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The Real Face of Mansoor Ijaz – By Umar Sattar Tanoli

Mansoor Ijaz, who single-handedly rocked Pakistan’s politics by his claims in the memo scandal, was accused by a European Bank of running a one-man business and obtaining loans that he was unable to repay on time, recently surfaced documents show, according to a media report. The case that had come up in 2010 and other flip flops made by Ijaz could raise credibility issues for him in the memo scandal investigation. vJudge Charles E Ramos of the Supreme Court of the state of New York issued a judgement against Ijaz on September 25, 2010 after Banca Sammarinese di Investimento (BSI) of San Marino filed a suit for the recovery of a loan obtained by him, the Daily Times quoted court documents as saying. Ijaz created a storm in political and diplomatic circles last year after he made public an alleged memo that sought US help to stave off a feared coup in Pakistan in the wake of killing of Osama bin Laden in May last year.

The suggestions of financial impropriety follow emergence last month of a music video in which Ijaz is featured as a commentator at a wrestling match featuring two nude women. The Daily Times further reported that Ijaz has made contradictory claims about the memo and was unable to produce any email or BlackBerry message that directly linked any Pakistani official to the memo he drafted and sent to the US military chief in May last year. Legal experts questioned whether these “credibility issues” would allow Ijaz to convince the Pakistani judicial commission probing the memo issue that he is telling the truth about the document’s origins when he is the sole witness and “corroborative material” in the form of BlackBerry messages and telephone logs he presented were so “heavily dependent on his personal account and explanation”, the report said. In its filings in the New York court, BSI of San Marino said it had opened credit lines in favour of Ijaz and his companies – The Ijaz Group Inc and Aquarius – in 2007 and 2008. Ijaz had pledged shares of his companies as collateral, which later turned out to have no value. The case raised questions Ijaz’s “smoke and mirrors approach” to business and his using the impression of high-level political connections to obtain money while speaking of his immense wealth to develop political ties, the report said. In fact, in 2008 Ijaz had written to the bank’s directors that as part of efforts to repay the loans, he plans to launch a new USD 50 million venture with major investment by a “large Indian family” with real estate investments around the world and close ties to Tata Motors. A judicial panel recently allowed Ijaz to record his testimony via a video-link from London after his repeated failures to appear before it. BSI told the New York court that The Ijaz Group and Aquarius were only a cover for him and did not really have any current business that the bank could identify or recover money against. “Defendants Ijaz Group and Aquarius ignored all corporate formalities in the formation and operation of such entities. Ijaz was the only officer and director of the Ijaz Group. Ijaz transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars borrowed by the Ijaz Group from plaintiff (the bank) to himself. Ijaz considered the Ijaz Group’s credit line his personal line of credit,” it said. BSI’s lawyers Herzfeld and Rubin PC said in the bank’s complaint that “Ijaz used the lines of credit plaintiff had extended to Ijaz Group and Aquarius for his personal needs, including payment of mortgages and brokerage account fees and used said lines of credit after his personal line of credit had reached its final limit”. The lawyers further said, “Aquarius never entered into any contracts nor did it have any employees. Aquarius never filed tax returns”. Though BSI’s suit was a civil one to recover money, it included charges of fraud that could be the subject of separate criminal proceedings, though none were initiated, the report said. “Ijaz used control and domination over the Ijaz Group and Aquarius to commit fraud and to breach his legal duty and the legal duty of the controlled corporations to repay all monies due to the bank by such corporations,” BSI told the New York court. It said Ijaz’s representation to the bank was “false, wilful, fraudulent and intended for BSI to rely on it”. BSI’s filing in court on June 06, 2010 said: “Ijaz owes BSI EUR 661,972.16 plus interest from October 01, 2008. The Ijaz Group Inc owes BSI USD 873,692.46 on account No 470 and EUR 1,942.80 on account No 469 plus interest from October 01, 2008.” “Aquarius owes to BSI EUR 214,068.23 on account No 471 and EUR 130.36 on account No 798 for a total of EUR 214,198. 59 plus interest from October 01, 2008”. Ijaz accepted his borrowing from BSI to the tune of EUR 648,130 plus interest from August 08, 2008. He also acknowledged that the balance due by himself, The Ijaz Group and Aquarius was EUR 1.46 million plus interest from August 08, 2008.
In an e-mail for BSI’s directors dated March 10, 2008, Ijaz spoke of launching a new USD 50 million project called Aquarius Towers Las Vegas as part of efforts to repay the loans. He claimed contracts to fund the first phase of the project were signed in Las Vegas on February 20, 2008. Ijaz further claimed the investor is a “large Indian family that has real estate investments around the world”, including in Las Vegas, Dubai and India. This unidentified investor has “close ties with Tata Motors in India” and had “chosen to invest USD 10 million in our planned launch of a company to develop the world’s most energy efficient power-trains”, he claimed. New York State Judge Charles Ramos ordered in favour of BSI after the parties “agreed to entry of judgement in favour of plaintiff” and ordered Ijaz to pay USD 1.474 million to the bank in San Marino.

