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  • Dear Editor,
    I came across a picture of mine on google and that led me to the following three pages on your website from five years ago i.e., 2009.

    I humbly request you to please delete these pages based on the following facts:

    1. Yes, I moderated dictatorshipwatch.com (DW) but I took down the website in late 2009 and requested all other websites that I could find which had posted articles from DW to remove the content from their websites as well.

    2. Not a word that was published on dictatorshipwatch.com is now available anywhere except what is copied in verbatim on the above links. Which means the pages on your site are keeping the same “offensive” content alive – which its criticised on DW.

    3. I had stopped writing back in 20078. I was merely moderating others work on DW. In the disclaimer on DW I had clearly mentioned that all views, in the articles and comments, expressed by the authors on DW website did not necessarily reflect my views or that of the DW and those who linked to that website in any manner.

    4. I did not represent, warrant, undertake or guarantee that the information in the articles and comments on DW was 100% correct, accurate, complete or non-misleading. DW in no way condoned, endorsed or took responsibility for such content that someone may have found offensive.

    5. Despite that disclaimer, when criticism over contributions of one contributor (Earthman, International Professor) grew louder, I asked the author to either let me publish his name and identity or I would remove his work. First, I removed his posts and a little later I got discouraged of political analysis to the extent that I not only took down the DW website which had write ups from others but also asked all other sites to whom I could reach to take down my articles from the past as well. I had written thousands of articles and five books on international affairs. I stopped their publication and pulled them from Amazon.

    6. That’s why I got really hurt when I read the above three pages, which are trying to tie me to “International Professor” who sent is articles not only to me but to so many other media outlets as well and he got published there as well.

    7. The main reason I pulled all my published work and the work I had published from others (with disclaimer) was that I realized that what we think complete information backed up by facts is always lacking some critical perspective and some vital information. Our opinions and analysis are always incomplete. That’s why, it never happens that 100% of readers would approve a certain political analysis. That’s why writers, particularly political analysts always have some serious critics and rightly so because they either have additional facts or interpret the facts in totally different light than the original author. This led me to the conclusion that regardless of how complete I might have considered my work, it was not clear, accurate, unbiased, and 100% correct.

    8. Saying good bye to my writing career back in 2007 was the most difficult decision. But I just couldn’t continue writing with the above mentioned realization. So with this state of mind, how could I justify or stand behind someone else’s write ups and views. At DW, I used to merely provided a one-to-two line commentary on daily news and articles written by others. The second realization was that even my 1-2 line commentary was not unbiased and appropriate. So in 2009, I pulled down the DW website as well.

    I hope that the above context would provide you enough substance to realize that the three pages on your site are doing exactly what DW and one of its contributor was accused of: propagating hate speech (which is available nowhere but only on these pages) and attacking others, calling me a terrorist without any evidence other than the assumption that I was “International Professor.” In my career as a journalist and columnist, I never shy away from saying what I wanted to say. The themes, the writing style, the subjects of “International Professor” were totally different than the themes I worked on.

    There is no single article/book that I ever wrote that even slightly matched the thoughts of “International Professor.” So, first declaring International Professor (Earthman) a terrorist and then assuming it was me is a long stretch. Anyone who knows me and my work, can read the leftover from International Professor on your website now and easily tell that that is not my work. Mr. International Professor would be enjoying life somewhere and I am still being propagated on your website as a terrorist – too sad.

    The above three pages (there might be more, I don’t know) were critical of Dictatoeshipwatch.com which doesn’t exist anymore. I hope you would realize that it doesn`t make sense to keep flogging a dead horse by keeping these pages alive. If you still have any question or need any clarification, I would be glad to respond in as much detail as your require. However, my huble request is to please remove these pages from your website.

    Abid Ullah Jan