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Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s letter to a Baloch – by Raza Baloch

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Dear Baloch,

As you aware that I was hanged by the Pakistan’s Punjabi-Muhajir judiciary on instructions of an Arain General who I thought was loyal to Pakistan and promoted him to the rank of chief of army staff.

I was trialed in Punjabi courts and hanged in Rawalpindi. Actually the elite capitalists, rigid Islamists, Pakistan Army and feudals took a revenge and killed me by using Punjabi courts.

Revenge for what? I wanted to see a secular and democratic Pakistan, wanted to empower poor civilians, women and indigenous enslaved communities in various provinces and regions. You remember that during PPP’s government we had abolished the Sardari system through an ordinance. Through abolition of the Sardari System I wanted to liberate poor homeless and tenants who were enslaved by Sardars (tribal chiefs). The Sardars used to extort tenants through Shashak system.
You are aware that my two sons were also killed. They both could not use Pakistani airports to go outside the country like you people. They went abroad through Afghanistan’s mountains but my loving daughter stayed in Pakistan to fight with Punjabi judiciary, Punjabi army and Punjabi-Muhajir elite. What happened? They killed my daughter in the same city where I was hanged.

Why she was killed? My brave daughter had married a brave Baloch of Sindh. It is a fact that if would have seen dead of body of my dearest daughter Pinki, I would have surrendered before rigid Islamists, Pakistan Army and elite but my brave son-in-law never surrendered and decided to continue fighting for a united, democratic Pakistan and rights of poor.

Akbar Khan Bugti was my good friend and now he is with me. Akbar Khan never wanted to dissociate from Pakistani federation and he was determined to fight for his people and democratic Pakistan. You know that Nawab Akbar Khan became an authorized Sardar in 1944 and he implemented social and administrative rules on the tribe. He freed all Marhata slaves and acknowledged their “Siahakari” honor killing and made honour money payable to them. Akbar Khan was a reformist thats why he was killed. I do not like to remind you of the military operation during my government (which was imposed on me by the same military which had previously started the same opeartion in 1948) but Akbar Khan was the governor of Balochistan at that time.

However, my son-in-law realized the facts and wrong decisions of the military operation in early 1970s and he apologized to the Baloch nation in 2008 when PPP came into poawer. He apologized to the Baloch just after Pakistan army-backed Jihadis were able to kill my dearest daughter, you know why? Yes, he invited you people to be united against the killer who killed me, Akbar khan, Pinki (Benazir Bhutto), Salmaan Taseer and thousands of innocent political workers, ethnic and religious minorities in Pakistan.

We are being killed by a bullet of a particular mindset. We have sacrificed a lot not for separation but for freedom. We need to do social reforms first to end slavery and social inequality which actually was the mission of people like Akbar Khan. I know that indigenous communities everywhere in Pakistan are being persecuted by invading warrior tribes.
Yes it is a matter of pride for me that soon after Pinki came to me, my son-in-law showed his determination to save Pakistan and said “democracy is best revenge”.

I know Balochs are brave and I am sure that they have capacity to continue Akbar Khan’s mission. They will defeat a bullet of particular mindset by converting Pakistan from a Jihadi-authoritarian military state to a people’s state and a democratic state.

Yours eternally,
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

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  • Alas! What has LUBP come to.
    Quote ” I do not like to remind you of the military operation during my government (which was imposed on me by the same military which had previously started the same opeartion in 1948) but Akbar Khan was the governor of Balochistan at that time”. Really? The military imposed the operation on you? And you just let them kill Balochs while you continued to be the PM? So much for you being the Quaid e Awam.
    And let us speak of the Pashtuns for a bit. BB let Gen Naseerullah Babar destroy Afghanistan. In actuality, evidence has emerged that BB was okay with the Taliban project of the ISI.
    ZAB and BB, respect for both. But historical revisionism and creating cults is not healthy.

  • Brave Son-in-Law..??? He has surrendered all his powers relating to balochistan to establishment in exchange for 5 years in power… Bhutto was also cruel to Baloch. His dictatorail mindset dismissed Attaullah Mengal’s Government in 1973… He did not do any good to Balochistan..

  • Balochistan now on forefront of Pakistani politics. Whole world knows what FC and army done to Baloch. FC should pull out from Balochistan immediately to have meaningful dialog with Baloch leadership.

    Dear LUBP, what is the situation of Gilgit-Baltistan? There are reports that Pakistan army ceded many areas to Chinese! Please file a report regarding the situation over there.

  • Dear Comrade. in the true sense of the words really it is good effort to describe real history of our beloved land.Being a Pakistani baloch we appreciate the great struggle of paksitan people party . Comrade we believe that it is futile to seek the solution of these problems out side from the manifesto of PPP. The goal of the struggle of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Nawab Akbar khan Bugtti is same .their enemy is same . Due to Punjabi Shaunists we are still playng in the hands of bloody canibals. But Nature has its owen laws . Now the situation is change. Proudly speaking under the great leader ship of our beloved Comrade Zardari Sahib we believe this that one day we must obtain the goal of peace full pakistan with its complate culture including Sindh,Balochistan,khayber pakhtunkhah,punjab,siraikistan .Long Live democracy Long live PPP. Asif Gulyani Divissional president P.S.F.S.D.G.khan Division . Member organisational cometti south Punjab PSF. Divissional incharge study circle PPP. D.G.K

  • What a stupid blog. Does the writer really knows history. I think he lives in nagaland and doesn’t have any idea of pakistans history or current situation. Bhutto disintegrated pakistan but not accepting mujib ur rehman as the PM. What Punjabi Muhajir courts are you talking about. PPP govt is the most corrupt govt in the history. Zardai is dacoit and so is his team. They have finished this country and you are saying Pakistan is fine from the eternal leader!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Junaid:

    What are you talking about? Who postponed the session of the national assembly? Who sent army to Dhaka despite successful negotiations between Mujib and Bhutto? Who was in power in Pakistan? Who had all the power in Pakistan?

    The answer to all above questions is NOT Bhutto?!