the anti-Ahmadi legislation at least in one article (by Raza Rumi) in the current issue of TFT. The article was also published in Ejaz Haider led Jinnah Institute’s misleading report on extremism in Pakistan. Raza Rumi writes with respect to second amendment in Pakistan’s constitution: “The amendment did not explicitly mention the Ahmadi community and has been used by hardliner Sunni clerics to also target the Shia community in Pakistan.”

Here are a few comments from Twitter:

Wasif ‏ @wasifsa
Never was the 2nd Amendment in Pakistan’s constitution used by the State of Sunni clerics against Shia Muslims as claimed by Raza Rumi in his TFT article. The article serves to save the strategic assets of the Army aka LeJ and blame it on legislation for Shia Killing

The article presents the author as a supporter of the status quo, and the misrepresentation of second amendment is tantamount to hijacking the Ahmadi cause

Two major English media groups today published dishonest reports/articles against Ahmadiyya Community! Sheep in wolf’s clothing!

Mr. Raza Rumi writes that the second amendment was used against Shia Muslims and Ahmadis were not the only target. This is factually wrong. Very very deplorable stance. Author must have read the Law himself before scribbling!

The second amendment is specifically anti-Ahmadis. It has nothing to do with or against Shia Muslims. Shia Muslims are being targeted by the Strategic Assets of the Pakistani Punjabi Army, not by the second amendment.

Will @AhmadiyyaTimes @Al_Ufaq #PakistanBlogzine, #LUBP and #FridayTimes publish an article against this dishonesty twitpic.com/8qy2yq

Text of Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. “A person who does not believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of The Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last of the Prophets or claims to be a Prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Muhammad (Peace be upon him), or recognizes such a claimant as a Prophet or religious reformer, is not a Muslim for the purposes of the Constitution or law.”

Naeem Shamim ‏ @naeemshamim
Misrepresentation of #ShiaKillings and using the Ahmadi Persecution pedestal for it is a shameless act!

Sohaib Mengal Baloch ‏ @MirSohaib
@najamsethi justified kill and dump in Balochistan in his last night’s show. Calls it national interest.

Naeem Shamim ‏ @naeemshamim
@MirSohaib @najamsethi and this morning published a piece in his TFT magazine that is full of lies

Selective Morality is the common heritage of all Fake Liberals of Pakistan!

Blame the Shia killings on a law that is purely against Ahmadis and save the Army’s Strategic Assets! That’s Raza Rumi’s Logic?

Instead of naming the true killers of the Shia, TFT tried to hijack the Ahmadi Persecution cause

Mullahs in the Urdu Print/Electronic media , Mullah-like creatures in the English media!

Raza Rumi has let many of us down today! Now thats what makes the so called intelligentsia of the Islami Jamhooriya!

The Friday Times must publish an apology for this blunder! Must not allow such nonsense to get published

Update: We appreciate the fact that Raza Rumi has now revised his article by amending/inserting the following line: “The amendment explicitly targetted the Ahmadi community but has also been used by hardliner Sunni clerics to target the Shia community in Pakistan.” However, no such amendment was possible in the print version of TFT and also previous report published by the Jinnah Institute. We look forward to Ahmadi Muslims response to this editing. At the same time, we stand by our concerns about grave misrepresentation of Shia genocide in numerous articles in TFT. We expect that TFT will retract the misrepresenting articles and offer an apology to Pakistan’s Shia, Sunni Barelvi and Ahmadi communities.

Editorial team of The Friday Times


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  • Because I dont see how the ISI or the #DeepState actually gets ANY benefit from all this what LUBP-walay yell about!

    How EXACTLY does the ISI or #DeepState benefit from this violence when all it does is just show how COMPROMISED its own administration and rule of law is in Balochistan!

    Also remember that ASWJ-LeJ killers also get tactic support from BLA terrorists and vice-versa.


  • Money that flows in from Arab countries… These bloody maniac people are trying to drag the war in their country… since the soviet war they have become used to the foreign money… If this conflict is indeed turned into a sectarian conflict (which the agencies want to develop) then these guys would get opportunity to fill their pockets well….

    Kindly read this interview… this interview was taken in 2011 and when Arab spring specially the Bahrain problem was creating tension among Arabs and Iran…
    (Kindly read the whole interview – specially the 3rd question where Aslam baig talks about tectonic plates)

  • In fact, ISI is helping Iran to build the pipeline through the Difa-e-Pakistan Council comprising Ludhianvi, Hafiz Saeed and Hamid Gul.

