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29 March 2012: Yet another Shia massacre in Quetta by ISI-backed Jihadis

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New Twitter activists against Shia genocide in Pakistan

Jihadi-sectarian militants of the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (new name Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ) shot dead seven members of the Shia Muslim community in the restive Balochistan province of southwest Pakistan.

Gunmen riding a motorcycle opened fire at around 8:00 a.m. at a van on the Spini Road in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, killing seven Shiites including a woman.

Shia groups described the attack as an incident of target killing, latest in the series of Pakistan army-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan.

It is important to mention that similar incidents of Shia massacre have occurred before in the same vicinity and at the same time when duties of security men are changed at 8:00 am.

Police said the slain persons were heading to work when the van was attacked at Spini Road. Doctors said a woman was among those killed in the incident.

Another six persons were injured in the attack. They were shifted to two hospitals in Quetta. At least one of the injured was in a critical condition, doctors said.

The gunmen fled after the attack.

Following the attack on the Shias in Quetta, angry people took to the streets and staged a demonstration on the busy Barori Road. The protesters blocked traffic on the road. The protestors shouted slogans against the army, police and the government for failing to prevent target attacks.

Two Shia groups announced three days of mourning to condemn the attack. The Tahafuz Azadari Council and Hazara Democratic Party also called for a strike in Quetta on Friday and warned of more protests if the killers were not arrested.

Yesterday, in a failed attempt, ISI-backed ASWJ-SSP terrorists attacked a Taxi carrying 4 laborers who were heading for their work at coal mines in Mach area. One coal-miner was reportedly injured.

Who is killing Shias:

Footsoldiers: Jihadi-sectarian militants belonging to ASWJ-SSP, Taliban (Jihadi-Deobandis)

Who is financing the killers?

Saudi Arabia, other Arab sheikhdoms

Who is training and protecting the killers?

Pakistan army (ISI), Supreme Court, Interior Minister Rehman Malik

Who is enabling Shia genocide in Pakistan?

Dishonest media, which routinely censors or misrepresents the ongoing Shia genocide in Pakistan.

English press: Ejaz Haider, Najam Sethi, Cyril Almeida, Raza Rumi, Shehrbano Taseer, Shaheen Sehbai, Omar Waraich, Declan Walsh, Nasim Zehra, M Saleem Javed

Urdu press: BBC Urdu, Jang, Nawaiwaqt, Ansar Abbasi, Irfan Siddiqi, Hamid Mir

Human rights groups:

HRCP (Zohra Yusuf), Amnesty International (Mustafa Qadri), HRW (Ali Dayan Hasan)

Dishonest politicians:

President Zardari, PM Gilani, Rehman Malik, Shahbaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, Nawab Raisani, Asfandyar Wali Khan

Video report: Dunya News


Urdu report

سانحہ اسپنی روڈ

فائرنگ کا واقعہ اسپنی روڈ پراس وقت پیش آیا جب ایک سوزوکی مسافروں کولیکراپنے منزل کی جانب جارہا تھا ۔

کوئٹہ آج صبح 8 بجے کے قریب نامعلوم موٹرسائیکل سواروں‌ نے ایک بارپھرہزارہ شیعہ مومنین پرفائرنگ کردی جسکے نتیجے میں اب تک کی اطلاعات کی مطابق 6 افراد شہید جبکہ متعدد زخمی ہیں ۔شہید ہونے والے مومنین کوہزارہ ٹاون کی امام بارگاہ ولی عصرمنتقل کرنے کی اطلاعات ہے ۔ جبکہ ایک شہید بی ایم سی ہسپتال میں‌ ہے ۔

شھید ہونے والوں میں شیعہ خاتون بھی شامل ہیں

یاد رہے 30 جولائی 2011ء کواسی جگہ پرہزارہ شیعہ کی سوزوکی کونشانہ بنایا گیا تھا اوراسی جگہ پرپولیس اورایف سی کی چیک پوسٹس ہیں ۔ اورآج ایک مرتبہ پھراسی جگہ پرپولیس اورایف سی کی موجودگی میں ہزارہ مومنین پرفائرنگ کی گئی ہے۔

