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The Joker Named Shahbaz Sharif

Wish he thinks before he speaks

While it is amusing to see the fake revolutionary in Shahbaz Sharif most of the time, but this time he has gone out of his mind. In his desperation and hatred for the PPP and it’s targeted leadership of President Asif Zardari he has gone mad. Previously singing Jalib and also making slogans like an orchestra maestro, Shahbaz Sharif went the extra mile on Friday, March 16, 2012, in Gujranwala when he said:

 “Agar hum nay, itikhabat kay baad, iss Zardari ko, Larkana, Karachi, Peshawar aur Lahore kee sarkon par na ghaseeta to mera naam Shahbaz Sharif nahee”.


Let’s hope this joker is able to stay in Pakistan after elections unlike his brother who runs away to London on the pretext of his wife’s health. And what can be Shahbaz Sharif’s name? “Geedar Badmaash” might just be appropriate or “Bhand Gujjar”. By the way, as we mentioned in our post “Mian Sahab, better to stay quiet – It will only get muddier for you“, Nawaz Sharif has conveniently gone to London at a time when his party are facing the biggest allegation of corruption and subversion of constitution through the Mehran Bank Scandal and the reason is his wife’s health. Probably this is the difference between these inqalabis and PPP. When the President fell ill and went to Dubai for his check ups, he ensured his son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stayed in Pakistan just to tell the world we haven’t run away. On the other hand, these jokers run away quietly and our media doesn’t even spend time probing the PML-N. Off course, why would they…they are in bed with the Sharifs.


One also has to ask our media, which has been doing discussions on what the President said in his address to the parliament, analyzing and re-analyzing continuously to spend a few minutes and ask these champions of democracy about the language they are using in public.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • ayse humranoun se kub jaan chootey ge jo samjtey hian awam bewakoof hain ye shabaz and company 30 saal se hakumat main hain awam ko kuch nahi deya apna bank balance barhatey rahey

  • @Ahmed
    what’s wrong with his statement

    “Agar hum nay, itikhabat kay baad, iss Zardari ko, Larkana, Karachi, Peshawar aur Lahore kee sarkon par na ghaseeta to mera naam Shahbaz Sharif nahee”.

    Yaar he’s chain of federation .

  • Shahbaz Sharif is a mindless jerk who can see writing on the wall and nothing else. It is sad there is no condemnation of his words by our media

  • The Sharifs are only good for Politics of Fear that is rooted in their guilty conscience. On the one hand the elder brother meekly submits to the compelling Reconciliation policy of the present coalition government in line with the BB’s vision, though he often runs away from the heat of the moment to the city where he signed the CoD. Examples: Unanimous passage of constitutional amendments. While on the other hand, the junior Sharif drums up their known brand of Punjabi chauvinism to compensate for their rejection by the electorate of three other federating units. Examples: disregarding the Presidential and Prime Ministerial protocols topped by cheap, abusive, filthy language ala 1990’s.

  • No place for mentali ill people in Politics. Sharif Brother lets see and watch ur whole family will be cloth less in coming days, and again mariyam nawaz sharif will run away with Raja Riaz

    Shabaz Sharif needs some psychological tests.Punjab people one day drag sharif brothers in the streets of Lahore.

  • Shahbaz being a son of bitch is passing such senseless remarks which depicts his actaul face and filthy mentality. He is tail-less dog whom Zardari will fetch him through out Pakistan.

  • on the very demand of Pakistan general public Zardari being a widow should have to make Shahbaz his SUSR by weddind his younger but adult daughter therefore this enemity can convertd in friendship.

  • Nawaz sirf Indians ko Nawazta ha, and Ambani proved it , thats why he is liked by Indinas and Americans.