  • If you know… Still million of dollars get funnelled in from Arab Countries into Pakistan… So how do you expect these bloody huge terrorist seminaries are being funded.. ??

  • @M Ali Khan

    ISI has created Jihadi-sectarian beasts whose very ideology is based on hatred of Shias. ISI treats Shia genocide as a collateral damage for a much worthier cause, the strategic depth. It does not touch its Jihadi assets, who cares if a few thousand impure Muslims are killed?

  • Money that flows in from Arab countries… These bloody maniac people are trying to drag the war in their country… since the soviet war they have become used to the foreign money… If this conflict is indeed turned into a sectarian conflict (which the agencies want to develop) then these guys would get opportunity to fill their pockets well….

    Kindly read this interview…

    this interview was taken in 2011 and when Arab spring specially the Bahrain problem was creating tension among Arabs and Iran…
    (Kindly read the whole interview – specially the 3rd question where Aslam baig talks about tectonic plates)

  • Im a Hazara and I had also been handed out that flyer/pumfilt/open letter which Saleem Javed has talked about. I m posting some credible links here where u can clearly see the particular word Hazara Shia.

    And about this statement
    The author writes: “In a single incident in 1998, Iranian forces killed more than 630 refugees, mostly Hazaras, in the Safed Sang Camp detention center.”
    How could you ask/demand for HRW or UN,s report when u are fully aware that in countries such as Iran Its almost impossible to track down these massacres, we have many witnesses who had run away and managed to survive from Safed Sang Camp. many of them have gone mad since that incident…
    and dont forget that Baloch,s have recently rejected the HRW/HRCP’s report.

  • How credible are Human Roghts Organizations specially in Pakistan where some of them are declared to be CIA agents, everyone knows,,,,
    when LUBP itself dnt have any proof of denial to Saleem’s statement about Safed Sang Massacre of Hazara People so how come they ask the same from him….

  • Congress funds 400 mil in covert spy ops against Iran

    Hersh: Congress Agreed to Bush Request to Fund Major Escalation in Secret Operations Against Iran

    Congressional leaders agreed to a request from President Bush last year to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran aimed at destabilizing Iran’s leadership, according to a new article by veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker magazine. The operations were set out in a highly classified Presidential Finding signed by Bush which, by law, must be made known to Democratic and Republican leaders. The plan allowed up to $400 million in covert spending for activities ranging from supporting dissident groups to spying on Iran’s nuclear program. Hersh joins us from Washington DC.


    Guess who is getting this money to spread propaganda against Iran, to pave way for US-Israel-Saudi war on Iran?

    Najam Sethi (TFT)
    Mir Shakil (Jang)
    Ummat (Jamaat Islami)
    Difa-e-Pakistan Council (ASWJ, JuD etc).

    The propaganda movie on fictitious Hazara genocide by Iran too was funded by the US secret fund.

  • By William Lowther in Washington DC and Colin Freeman12:01AM GMT 25 Feb 2007
    America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear programme.

    In a move that reflects Washington’s growing concern with the failure of diplomatic initiatives, CIA officials are understood to be helping opposition militias among the numerous ethnic minority groups clustered in Iran’s border regions.
    The operations are controversial because they involve dealing with movements that resort to terrorist methods in pursuit of their grievances against the Iranian regime.
    In the past year there has been a wave of unrest in ethnic minority border areas of Iran, with bombing and assassination campaigns against soldiers and government officials.


  • اسپنی روڈ کے واقعے میں ملوث عناصرکی گرفتاری کیلئے 48 گھنٹے کا الٹی میٹم
    Written by ہزارہ رپورٹر | March 30, 2012 | 0

    ہزارہ ٹرائیب
    شیعہ تنظیموں کی جانب سے ملزمان کی گرفتاری کیلئے 48 گھنٹے کا الٹی میٹم دیا گیا ہے ۔

