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What should we believe – fact (by-elections) or fiction (tsunami)?

It is a matter of anguish to see that a fact i.e. election results on seats vacated for one reason or the other have been ignored by dishonest media commentators and instead have used the Waheeda Shah incident to give the whole exercise a bad name. it is something one can expect from such commentators because they never admit their mistakes. For one reason or the other, the Teen Jeem of Journalists, Judges and Jurnails have been making their utmost efforts to derail the democratic system. They come up with stories of scams, create scandals and then keep the whole nation in limbo. In essence, this deadly combination is losing its venom especially after efforts on the “memogate” have become futile and these by-election results are another nail in their coffin. With 3rd March another critical date, the Senate elections will be another reason for them to cry.

Fact of the matter remains that people in the constituencies voted for the existing parties. The PPP lost one seat only in Kasur, gained by PML-N. in essence, the main political parties have held fort.

On the other hand, the Tsunami or the Revolution seems to have come to a halt. Imran Khan tried his best to sabotage the by-elections by approaching the Supreme Court, however, the Supreme Court under the able leadership of Iftikhar Chaudhry has already opened so many fronts of ignominy for themselves, that they just didn’t want to open a new front for ridicule!

We must all appreciate the political parties for their increased maturity. The policy of reconciliation followed by the PPP under President Asif Ali Zardari shows us that if one has a view on the long term, you win. Reconciliation is a long term strategy, because of which despite of all the attacks by the Teen Jeem, this democracy is surviving. Will it prosper? Yes it will.

Thank you all the real political parties of Pakistan who are part and parcel of the democratic system.

To the tsunami revolutionaries: see you on 3rd March!

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Back in October 2010, Qudsia wrote:

    “As for the future electoral prospects of the PPP, I would be inclined to respect the wishes of the masses and not the psycho babble of civil society idlers, pseudo-liberal speculators, and pro-establishment journalists, whose contempt for the PPP is directly proportional to their cheering of the Taliban. They have written many epithets for the PPP but the latter has prevailed due to the will of the masses. May they prevail again…”


    May the PPP prevail again, and again, and again.

    After all, they are our very own ba******


  • With all the private media channels deeply biased against the PPP and inspite of being the incumbent government, the bye election results are a sound indication that PPP’s electoral prospects are good.

  • Of course, I fully agree with the writer of this article. It is heartening to note that from day one, this government led by PPP has been facing extreme kind of efforts to topple them. This is being done by three pillars of the state viz. top brass, media and judiciary; but, this government still stands on sound footing. The reason is very simple, facts can not be over-ridden by fictions. I do not blame the politicians of opposition, this is their duty to support every fictional stories agaiinst the government and keep on shouting (to the extent of mean words)but at least they knew very well “they go, we go”. There are mushrooms of “future His Master’s voice” parties out of parliament waiting for a signal from Cantonment to be picked up as B-team. Alas, they do not know politics is a serious game for which grey matter is required in their heads and which matter they lack big time. Perhaps they should revisit Kerry-Lugar bill one more time. Now no US President can exercise their discetionary powers to support a Military rule in Pakistan. Establishment in Pakistan can do only one thing, rig the election and bring up their pets while Military remain behind the curtain as real power. And that is what is being done. No need to describe Imran Khan is the pick of the Establishment, everybody now knows. But this brought PML-N into senses otherwise they were hell bent to jeopardise Senate election – no more.

  • Excellent comment Khalid Humayun Sahab, The establishment driven narrative requires intervention and not actual burden of proof.
    Most important thing that Asif Zardari led PPP has been to ensure everyone sits together and own the system as their own.
    The most defining moment at the beginning of the democratic period was to see Asif Zardari reading a sipara at MQM’s Shuhada qabristan! Right or wrong, it was the best way to bring an irritant to your side.

    I hope my earlier written article becomes true: http://criticalppp.com/archives/63610

  • Tariq Shafi Tsunami people are worried on Latest Constitunal ammendmnet which ensures independent election commission; They actually were wishing to contest elections under adjustments of Military & judicial beurocracy. Free election seems a nightmare …for PTI who have the history.credential of only one seat as a gift or donation by a Military dictator in 2002. when ever there will be election without Miltary intervention/supervision/sponsorship , Tsunami will dry and die its own death.