Those who are still supporting Mansoor Ijaz must see the real face of Mansoor Ijaz.

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  • It is finally going to hit the fan. The foreign double agent is a real con man. It has conned not only Hussain Haqqani but the PCO Supreme Curt judges, ISI generals, and three sitting judges of our high courts. Let us continue to be fools. Now the truth is coming out why MI did not want the testimony in the US or Pakistan. He is wanted in both countries. Remember what he bragged? ‘I am an ultra rich man’.. An egocentric and boastful lad to say the least. In my opinion, Pakistan judiciary is wasting it’s time with this lad.

  • In Memogate scandal’s inquiry proceedings, the judicial commission is recording the testimony of its central character, Mansoor Ijaz by a video-link as he refused to visit Pakistan to appear before the commission here. Pakistan is paying a hefty amount to the company that has provided facilities for video-conferencing at the Pakistan Embassy in London. The company is charging the national exchequer Rs 60,000 each day. Other expenditures on the judicial commission and investigation process are also causing a financial burden. It should end immediately. In Pakistan, the army has been the most powerful institution. Civilian governments have been frightened by the army’s interference and history also tells that the military has ruled this country more than the civilians. Mansoor Ijaz has just used this situation and tried to damage Pakistan’s fragile image more at the international level. After Mansoor Ijaz’s weak and poor testimony, the Memogate case has lost its lustre. The authorities should end it here and save Pakistanis from further loss of precious time and finances.

  • Mansoor Ijaz is an extortionist and extorted money from individuals, companies and states. Now is the turn of Pakistan. Being an underdeveloped country, Pakistan is ready to pay the price to Mansoor Ijaz whatever he demanded. There is no shortage of fools, provided one knows how to make fool and Mansoor Ijaz has done Doctorate in making people, companies and states fool. Would Memo Scandal Commission note down his wrong doings before announcing the judgment?

  • It’s obvious that justice wasn’t served when another Washington, D.C. and CIA connected Mansoor Ijaz who has been ex CIA director James Woolsey’s partner in stock fraud and money laundering and fraud against Americans through Crescent Hydropolis NY based Bloomberg protected hedge fund, is never mentioned by Zionist shill Asra Nomani when she lays the blame to distract from any real investigation into the death of her supposed friend and WSJ boss Daniel Pearl,( just like Daniel Pearl’s Zionista daddy Judea Pearl seems to be prorecting Israelis of ICTS International who allowed Richard Reid to board at De Gualle Airport with his ‘shoe bomb’ one month after allowing the presumed Islamic Saudi Mohamed Atta terrorists to board at Logan Boston on 9/11/01 a month before that. ).
    It was Mansoor Ijaz ‘advice’ and connections in Pakistan that got Daniel Pearl murdered in the first place. And Asra Nomani who was there knows all this and if she was a Wall Street Journal ‘reporter’ she is an embarrassment,(or a good example of the pseudo-journalists WSJ hires),because she doesn’t even know of her fellow Beltway parasite Mansoor Ijaz’ involvement in stock fraud,particularly but not only Crescent Hydropolis,with James Woolsey,Lt.General James Alan Abrahamson and Lt. General Mcinerney on the London AIM stock exchange that had the backing of Dubai war AND MONEY LAUNDERING criminal Sheik Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country sent $100,000 from Pakistani Kalid Sheik Mohamed to Mohamed Atta, pre 9/11, in Venice,Florida where he was hanging out at Jeb Bush’s pal Wally Hilliard’s terrorist flight school,Huffman Aviation.This Snake of Dubai Sheik Mohamed al Rashid Maktoum was then rewarded with over 20% ownership of the U.S.NASDAQ FOR HIS MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS IN DUBAI AS A CONSOLATION PRIZE FOR NOT BEING ALLOWED TO BUY CONTROL OF U.S.PORTS THROUGH DUBAI PORTS.Asra Nomani and other phony ‘professional’ reporters made sure to not write about Sheikh Maktoum’s take over of 20%+ of NASDAQ and SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro and IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman’s self dealing and millions of dollars for their treasonous act of selling it to him in their roles as FINRA execs before their retired to their Barack Osama Obama approved SEC and IRS positions in the U.S. ‘government’.
    Asra Nomani is a sick joke and she is also the only Moslem I know of, besides Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’, who was given VIP treatment and an easy and welcome pass to travel to Israel.Maybe Israel welcomed her because she is such a good Moslem ? Ha.
    Asra likes to forget that even according to the ridiculous movie and book supposedly written by Mariane Pearl,(whose role was played so absurdly by the white ‘actress’ Angelina Jolie),that Daniel Pearl’s main reason for being in Pakistan was to investigate Richard Reid ‘the shoe bomber’ .And yet if Daniel Pearl was sincere he would have been in his own country of Israel investigating because as any fool who is familair with the background knows,it was Israel and El Al Airlines and particulary Israeli money launderer and 9/11 mass murder suspect Menachem Atzmon and his ICTS International(who allowed 911 to happen in the first place by allowing Atta and his gang to board flights 175 and 11 from Logan Airport ,Boston on 9/11/901 with their plastic cookie cutters in the first place), who also facilitated Richard Reid’s vacation in Israel,( supposedly to visit Hamas) !
    If you or I were to wanted to enter Israel to visit Hamas do you think Israel and ICTS and El Al would facilitate and aid our visit ? I don’t think so.However if you are Richard Reid the shoe bomber or the great Islamic WSJ ‘reporter’ and Georgetown University journalism fraud Asra Nomani, Israel gives VIP treatment.Why!?
    Why !?
    9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Pakistan General Ahmad,Mansoor Ijaz,WSJ,Asra Nomani,ICTS Israel, Crescent Hydropolis