    کوئٹہ بلوچستان شیعہ کانفرنس، ہزارہ قومی جرگہ، اتحاد تاجران اورشیعہ علماء کونسل نے پودگلی اوراسپنی روڈ کے واقعات میں ملوث عناصرکی گرفتاری کیلئے حکومت کو48 گھنٹے کا الٹی میٹم دے دیا ۔ جمعرات کوچیف آف ہزارہ قبائل سردارسعادت علی ہزارہ، بلوچستان شیعہ کانفرنس کے صدرسید محمد اشرف زیدی، ہزارہ قومی جرگہ کے صدرسربراہ حاجی عبدالقیوم چنگیزی، علامہ جمعہ اسدی اوردیگرنے مشترکہ پریس کانفرنس کرتے ہوئے کہا ہے کہ گزشتہ کئی سال سے ہزارہ قوم کی ٹارگٹ کلنگ کا سلسلہ جاری ہے جس میں ہزارہ قوم سے تعلق رکھنے والے سیکڑوں افراد جاں بحق ہوچکے ہیں ۔ یہ دہشتگردی اورہزارہ قوم کی نسل کشی کی کوشش ہے ۔ مگرافسوس ناک امرتویہ ہے کہ ان واقعات میں ملوث عناصرکیخلاف آج تک حکومت اورانتظامیہ نے کوئی کاروائی نہیں کی جس سے بات کوتقویت ملتی ہے کہ دہشتگردی کے واقعات میں ملوث عناصرکوحکومتی اورانتظامی سطح پرکہیں نہ کہیں سرپرسی حاصل ہے ۔

    ان تمام حالات کومدنظررکھتے ہوئے جمعرات کوچیف آف ہزارہ قبائل سردارسعادت علی ہزارہ کی صدارت میں ہزارہ قومی جرگہ، اتحاد تاجران، بلوچستان شیعہ کانفرنس، شیعہ علماء کونسل سمیت دیگرجماعتوں کا اجلاس ہوا جس میں باہمی مشاورت سے فیصلہ کیا گیا کہ سینیٹرنوابزادہ حاجی لشکری رئیسانی اوردیگربلوچ اورپشتون قبائلی شخصیات پرمشتمل گرینڈ جرگہ تشکیل دیا جائے گا جوتباہ کن حالات پرقابو پانے اورقیام امن کیلئے کردارادا کرے گا ۔ اوروہ علاقے جہاں مسلسل اس قسم کے واقعات رونما ہورہے ہیں ان علاقوں کے ایس ایچ اوزکیخلاف مشترکہ لائحہ عمل طے کرکے چیف سیکرٹری، پولیس سربراہ سے ملاقات کرکے وہاں ایماندارعملہ تعینات کرنے کیلئے سفارشات تیارکی جائینگی ۔ انہوں نے پودگلی اوراسپنی روڈ کے واقعات میں ملوث عناصرکی گرفتاری کیلئے حکومت کو 48 گھنٹے کے اندرکاروائی نہ کی گئی توملک گیرسطح پرسخت احتجاج کیا جائیگا انہوں‌ نے کوئٹہ اورگردونواح میں دہشتگردوں کی جانب سے علماء اہلسنت کوشہید کرنے کے واقعات کی بھی مذمت کی اورحکومت سے مطالبہ کیا کہ علماء اہلسنت کے قتل میں ملوث افراد کوگرفتارکرکے قرارواقعی سزادی جائے ۔


  • @ Yasin

    you mean the same Jihadi groups who, after 9/11, say “Napak Fauj Murdabad” and actively support TTP attacks on Army and ISI??!!

  • “Hazara”, LUBP did not make the claim of 650 mass murdered by Iran; TFT did. They are the ones who are supposed to back it up. One can accuse Iran of many human rights violations but violations have to be backed by facts. Also, what motive would Iran have of killing Hazaras? Are you NOT aware of the FACT that after the takeover of Mazar-e-Sharif and another genocide of Hazara Shias backed by Pakistani Taliban, as well as murder of Iranian diplomats, it was Iran that was nearly at war with Pakistan and the Taliban.

    Please have the sense of taking criticism. You defend this individual Saleem Javaid without realizing that he is deliberately misrepresenting the genocide of Shia Hazaras as an isolated event that is not connected to the Shia massacres over the rest of Pakistan.

  • @Yasin

    as far as I know, the most anti-Shia and pro-Taliban groups are almost exclusive to the SSP-LeJ-ASWJ nexus.

    This nexus, despite the DPC nonsense, have been VERY anti-army and anti-Shia over the last decade. They support suicide attacks in Pakistan, cheer the deaths of Ahmedis and Shias, and dream of a neo-Salafist caliphate here.

    lets not forget that the so-called “good Taliban” also get help from Iranian regime nowadays to fight off the Yanks in Afghanistan.

  • Najam Sethi club is cleverly using ISI-spokesperson Saleem Javed to obfuscate Shia genocide.