جبکہ دوسری جانب میڈیا کی مجرمانہ غفلت کا یہ عالم ہے کہ وحیدہ شاہ کی تپڑتواسے نظرآتی ہے لیکن اتنے بے گناہ مظلومین کے لاشیں انہیں نظرنہیں آتے اورجس طرح کی کوریج انہیں دینے چاہیئے نہیں‌ دے رہیں

گاڑی ہزارہ ٹاؤن سے کوئٹہ شہر آرہی تھی۔

شھیدوں اور زخمی ہونے والے عزاداروں کو بی-ایم-سی، سی-ای-ایچ اور سول اسپتال مئتقل کیا گیا ہیں۔ زخمیوں کو خون کی ضرورت ہیں۔

مجلس وحدت مسلمین, شیعہ علماء کونسل اور ہزارہ ڈیموکریٹیک پارٹی کی طرف سے واقع کی مذمت اور تین روزہ سوگ کا اعلان، فورا دہشت گردوں کو گرفتار کرنے کا مطالبعہ

تازہ ترین اطلاعات کے مطابق پولیس کی فائرنگ سے مذید 1 مومین شہید اور 3 شدید زخمی، زخمیموں کو قریبی ہسپتال منتقل کر دیا گیا ہے. جبکہ متعدد افراد گرفتار.علاقے میں وقفے وقفے سے فائرنگ کا سلسلہ جاری ہے

اپنی حفاظت خود کرو، سیکورٹی اداروں سے امید رکھنا بے کار !

اسپنی روڈ میں سانحہ کی جگہ کے نزدیک ہی ڈی آئی جی پولیس کا دفتر، ایس ایس پی ٹریفک کا دفتر، اور پولیس، ایف سی کے چیک پوسٹس واقع ہیں۔

بے شک سیکورٹی ادارے نا صرف ان واقعات میں ملوث ہیں بلکہ قاتلوں کو پناہ اور راہ فرار بھی فراہم کرتے ہیں۔


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  • Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    1 view>MT @alisalmanalvi: Those who are not convinced abt Shia Killings being a genocide waiting for more killings to convince them

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    2nd view-> MT @Ziyad_F: #ShiaGenocide means falling for the same sectarian discourse which some hardline Sunni armed groups have promoted

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Attack on a passenger van carrying members of Hazara community has taken place just meters away from a police check-post claiming 6 lives.

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Hazara community under attack once again: 07+ killed, many injured in 3 seperate attacks for last two days. #Quetta #Pakistan


    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi
    Shia Killings are relentlessly continuing since 1980’s. I don’t know if that is not enough to attract some attention to this issue.

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh Close
    @alisalmanalvi Sir, there is your view. And there is second view. And there is third. And then fourth.Of course, views cannot be wrong.

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh
    That was but one attack on Mazloom Shias. Then you come up with views on these killings. What is it if not Genocide? #Pakistan

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh
    Quetta: I don’t know of any person who hasn’t lost a family member, a friend, a colleague, a teacher, a neighbor, a student. #ShiaGenocide

  • Mohammad Taqi ‏ @mazdaki
    Genocide is a term underused not overused in describing #Pakistan state crimes against #Baloch & #Shia

    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi
    Shame on Geo for deliberately concealing the fact that the deceased and injured belong to Shia Islam. #ShiaKillings

    Fazal Abbas ‏ @fazlabas
    @Darveshh Shia ppl including Zardari shd offer to pay Jazia to rulers of Pakistan and take a chance to live.

    M Usama Kabbir ‏ @UsamaKabbir
    @Darveshh History’l write when my Shia brothers were being killed, Pakistan behaved as a step mother

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh
    History ll write:’When Shias were being massacred in Pakistan,TV channels were broadcasting P-conference of Punjab’s leader on loadshedding’

    M Usama Kabbir ‏ @UsamaKabbir
    6 Hazara Shias martyred in Quetta: Any marathon tweets by twitterati as in Maya Khan case?

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh
    Watching news channels, I thought they should change their names into : Punjab ki ‘Dunya’, ‘Geo’ Punjab, Punjab ka ‘Samaa’, Punjab ‘Express’

    M Usama Kabbir ‏ @UsamaKabbir
    6 Hazara Shias martyred in Quetta: Any suo moto 2 question govt & agencies?

