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Balochs are our own – by Shaizi Cheema

Shaizi Tauseef Cheema’s article on the situation in Balochistan (in Urdu):

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Jehangir Hafsi


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  • Very good article, Ms. Cheema. Balochs are our own and it is PPP governments responsibility to heal their wounds.

  • I have heard that PPP CM’s brother supports Pakistan army’s military action against Baloch nationalists?

  • I have found that this article is silent on two points: (1) how and when did Baluchistan become a part of Pakistan? (2) Is it correct that Baluchistan is an occupied territory like occupied Kashmir? If no, how or in what manner? There may be a force in an idea that the solution of the Baluchistan question lives in the answer of these two questions. Regards.