  • Mansoor Ijaz made headlines in Pakistan and all over the world not just for his role in the Memogate scandal but also for appearing in a music video where he was seen as a commentator using double entendre during a women’s wrestling match. It seems that MrIjaz is a fan of wrestling, be it between wrestlers in a music video or between state institutions. He was instrumental in creating a hype surrounding a memo that was sent to Admiral Mike Mullen allegedly written at the behest of former ambassador Husain Haqqani who, according to Ijaz, had the full backing of President Zardari. The Pakistani military has fallen for Ijaz’s claims hook, line and sinker. In the process, the military has conveniently forgotten that this is the same man who is an avowed enemy of Pakistan’s army and the ISI.

  • The brief summary of memogate is that? It’s exactly the goal of the opposition and anti-government forces_ to not let the current government succeed in public projects. You know you have a better chance of winning the race if you let the dogs out whenever your opponent comes out for practice. It’s more important if you don’t have a chance at all due to your incompetence or opponent’s higher rating & skills. It happen in a match is fixed, audience are paid to come, stadium owner own the bus route and restaurants nearby, the athletes are relative of the stadium owner or it’s security guards and employees who never were properly trained for racing.

  • The central character in the so-called Memogate affair, Mansoor Ijaz, has refused to come to Pakistan just one day before he was supposed to appear before the judicial commission investigating the matter. The reasons for his refusal, according to Mr Ijaz and his counsel Akram Sheikh, are that he fears for his safety and life, there is a security threat to both from the authorities in Pakistan, and apprehensions that the body of evidence he claims is in his possession to prove his allegations against ex-ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani and his ‘boss’ may be destroyed if it falls into the ‘wrong’ hands. Mr Sheikh has been at pains to assert that the assurance s extended by the Attorney General (AG) and the instructions of the commission in its hearing on January 9 that Ijaz’s security would be handled by the army have not been adhered to. At one point, in an apoplectic rage, Mr Sheikh went so far as to assert that both the COAS and the AG would be in contempt of court if they did not follow the orders of the commission. Now, however, that Mr Ijaz has decided not to show, it would not be out of place to remind Mr Sheikh that he is on record as having told the commission that if his client did not appear on the date agreed (which the commission was generous enough to extend at least three times), he would not trouble the commission any more. Now, instead, his client wants the commission to travel to London or Zurich and record his statement there. In the first place, the commission’s instructions notwithstanding, security under the law for any citizen or visitor is the responsibility of the interior ministry, which not only appointed a senior officer to take charge of Mr Ijaz’s security in Pakistan, the authorities went so far as to announce that an army officer had been attached to help with the security duties of Mr Ijaz. This too proved insufficient for ‘viceroy’ Ijaz. The authorities’ bending over backwards to accommodate Mansoor Ijaz’s concerns has only yielded the damp squib at the end of the day of a cop-out by monsieur.