    Darvesh ‏ @Darveshh
    Followed Dunya News?Did it tell u thr was a massacre in Quetta today?7 Shia, including a woman were killed? NO. It said there’s loadshedding

  • Shias of Pakistan must wake up. They must ask India, Iran, USA, anyone to attack and eliminate the army which is training and protecting the Shia killers.

  • Najam Sethi fan club on Twitter (including those affiliated with Jinnah Institute, The Friday Times) are working very hard to obfuscate Shia genocide in Pakistan.

  • My heart cries for my Shia brothers and sisters. What’s their crime? They are supposed to be equal citizens of Pakistan.

    If ISI is not an accomplice, what has it done to secure innocent Shias?

  • Breaking news: According to some Iranian-influenced Shia mullahs, Israeli and American Blackwater is involved in Shia genocide in Pakistan.

    IRI-infected Shia Mullahs have asked ISI to save Shias from Black water (Zionist killers).

    Shia mullahs also demanded ISI to keep blocking NATO supplies so that our dearest friends Taliban could reorganize for further attacks on Shias.

  • As we anticipated, @etribune is fast becoming English version of daily Ummat. Shia identity wiped out!


    Five Hazaras gunned down in Quetta
    By Shehzad Baloch
    Published: March 29, 2012

    Van carrying families of Hazara community was en route to Marriabad when group of armed men opened fire on them. PHOTO: AFP/FILE
    QUETTA: At least five people, including a woman, were gunned down while six others sustained injuries when a van carrying people of the Hazara community was ambushed on Spini road in Quetta on Thursday morning.
    Law enforcement agencies and the police put security on high alert in the city after the incident.
    According to a senior police official, a van carrying families of the Hazara community was on its way to Marriabad from Hazara Town when a group of armed men opened indiscriminate fire on them near Killi Mubarak.
    As a result of which five people, including a woman, died on the spot while six others were wounded. The assailants, who were stated to be lurking in the area, fled the scene after the incident.
    A heavy contingent of police and security forces reached the spot and cordoned off the area in order to collect evidence.
    The bodies and injured were shifted to Provincial Sandeman Hospital and Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) where an emergency had been declared. The injured were later taken to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) because of their critical health condition.
    The provincial government beefed up the security across the city. “It could be an incident of sectarian target killing as all the people belonged to the Hazara community,” a senior official said. He added that Frontier Corps (FC) and police have jointly launched a search operation in different areas of Quetta and arrested 45 suspects.
    The search operation was launched in Killi Shahnawaz in Saryab.
    No group claimed responsibility for the attack till the filing of this report.
    The government has decided to form an exclusive force for the protection of the Hazara community following the frequent incidents of targeted killings in last year. However, once again the targeted attacks on the Hazara community have intensified during the past couple of days.
    The gruesome incident sparked protest in different parts of the city where protestors burnt tyres and forced the shopkeepers to close their shops.
    A girls college on Brewery Road was set ablaze while protestors also torched a motorcycle.

  • Those who are ever silent on Shia genocide in Pakistan or routinely obfuscate it are united in condemnation of LUBP and its editor.

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Quetta: At least 6 Members of Hazara community killed including a woman, many injured in Spiny Rd attack, #Pakistan. #Hazaragenocide

    Zia Ur Rehman ‏ @zalmayzia
    at least 7 members of #Hazara community killed, including a woman, many injured in a targeted attack today #Quetta by @mSaleemJaved

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Just for record: I have been harassed/threatened by various groups including Abdul Nishapuri & gang for highlighting Hazara Shia genocide.

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Can Twitter viruses such as Abdul Nishapuri simply shut up, at least for today and stop attacking on Hazaras? Let us pick the dead bodies.

    Meera Ghani ‏ @MeeraGhani
    @mSaleemJaved I’m sorry that’s all they know. Creating further divisions and pointing fingers. Don’t worry about them.

    Shoaib Taimur ‏ @shobz
    @mSaleemJaved just saw how those idiots resorted to their dirty tricks. ignore them. they have nothing better to do.

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    @MeeraGhani A world of thanks for the support.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    Salute and solidarity to @mSaleemJaved for his brave reporting from Balochistan

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    @shobz Thanks a million, bro.