    Here are some tweets by Saleem Javed:

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Ditto! RT @masydoraja: Hazaras are not killed for sectarian reasons. Even if they were Sunnis dey wud suffer due 2 ethnicity

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    RT @masydoraja: bringing Sectarian colour in focus is a sinister agenda to accentuate another faultline in #Balochistan

    mSaleemJaved mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Bravo! RT @masydoraja: U R not doing service to Pakistan by painting an ethnic problem with sectarian

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    If I call it sectarian, it’s an oversimplification of the issue. RT @PakistanEHRC: @mSaleemJaved How can you say there is not anti-Shia group operating in Quetta? Plz clarify your position

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    It is shameful that #Pakistani authorities are turning a blind eye to ethnically targeted killings of the #Hazara in Balochistan says@HRW
    RT by mSaleemJaved

  • @M Ali Khan

    How conveniently you ignored the role of ISI in the formation of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, a coalition of two vehemently anti-Shia groups (SSP-ASWJ and JuD)!

    How conveniently you ignored the fact that recent wave of Shia genocide got momentum after ASWJ-SSP leaders were granted legitimacy through DPC, and were able to reorganize and recruit!

    How conveniently you ignore the dirty role played by the ISI and Haqqani Taliban in blockading and massacring Shias of Parachinar!

    How conveniently you ignore the fact that ISI routinely abducts, kills and dumps Balochs in Balochistan and Pashtuns in Swat, also kills the bad Taliban (e.g. the Adiala Eleven) but no such treatment is offered to Malik Ishaq, Qari Saifullah Akhter and Aurangzeb Farooqi!

    How conveniently you ignore the fact that arrested LeJ-SSP militants are routinely freed from highly guarded prions in Quetta, D.G.Khan, Karachi and elsewhere!

    How conveniently you ignore that police officers in Balochistan and other parts of the country are routinely instructed by army agencies to refrain from touching their Jihadi-sectarian assets!

    Integrity is rare, obfuscation is abound!

  • how ever i am really surprise that you are writing an ariticle even you, your self surprised of wat you have written. all the ppl whos names are given by you and in your black list are famous ppl that all pakistan knows about them. according to your article simply only you are remaining a part from all and telling the truth.
    i read al the articles of sleem javed i found nothing wrong there and time and again you are trying to point out wat he said abou saryab i prefare for you to read that once again and catch the real meaning wat he means. he doesnt mean wat you understood.

  • i do not know why the author has directly oppose saleem javeed and seriously defend from the perfidious rejem of Iran. obviously that is the sign of having a very close relation with Iran and being the puppet of the rejem where 2000 people had been massacred in a the camp of (Sangi
    Safeed) in one day do you ignore that there had not been the mentioned number of Hazara tribe among them which saleem javeed has written in his article? that is a big shame for an islamic country who proclaim that borders among muslims are meaningless but again start violence against their Muslims brothers.

  • Dear writer how do u know these people are involved in killing hazara shia? are you working with any agencies or what? or by realsing this kinds of articles want to be popular or you want to distract the good relations of Pakistani people. working for (Musad) or (Raw) no doubt u have full and final information about these guyz i think you are also working with the *Musad* or *Raw* and one thing more to tell you. no doubt if u working for the iranian agencies , isn’t like that?

  • the Author of this article is just a coward/bastard and and a son of a beach spy working to disharmonious Pakistani people. U just the shut fuck up! and don\’t blame the others in order to hide your piece of sheets. Friends this website is Anti-Pakistani we should force to shut it down. this B/MF is just an evil. you coward extremist with the your superstitious and wrong idea want to involve people fighting each other. you are such a stupid why do u don\’t think for building Pakistan, how much corer dollars u receive for such temptations?

  • the Author of this article is just a coward/bastard and and a son of a beach spy working to disharmonious Pakistani people. U just the shut fuck up! and don’t blame the others in order to hide your piece of sheets. Friends this website is Anti-Pakistani we should force to shut it down. this B/MF is just an evil. you coward extremist with the your superstitious and wrong idea want to involve people fighting each other. you are such a stupid why do u don’t think for building Pakistan, how much corer dollars u receive for such temptations?

  • Najam Sethi (TFT), Imran Khan (PTI) and ISI use same word to misrepresent #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan: “Sectarian Violence”

    Friday, March 30, 2012
    PTI condemns the tragic incidence of sectarian violence in Balochistan

    Wednesday, February 29, 2012
    Imran Khan has strongly condemned the tragic incidence of sectarian violence in Gilgit Baltistan
    By Ehsen Naveed

    Press Statement By Chairman PTI Imran Khan


    Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan has strongly condemned the tragic incidence of sectarian violence in Gilgit Baltistan. He said that this act of terrorism has not only a killed 18 individuals but shattered the world for the families of these victims. He expressed deep sorrow for the bereaved families and offered condolence and dua.