    Urooj Zia ‏ @UroojZia
    @Ziyad_F LUBP is to the PPP what Taimur is to the Pakistani Left: the lunatic core.

    Lashkar Bugti ‏ @LashkarBugti
    I Condemn @criticalppp (#LUBP) and Abdul Nishapuri for propaganda against @mSaleemJaved, a person very active for #Hazara rights

    Munnazir Aziz ‏ @munnazir
    #lubp guys including Abdul Nishapuri harassing @mSaleemJaved for tweeting about killings of hazara shia’s , shame on #lubp

    Munnazir Aziz ‏ @munnazir  Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
    #lubp guys with fake i.d’s like laibaah , irfan qadri etc harass and threaten people if some one dares to expose and differ with them

    Mallick ‏ @munaeem
    @AnasMRaza @pppsocialmedia Read the tweets of and posts of Nishapuri, always accusing every state institutions.This is not right.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    And we, the ones who have to stand up to these nuts, start going “Omg SOS, Shia Genocide, HELP!” So we’ve played right into their hands

    1h Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    See, @MeeraGhani , think of it this way. A bunch of nuts are going around trying to actually carry out a Shia genocide.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    @MeeraGhani hmmm its true that if you compare the numbers, various Shia populations have borne the brunt of the Sunni-Shia violence.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    Salute and solidarity to @mSaleemJaved for his brave reporting from Balochistan

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    @MeeraGhani , for instance Zia ul Haq created Jihadis to meddle in Afghanistan, not to wipe out Pakistani Shias.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F · Open
    @MeeraGhani SSP, LeT enjoy state protection (for what its worth) for their role as “strategic assets”, not for killing Shias.

    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi · Open
    @Ziyad_F Something like saying, ‘What if my dog bites you at times? It bites others as well.’ @MeeraGhani

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    In Pakistan, @MeeraGhani , neither the state nor mainstream political forces want to wipe out Shia, thank Heavens.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    But, @Razarumi , I find it v. annoying that some secular Ayatollahs are looking to score cheap points over Hazara dead bodies.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    @MeeraGhani the Sunni-Shia violence in Pakistan is not one monolithic phenomenon. the history and motive forces of violence against Shia in, say, Jhang is v. diff from that against Hazaras in Balochistan. I’m saying its sectarian attacks on Shia, but cannot be considered a genocide.

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    Excellent. So we have yet more hysterics from the folks over at LUBP. This time, its about #ShiaKillings being a #ShiaGenocide

    Ziyad Faisal ‏ @Ziyad_F
    To speak of a #ShiaGenocide is harmful to the actual victims of #ShiaKilling . It fogs up the ethnic and geo-strategic factors involved.

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    2nd view-> MT @Ziyad_F: #ShiaGenocide means falling for the same sectarian discourse which some hardline Sunni armed groups have promoted


    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    If you can’t write on Shia genocide by ISI backed jihadis, don’t obfuscate its as ethnic or sectarian violence.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    @mSaleemJaved At this stage, it is important to highlight that Shia genocide is countrywide massacre against Shias of all ethnicities.

    Reasoner ‏ @PakiReasoner
    @mSaleemJaved Wondering why would Abdul Nishapuri harass/threaten you as he himself busy highlighting #ShiaGenocide ?

    TheBaloch ‏ @BalaachMarri
    @AbdulNishapuri This is an absolute massacre of Shias and nothing else. Baloch strongly condemn it. Part of Pakistani state policy. #ISI

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    @mSaleemJaved If LUBP has obfuscated #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan, your criticism is valid. If not, reconsider your obfuscations to save ISI.

    Abdul Nishapuri ‏ @AbdulNishapuri
    @mSaleemJaved Instead of abusing me, name and shame ISI-thugs who are killing #Shias in all parts of Pakistan. Thanks

    TheBaloch ‏ @BalaachMarri
    They’re killed bcoz they’re Shia and not Hazara RT @AbdulNishapuri: According to some ISI-touts, #ShiaGenocide in Quetta is ethnic violence

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    Thank God. This crap (@AbdulNishapuri) has blocked me. Now go and get laid with your Iranian boss. Khabees!

  • Police attack on Shiite protesters; 1 killed 4 injured in Quetta
    Quetta: Funeral procession of Shiite Muslims of Hazara community has been attacked in Hazara Town of Quetta, when security personals opened fire on Shiite protesters and killed 1 and injured 4 others, the Shia Post reported.

    According to reports, the protesters were demonstrating at Spini Road for the arrest of terrorists who were involved in target killing of Shiites of Hazra Community, who were killed today early in the morning. At least Six Shia Muslims of Hazara Community including a woman were gunned down while six others sustained injuries when a van carrying people of the Shia Hazara community was ambushed on Spini road in Quetta on Thursday morning.

    According to eyewitness, police opened fire on protesters and killed 1 and injured 4 others during the peaceful protest.


  • Mohammad Taqi ‏ @mazdaki
    @sahaider Checkout the mindset at work. Those who say its not #Shia #genocide should think again re: tweet by @FarooqiQuetta

    FarooqiQuetta ‏ @FarooqiQuetta
    QUETTA UPDATE: Aj 6 kafroo Ki murduri Pr Quetta Me Protest Karny Waly shia Pr Police Ki Firing 1 kuta murdar. Jb K 4 Zakmi.

    FarooqiQuetta ‏ @FarooqiQuetta
    Shio ka Byc0tt! GiLGiT>KaL se Sunnio k Liye ALag transp0rt Service chaLai jaegi “Haq4yar” k Naam se.. Tmam Sunni 4 N0. Suzuki me Safr krein.

  • Saleem Javed and other touts of Abdul Khaliq Hazara (pimp of Pakistan army) are part of Shia Ghetto Police.

  • At least 5 ShiaHazara Community members were Targeted and Martyred by Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist and six others sustained injuries, when a van carrying people belonging to the Shia Hazara community was ambushed on Spini road in Quetta Thursday morning. while after the Incident as the Shia Hazara Community Member enraged over the incident were Protesting , The Brutal Crack Down of Police on the Protesters claimed 3 more lives of Shia Hazara Men.

    As per previous history , Law enforcement agencies and the police put security on high alert in the city AFTER the incident.

    According to a senior police official who was not allowed to comment , the van was on its way to Marriabad from Hazara Town when when it was ambushed by the Terrorist of TTP , who opened indiscriminate fire near Killi Mubarak, On Spini Road , About 30 yds from a Permanent Police Post (As seen in the Pic ). It was a similar attack at the same spot , when 11 Shia Hazara were Martyred in a similar case of Target Killing in last year , July 2011


    کوئٹہ میں اب تک 45 بے گناہ شیعہ نوجوانوں کو گرفتار کیا جاچکا ہیں۔جن کا جرم اپنے شہیدوں کے لاشوں پر ماتم کرنا تھا۔افسوس!! ایسی نام نہاد حکومت اور سیکیورٹی ایجنسیوں پر جو قاتلوں کو گرفتار کرنے کی جرئت تو رکھتی نہیں۔ اور اپنے زور بازو کو مظلوموں پر دکھاتی ہیں۔

    تازہ ترین اطلاعات کے مطابق ڈی آئی جی عبدالواہدنے 15 رُکنی شیعہ وفد کو بروہی تھانہ میں مزاکرات کے لیے بلایا تھا۔ جہاں دھوکے سے شیعہ وفد کو گرفتار کیا گیا۔ ڈی آئی جی عبدالواہد کا کہنا تھا کہ شیعہ وفد کو آئی جی کے حکم پر گرفتار کیا گیا ہے۔

    ڈی آئی جی سمیت صوبائی حکومت کے عہدیداران کو شرم آنی چاھیے جو کوئٹہ میں لاشوں پر لاشہ اٹھا کر صبر کا مظاھرہ کرنے والے مظلوم شیعان علی پر بے دردی سے ظلم ڈھا رھے ہیں۔

    شیعہ عمائدین نے اعلان کیا ھے کہ جب تک تمام افراد رہا نہیں ہوجاتے ھم شہداء کو ہرگز نہیں دفنائے گے


    احتجاج ۔ ۔ ۔ احتجاج ۔ ۔ ۔ احتجاج

    کوئٹہ، کراچی اور پاکستان بھر میں جاری شیعہ نسل کشی کے خلاف

    30مارچ، بروز جمعہ،
    شام 5 بجے،
    پریس کلب اسلام آباد


  • When punjabis were skilled and assaulted in baloch areas of quetta they were forced to move out of area, there properties were seized by land grabbers, then there were some shias, hazaras & non hazaras were killed and their properties were seized too, the hazaras are surrounded by balochs and pashtoon population, they were compelled to leave the area and many who left, their properties were captured. Secondly every pashtoon and every hazara have prejudices rooted in them against each other which goes back in history to amir abdur rahman’s time afghan king during british rule, he fought battles with hazaras which resulted in migrations of hazaras to quetta. Thirdly ethnic prejudices are prevalent in police,bureaucracy and government against hazaras and shias, so its a double jeopardy. SSP and Taliban sympathizers were not only in lower ranks but in higher ranks of public offices too. On political grounds they had sympathies, in quetta it was known that raisanis had good relations with jindulla’s regi, he had a property in quetta, there were already many iranian balochs living in quetta, regi was one of them. Regi dogded law enforcing agencies and used his influences frequently. Similarly afghan taliban in quetta had stakes, influenced politicians & law enforcement agencies. Everybody knew where in quetta taliban,jindulla,SSP members resided. The ethnic, religious,tribal prejudices with economical and political interests made the suitable environment against hazaras and shias in quetta. After general musa the 1965 war hero hazara kept on losing grounds in political,economical and social scene in quetta since then it had been downward slope for community. Addtionally migrations of educated and enterprenuer lot of hazaras to other cities and abroad worsened the situation and consequently now they are most vulnerable community ln quetta.

  • آج Karbala-e-Quetta | کربلائے کوئٹہ میں پیش آنے والے واقعات میں میڈیا اور نام نہاد قانون نافذ کرنے والے اداروں نے اپنے جرائم پر پردہ پوشی کرنے کے لیے خوب ڈرامہ رچایا۔ اور پولیس اہلکار کی ہلاکت کو خوب زوروشور سے کوریج دی اور پورے واقع کو گھما گھما کر پیش کیا جبکہ حقیقت کچھ اور ہی تھی۔
    شیعہ ہزارہ مومینین پُر امن مظاہرہ کر رہے تھے کہ متعصب یزیدی ایس ایچ او ( بروری تھانہ) امیر محمد دشتی نے فائرنگ کردی جس کے نتیجے میں 1 مومن موقع پر ہی جام شہادت نوش کر گیا جبکہ 1 ہسپتال میں زخموں کی تاب نہ لاتے ہوئے شہید ہوگیا اور 2 شدید زخمی ہوئے۔
    یاد رہے بروری تھانہ کی طرف سے ہزارہ ٹاون میں‌ قائم کردہ پولیس چوکی پرتعینات ایس ایچ اوکے سپاہیوں نے ہزارہ مومنین پر23 مارچ کو بھی فائرنگ کی تھی جسکے نتیجے میں‌ ایک ہزارہ ٹیکسی ڈرائیورزخمی ہوگیا تھا ۔ جس پر ہزارہ قبیلے کے رہنماوں نے شدید مزمت کی تھی


  • Acc to @etribune’s editorial, correct word for #ShiaGenocide is ‘sectarian violence’, same word used by Sethi & Raza Rumi.

    Read @etribune’s editorial, LeJ’s fatwa is against ‘Hazara community’. Tribune traces ‘sectarian violence’ to Sunnis not ISI.

    When will urban liberal affiliates of army stop using General Zia (maloon) as a convenient scapegoat to hide ISI’s ongoing crimes?


    Our sectarian monster
    By Editorial
    Published: March 29, 2012

    It is most tragic that the Hazaras are now being made to feel like strangers in their own land . PHOTO: AFP/ FILE
    Five more people, including a woman were killed in a drive-by shooting in Quetta on March 29, in what the provincial government described as “an incident of sectarian targeted killing” while two NGO workers were shot dead the same day by unknown assailants in Mastung. There has been a manifold increase in sectarian attacks in Balochistan recently, and it seems as though the Hazara community is specifically being targeted. In addition to yesterday’s attack, there have been numerous other incidents of violence against the Hazara community. Last September, a bus full of Shias were murdered near Quetta, while a few weeks before that there was an Eid massacre of Shias in Balochistan. Amidst the military’s offensive against separatists, we tend to forget that there is another war being fought targeting the most vulnerable community in the province.
    The roots of the sectarian violence, like most discrimination against minority communities, can be traced back to the military dictatorship of Ziaul Haq. In his eagerness to impose a hardline Sunni interpretation of Islam in the country, Zia created and strengthened militant groups that initially fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir, but later turned their guns on the Shia community at home. Unfortunately, successive governments in the 1990s did nothing to throttle these militant groups and the situation kept getting worse over time.
    Even before that, however, the Hazara community has been singled out by those who condemn them as imposters and infidels. The Taliban regime in Afghanistan was vicious against them. In Pakistan, it was the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi that first started issuing edicts against the Hazaras. For a community that is over half a million strong, it is most tragic that the Hazaras are now being made to feel like strangers in their own land. Although efforts are being made by the government to beef up security in the city as Frontier Corps and the police have jointly launched a search operation in different areas of Quetta and arrested suspects, more needs to be done to ensure that no more lives are lost.
    Published in The Express Tribune, March 30th, 2012.


  • I wonder why the writer of this article put saleem javd’s photo in the corner of that attacked Suzuki. what ever the writer claims in the article is completely wrong and lie. he does not have any link with the isi nor with laj or other terrorist group. He is a young man who delivers the fact about his people who are badly killed in quetta pakistan. and somebody does not want him to do so. that’s why propagates against him by linking him with isi or other groups. it is really shame of you cowards you can not do anything for the innocent people late the others do. i think you are an idiot who exaggerate about some one who loves his people. we love saleem javed , we appreciate his braveness and we thank him for his great job for his people.

  • after reading you article and the messages of salim javed in tweeter i am really surprised that i this article all the journalists are enabling shia genocide only you dont.
    secondly : how you know they are enabling?? if you know you must have the proof where is your proof??
    3rd:some one must dictate you coz wat you say is all against pakistan

  • The attack on Hazara Van was not because they were shia, they were attacked because they are Hazaras. who would know the van is carrying shia passengers unless they were not identified as Hazaras.
    you better have logics to give headings “New Twitter activists against Shia genocide in Pakistan”
    you better think twice giving such titles to the ones who think of minorities and Hazaras in Quetta.
    better you leave taking dictations from your boss.
    “I have been reading your tweets for a long time”

  • Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi
    @AliDayan When was the last time you condemned Shia genocide in Pak. huh? You are supposed to condemn 24/7 every atrocity. #L-logic

  • Important, unfortunately, is not that the killed ones or the martyred ones are whether Shia or not Pakistani, the problem is that people are being killed for the last ten years in here in these ways.
    Unfortunate is that neither the journalists have clear and realistic approach towards all these unrest here nor people generally are interested to know the truth behind all these unrest and killings.
    The reality and truth is that dictatorship always uses militancy according to their policies and thinkings, they have used it in the past(One can name and hate Gen. Zia ul Haq but the thing is that dictatorship does not need to include or exclude a personality) they will use it in the future and they are using it in this very moment.
    Why it is so important that they should not use it, is because it can only turn against someone in the form of Pakistani Taliban, and those other militant groups would also be a vulnerability to the whole Pakistan.
    When their majesties (The respected journalism) cut and paste it to a sect and here and there(though not necessarily all of the journalists do in this way) then I think it a fact.
    The fact, to a clean eye from sect and prejudice, is that since as principle Islam states the principle of Shura which is no other form of government but people should be the first and last authority, then against this principle if dictatorship here rules and now rules in such a way that it has to use these militant groups inside here and don’t want to do something against them then(including Taliban) then it no more belongs to a particular sect and a particular crying, then it is the problem of the people of Pakistan and this problem is in such a way as it was in the case of vulnerabilities of Arab countries or Iran currently or wherever their is a dictatorship, which all Pakistanis should understand particularly these respected journalists here in this website,respectfully to them.