    PTI strongly condemns all acts of sectarian violence and said that if PTI came to power it will work to unite sects of all religions to promote peace and harmony in the country.

    The tragic incidence speaks volumes of bad governance and failure of the government to bring the law and order situation under control. Since this government came into power there has been a considerable escalation in the frequency and intensity of incident of sectarian violence. PTI is determined to bring such law & order situations under control when elected to power. The
    chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf reassured that his party will launch a sustained effort to bring sectarian harmony in the country.

  • Dears, This trica of Army ,Media and Courts are behind shia genocide in Pakistan and they are all funded by American CIA by Petro Dollars. So, don’t ever expect they will favor you even if they give statements in your favor and let our nation be like that they get satisfied with us as Imame Ummat Imam Khomeni R.A Said

    “The Day the American is satisfied by us That is our Death’s Day.

  • How Trolls are confounding the Shia Rights Discourse
    April 25th, 2012
    by Abdul Majeed

    Source: Pak Tea House (editor: Raza Rumi)

    An article recently published in a notorious blog went on to criticize The Friday Times, Raza Rumi, Saleem Javed, Khaled Ahmad and Ali Chishti,because they dared to use the word “sectarian killings” instead of “Shia genocide” which is the term favored by the author of that post. The article also posited that there is a systemic genocide committed against Shias and that the #DeepState is somehow promoting it. The author did not specify exactly what benefit the #DeepState gets if they are actually complicit, when all it does is to actually compromise and damage its own writ and control. The article wanted us to believe that “Sectarian Violence/Genocide” is being “mis-represented” as a Proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The article mentioned the plight of the Hazara Shias and that they are not the only people to be targeted by the state-sponsored elements, rather it is a wide-spread national issue.

    1. First of all, let me admit that I think Shias have been mercilessly killed in Pakistan over the last 26 years, this killing has been supported by the Saudis and the sectarian groups were formed, if not at least facilitated, by the #DeepState

    2. Selective Amnesia
    There is a lot of flip-flopping and incessant nit-picking in the article. The issue of Genocide/Sectarian Killing is mostly a matter of Semantics. These people can claim that Genocide of Shias and Balcohs is being carried out while mostly ignoring the Genocide of settlers in Balochistan. They highlight it on rare occasions but ignore the 2000+ dead and 100,000 fleeing settlers from Balochistan just because of their ethnicity and THAT is an actual genocide!

    Genocide is a very strong word to be thrown around to win cheap publicity and points. Who will take up the case of 35 thousand Non-Shia Non-Hazara innocent people killed by the same Takfiris? Should we call that a genocide as well.?

    5. The #DeepState Question/Proposition
    Regarding the fact that Establishment(#DeepState) provided tacit support to sectarian groups such as Sipah Sahaba(ASWJ) and the likes of it(as part of the flawed Strategic Depth policy), these groups are no longer in control of the Deep State.
    These groups have outgrown their previous state backers and now openly declare them as enemies and facilitate some brutal attacks on the very #Deep State today. If the author got a chance to look at the newspapers in the last 3 years, there are numerous incidents where the Army even ISI and Commandos were attacked by the same groups due to their collaboration with the Takfiri Al Qaeda and TTP.
    If the State’s role has to be questioned, then a better argument would be that the State has failed to ensure rule of law across the land, rather than conveniently blame it for all our collective ills.


  • Fully disagreed about comments of the writer on Dr Saleem Javed’s article published in TFT. The topic of Dr Saleem Javed is on “persecution of Hazaras. But, not generally Shias”. In Quetta, the Hazaras are singled out due to their unique Mangol feature and they are targetted easily and softly which is undoubtedly linked with US withdrawal in 2014 from Afghanistan , believed by strategic analysts Rafia Zakaria etc. The “Hazaras Holocaust” in Quetta is isolated to that of Shia genocide in Pakistan. Take the instance of Mastung massacre of Hazaras in September 2011. They were taken out from pilgrims bus, lined up and killed. The other non-Hazara shias pilgrims, proceeding to Iran, present in the bus hitherto were not touched by the ruthless terrorists tasked by their masters (title of your article) to persecute with impunity only Hazaras. As far as HR bodies reports are concerned with Hazaras killings in Iran, if you do search newspapers of those days you can find the reports.

  • The “Shia genocide” in Pakistan “Hazara holocaust” in Quetta, both of them are equally failure of the state –political and military states of Pakistan as written by Hussain Haqqani in his supposed memo alleged by Mansoor Ejaz — to protect its citizens as guaranteed under Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan