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Dr Farhat Hashmi: Cultivating Al Qaeda in Muslim women



Dr Farhat Hashmi, daughter of the (late) scholar Abdur Rehman Hashmi, is a mother of four, and comes from the Indo-pak subcontinent. She received her Ph.D. in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation, established in 1994, is the brainchild of Dr Farhat and her husband, Dr Idrees Zubair, both of whom are actively involved in promoting their brand of (Saudi style) Islam in the world.

‘Pakistani factor’ in Canada terrorism

Twelve Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have been arrested in Canada before they could allegedly cause an explosion three-times bigger than the one in Oklahoma by the American terrorist Timothy McVeigh in 1995. The police recovered three tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser from the suspects in a Toronto suburb. Some members of the group had allegedly attended a “training camp” north of Toronto where they had made a video imitating military warfare. The suspects had allegedly acquired weapons and decided upon their targets in Ontario. The group is being charged under new anti-terrorism legislation introduced into the criminal code in December 2001.

It has been revealed that the explosive material was planted on the would-be terrorists as part of an elaborate sting operation by Canadian police. No matter. It is saddening that the Pakistanis were planning on using it for purposes of terrorism. A Bangladeshi angle has existed ever since the Afghan jihad and the training of Bangladeshi mujahideen in camps located in Afghanistan and on the Pak-Afghan border. On May 29, a Bangladeshi court sentenced two such trainees to death. The convicting tribunal ruled that “Bangla Bhai” and Abdur Rahman were responsible for killing two judges in a bombing in the south of the country in November last year. The two were also believed to have been the masterminds of a series of other attacks, including a coordinated terrorist attack in August last year in which 500 tiny bombs exploded almost simultaneously in 63 out of 64 districts of Bangladesh. The two were veterans of jihad with credentials from a Karachi seminary and were now “Talibanising” Bangladesh.

On Saturday, London police attacked a house with a 300-strong anti-terrorist posse to catch a Bangladeshi family making a “chemical” bomb similar to the one planned in Toronto, but thankfully found that its intelligence on the house was faulty. Earlier, two Muslims were indicted in London for trying to make a fertiliser bomb. This year London also put behind bars Abu Hamza Al Masari, the Egyptian-born former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque who had gained notoriety for his fire-and-brimstone preaching against the “non-believers” and for his links with terrorists. When detectives raided the mosque in January 2003 they found an arsenal of suspect items, including a stun gun, CS spray, chemical warfare-protection suits, blank-firing pistols, false passports, knives, radio equipment and an encyclopaedia of terrorism associated with Al Qaeda. Among the protesters against his arrest were Pakistanis carrying the banner of the Al Fuqara organisation whose chief in Pakistan was allegedly involved in the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Canadians need to worry but anything they do will have a negative fallout for Pakistanis needing to do business or visiting their relatives in Canada. In 2004, Abdur Rahman Khadr testified in a court hearing in Canada that he and his father were linked to Al Qaeda. Khadr, a 21-year-old Toronto man who underwent weapons and explosives training at four camps in Afghanistan, said that he had given CIA agents the names of several Canadians who had trained at camps in Afghanistan. His father Ahmed Khadr was the central figure in the Canada-based Al Qaeda and raised huge amounts of money for Abu Zubayda, the Al Qaeda number three caught in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Ahmed Khadr himself was caught in Pakistan for blowing up the Egyptian embassy on orders from Al Zawahiri but was sprung from jail by the then Canadian prime minister after an appeal to his Pakistani counterpart. Ahmed Khadr was finally killed in Peshawar in 2003. Two of his sons have landed in Guantanamo Bay.

Pakistan needs to worry too because of the image its Islamists are giving it. Pakistan’s “rich man’s preacher” Farhat Hashmi, after making a lot of money off the penitent upper crust, has landed in Canada and bought property for her big Islamic institution. The school is the latest extension of Al-Huda International which Dr Hashmi founded in Pakistan in 1994 after graduating with a PhD in Islamic studies from the University of Glasgow. The school now counts more than 10,000 graduates and she has offered lectures to women in Dubai and London. She has moved to Toronto with her husband and family “in response to demand from young women in the city to gain a deeper understanding of Islam”. For a nominal fee of $60 a month, students attend classes four days a week for five hours a day. The moderate Muslims of Canada call her Wahhabi because of her unbending doctrines.

“Hardline” political Islam has been leveraged in Canada with Saudi-Wahhabi funds. A 2004 study found that millions of dollars were funnelled to extremist Islamic institutions. It said Saudi Arabia spent hundreds of millions of dollars to fund 210 Islamic centres and 1,359 mosques around the world, including in Canada. It cited an official Saudi report in 2002 that stated “King Fahd donated $5 million for the cost of an Islamic Centre in Toronto, Canada, in addition to $1.5 million annually to run the facility.” The Saudi factor has since faded away but the “zone of contact” of Pakistanis with their Arab brethren remains the mosque, facilitated by the English language, not available as effectively in the Arab world where a large number of expatriate Pakistanis live.

Pakistan is trying hard to clean up its international image so that it can get its economy to move forward and its trade gap to narrow. In Canada there is a strong moderate Muslim organisation, which protects the rights of Muslims while opposing the extremist elements among its own community. It has thanked the Canadian authorities for capturing the latest gang of alleged terrorists and for their vigilance, and assured them that “such elements do not represent the Muslim community or Islam”. Its leader was fearful that “unless we eliminate from among our ranks people with such distorted thinking and utterly erroneous interpretations of Islam, I fear the future of Muslim communities in the West is riddled with uncertainty”. It hardly helps if the extremist in Pakistan is pacified but expatriate Pakistanis and Muslims remain radicalised because of the conditions in which they live and the hardline ideologies that are still being instilled in them by the proponents of Wahhabism.


The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections

by Raheel Raza
November 8, 2008


If you are Canadian and Islamist, you probably voted for the New Democratic Party (NDP), which won 18.2% of the vote on October 14, 2008. This was an increase in of about 1% in the vote and led to seven more seats from the 2006 elections. However, the party could not budge itself from its permanent 4th place in Canada’s parliament. Endorsed by the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC), the left-leaning NDP has shown an incredible lack of understanding of the Islamist agenda and how soft jihadis are using democratic institutions by manipulating our respect for multiculturalism.

As a political ideology, in the long-term Islamism seeks to establish an Islamic state in the North America, but this is barely mentioned by the suave and polished young Islamists who appear in expensive suits and with a flourish of legalese and the right disarming accents. While a Taliban style overthrow is unlikely, in the short term, Islamists hope to fundamentally change western foreign policy in favor of the foreign governments that fund them and organizations they ideologically adhere to, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

Recognizing this threat, Marc Lebuis, who runs “Point de Bascule”, invited moderate Muslims Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur and me to participate in a conference in Montreal to address the infiltration of Islamists into the Canadian political system, where the first real arena has been the NDP.

The NDP was founded by social democrats, and was originally, as noted by Mansur, a critical opponent of Communism, and a key element in “denying communists in Canada the opportunity to acquire any shred of legitimacy by posing as defenders of the working people.” Today, however, it allows itself to be used by an equally potent ideological enemy, radical Islamism. The working class in the West now includes immigrants, who as ethnic and religious minorities complain of the classic oppression against which the NDP wishes to be a voice of protest.

But, the NDP fails to distinguish between the socio-economic concerns of Muslim immigrants in Canada and the well-funded, ideological organizations that purport to speak for them.

The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is one such organization. The President of CIC, Mohammad El-Masry, is notorious for his anti-Semitic statements, his call for Sharia courts in Canada, and agitation for an anti-Israeli foreign policy.

Canadian Muslims mattered in this national election because they were, some argued, a swing vote in certain ridings. El-Masry endorsed the NDP, and encouraged voter registration to bolster it. Jack Layton should have repudiated Elmasry’s support but did not.

Toronto NDP candidate and lawyer, El Farouk Khaki caused a stir recently when he defended a Muslim youth convicted for his involvement in a terrorist camp in Canada. After the judge threw out the youth’s defense that “no real Toronto terrorist group existed because its goals were too fanciful to be achieved,” Khaki stated that if you are Muslim in Canadian courts you will be presumed guilty until proven innocent. He went on to accuse the judge of having an anti-Muslim bias. This plays into the victimhood complex Islamists want Muslims in the West to fall into. Khaki was not chastised by NDP leader Jack Layton or any other party candidate.

In Montreal, the NDP paraded Samira Laouni, as “the first veiled candidate,” in the province. She ran from the riding of Bourassa and made no attempt to hide her support for what she referred to as “real Shariah.” She did not win. Jack Layton should have vetted out NDP candidates who favor Sharia like Laouni, whom Mansur has called a “CIC operative.”

It seems strange that with Canadian forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, the same support for Taliban style orthodoxy is allowed in Canada. Besides pro-Sharia politicians like Laouni, Islamists are spreading their message on the street. In Mississauga, Ontario, a woman by the name of Farhat Hashmi runs an Islamic school for girls. Hashmi wears a full niqab (face covering) and encourages young girls to emulate her. She is known for promoting a very conservative Islamic ideology that is based on Wahhabism. She, like other Islamists is in favor of Sharia in Canada.

The results of the Canadian election were an eye-opener because all Muslim candidates from all parties lost, with the exception of Yasmin Ratansi, who for some time has been trying to distance herself from her Muslim identity despite being the first Muslim woman to get elected to the Canadian parliament..

This is a clear indication that because of the incessant and unreasonable demands by Islamists, Canadians punished all Muslims. Most ordinary Canadians, well-meaning and decent folks, are fed up with demands for unreasonable accommodation and are no longer willing to put up with politics disguised as religion in the public sphere. Although Canadians are politically correct and diplomatic in public, the election result shows their true feeling about the trend that Muslims who may have an Islamist agenda are not welcome in Canada. Of course, the usual suspects are already screaming Islamophobia – again.

There is no rampant Islamophobia in Canada – only an attempt at gradual Islamization. Yasmeen Ratansi was first elected in 2004 but when she sought the nomination of her party, some Imams denounced her as not being Muslim enough because she did not cover her hair and wore skirts. She is currently Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of women.

In two districts (ridings as they are called in Canada) the Muslim candidates who lost were openly hostile to the Islamist agenda. Wajid Khan in Toronto and Rahim Jaffer in Edmonton. It is rumored that the full force of the Islamist establishment and the mosque structure came out to defeat these two Muslims because they were seen, in the words of one cynic “too good looking to be considered authentic Muslims”.

Elsewhere, a leading supporter of the Islamist causes and past Member of Parliament, Omar Alghabra, was defeated. He has previously condemned Canadian newspapers that called Hamas and Hezbollah “terrorist” organizations, advocated the complete repeal of Canada’s anti-terrorist laws, and supported Sharia law in Ontario. Throughout the urban districts of Canada, many Islamists tried to sneak through but met with thumping defeats. Along with the Islamists, many secular and liberal minded progressive Muslims were also trounced in what may be described as “collateral damage.”

The lesson for all Muslims is written on the wall: If they are unwilling to stand up to the Islamists in their communities and stop the influence of Saudi Arabia and Iran, we will all suffer because of the actions of a few.

Raheel Raza writes for Islamist Watch, a project at the Middle East Forum.



Here is the actual Globe and Mail report on Farhat Hashmi. Read and reflect.
Tarek Fatah
October 29, 2005

Islamic School for Women: Faithful or Fundamental?
By Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Globe and Mail, Toronto

In a modest industrial park near Lester B. Person International Airport in Mississauga, 150 women varying white head scarves and long, black Saudi style coats called abayas sit in a medium-sized classroom listening attentively to their teacher.

This morning’s lecture includes a perspective on the recent earthquake in Pakistan. “We must understand why such calamities take place,” says Dr. Farhat Hashmi, addressing the room in Urdu. “The people in the are where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities, and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.” He students nod and murmur in agreement.

The classroom walls are pinned with interpretations of passages from the Quran, giving instruction on how Muslims should live their lives-guidance on when to smile, cry, tell the truth, when to be angry. Outside the front door, a sign reads, “no men allowed without prior permission.”

Since April, 2005, women from across Toronto and as far way as Australia have come here to the Al Huda Islamic Centre of Canada to take a 20-month course called Taleem-ul-Quran; the “education of the Quran.” Its teacher, and the school’s founder, Dr. Hashmi, says she has come from Pakistan to enlighten young Muslim women about their religion.

Her critics in the city’s South Asian community say she is encouraging women to cover up, stay at home and accept outdated gender roles.

The school is the latest extension of Al-Huda International which Dr. Hashmi founded in Pakistan in 1994 after graduating with a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Glasgow. Through her teachings, she has since become a well-known Islamic scholar, specially among middle and upper-middle-class women in Pakistan. The school now counts more than 10,000 graduates and she has offered lectures to women in Dubai and London.

She has moved to Toronto with her husband and family, she says, in response to demand for young women in the city to gain a deeper understanding of Islam. For a nominal fee of $60 a month, students attend classes four days a week for five hours a day.

During a typical class, students p=recite prayers from the Quran, then follow up with a long session reading the Urdu translation of the Holy Book with Dr. Hashmi.

In order the non-certified diploma, students are expected to learn how to translate the 30 books of the Quran. Her lessons are also available on CD.

“My Canadian friends invited me here because they feel that there is an need to educate young Muslim girls in this society,” explains Dr. Hashmi in an interview conducted in Urdu. “They come to me for answers,” she says. “I teach them the Quran, and they leave with a sense of peace.”

The young women who have come to the Al-Huda Islamic Centre seem to agree. They say there experience learning with Dr. Hashmi has transformed them.

Sada Mohsin, 17, says she wore jeans and t-shirts and often stayed out partying with friends in her senior year of high school in New York. “I was like an average high school student,” she says. “I would go with the flow, listen to music, have both guy and girl friends.”

When her father suggested that she move to Canada to go to the Al-Huda Islamic Centre, she initially resisted. “I knew that my parents were angry at me for pushing them away. They felt that I was becoming too American in my ways,” she says.

But over the past few months, Ms. Mohsin has enjoyed the classes so much that he has stayed out of choice. “I’m giving up my old American friends and making new ones here in class. My whole life is changing,” she says. “I’ve started wearing the abaya, and its this new environment and these new friends that have helped me do that.”

Dressed in a denim jacket, white pants and a head scarf, Ayesha Awan, 20, makes her way to class every morning. She has cut her studies at York University to part-time to attend Al-Huda’s 20-month course. “I wasn’t religious when I started her class. I didn’t cover my head before, but now I do,” she says.

Her perspective on the role of women has also changed. “I agree with Dr. Hashmi that women should stay at home and look after their families,” she says.

Ms. Awan was so impressed with Dr. Hashmi’s sermons that she convinced 10 friends to enrol in the course. She believes that people who don’t agree with Dr. Hashmi’s message change their mind after they attend her classes.

“It takes time to get used to everything, because we are not sued to segregation and covering up,” Ms. Awan explains. “But there are a lot of people in Canada who practise it, so it is possible to do so.”

But Tarek Fatah, the communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress is highly critical of Dr. Hashmi’s teachings. “Her concept is a grave threat not only to Canadian values, but also to Canadian Muslims. She is segregating society and encouraging the ghettoization=of the South Asian Muslim community and making it very difficult for them to integrate into mainstream society,” Mr. Fatah argues. “She is completely brainwashing these educated, middle-class women top stay at home.”

His concerns are echoed by Ms. Kausar Khan, 37. “It has taken (Muslim women) so long to come out of our homes,” the Brampton business owner says. “We have had to fight for an education and the right to work and Dr. Hashmi’s message is negating all that.”

“She is encouraging our women to stay home and be submissive to their husbands, and that settle well with the rest of us.”

The reason that Dr. Hashmi’s students are embracing her interpretation of the Quran, Ms. Khan argues is that most of them are not well versed in Islam and cannot question her authority. “These young women are naive,” she says.

Dr. Hashmi, who considers herself an Islamic feminist, disagrees. “I don’t force anyone to do anything. They don’t have to listen to me if they don’t want to.”

Furthermore, she says that she is only helping her students better understand Islam. “People accuse me of preaching my views, they are confused,” Dr. Hashmi says. “I refrain from using my personal opinion in my lesson. I just translate the word of God. So people don’t have a problem with me, because my message is from the Quran, they have a problem with God.”

She applies this explanation in response to the interpretation some put on her teachings that she preaches polygamy-a common accusation her critics direct at her. Dr. Hashmi denies the claim, but notes, “Islam gives women rights, so that a man cannot take advantage of her. If a man has relations with a woman outside of marriage, the Quran orders him to marry her.”

Her student Sadaf Mahmood, 18, agrees with this logic, arguing that Western society accords less respect to women, allowing men to have affairs without taking any responsibility. “There are more women than men in this world,” Ms. Mahmood adds. “Who will take care of these women? It is better for a man to do things legally by taking a second wife, rather than having an affair.”

On the issue of women working, she again point to the Quran, asserting that women must recognise their own abilities and circumstances when entering the work force. “Women that should understand the limits set by Islam,” she says. “Whichever field fulfills both the requirement of the individual and Islam, that would be the appropriate career.”

But Canadian Muslims point to the Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of Islam from God, whose own wife was a business woman and renowned for her skills.

Muslim Canadians such as Kausar Khan are most alarmed at the possibility that the next generation of South Asian girls are embarking Dr. Hashmi’s teachings. “We live in a secular society, where there is separation of religion and state. Then why is this woman being allowed to bring her extremist views to our country? She poses a danger to us and our Canadian way of life.”

Dr. Hashmi insists her message will not confuse these young girls who are a product of western world; “Islam is for all times. Why does the environment here have to change the young girls, why can’t they change the environment?”

Students such as 18-year old Madiha Khokar see the change. “I was a feminist…But after taking her classes, I don’t think that way. I think that women have a place in society, and their rights are accorded to them by God in the Quran.”


The earthquake in Kashmir and immoral activities?

By kar_huma
November 1st, 2005 @ 9:40 AM

Breaking News!!

Grr. Someone go to Canada right now and (legally prosecute) this woman. I’ll fund you, don’t worry.

From Daily Times

Farhat Hashmi, the controversial Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist, says those who died in the October 8 Pakistan earthquake were punished by God for their ‘immoral activities’. In a weekend interview with a correspondent of the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper, she said, ìThe people in the area where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.î

Hashmi was immediately criticised by Tarek Fatah, communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who said, ìWhat sort of a sick mind would suggest that the over 20,000 Pakistani and Kashmiri children who were buried alive in their schools were ëinvolved in immoral activitiesí?î

Immoral activities?!?!

• Tanveer Zaidi on November 1st, 2005 @ 11:39 am

Huma, am with you, if you need some help in gathering the fund.

This woman is sick, if am not mistaking, she is the same lady who used to give sermon in Pearl Continental (Karachi), I heard her once and have only two words to say “TOTAL LUNATIC”.

• Saadie on November 1st, 2005 @ 12:33 pm
Serious issue with her, canadians should keep her there.

• Sam iShah on November 1st, 2005 @ 2:10 pm
I loathe her. Always have. Funded by the Saudi government, she espouses that oh-so-enlightened-lets all-go-back-to-living-in-tents-and-humping-camels philosophy that is Wahabiism.
I swear next crack that opens up in the earth better swallow her whole.

• Tanveer Zaidi on November 1st, 2005 @ 3:26 pm
I agree with SAM ISHAH, all what she preaches is Wahabiism, but I dont understand one thing that why these saudi-funded-self-proclaimed-mullas only give their sermons in five star hotels and interviews to foreign channels. How may time does any one watched Farhat Hashmi on ARY, GEO or PTV. But in Canada, where they have to pay for air time, you will find them on channels whole day long.

• Salman on November 1st, 2005 @ 7:38 pm
Well..being from Canada, this news was very shocking. I still dont believe that she is lunatic or has a hidden agenda but such a comment about the people effected by the quake was uncalled for.
I have attended her lecture once and my wife has done it several times and we were all very impressed. I dont know why these comments.

• Imtiaz on November 1st, 2005 @ 9:34 pm
Its not about Wahhabism or otherwise…
its how half baked mullahs in Pakistan get away with just anything and everything!

We have so many different sects and schools of thought in Pakistan. and all this is because we as a nation are so gullible.
At a place where i used to work earlier, my colleague refused to pray behind any of the Imams of the near by mosques.

He used to head to keamari to atend his own prayers, or would pray them individually i office, upon enquiry, hsi method of prayers had nothing different from mine….but yet, there was the difference in belief. he used to say “In logon ka Imaan kharaab hai”….
who are we to judge??
He actually asked me to refrain from offering “dua” after my namaz. when i asked why, he said its not supported by any of the ahadees or written in the Qur’an that one may do so.

• Syed on November 1st, 2005 @ 9:41 pm
For one, my Canada is a free country that gives you freedom of speech. For two, Farhat Hashmi is not wrong. If any of you have ever tried to understand the book of ALLAH will know that she is not wrong at all. The last but not the least, what is “Whabiism”?

• zeeshan on November 2nd, 2005 @ 1:01 am
i dont understand why people relate
Allah’s Jalal to natural disaster if that
was Allah’s jalal then there are places
where most of the people are invoved in worst immoral activites why they are not beign punished
and what i have seen because i have been to azad kashmir several time prior to the quake that those guys were true muslim far far more better than those who are giving fitwa that this was punishment infact may be this was Allah ways to keep his beloved people away from this worldly shit.
i requst people please dont hurt already hurt kashmiris by giving that kind of stupid comment because we dont live in the city of angels

• Karachitte on November 2nd, 2005 @ 3:14 am
i agree with zeeshan in that comments like these hurt already hurt people, which is something no religion advocates.
i personally am shocked by this statement, its hard to believe it came from her. shes really not a fundamentalist wahabbi as some people have written. and i think her org is doing a great deal of relief work etc from all their centres in pak.
has any one got the full story from the Globe and Mail? (cos you have to have subscription/purchase the article)as im not too sure of the authenticity of these comments. perhaps it was an interpretation of what she may have said to a reporter.
either way, blatant remarks such as these are untimely and can prove very damaging and hurtful.

• Adnan Siddiqi on November 2nd, 2005 @ 9:46 am

i dont understand why people relate
Allah’s Jalal to natural disaster if that
was Allah’s jalal then there are places
where most of the people are invoved in worst immoral activites why they are not beign punished and what i have seen because i have been to azad kashmir several time prior to the quake that those guys were true muslim far far more better than those who are giving fitwa that this was punishment infact may be this was Allah ways to keep his beloved people away from this worldly shit. i request people please dont hurt already hurt kashmiris by giving that kind of stupid comment because we dont live in the city of angels
You are repeating the words said by Dr.Israr, whatever he said was against the islamic belief? are we smart enough to dictate Allah what should He do or not? Dr.Israr came up with theory that Karachi and Lahore are more evil then why Allah didnt put some Azab on those cities? its like challenging God that why didnt He do something else..totally pathetic and against Islamic belief,God knows better and NOONE could figureout Maslihat behind that.
I woudn`t comment what farhat said or other saying,whethher its azab,or ghazab-Elahi,let me share some points

1)Farhat is wahabi or not,i don`t know butwhatever she said dont reflect the Wahbism,you can find wahbism all over in KSA,but did u find any statment by Saudi Govt or Saudi Scholars to pass any fatwa that this EQ was a punishment by God?i was watching at time of Sahri when Imam of Ka`aba was praying socially for people of Pakistan,if that was azaab ,they never bothered to make such prayers,so its lame to target an entire Maslak on the basis of act of a single person,this is something similar which is common for Shias that is kill them and get ticket of Jannah and by the way Neither I am wahabi nor i am a Shia .
-one of my brother made comment that people of Azaad Kashmir were religious,they would be,Allah knows the best,but you might not know,when the EQ came,group of Ulemas and tableeghi groups went to affected place,they were curious that why did all happen in the month which is just filled with blessings,what they were told,if it was true then horrible,

-Interest was very very common over there,like even among people,here we don’t have such practise,only in banks.

-what “Immoral Activities” farhat was mentioning..sigh,it was nothing but the activites which were common at the time of Prophet Lut(AS),that is instead of women,they were fond of men,they used to keep small children for such sick act.
these are not my words,but things i heard by heard by many people,regarding why lots of children and innocents died,if two above mentioned points are true ,m sure not the whole community would be sinner,specially children,but if you have read/heard ancient time stories in Quran or in Qasasul-Ambia,nations who suffered azab were wiped out with Children and innocents,they were not childless people,WHY Allah did that with Kids,I dont know,He knows the best,why others who might not be involved were killed?so many of you would have read in quran or in Islamic Book that there are 3 levels of Iman,if you see some evil act 1)stop it by your hand or body if can`t 2)stop it by your words and if you cant do that then 3)atleast consider it evil and condemn it in your heart.

What if one dont consider an evil act is evil?its the last stage of Iman that is out of Islam.its not so complicated theory at all..even if one dont consider that telling lie is a SIN then he shoudnt consider himself that hes still with islamic belief.

-the other point raised by lots of so called experts in media that EQ was a scientific process,hence it cant be azaab and one of them came up with a lame theory that other planet face several hundreds similar EQ daily on other planets wheere there might be no living creature exist then who suffer azaab over there?such pseudo intellectuals who know neither Islam nor science completly cant figureout the fact every act of Allah follow some phenomena,the Birth of a child is a scientific procedure,should we say that Godforbid its just a scientific method and there was no Allah`s role in it?offocurse Allah creates us but the procedure He invented is nothing but a “scientific act”.

One shoudn`t forget that we r not pious,dont u read in papers tht some blah blah person raped an infact or some pervered Mulla was found involved in child molesting?remember,we r not christians who believe in tat Jesus brought all of their sins along with Himself.what we will do in this world,we will be accountable for tht,whether in this world or after death.We cant change the rules of Allah.
Again,I don`t say that it was azaab but i told you the background.Ppl like Israr Ahmad whos just used to preach in posh areas of Karachi,gives fatwa to please the elite class,as i read,ppl after reading his fatwa feels themselves light,as if Israr is Godforbid a god?

instead of reacting like fools,one should himself/herself go into the reality and reason behind every act,many reader of my comments might consider me similar like Farhat or some extreemist,but I dont care,i told what was mentioned in Quran,also we shoudn`t forget what Caliph Omar(RA) hit on land of Madina when it was shaken due to earthQuake and asked ,”Isn`t omar doing justice on your back” and history tells that earth didnt move after hearnig His words and from that day,there was no earthquake in medina.

• TEE BEE on November 2nd, 2005 @ 8:55 pm
I dont who this lady is but all i know is that these kind of people create a negative and quite a lot of vague thoughts about religion in the minds of people, hence making it further hard to follow the principles laid down in the book called ‘Koran’. Rather than praying for the departed souls and begging for mercy, these fanatics just come up with their BS comments to get an exposure thru media. By the way if it was meant to be the ‘Azab-e-Ilahi’, it shud have been on western cities as their sins is way farther than of those innocents died in the 8/10 EQ.
God Bless us All

• Syed on November 2nd, 2005 @ 9:06 pm
For the first time in my life, I was about to agree 100% to somebody but alas!!! 95% is not that bad. Adnan, you are on right track. Only thing that I would like to add is that from Quran you will find that the major sin committed by all those who suffered wrath of ALLAH was “SHIRK”. Beside all that they did in their lives the only thing that all of them did was SHIRK.
One more thing, children….. Somebody has to go to Heaven as well. I dont know why so many people are worried about them dont they know who created them???? What about those who died in wombs? Or those who never ever gonna have a life? Is there anyone to challenge ALLAH for that. Hey!!! did you ask ALLAH to give you birth or it was just HIS blessing upon you? Would you have come to earth on your own or ALLAH gave you this chance??? And what can you or your parents and friends and all that you know can do if ALLAH puts you into a misery????
COME ON GUYS just surrender to ALLAH your GOD. And dont act smart. HE is more merciful than all of us. HE knows better than us. Infact, HE knows that we can not even think or dream.

• moiz on November 2nd, 2005 @ 9:58 pm
all bulshit….total crap….
one shudnt follow any israr’s or farhat’s shud go for Quran if he/she needs guidance


AOA Tarek Fatah,

The communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress is highly critical of Dr. Hashmi’s teachings. She is segregating society and encouraging the ghettoization=of the South Asian Muslim community and making it very difficult for them to integrate into mainstream society,” Mr. Fatah argues. “She is completely brainwashing these educated, middle-class women top stay at home.”

Kindly note I am a working women in a higly reputed organization and is easily integrated with the mainstream, even with my Hajib and as per your comments a negative outlook to the masses and also note the wife Monia Mazigh of Mahar Arar is completing a Ph.D. in finance at McGill and is easily integrated into the society with her Hajib and Jalbab looks.

Note that to be successful in canada you have to be well educated,and highly professional, and well respectful and patient of others.Get a Canadian Qualification and experience and positive approach, we are in a highly multicultured society and should respect diversity of the environment around us.

Our home is our first priorty ( Don’t you want your mother/Wife take interest in the home, or you prefer she would be out managing a business, while when you come in without any warm food or clean house….. analysis what you look for in the home and why you call it home, not forgetting your part of job around the house to be done too). NAH YOUR GENERATION WOULD PREFER FAST FOOD AND MINE AND MY AS YOUR MOTTO. SEND YOUR ELDERS TO OLD PEOPLES HOME AND FORGET ABOUT THEM.

It is true that Islam does not forbide Women to work, and Dr Farhat Hasn’t taught that all, so stop mis-interpreting the messages.

I am ashamed of today’s Muslims Like Kausar Khan,

Who thinks that if their Daughters, Mothers, Sisters ,if they embrace The Quran and what Islam provides them as a Women, then it is dangerous to our society, well sadly not when their own daughters would wear Mini skirts, come running in with a boyfriend and spend weekends at the parties and listen to the ipod 24 hours a day. Chating about all the vulgarity in the world on the internet, then we are an Advance and Modern nation (the Canadian way of Life). Yes then if that is the Canadian Way of life ,it is a danger.

We are creating a new generation of Muslims, who will only be muslims by name or birth, an arrogant , impatient nation ,which is the cause behind the fall of so many muslim nations.

Wake up you all people and spread a message which when you analysis to your own self , seems meaning ful and joyful. Think about your purpose right now , even as young as 10 years old and plan a successful, well educated future for yourself and others.
Don’t waste time on discussing people or happenings around the world, but the inventions you can create and solutions you can bring to the whole world, create a generation to lead and not to follow others.

May Allah be with all towareds the good deed and Inshah Allah they will achieve the rewards. Amen.

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Farhat Hashmi has a PhD in Islam from University of Glasgow UK. I am not surprised if her non muslims teachers and our former colonial rulers could not teach her any better.

Immoral activities?!?!




The existence of people like Farhat Hashmi is a reflection of tolerance civilized society has for absurd ideas that God punished 20,000+ innocent children for their “immoral” activities. Farhat Hashmi should have courage to define what immoral activities these children were engaged with.

On a separate note, I wonder what Farhat Hashmi has done causing her migration from an Islamic country? Is it comfort of life in the Western world of sinners, or a desire to portray a picture of an angry God?

Zafar Iqbal

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Subject: Re: [Writers Forum] Farhat Hashmi: God punished quake victims as they “were involved in immoral activities”

Dear Friends,

No doubt, this is the height of a sick mind when it only discovers hell in heaven. It reminded me of an anecdote that a person who used to clean toilets passed through a bazaar of perfume sellers and fell unconscious as soon as he smelled the perfume. Yes, when there is too much filth in the mind then Compassionate God simply gets eclipsed behind the veil of an arrogant piety. Such ‘khudai khidmatgaars’ are simply trying to produce a generation of robots within the Islamic world who could only be controlled through the remote control with no conscience of their own. They create an ugly God, who appears more like a beast. They seem to capitalize on the fear of people so that the shop continues to grow. It involves the same marketing tactics when products are sold by touching the nerve of fear in a person. Otherwise, people like Farhat Hashmi could easily focus on the attributes of Allah where He is Jabbar (the Restorer), Rahman (the Compassionate) for the people who have suffered so deeply that one cannot even imagine. I wonder, why a Quranic scholar could not find in the Quran:

There is no doubt that Allah is the Lord of All-encompassing beneficence and He has treasures of Rahmat [38:9];
His Rahmat encompasses all things (40:7)

Why to focus on Allah’s punishing side particularly when thousands of innocent children have gone through so much pain and anguish. Why cannot she see, that Allah’s Compassion is flowing from survivors to victims.

I wonder when her followers realize the mockery of Islam being conducted under the disguise of stagnant stinking pool of religion.

Mulla Nasruddin arrived in a village and threatened people with an authority to serve him, otherwise he would do the same what he did to the people of the previous village, since they did not serve him. The innocent people felt afraid and while considering him a saint, served Mulla with a lavish dinner. Later, a few people approached Mulla and asked, “What did you do to the people of last village.” Immediately came the reply, “Oh! I left them and if you had not provided me with the food, I would do the same to you and gone to the next village.”


Hasan N. Mirza

Tarek Fatah wrote:


Farhat Hashmi, the controversial Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist, who has moved to Canada, suggests the people who died in the Pakistan earthquake were punished by God for their sins.

In an interview with the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper, she says: “The people in the area where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.”

What sort of a sick mind would suggest that the over 20,000 Pakistani children who were buried alive in their schools were “involved in immoral activities.”


Yes, exactly, why did this ‘pious’ and ‘self-righteous’ woman move from an Islamic country where she ruined many a marriage by inculcating bigotry and intolerance in normal, moderate Muslim women via her shreiking ‘daras?’ Was it under a divine obligation to convert the Canadians to her ‘Wahabi’ form of Islam or to run away from those who might have sinister designs on her for her own misdeeds?

Anyone who can utter such nonsense deserves to be in the rubble herself! It’s a mean thing to say but that’s the best and the kindest I can be to her.

Ladies, beware of this monstrosity!!


Mohsin Hafeez


Re: Subject:Re: [Writers Forum] Farhat Hashmi: God punished quake victims as they we

Mohsin sahib: Thanks for the clarification. Where those incidents happen (in which part of Pakistan?)

I have not personally attended any of FH’s lectures neither have met her in my life. From what I have read on this forum and else where that she teaches women total submission to Allah and after that to their husbands, fathers & brothers. How that thing can lead women being disobedient and demanding divorces? I am confused.


Mohsin Hafeez wrote:

Mian Shb:

I wouldn’t just shoot through the breeze about such serious matters. I know of at least two personal friends, one of whom ended up getting divorced, and the other utterly miserable while still in.

The self-righteous woman, who claims to be a stalwart of Islam and morality, is directly responsible for the preceding two debacles. The couples, because of the spellbinding effect on the wives via her diatribe against modernity and progressiveness, drifted apart to a point of no return. These are two examples I know of. God alone Knows how many more have been adversely impacted courtesy the self-professed prophet.

Any person uttering the kind of nonsensical stuff on the earthquake is capable of the worst crimes against human dignity. Too bad for the Pakistanis that she may be asked to return because of her illegal status in Canada. I’ll be happy to forewarn the Dept of Homeland security here in the US about her plans to cross over, if she has any.



— Munir Pervaiz wrote:

Hello friends,

It has been reliably learnt that the fundamentalist Muslim preacher Dr. Farhat Hashmi, has been in Canada illegally and may be asked to leave the country.

The question that needs to be answered by all Muslims is as to how one can trust a Hijab/Burqa clad Muslim woman preacher to teach the difference between right and wrong, halal and haram, when she herself follows an illegal act.

It is also reliably learnt that Dr. Farhat Hashmi requested some one to privide illegal certification so that her husband could find a better job in Canada.

How can such people propagate, Amr bi al Marouf, wanahi an al munkar.
May be a learned friend like Dr. Ahmad Faruqui help solve this riddle.

Thanks and regards.


— In Writers_Forum@yahoogroups.com, mianwaheed


Those are some serious allegations (“where she ruined many a marriage by inculcating bigotry and intolerance in normal, moderate Muslim women via her shreiking ‘daras?'”). Are there any solid proofs for that doing?


> > Mohsin Hafeez wrote:


Yes, exactly, why did this ‘pious’ and ‘self-righteous’ woman move from an Islamic country where she ruined many a marriage by inculcating bigotry and intolerance in normal, moderate Muslim women via her shrieking ‘daras?’ Was it under a divine obligation to convert the Canadians to her ‘Wahabi’ form of Islam or to run away from those who might have sinister designs on her for her own misdeeds?

Anyone who can utter such nonsense deserves to be in the rubble herself! It’s a mean thing to say but that’s the best and the kindest I can be to her.

Ladies, beware of this monstrosity!!


Mohsin Hafeez

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> > >
> > > Dear Friends,
> > > No doubt, this is the height of a sick mind when it only discovers hell in heaven. It reminded me of an
> >


Mohsin sahib: Thanks for the clarification. Where those incidents happen (in which part of Pakistan?)

I have not personally attended any of FH’s lectures neither have met her in my life. From what I have read on this forum and else where that she teaches women total submission to Allah and after that to their husbands, fathers & brothers. How that thing can lead women being disobedient and demanding divorces? I am confused.


Mian Shb:

For your information, the incidents took place in Karachi, Pakistan. For the sake of privacy protection, the names and addresses along with other personal details of the victims shall remain undisclosed. Hope that sits well with you.

I have neither met her nor attended (God forbid) any of her lectures either. Let’s define what total submission to Allah or God means. Also, is it fair for any person in the world to interfere (even as a catalyst)with others’ unions? If converting a spouse to her decadent and literal form of Wahabi Islam at the cost of throwing a wrench into the otherwise well run spokes of a relationship is doing a good deed, may God help us all.

Mian Shb, spousal relatonships are complex and best dealt with between the two parties. A third party only complicates matters. Now, how this self-professed prophet comes in as a third party is her influence on the younger women of the society by instilling fear which, as you’d know, is not a tool in our religion. It’s a tool, however, that has been adopted by the current Wahabi mullah class to incite insecure emotions.

I am at work, so unable to really delve into; anyway, the less said about a peraon holding such asinine views on the earthquake, among other things, the better.

I apologize if I have hurt anyone’s feelings with my own against a human being that deserves not to be referred to as such!!




Mian Sahib,

Schims occur in families when spouses begin to subscribe to opposing or conflicting ideologies. Pakistan is basically a moderate/liberal Muslim country. The kind of fundamentalism Farhat Hashmi preaches has caused many husbands consternation, as they probably do not espouse the rgidity of viewpoint thier wives come to adopt.


I think it is very unfair to apply the rules, laws and etiquettes on others, but when it is our turn the “reasons and circumstances are different” come into play so they don’t apply.

I am no fan of Dr. Farhat Hashmi but neither am I her foe. Being judgmental on hearsay is an uneducated and unfair behavior. I have heard her interpretations myself on her website I have disagreement with her interpretations on some issues, but most of her work is in line with any other interpretation that I have researched and at times better thought out. I have heard her to encourage her students to read and research themselves and has corrected or changed her position on issues.

Definition of a moderate or progressive Muslim is very relative. In my experience most self proclaimed moderates (including myself) do not follow the prescribed path in Quran, will not pray/fast/huqooq al Ibad and the list goes on…So when Dr. Hashmi tells my wife that it is a sin not to pray and fast and my wife tries to correct me, it certainly brings a conflict in my house, because I am not ready to give up my fort. Same for Hijab, it’s a prescribed way of life for a Muslim woman in Quran, cursing Farhat Hashmi for teaching this is unfair.

Marrying more than one woman and Allah’s wrath on disobedient nations is written in Quran, but I do not interpret it the way she is reported to have. It is not for us but for Allah to judge this calamity, we should pray to Allah for the unfortunate victims and learn that we could be gone in a moment. We can argue about her being judgmental (It was sad to hear Maulana Edhi telling Dr. Shahid of ARY the same interpretation) but calling and wishing for her departure is against the rules of a free society. I would urge those who feel threatened by her to read and research Quran themselves and her interpretations and point out the anomalies in her interpretations and allow her to correct her position.

I haven’t divorced my wife and neither has she left me, we discuss if there is a need otherwise we are happy in our world.

We are educated and know how to be honest and what it means to be honest so let’s be honest.



Hi Ahmad.

In case of Farhat Hashmi and such, it is not about the civility of argument. It is about incitement to break law: She has said that she supports Polygamy in Canada in a major interview. Her trainees agree with her.

She asked while she was preaching in Pakistan, that each mother should offer one son for Jihad. (The real violent one, not the internal quiet one)

BTW we are also opposing Ariel Sharon entry in Canada.

Would you agree that any one who is accused to be criminal or inciting to break law, can only be tackled by harsh manners.Specially the law of a country that is welcoming and allowing Muslims to prosper and also to parctice their religion without hindrance.

Sharon may turn around and say I am only indicted and not declared a criminal yet.

You know very well , where the lines of arguments are drawn and stopped.

At another message, I pose an Analogy. Would toy argue and watch if someone is trying to commit suicide, or would you take some action.

Would you stop a Pied Paper from leading innocents to an Abyss?



I have no issue with the woman pontificating on what’s right or wrong, as long as she is not being judgemental or a phony. In her case, she is being both, and then some.

The stream of email messages on FH started with her statement on the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan, indicating that they deserved this fate. Now, this is what I have a major issue with. True, some of the right-wingers here suggested something along the same lines with regards to Katrina, and I was equally vocal against them. Do you not believe that she’s crossing the line a little here?

Conducting her shreiking dars sessions in closed rooms and spreading her form of bigoted Islam has less to do with freedom of expression and more to do with exploiting the weak and the vulnerable of the society. Holding an opinion is one thing; propogating it as a rule of law in something as personal a matter as religion is quite another. She is doing no favor to Islam by having a spell-binding effect on the young women of the society and disrupting the equilibrium they have achieved in life with their spouses. Leaning to one end of the continuum or even shifting positions on emotionally charged subjects like religion is a death sentence for any union, especially when the new stance takes precedence over everything else in life. That is precisely what her objective is……she focuses on the rituals of the religion rather than the spirit.

As earlier stated in one of my messages, I know of two personal friends who have been through the most excruciating experience of their lives courtesy FH’s preaching. This was about five to six years ago. Now, we can take the position that it must have to do with the insecurity of the young wives that split them up (in ways more than one )from their husbands. One ended up in a divorce when the husband found the wife to have changed beyond recognition and the other stayed on for possibly masochistic reasons. However, if it wasn’t for the void in their lives being filled by equally hollow hyperbole against moderation and modernity, which I consider the norms of the present society, the situation could have been different and in all probability we wouldn’t have had a broken home.There are tons of other expamples but I speak from those closest to my heart.

If teaching mere rituals of the religion is all she does, then she is being redundant and superflous. Any basic text of Islam can teach us that. We don’t need a preacher for it. If she has any interest in reforming the Islamic society with respect to women, her core audience, she needs to think a little bigger than this,, and also be hands-on, as opposed to migrating to a country which espouses nothing she teaches.

I am all for the rights of anyone in this world; but I am not going to condone the annihilation of the social fabric of the society via a la ‘Zia-ul-Haq’s’ style of
dogmatism and fanaticsm. After all, to make a difference in society, one needs more than just superficiality…we need depth and integrity of purpose and I find both sorely missing in FH!



Javed Zafar,

There is no mention of “hijab”as a piece of cloth tied around the hair in the Quran. There is no prescribed seclusion of women as such, in the Quran either. The terminology employed in verses dealing with “hijab”is general and vague and lends itself to several interpretations. Farhat Hashmi is imposing her rigid interpretation on women who are not capable of evaluating its validity, because they have not made an attempt to understand the Quran on their own. But I concede, it is their choice if they still wish to adopt her views.

However, you must also bear in mind that she is being asked to leave because she endorses wife battery and polygamy–both crimes under Canadian law. It is no longer a matter of freedom of expression.




This woman should not be allowed to disseminate her views whether it is Pakistan, Canada or US as you rightly point out. Anyone who endorses wife beating or legitimized philandering known as polygamy, must be stopped. This is not about freedom of expression. It has more to do with trampling on the rights of the weak and vulnerable of society..


I agree with Farzana. It is a matter of exploitation of the insecure and the weak…..is that fair? Freedom of speech, or the First amendment as it is referred to here in the US, has nothing to do with us..it’s not about freedom of expression. It is an intentional trampling of the rights of the vulnerable, as Farzana put it, to satisfy her own ego.

BTW, any thoughts on misrepresentation on visa/status matters in Canada? Is she in any position, then, to pontificate what is right and/or wrong? She’s only a product, a paid one at that, of the Saudi Wahabi clan out there to spread their form of religion in other parts, and find a haven in Pakistan, of course, after the marde-Momin, Marde-Haq, Ziaul- Haq welcomed all kinds of rigidity in the society, thereby totally annihilating the social fabric of the country. There is no denying it as it’s there to see and observe, and with much pain and sorrow.




Quake God’s punishment for ‘immoral activities’: Farhat Hashmi


By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Farhat Hashmi, the controversial Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist, says those who died in the October 8 Pakistan earthquake were punished by God for their “immoral activities”.

In a weekend interview with a correspondent of the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper, she said, “The people in the area where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.”

Hashmi recently moved to Canada with her family and has since set up teaching classes. She told her class of around 150 mostly young Pakistani women, all in white headscarves and black abayas, “We must understand why such calamities take place. The people in the are where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities, and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.”

Hashmi was immediately criticised by Tarek Fatah, communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who said, “What sort of a sick mind would suggest that the over 20,000 Pakistani and Kashmiri children who were buried alive in their schools were ‘involved in immoral activities’?”

He said Hashmi has now brought her wahabbi teachings to Canada where she has opened a private school for girls. She encourages segregation and defends polygamy. One of her students, a teenager, told the Globe and Mail: “It is better for a man to do things legally by taking a second wife, rather than having an affair.”

Fatah said, “Many Muslim Canadians are upset that this woman from Pakistan has been allowed to come into Canada to spread her message.” One such critic, Kausar Khan, a businesswoman, told the newspaper, “…why is this woman being allowed to bring her extremist views to our country? She poses a danger to us and our Canadian way of life.”

However, Hashmi is not without her admirers, one being Sheema Khan, president of the Canadian chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who told the same newspaper last year, “Ms Hashmi’s soothing style articulates a message of personal reform. She reminds listeners of God’s mercy and forgiveness – in stark contrast to the dire warnings of hellfire favoured by some mullahs.”

Fatah asks how the self-styled evangelist’s view on the earthquake victims be considered as “soothing” or reflecting “God’s mercy and forgiveness?”

Hashmi offers a 20-month course she calls Taleem-ul-Quran, claiming that she has come from Pakistan to enlighten young Muslim women about their religion. She counsels Muslim women to cover up, stay at home and accept their essentially subservient role when contrasted with men. She set up Al-Huda International in Pakistan in 1994 after taking a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Glasgow. He clientele in Pakistan – as in Canada – consists of middle and upper-middle-class women. She claims that 10,000 students have “graduated” from her course. She also travels to London and Dubai. She told the Canadian newspaper that she had moved to Toronto with her husband and family in response to demand for young women in the city to gain a deeper understanding of Islam. She charges a nominal fee of Canadian $60 a month. Five-hour classes take place four times a week.

She told the Globe and Mail correspondent, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinnoy, “My Canadian friends invited me here because they feel that there is an need to educate young Muslim girls in this society. They come to me for answers. I teach them the Quran, and they leave with a sense of peace.” Her impressionable young students appear to accept her highly conservative and textual interpretation of Islamic texts.

However, Kausar Khan feels alarmed at the possibility that the next generation of South Asian girls are embarking Dr Hashmi’s teachings. “We live in a secular society, where there is separation of religion and state. Then why is this woman being allowed to bring her extremist views to our country? She poses a danger to us and our Canadian way of life.”

Some Comments

picoico says:

She’s an idiot for saying that. She doesn’t no squat-all about who died and who didn’t…deport her, she’s useless.

BUT Tarek Fatah is an idiot who labels ANYTHING remotely related to conservative Islam as “wahabbi”, and constantly cries to the media…not just for things like this, but for other things like our stance on homsexual marraiges and what not. He’s a player…a face man…has no links to the community, and constantly directs his message to those on the outside.

If it was a punishment for immoral activities, why did lil kids die? Why dint it happen in karachi or lahore, where many mor “immoral” activities take place in the name of being “modern” and “enlightened” and emulating the West?

One person came up with a good point. Whoever wrote the article might be biased against farhat hashmi and might be trying to slander her. She might never have said those words. Its quite common for the media to misreport statements and put words in peoples’ mouths or change a tone of an issued statement.

On the other hand, from watching some of her lectures on ARY…I do believe that she is quite extremist in her views. The only thing I really have a problem with is sometimes she’ll give these lectures without quoting Quran ayahs or Sunnah and explaining how she comes up with her theories. No real scholar will refuse to quote in a lecture or to publish their theories backed up by references.

She definitely does tend to captivate the female audiences. Her lectures on women’s issues are overall not offensive to women’s lib, from the lectures I have heard. If she’s said anything offensive, I haven’t heard or seen those lectures.

I do tend to think her niqaab is a bit overdone.


PCG – do you think she sounds like a man? I cannot listen to her voice. It is so manly that I cannot digest it. My mother has some of her lectures and from what I’ve heard from my mother, she has some good stuff to say. She is very conservative (Farhat Hashmi). For example, she is against birth control of all kind. But a lot of women do follow her strictly.

I didn’t know she was against birth control. I heard one of her lectures where she said she is against domestic abuse, and the such.

You know, to be quite honest, I think she’s a quack. I think she goes very overboard on some issues, and I don’t encourage anyone to follow her. She has a charisma though, and people follow her like blindly devoted followers. Its a bit scary to see how “deewani” some of these girls become after her. People need to learn to evaluate what various scholars say, because each one will say something slightly different from the other. But this idea of teaching people to think for themselves is almost devoid from our Islamic scholars. Its more like “here, this is a code of morality and you must believe it”. There is minimal emphasis on evaluating texts on your own, and people leave this up to “scholars” and then blindly believe these people.

Its scary, and Farhat Hashmi is no different from any other scholar that is out and about professing their version of Islam to be the right one.

I’m not saying everything she says is wrong. But I am saying her attitude is dogmatic like most scholars. She’s controversial in Pakistan because the mod-crowd is against her since she’s so extremist (I wont use the term fundamentalist). She’s also disliked by many male scholars mainly cuz she’s a woman and she has dared to speak out against abuse and other topics, and because females flock after her and listen to her as if she’s a walking Quran.


Fatwas and facts about Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Following are the Fatwaas issued by Ulemas about Farhat Hashmi. The fatwaa of Banori town is authentic with Seal and Stamp. Newspaper article is also attached.








Fitnah of Dr Farhat Hashmi

Answers to some queries about Al-Huda International:
By Mufti Taqi Usmani – Judge Shariah Applet (Supreme Court of Pakistan), Vice-President Jamia Darul-uloom Korangi (Karachi, Pakistan), Vice-Chairman Islamic Fiqh Academy (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Question: Dear Respected Mufti Saheb, Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, I (the questioner) has completed a one-year diploma course in Islamic studies from “Al-Huda International” in Islamabad, I joined the institute in search of Islamic knowledge and was unaware of their hidden and secretive beliefs, however even after the completion of one year diploma I am still unable to ascertain and authenticate some of the beliefs hence decided to contact the respected scholars of Islam in order to clarify the ideologies & creed (of “Al-Huda International” ) and obtain a Fatwa to safeguard and protect the daughters of Islam from falling into misguidance. A summary of the ideologies of our teacher and rector of “Al-Huda International” Dr Farhat Hashmi are as follows:

1) To move away from Ijmah (consensus of opinion amongst the Muslims) and adopt a new path

Note: Ijmah (consensus of opinion amongst the Muslims) is binding on Muslims as per the Qur’aan, Hadeeth and consensus of Muslim ummah (for details see “Fiqh main Ijmah Ka Maqam” by Mufti Rafi Usmani)

2) Supporting Non-Muslim & anti-Islamic elements and movements

3) Attempts to interweave and intermingle the “Truth” and “Falsehood” (to confuse the masses)

4) To create doubts in matters of Fiqh

5) To create an “Easy Islam”

6) To disregard and abandon etiquettes (Aadaab) and recommendations (Mustahabbat)

The details of these ideologies are as follows:

1) To move away from Ijmah (consensus of opinion amongst the Muslims) and adopt a new path:

a. Denial of Qadha Salah:
If someone has missed Salah in their lifetime then merely repenting from the sin is sufficient and they are not required to make up the missed Salah. Note: This is indeed a monumental exaggeration and defiance to disregard one of the greatest obligations (Faraidh) of Islam i.e. Salah

b. To count 3 Talaqs as one pronounced in one sitting:

Note: To count 3 Talaqs as one is against the Qur’aan, Hadeeth, and overwhelming opinion of Sahaba (RA), Taba’een (RA), Taba-Taba’een (RA), and the agreed upon opinion of the four Imams (i.e. Abu Haneefa (RA), Malik (RA), Shaf’ae (RA), & Ahmed Ibn Hanbal (RA)), (for details see “Teen Talaq Ka Saboot” by Maulana Shahabuddin Nadwi & “Umdatul-Athath Fi Hukmit-Talaqut-Thalath” by Maulana Muhammad Sarfaraz Khan Safdar)

c. To stress upon and make arrangements for the gathering of women for optional (Nafil) acts of worship e.g. for Salatul-Tasbeeh, and during the odd nights of the last ten days (particularly 27th night) of Ramadhan
Note: There is no doubt in these actions being Bid’ah

2) Supporting Non-Muslim & anti-Islamic elements and movements:

a. Ulama are distant from Madaris and Arabic language

b. Ulama make the religion hard for people and involve laymen in useless and futile arguments concerning Fiqh, as a matter of fact she said on one occasion that if you cannot find an authentic narration regarding an issue then act on a weak narration but don’t consult the Ulama

c. A long time is wasted in the Madaris teaching grammar, and principles of Fiqh, it is a not requirement to learn Arabic, just teach people the translation of Qur’aan; she said on one occasion that 7-8 years of study in the Madaris are spent in trying to prove the authenticity of their own Fiqh (hinting towards Dars-e-Nizami i.e. the curriculum taught in the Madaris) and all these years of study are unable to instil and the true spirit of Islam
d. Books of Waheed-uddin Khan are considered the best for students and adopted as part of the curriculum and sold, when the negative opinion of contemporary scholars was mentioned about him and his books, she replied, “Words of wisdom are the lost property of a believer (Tirmidhi)”

3) Attempts to interweave and intermingle the “Truth” and “Falsehood” (to confuse the masses):

a. Taqleed is Shirk!

Note: The instances where Taqleed becomes praiseworthy or blameworthy were never explained

b. To act on a weak Hadeeth is presented as if it is an criminal offence, and it is reiterated that when Saheeh Bukhari is a collection of the most authentic traditions then why should weak narrations be accepted?

4) To create doubts in matters of Fiqh:

a. More importance is placed on refuting other scholars & Madaris then promoting their (Al-Huda’s) message and stressing points of agreement (amongst scholars)

b. Instead of teaching basics of Salah, fasting, Hajj, Zakat (Faraidh, Sunan, Mustahabbat), matters of disagreement (in Fiqh) are discussed at length under the garb of spreading the “knowledge of Saheeh Ahadeeth” and under the banner of being unbiased (i.e. not sticking to a Madhab etc.)

c. Overwhelming importance is placed on disagreements in Fiqh i.e. Rafa Al-Yadain, reciting Fatihah behind the Imam, reading one Rakat of Wit’r, encouraging women to attend Mosques, congregational prayers for women; all in the name of following “Saheeh Ahadeeth”

Note: For evidence on these matter please see “Hadeeth Aur Ahle-Hadeeth”, Tajalliyat-e-Safdar”, “Rasul-Akram (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) ka Tareeqa-e-Namaz,”

d. Erroneous issues (Masa’il) are being taught about Zakat as women don’t know Tamleek

5) To create an “Easy Islam”:

a. Islam is easy but has been made difficult by the scholars. Take any issue (Mas’ala) from any Imam and you will still remain within the confines of Islam

b. Hadeeth tells us to adopt the easiest way therefore take the easiest (& most convenient) opinion of any Imam

c. There is no authentic narration about reading Yaseen daily

Note: Since the virtues of Surah Yaseen are noted in many Ahadeeth therefore many Ulama have adopted its daily recital as their routine and practise. Surah Yaseen has been called the heart of Qur’aan (Abi Dau’d, Ahmed, Nasai, Ibn-e-Maja & Hakim). Ata bin Rabi (RA) narrates that it has reached me from Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) that whoever recites Surah Yaseen at the beginning of the day then all their needs of the day will be fulfilled (Sunan Ad-darimi). It is narrated that whoever recites Surah Yaseen daily at night and then dies will have the death of a martyr (Mazahir-e-Haq). Yahya bin Katheer (RA) relates that it has been mentioned to me by a man (who tested this) that whosoever recites Surah Yaseen in the morning will be happy and content till the evening and whoever recites Surah Yaseen in the evening will be happy and content till the morning (Ibn-Farees, Mazhari, for details see Maariful-Qur’aan Vol7/Pages 362-363). Sayyidina Jundub (RA) narrates that Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said, whosoever recites Surah Yaseed in the night (for the pleasure of Allah) will be forgiven (Malik, Ibn-e-Hibban) and in another narration it is mentioned that whosoever recites Surah Yaseed in the night will see the morning in the state of forgiveness (Dar-Qutni, At-Targheeb Wat Tarheeb)

d. There is no such thing as “Isharaq” or “Awabeen”

Note: On the contrary “Isharaq” is mentioned in the following Ahadeeth:

a) ‘He who performs Fajr Salat with Jamaat and remains seated in the same place while engaging in Dhikr until after sunrise and thereafter performs 2 Rakaats Nafil Salat, (Ishraaq), he will obtain the Thawaab of one Hajj and one Umrah.’ (Tirmidhi).

b) ‘Whoever keeps seated after performing Fajar and utters nothing but good from his mouth and then offers 2 Rakaats of Salat al-Ishraq, all his sins will be forgiven even though they are as much as the foam of the sea.’ (Ahmed)
Scholars have considered “Ishraq” and “Shasht” as two separate prayers.

Similarly “Awabeen” has also been mentioned in the Hadeeth:

a) One who offers six rakaat prayer after Maghrib prayer speaking nothing but what is good in between the two prayers, will earn reward equal to the worship of twelve years. (Ibn-e-Maja, Ibn-e-Khuzaima, Tirmidhi)

b) Aisha (RA) narrates that Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said that Allah (SWT) will build a house for the one who prays 20 Rakat after Magrib Salah (Tirmidhi)
Ulama have stipulated that “Awabeen” consists of a minimum of “six” and a maximum of “twenty” Rakaat and they have assigned this name to the optional Salah after Marghrib and it has been there practise to read these prayers. The disagreement over the name “Awabeen” will have no bearing on the validity and virtues of these prayers.

e. There is no prohibition in Islam for women regarding their hair cut, as one of the Umahatul-Mu’mineen (Mother of the believers) had her hair cut

Note: There is ample evidence from the Qur’aan & hadeeth regarding the prohibition of women getting their hair-cut and the permissibility is expressly granted at the time of Hajj/Umrah (length of the pores of a finger). There is a chance of resemblance of men in cutting/trimming hair therefore the Ulama have considered it Haram. The interpretation and deliberate manipulation and twisting of Al-Huda International of a Hadeeth from Saheeh Muslim is false because:

a) Their interpretation contradicts with the interpretation conveyed by the narrators of the hadeeth

b) The narrator is not stating his “personal” eye-witness account

c) The narrator was not a Mahram of Umahatul-Mu’mineen (Mother of the believers), therefore unable to expressively verify the length of the hair

d) The narrator has neither mentioned someone’s “personal” eye-witness account nor mentioned the opinion of a Mahram of Umahatul-Mu’mineen (Mother of the believers)

e) The words in the Hadeeth “Kal-Wafira” can be interpreted in many different ways, therefore it is incorrect to expressly permit an act based on many interpretations when the prohibition is mentioned in many authentic narrations (Imdadul-Fatawa Vol4/Page 218)

f. Women MUST leave their homes for spreading the Deen

g. Her own actions are considered binding for the students as she undertakes Tableeghi missions (without a Mahram), goes on journeys to establish Qaiyamul-Layl and appears on media (Radio, TV etc.)

7) To disregard and abandon etiquettes (Aadaab) and recommendations (Mustahabbat):

a. Women touch and read the Qur’aan in the state of impurity and they are oblivious of placing the Qur’aan at a higher level (for respect)

Note: It is impressible for the women to touch or read the Qur’aan during the state of menstruation:

a) Hakim bin Hizam (RA) narrates that when Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) appointed him as the Governor of Yemen he enjoined, “…And you should not touch the Qur’aan except in the state of purity…” (Dar-Qutni, Mustadrak Hakim)

b) Abduallah bin Umar (RA) narrates that Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) said “Quraan should not be touched by any man expect in the state of purity” (Tabarani)

c) Anas (RA) narrates that when Umar (RA) set out with a sword in his hand to assassinate Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam), he was directed to his sister & brother-in-law and when he reached there a man by the name of Khubab (RA) was present and they were reciting Surah Taha. When Umar (RA) asked for the book which was being read, his Sister told him that he was impure and he must stand and perform Ghusl (or Wudhu), thereupon Umar (RA) performed Wudhu and then read Surah Taha (Dar Qutni)

d) Abu Wail (RA) used to send his maid (in the state of menstruation) to Abu-zain and she used to bring the Qur’aan (holding it by string). (Bukhari)
It is the consensus of opinion of four Madhahib and scholars that purity (Tahara) is a pre-condition for touching the Qur’aan and to act in contradiction to it is a sin, Tahara includes for the hand to be clean (& to be in a state of Wudhu) and not to be in the state of Janaba (needing Ghusl) and this is the Maslak of Ali (RA), Abdullah Ibn Masood (RA), Saad ibn Abi Waqas (RA), Said Ibn Zaid (RA), Ata (RA), Imam Zahri (RA), Ibraheem Nakhai (RA), Hammad (RA), Imam Malik (RA), Imam Abu Haneefa (RA) & Imam Shaf’ae (RA) (for details see Maariful-Qur’aan Vol8/Pages 286 in the Tafseer of verse, “that is not touched except by the purified ones (56:79)

8) Miscellaneous Matters:

a. To encourage self-Ijtehad after reading the translation of the Qur’aan

b. To consider the perquisites (as described by scholars) required for the correct understanding of Qur’aan an Hadeeth innovations, foolish and hatched-up conspiracies

c. When an issue (Masail) is discussed in front of a “graduate (of Al-Huda), they question its authenticity and ask for evidence (from Saheeh Hadeeth)
The end result is branches of Al-Huda sprouting up everywhere and “graduate” women teaching the Deen and engaging people in debates/arguments of Fiqh while ignorant of even the basics of Tajweed! Questions Summarised:

a) Please elaborate on the stated points in the light of Islamic Shariah?

b) What is the Shariah ruling/status of the afore-mentioned procedures and PhD. of Dr Farhat Hashmi from Glasgow University?

c) What is the Shariah ruling/status of attending these courses, participation and encouraging others to do the same?


The ideologies described in the question are incorrect regardless of the personally adhering to it. Some of them e.g. to disregard Ijmah, to consider repentance (only) sufficient for missed prayers, to declare Taqleed as Shirk, are open misguidance and one can only conclude from them that the majority of Ummah (who has been doing Taqleed) were Mushriks, Some of these ideas are against the consensus of opinion e.g. to regard 3 Talaqs (in one sitting) as one, Some of these ideas are Bid’ah e.g. congregation for Salatul-Tasbeeh, to encourage people and exhort them to come out of their homes to perform Qiymul-Layl and to encourage women and exhort them to pray Salah in congregation. Some of these ideas are gross misguidance and dangerous e.g. encouraging self-Ijtehad after reading translation of the Qur’aan, encouraging masses to adopt opinions from any Madhab and to declare ones personal actions as binding. Some of these ideas are evil e.g. to defame the scholars and institutions of Islam (who have been engaged in the Service of Islam), and to devalue them in the hearts and minds of people and to consider a short course as sufficient to be able to derive rulings directly and denounce rulings from earlier scholars (which they have obtained after years of careful study and contemplation). An institute which adheres to there ideologies and beliefs and propagates them is destructive and a cause of disunity and chaos amongst the masses of Muslim. A Muslim who comes closer to Islam (and practising it) due to the concessions on offer (i.e. adopt the easiest and most convenient opinion) will be prone to error and misguidance. To cooperate or encourage cooperation in the lessons (courses) on an individual or institution which engages in such mind-making techniques cannot possibly be deemed permissible and the degrees and qualification of the person in question is irrelevant. Islamic degree from Glasgow university is irrelevant (according to Islamic standards) and the efforts of Non-Muslim universities in producing orientalists who create doubts and apprehensions in the hearts and minds of Muslim masses (in the name of Research) has been ongoing for sometime, their curricula is designed to produce such individuals who create havoc and chaos (except a few). Therefore a degree from Glasgow University is not sufficient for someone to be classed as an Islamic scholar, by the same token it shouldn’t be held against someone as there have been examples of individuals who have gone to these (Non-Muslim universities) and were immune to the poison. The answer given is in the light of ideas and beliefs described in the question and the responsibility to ascertain if the person in question actually adheres to such ideas and beliefs is not on the one answering the query.


Videos exposing Farhat Hashmi:

Fitna of Dr Farhat Hashmi The evil of 21st century

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Other links:




Other General Comments

rozaiba on November 6, 2004

Recently heard Najam Shiraz singing his new naat. The words of the naat were altered for religious purposes but the tune and title was the same as the great song from his album `roop nagar` called `na taira khuda koi aur hai`…I had to close my ears.

The touching song had metamorphosed into an overdone me-too religious gibberish. I mention this becuase it reflects the larger perverse mentality that has taken root which tries to justify everything through religion. Logic is good because religion says its good. Every action needs justification from religion. Music, art, literature…etc. cannot be good in and of themselves. They need religion to knight them after being thoroughly observed at every step. Worse, to be a good person, you have to be religious.

I mean, the discussion you hear on religious programs with religious personalities are so freakin` stale and meaningless `let`s all pat each other on the back why don`t we?` The questions Farhat Hashmi`s audience ask are retarded to say the least.

As for how all this is now marketed (`Haj ka safar, Tang kay saath!` WTF!!) by the marketing gurus, eventually all this will come to head. It`ll probably get worse before it falls upside down. Like it won`t be long before Dr. Israr Ahmed is heard saying `This Hadis from Sahih Bukhari has been brought to you by Peak Freans Biscuits and Ding Dong bubble gum!` or with Farhat Hashmi`s program, sponsored by some cooking oil, has the audience asking which cooking oil would be the best according to Islam and Farhat Hashmi naturally responding!! I can`t wait!!

And of course, the new TV channels will more than happily project all this religious nonesense as it sells!


Uzma says:


Farhat Hashmi has a very wahabi attitude……in her cassette of surah number 7 she translates the verse of the Qur’an i think it is 35th or so..i don’t have the Qur’an in front of me…..where Allah swt is tell Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.s. that even if you dig a tunnel and climb heavens you will not be able to convince the nonbelievers……aside from the literal translation she adds …..her own commentary by degrading the status of Rasul Allah….s.a.w.s. ….she says something to the extent that Allah swt says to Rasul Allah if you cannot bear the burden of this (prophecy) than you can go do something else……i am not surprized that some ulema’s are not liking what she is saying…..as she is far removed from tasawuf which is traditional islam…..in Rasul Allah’ s.a.w.s.’s hadith he had mentioned that the best time (of Islam) is his and then the one after him and then of those who follow the ones after him…..Tabit at Tabieen (sp) ….the commentaries of the “ancient” and “modern” ulema’s is based on the work and research of the older generations……such as Imam Bukhari r.a. and the likes of Imam Suyuti r.a……Farhat Hashmi is herself often quoting some of the great sufis ..in her lectrues…but denies the shafaat of saints…..she has a PHD but she does not have the ijaza to spread ISLAM…….this is the catastrophe for muslims…..where different views and so many are creating confusions…..

…..the medresseh/madrassas were the hub of muslim culture were not only the sciences of the Qur’an were taught but arithmetic, philosophy and astronomy etc.. …and the preservation of the Qur’an through recitation and memorization …….along with many eastern languages …..the khana-gah ..the chilakhonas were all part and parcle……..

..someone recently approached Farhat Hashmi and asked her about the tawasul of Rasul Allah s.a.w.s…and she answered by saying that she did some research and found out that yes there is tawasul of Rasul Allah s.a.w.s…..my question to her is …….does she think her research has ended there ….and who has given her the authorization to teach and speak about Islam……what is her take on Ihsan that hadrat Gabriel a.s. had asked Rausl Allah about…has she practiced it?????



‘A sane voice in a mad world’ says:

The International Islamic University at Islamabad was funded by the Saudis, and has always been a Salafi oriented one, and I have always seen the campus with a large number of women.

The al-Huda Institute was founded and headed by Dr. Farhat Hashmi, a Salafi, and she is still very much in charge. The institute has branches at Karachi and Lahore.
I visited one of the other instiutes that I mentioned, that too is a Salafi one. I forget the name, but the person running it is a scholar by the name of Bashir.
The Salafis are much maligned, and I hope this info will cause the antagonists to modify their views.


Afia says:

Dr. Farhat Hashmi, that wahabi preacher who makes a long and winding sermon about Muharram and says that Ashura is for fasting and all sorts of things but makes absolutely no mention of Imam Hussain whatsoever!!! isnt it so absolutely amazing!!! How can she claim to love the Prophet when her heart is void of the love of the Prophet’s family?

QUOTE(brutal_33 @ Oct 18 2007, 07:43 PM) [snapback]44383[/snapback]


Brother Fatah, I live in Canada too close to the masjid where Dr. Hashmi and her husband teaches, and I have heard several of Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s lectures. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with anything that she teaches.

The molvi you quoted above is probably ‘hanafi’ and that’s why he believes that Dr. Hashmi’s who is (Ahl-e-hadith/Salafi) teachings are wrong.

Umm Abdullah says:

Wa Alaykum As-Salaam

Yes brother brutal_33, i have heard many of Dr Farhat’s lectures online on PalTalk & haven’t found anything object-able yet. She seems like a Salafi teacher.
There is a difference of teaching style in Dr Farahat & her husband Dr Idrees. Dr Idrees in many of his lectures have openly talked against Shia believes & called their acts Kufr, suggested them to stop this type of acts that he was critisizing at that time.

On the other hand, i have never heard Dr Farhat talk against any school of thought (not even against Shias), but she tell her students to gain knowledge to find the right & wrong for yourself. Her tafseer for “specific” verses misinterpreted by the Shias is not in support of them but the Muslims.



What about CDs by Farhat Hashmi?

Recently somebody gifted me a set of cds on quran tajweed and tafseer the speaker being a female by name of Farhat Hashmi.I want to know the school of thought of the speaker and whether it is ok to hear them?Anybody having any information please help.

Muhammd Ali Munir:


They are called “Al-Huda”, and mainly follow the salafi/ahl-e-hadeeth methodology.

Avoid them.

For more details about Farhat Hashmi please check this website


Umme Maryam:

Assalam Alaikum! I don’t understand– why do you advice avoiding Dr Farhat Hashmi and what are these fatwas against her for– I hear she is very well renowned in Pakistan and Canada and there is a huge following of Al Huda in UAE too…Can you pls clarify? JazakAllah Khair!


Walikumasalam. Actually the problem is nowhere but with the open mindness and not following the Ulemas and having no respect for the knowledgeable people. Ulemas are for sure the people on whome we can trust… becuase they are the Waris of Anbiya AS. and our beloved prophet(SAW) also emphasized alot on respecting the Ulemas and those who have the authentic source of knowledge. On the blog which I posted please see the comments from someone. It contains the link of the university from where She graduated… all the teachers are non-muslims… do you think that we can learn our DEEN from someone who is not even a muslim…

Its just like to have our medical checkup from a computer engineer ! …

Read 2 Rakats … for ALLAH Almighty and ask HIM the power to decide between the right and the wrong.. inshALLAH then read the articles again and see what mistakes Ulemas are pointing out in Her…. if these are really mistakes (which infact are) then we should avoid her…. thats only what I can say on this issue.

You can also download a detailed book reagarding Alhuda from here



Thanks a lot for your time to read this post.



Read “The Fitnah of Dr Farhat Hashmi” by Mufti Taq Usmani


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  • Comments from LUBP (old website):


    Nidah said…
    The following link will prove that what Farhat Hashmi is preaching is ‘sareeh gumrahi’:


    2 FEBRUARY 2009 12:18
    Rabia said…
    this is a really excellent source of information about this hateful bigot. You are doing amazing work on this blog

    2 FEBRUARY 2009 14:10
    Abdul said…
    Thanks Rabia. Am sick of seeing Muslim women getting increasingly infected by the FH virus.

    2 FEBRUARY 2009 15:02
    Chowk said…
    Farhat Hashmi: A former Caribbean belly dancer who converted to Islam and became a popular cheerleader of the Saudi Arabian football team. However after suffering a serious pelvic injury bought on by doing the Macarena in tight ‘70s bellbottoms, Farhat Hashmi entered the prosperous and liberal state of Pakistan after being trained as a suicide bomber in the caves of British Colombia in war-torn Canada. But recently, the popular former cheerleader was arrested by Pakistani authorities while planning to plant a hydrogen bomb in a popular Waziristan night club and deported to the Caribbean Island of Barbados where she now makes a living singing Christmas carols for Brain Lara.


    Who is he by the way?

    3 FEBRUARY 2009 11:54
    SaimaShah said…
    Farhat Hashmi has done more harm to women`s rights than even Zia. I would have thought you`d see her as a taliban dressed as female. But what Nadeem Piracha did do was sooo funny what with the covering hang-up that she has.

    3 FEBRUARY 2009 11:59
    IftikharA said…
    The demand for Muslim schools comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos.Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won’t feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith.
    Muslim schools are working to try to create a bridge between communities. There is a belief among ethnic minority parens that the British schooling does not adequatly address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded. Setting up Muslim school is a defensive response.

    State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. According to a number of of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored.

    Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslims have the right to educate their children in an environment that suits their culture. This notion of “integration”, actually means “assimilation”, by which people generally really mean “be more like me”. That is not multiculturalism. In Sydney, Muslims were refused to build a Muslim school, because of a protest by the residents. Yet a year later, permission was given for the building of a Catholic school and no protests from the residents. This clrearly shows the blatant hypocrisy, double standards and racism. Christians oppose Muslim schools in western countries yet build their own religious schools.

    British schooling and the British society is the home of institutional racism. The result is that Muslim children are unable to develop
    self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore, majority of them leave schools with low grades. Racism is deeply rooted in British society. Every native child is born with a gene or virus of racism, therefore, no law could change the attitudes of racism towards those who are different. It is not only the common man, even member of the royal family is involved in racism. The father of a Pakistani office cadet who was called a “Paki” by Prince Harry
    has profoundly condemned his actions. He had felt proud when he met the Queen and the Prince of Wales at his son’s passing out parade at Sandhurst in 2006 but now felt upset after learning about the Prince’s comments. Queen Victoria invited an Imam from India to teach her Urdu language. He was highly respected by the Queen but other members of the royal family had no respect for him. He was forced to go back to India. His protrait is still in one of the royal places.

    There are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.
    Iftikhar Ahmad

    3 FEBRUARY 2009 16:33
    Umm Ismael said…
    Asslam u alaikum
    I will confess initially that i havent been able to read through all of the comments posted above owing to their length but from all that i have read, its amazing to see that we as people have the goodness to share information about someone that we have never met, seen or heard.
    Many of the comments posted above are absolutely baseless and the rest prone to bias.Dr Farhat is not an angel but she is doing commendable work whether we agree to it or not. Someone did make avery good suggestion:
    Read two rakah and pray to ALLAH to show you the right path. A dua of our Prophet saw is very effective in this regard:”O ALLAH SHOW US THE TRUTH AS THE TRUTH AND HELP US FOLLOW IT AND SHOW US THE FALSEHOOD AS THE FALSEHOOD AND HELP US REFRAIN FROM IT” Ameen

    5 FEBRUARY 2009 19:14
    Umm Ishaq said…
    Umm Ismael, what do you think about various Ulema’s fatwa about the Wahhabi/Salafi ideology that Farhat Hashmi is promoting? Is it not a fact that Farhat’s huband says Yazid radiallah ta’alah? Did Farhat ever denounce Yazid?

    6 FEBRUARY 2009 08:30
    Muslimah said…
    A nice lecture on marital relationship by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Must watch:


    21 FEBRUARY 2009 10:01
    Shaheryar Ali said…
    Its seems this lady is evil. What went wrong with University of Glasgow? it produced ppl like Dr M. Watt and now they are producing such evil ppl

    10 MARCH 2009 08:00
    Abdul said…
    Sherry, is it mere coincidence that right from Glasgow to Islamabad to Canada wherever Farhat Hashmi went, she left behind a trail of acts of terror. The Wahhabi version of Islam she preaches portrays pirs, sufis, barelvis, shias etc as mushrik, thus paving the way for sectarian and jihadi terrorism.

    10 MARCH 2009 08:09
    Shaheryar Ali said…
    Nafrain ba oo

    10 MARCH 2009 08:20
    Abdul said…
    Sherry, afrin bar shoma!

    10 MARCH 2009 16:47
    C.L Dumas said…
    As Salamu alaykum to the Muslims

    It seem this is some radical sufi website and you people have a serious issue with anyone who wants to call to the Quran and Sunnah. You have deep issue with anyone who follows the way of the Sahabah radiallahu anhum and you want to change Allah religion to fit your personal whims or Pakistani culture. I see in the poster the same attitude of the Jews against the Prophets not saying Dr. Farhat Hashm is a prophet astagfirallah but the ulama are the perseverer of what the Prophets left behind.

    Maybe some of you are just plain ol munafqeen.

    C.L Dumas said…
    As Salamu alaykum to the Muslims

    It seem this is some radical sufi website and you people have a serious issue with anyone who wants to call to the Quran and Sunnah. You have deep issue with anyone who follows the way of the Sahabah radiallahu anhum and you want to change Allah religion to fit your personal whims or Pakistani culture. I see in the poster the same attitude of the Jews against the Prophets not saying Dr. Farhat Hashm is a prophet astagfirallah but the ulama are the perseverer of what the Prophets left behind.

    Maybe some of you are just plain ol munafqeen

    24 FEBRUARY 2010 18:37
    Abdul said…
    This post has been removed by the author.
    29 MARCH 2010 20:45
    Abdul said…
    Fatwas defaming the scholars/Schools:

    Scholars must be very careful giving fatwas, especially against other Islamic Scholars on the basis of hearsay without finding out the Truth. Have these scholars listened/watched the video/audio tapes or read her course books about topics that are referred in Fatwas?? . So called scholars like Taqi Usmani and Nawal-ur-Rahman have not done research and not produced any evidence to give an inappropriate Fatwas about another Scholar (Farhat Hashmi), when Quran says:
    Quran 49:6 O you who believe! If a Fasiq (liar — evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done. (6)

    Dr. Farhat Hashmi is daughter of a Hanafi Alim Abdur Rehman Hashmi. She married Dr. Idris Zubair, who belonged to a family of Ulama and had completed courses in different Islamic branches. She studied the initial course Ph.D at Glasgow University, UK. There was no teacher but there was a supervisor who approved her and her husband’s synopses which were prepared by Dr.Mahmood Ghazi, one of the grandsons’ ofMaulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi. Their supervisor just used to check the English language what they were writing in their thesis.
    She has got many Ijazah Certificates from world renowned scholars, studied in Madina SA and interviewed by International Scholars and selected her for being a beneficial teacher in Islam. Even Deobandi Tareeq Jammeel has praised her work.

    Is this a war between Wahabis/Salafees and Deobandees/Tableeghees or is it a Gender jealousy?
    Quran 16:125……., and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided.
    Quran (4:59) ‘O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah (Quran) and His Prophet (Sunnah/Hadith)…., that is best, and most suitable to reach for a final determination.’

    “Waste no time debating what a good Muslim/Scholar should be. Be one!” Quran (3:103) “And hold fast, all of you together to the rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves.” These Scholars must read and tell the Muslims/followers to read and follow Quran and authentic Hadith instead of their fabricated books with many lies. Hadith “I have left you two things; as long as you hold to them, you will never stray: the Book of God and my Sunnah.”? Also, Before speaking about others one should research and check are there any Fatwas or criticism against them or their actions and their sects (Deobandis and Tableeghi Jamaat, Sufism etc).

    Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “This is why those who are in authority are of two groups: the scholars and the rulers. If they are upright, the people will be upright; if they are corrupt, the people will be corrupt.”

    Wallahu Alam

    31 MARCH 2010 03:59
    Abdul said…
    Fatwas defaming the scholars/Schools: cont’d:
    All Sunni Imams: said to reject their opinions if contrary to Quran/Sunnah. They never said to attach to one of them totally. The four Imams(ra), all forbade the people from blindly following them or one Imam without reasoning ( Taqleed and Muqallid), in all that they may say; and this was an obligation upon them [to do]. The four Imams (ra), all forbade the people from blindly following them without reasoning (Muqallid,Taqleed),

    Sects Or Jamaats: Many Muslims and organizations say to adhere or associate with one jamaat or create your own Jamaat or organization. There is no evidence of this in Quran, Sunnah and books of Imams.
    Quran (6:159). “Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (Prophet) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah …”
    Quran 33:66-68 The Day that their faces will be turned upside down in the Fire ……, And they would say: “Our Lord! we obeyed our chiefs and our great ones and they misled us as to the (right) path. (67) “Our Lord! Give them double Penalty and curse them with a very great Curse!” (68)
    Quran 9: 31 They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allâh (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allâh……),”
    Hadith “And this Ummah will divide into seventy-three sects all of which except one will go to Hell and they (i.e. the Saved Sect) are those who are upon what I and My Companions are upon (i.e. those who follow My Way and the Way of my Companions.)” [Tirmidhee – Hasan]
    Wallahu Alam

    31 MARCH 2010 04:00
    Drwysh said…
    Umm Emaan,

    Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

    anyone who is concerned with all these fatwas again Dr. Farhat Hashmi and want to know the otherside of the picture please go to the link below. there is a book in PDF format in Urdu, read it and you should find your answers there.


    assalamu alaikum wr wb

    13 JUNE 2010 20:42

  • Dear Sarah,

    Dont quote Daarul Asha’at and Binnoria Fatwa on Farhat Hashmi because if your would quote their Fatwa then do read what they have to say about Shias and Barelvis.

    Darul Ashaat i.e. Taqi and Rafi Usmani and co. [I hope you remember their statement about Blackwater] and by the way these two “Yajoo/Majooj” have declared “Banking” a Halal act through Fatwa. If you are quoting their Fatwa then please read Fatwa against them: [The News Published the story and link is now dead, guess why???

    Islamic banking, TV channels against Shariah, declare religious scholars Saturday, August 30, 2008 News Desk

    RAWALPINDI: Describing the existing Islamic banking by any name as against the Shariah and forbidden, religious scholars belonging to Fiqhi Majlis, Karachi, have decreed that banks working in the name of Islamic banking are not different from other banks and dealing with them is illegitimate.

    The decree was issued in a meeting at the Jamia Farooqia in Shah Faisal Colony chaired by Maulana Salimullah Jan, President of Tanzeematul Madaris and Wafaqul Madaris, and attended by reputed religious scholars from all over the country. The meeting also discussed in detail the status of Islamic television channels in accordance with the Shariah and described their research and experiences in the light of questions and problems received at their respective centres. Some scholars also presented their research papers in this regard.

    On the occasion, Maulana Salimullah Jan said that the religious scholars were contacting banks that had been claiming to practice Islamic banking and did research on the prevailing banking practices in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. He said they also held meetings with modern economic experts. He said after detailed consideration, the scholars unanimously declared the Islamic banking and television channels as illegitimate. The scholar also said the kinds of pictures of a living being so far introduced were liable to be dealt with in accordance with the religious commandments. He said the launching of any type of television channel or participation in any television programme declaring it was needed for preaching had also been declared illegitimate. He said the scholars appealed to the Muslims to avoid television like other deeds forbidden by the Shariah.

    The participants of the meeting included Mufti Abdul Hameed Deenpuri (Jamia-al-Aloom Islamia, Banori Town), Mufti Habibullah Sheikh (Jamia Islamia, Clifton), Mufti Rafiq Ahmed and Mufti Saif Alam (Banori Town), Mufti Abdullah (Khairul Madaris, Multan), Mufti Ghulam Qadir (Darul Aloom Haqqani, Akora Khattak), Mufti Ahmed Mumtaz (Jamia Khulafa-e-Rashdeen, Karachi), Mufti Zarwali Khan (Jamia Ahsan-al-Aloom), Mufti Ehteshamul Haq (Jamia Rasheedia, Turbat, Mekran), Maulana Saeed Ahmed Jalalpuri (Alami Majlis Khatam-e-Nabuwwat), Maulana Dr Manzoor Ahmed Mengal (Jamia Farooqia), Mufti Hamid Hassan (Darul Aloom, Kabirwala), Mufti Abdul Ghaffar (Jamia Ashrafia, Sukkur), Mufti Saaduddin (Jamia Ilmia, Lakki Marwat), Mufti Gul Hassan (Jamia Rehmia, Sarki Road, Quetta), Mufti Rozi Khan (Darul Afta Rahania, Quetta), Mufti Qazi Salimullah (Darul Huda, Khairpur), Nazir Ahmed Shah (Jamia Farooq-e-Azam, Faisalabad), Mufti Saeedullah (Jamia Arabia Naeemul Islam, Quetta), Mufti Samiullah (Jamia Farooqia), Mufti Ahmed Khan and others.

  • @Aamir Mughal Thanks for this. In general, I am averse to everyone and anyone who (ab)uses religion for the purpose of creating otherness and hatred. This includes Muslims, non-Muslims, Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Deobandi, Barelvi etc.

  • Sarah Khan :
    @Aamir Mughal Thanks for this. In general, I am averse to everyone and anyone who (ab)uses religion for the purpose of creating otherness and hatred. This includes Muslims, non-Muslims, Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Deobandi, Barelvi etc.

    Dear Ms. Sarah,

    I didn’t mean to offend you and if I have offended you then may please be pardoned. These Mullahs should be fought on their own pitch.

  • Sarah Khan :
    @Aamir Mughal Thanks for this. In general, I am averse to everyone and anyone who (ab)uses religion for the purpose of creating otherness and hatred. This includes Muslims, non-Muslims, Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Deobandi, Barelvi etc.

    Dear Ms. Sarah,

    I have done a detailed Research [a book written by me is in publishing on this Ignorance] on Taweez, Ganda, Amulets and Charms [Black Magic] and Daar’ul Ashat has “the honour” of publishing such books to teach this “Ummah” to indulge in Magic and Amaliyat. Further details. Blackwater is the new name of Taliban http://criticalppp.com/archives/3969

  • The part about Canada is alarming once again. But this surely proves that extremism is not limited to any specific location such as Pakistan. It is more of a mindset that we need to fight by giving the true picture of Islam to the world. Pakistan as a country will fail to prosper unless it has solid ties Internationally.

  • This hate monger deserves to be sent to bagram or gitmo without any further delay. She has brainwashed hundreds of naive Muslim women so far, resulting in extremist such as Jihadi Jane and Aafia Siddiqui.

  • great job Sarah! but i think she is not the only one pushing this society to Alqaeda Womanization but there are many like her who totally have turned themselves into a BaHijab Moulemaat Mujahida and have been to Afghan war too and i was really really surprised to see things being promoted at the expense of PTv in past years by a very famous female writer.

  • This is utter nonsense……Paki men envy a this woman because she preaches true Islam i.e. one in which women have rights….There’re 2 types of Paki women: those who can’t stand the fact that another woman has taken a lead in preaching Islam (i.e. jealousy) and those who are being implicitly told by this male-dominating society that they should advertise themselves as commodities for the pleasure of men….

  • Assalamualaikum
    I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS! She is JUST preaching the true religion and thats it.Its clearly written in Quran that people who preach the true religion are always taken wrong,she’ll come across such obstacles because she’s teaching the true religion.Even in the times of Prophet Peace Be Upon Him,he was made target several times because he was on the right path. I AGAIN DISAGREE WITH THIS

  • In Pakistan, Islamic schools for women thrive
    By NAHAL TOOSI (AP) – Jun 26, 2010

    ISLAMABAD — To its detractors, the Al-Huda chain of Islamic schools across Pakistan is a driver of conservative Islam, especially among the secular elite. But to the thousands who attend its classes across the country, it is a blessing.

    Take Mariam Afzal, who says she was once so selfish she would take up two spots in a parking lot without a second thought. Back then, she knew little about Islam beyond the basic rituals. A decade later, the 30-year-old credits Al-Huda with turning her into the veil-wearing Quran teacher she is today.

    “It has really helped me become a better person,” she says.

    Al-Huda’s popularity and rapid growth — and the criticism of it as a promoter of intolerance and gender segregation — is a sign of Pakistan’s swing away from the moderate, Sufi Islam-influenced sphere of South Asia toward the more conservative, Saudi-influenced Middle East.

    That swing comes as religious observance is on the rise in many other Muslim countries, such as Egypt and Indonesia, especially after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the U.S. put a magnifying glass on Islam and its adherents.

    The appeal of conservative Islam to the Pakistani elite — the same elite that gave Pakistan a female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto — has been brought into focus following the attempted car bombing in New York’s Times Square on May 1. The would-be bomber and most of a dozen others held were from educated, wealthier segments of the mostly impoverished country.

    Founder Farhat Hashmi started Al-Huda (Arabic for “guidance”) in her home with a small group of students in the early 1990s. Now it caters to women and girls in Pakistan and in elsewhere, including the U.S. and Canada, where Hashmi now lives.

    Al-Huda is distinct in several ways from other groups in Pakistan offering classes on Islam.

    It offers a structured curriculum and a range of programs, a strong brand name and administration, and it was conceived and run by women from the start, instead of being a branch of a male-dominated institution.

    At its main campus in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, women wearing uniforms of head scarves and long robes sit in rows and take notes as teachers lead lessons on the meaning of the Quran. Children scamper through the multistory facility. There’s a library, concession stands, a range of pamphlets, books and audiotapes and even an 80-year-old member who acts as a therapist of sorts.

    Women can sign up for full-fledged diploma courses, taught in Urdu and English, or they can be “listeners,” just stopping by now and then. Schedules are flexible to attract working women, housewives and the young. Students can live on campus, and a bigger facility is being built on the edge of Islamabad.

    Al-Huda administrators are vague on numbers, but Faiza Mushtaq, who is writing her dissertation on the movement, estimates at least 15,000 women have earned diplomas from Al-Huda in Pakistan alone since 1994.
    Tuition fees are just a few dollars for three months of lessons, according to Mushtaq, and less for women who can’t pay that much. Most of Al-Huda’s revenue appears to come from sales of its materials and donations.

    The school is particularly appealing because it teaches the Quran using Urdu and English translations as opposed to Arabic, which most Pakistanis don’t know.

    Its graduates, many of whom cover their faces and hair outside class, often return to their homes in distant cities and villages and start their own chapters of Al-Huda. Regular Al-Huda classes are held at dozens of branches in Pakistan, many of them run by a single graduate.

    “My vision is that the Quran reaches everyone, because it is Allah’s message to humanity,” Hashmi, 52, said in an interview during a recent visit to Islamabad. Al-Huda is “a kind of women’s empowerment program, and I think knowledge is the best way to empower women, especially spiritual knowledge.”

    Critics disagree.

    Pervez Hoodbhoy, a nuclear scientist and critic of hard-line Islam, has written about the spread of religious conservatism in Pakistan, and has pointed to Hashmi as one of its principal forces.

    The face-covering burqa, once a rarity in Islamabad, now has stores specializing it, he notes. Hoodbhoy says Al-Huda is engendering a mindset of segregation and submission for women that is shredding Pakistan’s cultural fabric.

    “Through ceaseless proselytizing and subtle pressure tactics, Al-Huda has brought a majority of my university’s students under the burqa,” Hoodbhoy said in an e-mail. “In comparison with students of earlier decades, they are less confident, less willing to ask questions in class, and most have become silent note-takers. To sing, dance, play sports or act in dramas is, of course, out of the question for these unfortunates.”
    People who have studied Al-Huda say it promotes a literal, conservative approach to the Quran, but that it is not as rigid as it could be. While women are taught that covering their hair and avoiding music is what Islam requires, they also are encouraged to earn professional degrees.
    Mushtaq, who is earning her Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Illinois, said she never heard Al-Huda condone violence, but that it could at times promote intolerance.
    “I’ve heard some classroom discussions where they were talking about how to deal with Christians and Hindus. They weren’t advocating violence, but just how one should stay away from them or convert them — a very, very patronizing and superior attitude,” said Mushtaq.
    But she noted that Hashmi and Al-Huda had also been criticized by conservative male Muslim scholars who question the teachers’ credentials and rebuke Hashmi, a married mother of four, for traveling without a male guardian and lecturing on TV and radio. They even cast aspersions on women studying outside the home.
    Several Al-Huda participants said they joined to know more about Islam.
    “We don’t know anything about our religion, actually, and I wanted to learn,” said Salma Khokhar, a 40-year-old housewife who is one of the most active students in Afzal’s English-language class. “Al-Huda has changed me a lot. I’ve lost 43 pounds. I feel very focused. I pray. I talk to Allah.”
    Uzma Azmi, 46, who grew up on the secular side of a family with mixed degrees of religiosity, used to think Al-Huda was too rigid. But after months of sitting in on classes, she now says the school’s critics are uninformed and unwilling to look past the veils.

    Azmi drapes a scarf over her hair during class, but not in her daily life.
    “I’m not going to cover my head right now, and these people don’t force you. It has to come from within,” she said, adding, “I don’t think I’d be willing to give up music.” (She likes classic rock and early reggae.)

    Critics complain that Al-Huda is silent on subjects such as violence against women, attacks on non-Muslims or Islamist terrorism wrecking the country. Al-Huda says it is not a political organization, and that it’s more effective to foster a better society through teaching Islam than issuing press releases.

    Hashmi, who has a doctorate in Islamic studies from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, expressed dismay about the violence in Pakistan, and said the people who carry out suicide attacks were “misusing the name of Allah.”

    Some say it may be that as Al-Huda’s reach grows, Hashmi’s more moderate views aren’t transmitted that well by graduates who set up their own classes, especially in less affluent, more remote areas.

    Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press.


  • Asalamalykum,
    We are in a scholastic crisis and the sad part is people are so hasty to condemn other people .

  • Daughters of Al Huda

    Khaled Ahmed
    August 21, 2010


    The writer is a director at the South Asia Free Media Association, Lahore khaled.ahmed@tribune.com.pk

    We are wrong to look for terrorist tracts in the madrassa. The suicide bomber is not made through syllabi but through isolation from society. When we wish to produce a normal citizen we begin by socialising the child. Anyone withdrawing from society by rejecting its norms is ripe for the plucking by the terrorists. The residential madrassa does that. In Islamabad, a number of female “dars” groups are busy doing that in varying degrees.

    Sadaf Ahmad is an assistant professor at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore. Her book Transforming Faith: The story of Al Huda and Islamic Revivalism among Urban Pakistani Women (Syracuse University Press 2009) studies a women’s “dars” group called Al Huda. Al Huda ladies wear hijab and abaya and are found in the big cities. They are usually well-heeled, using the group-isolating dars activity to reinvent personal identity through ‘discovery’ of Islam. Al Huda was founded in 1994 by Farhat Hashmi and husband Idrees Zubair, both PhDs from Scotland’s famous centre of Islamic learning, the University of Glasgow. Farhat, from Sargodha, where her parents were both members of Islami Jamiat Tulaba, is steeped in the “dars” of the Jamaat-e-Islami and Maulana Maududi’s thought (p 40).

    I may sound prejudiced, but the book is not. It is completely without bias and is thoroughly researched. The Farhat-Idrees duo succeeded beyond expectations as their following among the middle and upper middle-class women swelled. Among the half a dozen “dars” groups busy alienating women in Islamabad, Al Huda towered as the most powerful – “symbolised by a large three-storey house on Nazimuddin Road in Islamabad” — spreading to other big cities too (p 41). The objective was to give “authentic knowledge of Quran and Sunna”, cutting off the “cultural accretions” that Maududi – and now the Taliban – reject.

    Al Huda ladies began to alarm with their rejection of society. Some orthodox Muslims began to ask questions. The book says: “Farhat Hashmi moved to Canada in 2005, and apparently there are a number of Muslims there who want her to leave” (p 196). The reason for the fear that some Canadian Muslims feel could be Al Huda’s rejection as ‘bidaa’ — of photography, all festivals, birthday celebrations, including the birthday of the Prophet (pbuh), and of the widespread practice of ‘chehlum’ after death (p 107). The book says: “Farhat Hashmi’s denouncement of various cultural practices and disapproval of westerners and Indians helps women redefine their own identity as Muslims” (p 146). The burden of men’s piety is on women who must not reveal themselves lest men be helplessly sexually aroused. And the husband cannot rape because he must not be refused “or the angels will curse her till morning” (p 170). The author found Al Huda graduates to be “very intolerant and judgmental toward people who were different from them” (p 193).

    The Canadians are probably worried because Farhat thinks Osama bin Laden is an Islamic warrior. The author opines: “They react strongly to her statements, such as her claim that the 80,000 Pakistanis who died in the 2005 earthquake did so because they were involved in immoral activities and had left the path of Islam, and fear that her brand of extremist Islam will further marginalise their Muslim communities within the country” (p 196).

    In December 2009, army officers and their children were massacred by terrorists while praying at the Parade Lane mosque in Rawalpindi. The ISI finally caught up with the man who had organised the attack – “a student of the International Islamic University”, whose father was a grade 19 officer in Islamabad with religious party connections, “while the mother held Quranic dars for women in Islamabad” (Herald, June 2010).

    Published in The Express Tribune, August 22nd, 2010.


    Comments on the above article from Express Tribune

    My mother is a victim of al-Huda. She was a nice and very tolerant human before, unfortunately, I insisted her to join this organization.
    3 months ago

    you are absolutely right. this organization is very popular among urban middle class. and the consequences are bigotry and intolerance and leading our society to abyss.
    3 months ago

    al-Huda’s teaching lies in giving religious dimension to every tinny-winny thing. Makes you a complete intellectually-handicapped individual.
    3 months ago

    I think that alienation through instilling hatred for what one does not agree with, is the first step towards creating a terrorist. To use an analogy from a comment above, the puritan groups such as Al Huda merely spread the high grade fuel around and it is only a matter of time before someone throws a live match stick to turn it into an inferno. The commentators above who claim to have read the Holy Quran, would not have missed the proclamations by Allah (SWT) that no soul would be punished for the sins of the others. Would Farhat Hashmi and her fans make an effort to justify the “sin leads to earthquake” theory, keeping in mind that 30,000+ of the casualties of 2005 earthquakes were children below the age of 10?
    Usman Qazi
    3 months ago


    Al Huda is a business. Our Matric educated begums needed an outlet and got it. Had our so called elite studied a little more, they would not need such businesswomen to “guide” them. Islam isn’t about someone coming between you and Allah. But try telling that to a Al Huda activist. I am worried how much damage these organizations do in the west where their activities are not investigated.
    Muzammil Siddiqui
    3 months ago


    Organizations like Al Huda promote extremism. They are sympathetic to Al Qaeda types. They promote this intolerant brand of Islam – their activities, funding and teachings need to be investigated.
    Umar Abdullah
    3 months ago


    Didn’t Farhat Hashmi LIE in her Canadian immigration application? So much for truth and righteousness. Her application had to be re-filed. Don’t believe me. Just check the immigration records.
    Zeb Azkar
    3 months ago


    Apart from “educating” begums on how to read the Holy Quran, what social work has Al Huda done? No schools for poor, no hospitals, no relief work. Where to the millions go? Faysal Bank officials say that the Farhat Hashmi business receives millions every day from all parts of the world. No tax is paid. Where is the money going?
    Mustafa Ali
    3 months ago


    People like Farhat are SOFT TALIBANs who want to penetrate in an ACCEPTABLE way in society yet they inject slow poison by marketing KSA ideology in the name of making people closer to GOD.
    3 months ago


    She charges $60 a month per student to serve Islam! So its not just about Deen, its also about Dunya, and $60 means a very comfortable Dunya.
    3 months ago

    Khalid Sb is damn right in writing about and endorsing Dr Safdar views on Al-Huda. I’ve very keenly observed results of this ‘dars’ project in posh town of Hayatabad Peshawar. An interesting phenomenon we witness particularly in pakistan: not the illiteracy but literacy which feeds the growing extremism in pakistani society and reason is more than obvious.Using education as a means of indoctrination and propaganda for political ends. This only enables the squad to excel in prostituting everything, be it religion, history etc to push their agendas. Comparatively ignorance and illiteracy appear as blessing for despite its obvious disadvantages this never enables one to become a lethal tool for annihilation of all human values and a mad killer of human beings. And this is not automatic. This happens because pakistani state institutions and their collaborators have got a strong penchant for prostituting anything and everything.
    Sangeen Khan
    3 months ago


    Khaled Ahamed’s article tells everything about Al-Huda in a very brief manner. now to all the former students of Al-Hude: I am also a former student of Al-Huda and have hosted Farhat Hashmi several times. She has the highest pride. Not humble at all. She gets offended if you walk towards the door with your back towards her. I don’t know which Islam she is following and preaching because last time I checked humbleness was described as one of the biggest traits of momineens. Also, my dear Al-huda fellows, please, I beg you, read Quran and Islamic history, and hadith literature yourself. Do research yourself. Read other scholars’ work. Al-Huda is preaching a very, very wrong interpretation of Quran and I can tell you that with confidence. as I’ve myself carried extensive research after spending 1-1/2 year at Al-Huda. Al-Huda teaches intolerance. Please, all muslims, God gave us the best religion and it’s high-time you start learning the real religion not extremists’ like AL-Huda’s interpretation of the religion. Wake up please. Institutions like AL-Huda have made us intolerant bigots. Read your Quran, understand its meaning, read tafseer of other scholars. Read Islamic history. Al- Huda and similar insitutions are teaching you the worst kind of religion by sweetening it up. Ask them about sucide attacks, ask Farhat Hashmi about Taliban and she will break down immediately. She and the likes of her have so many apologies to prove the righteousness of the likes of Taliban. So, please help urself and save urself from their ‘taleem’. May God bless us.
    3 months ago


    Institutions like Al-Huda should definitely be banned. I remember those pretentious women visiting my school – they think they know all about religion and need to guide [rob] misguided [wealthy] women. I’ve seen people become so intolerant and narrow-minded after taking their classes. Their focus seems to be on making their own life and that of others unbearable… as if religious obligations are not actually a good, private part of [spiritual] life but rather meant as punishments from God. Huda means “Right Guidance”! How ironic!
    Ayesha Hoda
    3 months ago


    Great. If we question Al Huda, we are anti-Islam. How convenient.
    Muzammil Siddiqui
    3 months ago


    My observation of Al-Huda gatherings is that majority of the attendees are bored begums who attend these meetings as a pastime, orare looking for rishtas for their daughters. In the process they get brainwashed into this voodoo beliefs that Al-Huda preaches.
    3 months ago

    Targeting and trapping wealthy stupid women who has nothing else to do under an umbrella to teach them religion which is a very touchy subject for Pakistanis is a darn good business model. I solute this lady to come up with such idea. I know a very wealthy lady who has been trapped by her and they lady was just normal before and now she has turned into this thing who always think that she will be dead soon. The fear that she has is incredible. Her kids and her husband is against her this attitude as well. She has turned into very judgmental about every thing and very short tempered.
    3 months ago


    Excellent Article!!!
    Al Huda is definitely a breeding ground for future terrorist. Their philosophy is steeped in bigotry.
    The way Al Huda tries to isolate its members and the complete brain washing and the hate that is instilled for anything foriegn is scary.
    Al Huda is basically trying to enslave women by using the most demented and culturally biased form of Islam. Like all religions (superstitions) Al Huda’s version of Islam puts the entire burden of guilt on women.
    @for the rest
    Khalid sahib is a secular writer and really has little belief in superstitious religious stuff so please stop teaching him about islam. There are 4200 religions on this world, some believe in 1 god, some believe in many gods, some believe that the cow is god, others believe in ancestor spirits, or nirvana. Pluralism is the need of the hour where we either accept these differences of religious thought and start opening our minds to other belief systems. Tolerence is the needs of the hour and we must stop giving importance to religious mumbo jumbo.
    3 months ago


    Great article! As a Canadian I want farhat types deported from my country as they preach the wrong type of Islam. In doubt is freedom!
    3 months ago


    I am not an extremist nor a woman beleiving in too much fanaticism….Only two things to quote….in 2001, a lady well-educated and very islamic came to meet Gen X as a visitor….(My dad was serving as coordintaing officer to gen X)…..She came and she put so many demands, before him…..”give a free house, make me a religious affairs minister, give free education to my kids in US….I ll be charging this much money..9demanded in lacs)…make me an advisor,,,, and many more…..Wont be taking the name….who she was….
    3 months ago


    I have seen ladies, from within family, join Al-Huda. They completely, in the most literal sense of the word, lose it. Old ladies specially, find an all new passion for their own brand of Islam, which is extreme, of-course. From my experience, they become arrogant and anti-social. All this in the name of God.
    Ali Haider
    3 months ago


    The article by Khalid and subsequent discussion on AlHuda is quite interesting and revealing. We all know that it is basically a social group for upper/ middle class and rich ladies, who have lot of domestic help and not much to do at home. So instead of sitting at home they come together and listen to “AlHuda”.A good way to spend time.Belive me you hardly see a poor woman in this holy crowd. Well if AlHuda is really interested in reformation of society in the light of Islam Why dont these women educate the poor in slums of Lahore Islamabad etc?I am not much of a scholar but I know that if an individual cannot read how can he understand the message of Allah.
    3 months ago


    Wife of the alleged killer of Daniel Pearl. Mr. Umar Saeed Sheikh is from the Farhat Hashmi’s circle, Al-Huda! Naturally, Khalid Ahmad’s article would offend the supporters of Farhat Hashmi, so no one is surprised if they are off-loading their filth on this thread! Interesting this is that why Farhat Hashmi has chosen to target the urban-based middle-class intelligentsia, already alienated from the reality, and why doesn’t she go in the lower income groups of the rural areas!
    M. Abid
    3 months ago


    Who says real war on terror is being fought in Afghan or even on border area of pakistan infact the real war is being fought in litrary circles of pakistan between extremist and moderen pakistanis. I side with moderates though.
    i have first hand knowledge that Jamat-i-Islami(& subsidiary jamiat tulba) is one of the prominent promoters of militancy and intolrance in pakistan. Alienation of Modudi school of thought, that was imported from egypt, is direly needed.
    3 months ago


    Hahaha, loved the person who said that Farhad Hashmi discourages photography because there is no evidence of it in the Prophets time. Exactly the load of crap you learn at these ‘institutes’. The inability to think logically is appalling.
    Also, if she’s incharge of islamizing all the women of Pakistan, who is responsible for us men?
    Oh god no, please no!
    Adeel Saya
    3 months ago


    Farhat Hashmi…a weapon of mass destruction! Thank God she has been exported to Canada. Now lets try to export the IJT to Greenland.
    Yusaf Khan
    3 months ago


    So I wonder what would Ms. F Hashmi say if heaven forbid some disaster was to befall one of her loved ones – would she be then being punished for her sins? Or even better, our Holy Prophet pbuh lost his parents, his uncle and basically every single person close to him one after the other in his childhood. Based on Ms hashmi’s theory then, was he, heaven forbid, being punished by God?
    One of the main problems with these women lie in an absolute lack of self respect, and some holier-than-thou saintly happiness they gain from adhering to every twisted interpretation of Islam some chauvinistic molvi has done such as “if a woman is raped its her fault”. Maybe Ms. Hashmi should write a book on 1947 rapes and murders and inform the world that all the Muslims women Pakistanis mourn about were actually taken forcibly away and raped because it was their own fault – they were young and beautiful and how could the men resist them! Tough Luck! Women like these make me ashamed.
    I am not sure if there is a malicious purpose behind their teachings, but they condone intolerance, inhumanity and are an epitome of not using their brains for anything. And any woman who follows them is answerable as well. Everyone was given an intact brain, and was supposed to use it too. If some idiot tells you something is haram, you dont close your eyes and believe it – you question it and confirm it! That’s the spirit of Islam. These groups should really be banned in all the countries – thank God they were not welcome in Canada. They bring shame to Islam.
    3 months ago


    I have only attended one lecture delivered by Ms. Farhat Hashmi. Upon asking her a very simple question, that was mainly aimed to serve the unjustice being openly done in our societies. Instead of giving a straight forward answer she gave a very vague answer as if the question asked was ridiculous. The question was “Is the norm of presenting girls before families seeking a ‘suitable’ girl for their son right?”. I believe anyone can give the answer and everyone knows it’s a very wrong, unhumane approach. The question was put forth so that an influencial person as Ms. Hashmi herself could say it out in front of masses so that it could be more effective as she has a great number of ignorant followers.
    Ever heard of mind-conditioning? It’s everywhere. Media is the primary source to condition your mind, meaning it moulds your mind in the sense that it makes you think like how it wants you to. How? They only show, tell or impart information that would lead you to make a certain decision. Books can have the same effect and so can verbal communication. I want to ask Ms. Hashmi and her followers, why do you need to go to dars? Why do you need an intrepretor for understanding the Quran and the Hadith? Let me guess, you believe you do not have brains enough to undestand it yourself as it is very complicated and you might comprehend the message incorrectly? Didn’t Ms. Hashmi ever read out the verse from the Holy Quran where it says that Allah has made The Book (Quran) easy for you to understand? Or does Ms. Farhat and her followers deny this fact? The amount of time the instituition asks you to dedicate it to DOES isolate you physically and mentally not only from the rest of the world but from your immediate family too.
    Women who are bored at home, who can’t work because their qualification does not suffice respected job requirements or are just simply shy to work due to lack of exposure of the outside world are most attracted to these instituitions. All those who are students of Al-Huda, before doubting this look around and see for yourself who the majority is. I am sure there are doctors, engineers and women from other professions too but who is the majority? What brought them to this institution? Inquisitness as for what Islam is? Or how to live a happy life? Why are you paying to attend lectures when you can get the answers you seek for free in the straight forward, easy-to-understand Quran?
    It’s an outlet for women to socialize and speak for personal satisfaction. Which is in fact a good practice, it really burns out the frustation level of such women. I speak out of personal experience, students of Al-Huda carry a certain pride and think of themselves deep inside as superior to other non-alHuda muslims because they believe they have more knowledge, whether they get the chance to practice it or not more than any other muslim is yet another topic. Thus, the line of discrimination drawn between muslims. If not all, I speak of the majority. So no offense to those who think they are still humble.
    The followers should read the Quran and Hadith themselves and understand it according to their brain capacity. The Quran is very simple. Try it! It is a complete code of life and for all nations. Comprehend it and use it in your daily life. You will feel more content. Listen to what Allah has to say and not to what people such as Ms. Farhat wants you to listen to. The next time you meet her ask her ‘why do we have to come to you when Allah says Himself that He has made the Quran easy for you to understand’? Lets see if she still challenges Allah 🙂
    3 months ago


    Unfortunately, divorce ratio is being increased because of Al-Huda’s (ALH)teaching, a female who is trained at ALH cannot bear her in laws,she a wife cannot live with her husband’s family,even has no tolerance. I personally know many ladies those have taken away their husbands from their parents.I think this type of Maddrassa must be discouraged in Pakistani society.They even do not accept the ladies those do not wear hijab or Burka,how extremists they are.
    Allha protect Pakistan, Ameen
    3 months ago


    Amna I 100 pc agree with u…..just some fashionable getting bored aunties are attracted to these,,,,,i dont think that Quran and hadith are that difficult that one needs lectures of Farhat and great tea sessions for understanding them…Simple straight forward teachings and clear cut words…..I simply cant understand what this farhat and some women like this have contributed to the society…..youth is getting more frustrated, gals getting sick of marriages and “modelling”, young people losing faith, moral values are becoming more corrupt…..and the story to gain fame and publicity continues only……I wrote pieces on fake marriage bureaus and have been getting mails from some people like “after reading my post, they would never go to a marriage bureau…” what reformation has She brought?
    3 months ago


    What is the point in taking pictures anyway? I think it is waste of time, posing for certain shots, giving pretentious smiles and hugs then saving all that paper in albums that clutter our tables, garages and basements.
    What’s the point of buying a house anyway? I think it’s a wastage of money as well.
    What’s the point of buying a car anyway? It too is a wastage of money. One should buy a camel and be on the side of companions of Prophet rather than becoming the one astray by buying a car.
    3 months ago


    What reformation has She brought in the society? I dont want long answers……what social thing has she fought against? any? There are women who strive to make a change and stand for it…without using religion as their objective….beena sarwar, Biqis edhi, razia bhatti, mehreen jabbar, saleima hashmi, asma jehangir, quratulain hyder, ismat ghughtai, late nazia hasan, yasmin lari, fouzia saeed, bina shah, nafis sadik, women who strive to bring a change and do something…………..What is it that Farhat has done?
    3 months ago


    Farhat Hashmi and I yet have to find out a single lecture that teaches intolerance or terrorism. Rather I’ve found her views much similar to those of many famous scholars like Dr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Ghazi, Dr. Zakir Naik etc.
    @Uzama: You just prove the point of this article. If you believe people like Dr Israr and Zakir Naik, who issued death fatwas against apostates, Ahmadis etc. and Zakir Naik was banned from both UK and Canada recently for his extremist views, are moderates then the author of this article has shown rightful concern. If anyone had any doubts about Al-Huda they should be removed now.
    3 months ago


  • aoa farhat hashmi is very good and nice shoclar she is very teaher un ki her bat clear hoti hai aur samaj ma ati hai aik dafa itmanan say sun kar dahky ap k sary kily door ho jay gay un ma shksihat parsti nahi hai wo sirf quran aur sunat k sath her bat ko bahan karti hai hamaray nabi(PBUH)ko b bahut kuch kah jata tha magar wo sab ko mahaf karty thy madam b asa hi karty hai aur allha karim ap ko himat aur taqt day mazid kam karnay tofiq day aur ap ko sabit kadam rakhy allha ap zindagi aur sahat day allha ap sath hai jin k sath rab hota hain wo kabi ruswa nahi hoty allha ap ko bahut himat aur zindagi day amin rabulalamin

  • we love madam and her alhuda hum b in say talim hasil kary gay aur inshallha apnay bachoo ko b madam ka hi sagird banay gay inshallha i love u madam only for allha aamnanjam

  • Dear readers, i am surprised at some of the response about Dr Farhat Hashmi ,The way i see is that those people who oppose her do not under stand the true islam them selves, now tell me 1. WHICH SCHOOL OF THOUGHT DID SAHAB E KARAM FOLLOWED ? 2.WERE THEY HANAFI OR MALIKEE OR SHAFI ? 3.was the religion of shia established at the time of Rasool e karim saw ? are you saying the dean was not complete at that time ? ALLAH TALLAH says in Holy QURAN, we completed the dean for you today, yet peoples insist on making those sects, and oppose person like Dr Farhat Hashmi who is teaching according to the sunnah e Rasool saw. i think most of these peoples do not have true knowledge of islam them selves, i must say people like Tariq fatah and Raheel Raza are far from true Islam, i have met both of them personally, and i am very sorry to say they both are just seeking cheap popularity to be known in western media and to gain some status in media, we all know the western media helps any one who opposes Islam.I request all of you to increase you Islamic knowledge according to the sunnah e rasool, read sahih bukhari and sahih muslim , and then you will understand that what Dr Farhat Hashmi is teaching is according to the teaching of RASOOL E KARIM SAW. may ALLAH guide us all. wasalam.

  • After going through nearly all the posts any educated person can see that there are flaws with Farhat hashmi brand of teachings of Islam. I Personally have been affected as after 10 years of listning to tapes and cds of this false messiah my mother has become brain washed into excepting every comment comming out of this vile womens mouth. the amount of BRAIN WASHING is so severe that even if you show evidence they refuse to accept it. At one point FARHAT HASHMI gave my sister the fatwa that she can marry any shia guy she likes. this happend in may 2010.
    Thanks to ALLAH the beneficient the merciful. As was able to protect my family and the fate of my sister and was able to stop this event from taking place.
    Now my sister is marrying a muslim who follows sunnah or Rasool Allah SAW.
    In her ignorance Farhat hashmi was willing to let my family be destroyed.
    I pray that ALLah guides the mis-guided and curse and lanat on these false prophets.

  • i am totally disagree with the comments as i have completed my diploma last year from alhuda i have heard these fakes before joining this institute from many people but when i joined & listen live lectures from Dr farhat i was so much inspired by her personality she purifies our inner self every day & she wants to give every one the authentic knowledge of Islam she is so much worried about lack of education in muslims she is struggling for the reinforcement in us so i think no one should stop others if some one is working for islam

  • Assalamu Alaikum,

    It is a well kept secret that Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s sister also has an institute of her own called Al noor International and she is known as Ustaza Nighat Hashmi.If you check her website, it is a totally a copy of AlHuda!! yet these two sisters have never the existence of each other. I find this quite shocking. They both want separate businesses and want to play the lead role themselves. I even heard that they do not get on together. If they can’t get on what are they teaching us about ubity and maintaining family ties??

  • A disciple of Farhat Hasmi and Zakir Naik?

    Pakistan arrests woman ‘would-be suicide bomber’
    By AFP
    Published: February 9, 2011

    An army soldier stands guard at the World Food Programme distribution point where a woman wearing a bomb under her burqa struck on December 25. PHOTO: AFP
    KHAR: Pakistan on Wednesday arrested a woman allegedly planning to blow herself up in a lawless tribal region where 43 people were killed two months ago in a female suicide attack, officials said.
    “Security forces and local administration officials raided a house near Khar on Wednesday morning and arrested a woman wearing a suicide vest,” senior local official Sohail Khan told AFP.
    He said the raid was ordered on a tip off that women were being trained as suicide bombers in the residential area of Siddiqabad near Khar, the main town of Bajaur tribal district.
    He said five other people were also arrested, including two other women from the same house.
    “All six people are being interrogated,” he added, giving no details.
    Two local intelligence officials confirmed the raid and arrests.
    In Pakistan’s first known female suicide attack, a woman wearing a bomb under her burqa struck near a UN food distribution point on December 25.
    Pakistani security forces have carried out a series of military operations against the Taliban and other militants in Bajaur since August 2008. The military has claimed repeatedly to have eliminated the militant threat.
    Bajaur is one of seven districts in Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt on the Afghan border, which the United States considers the global headquarters of al Qaeda and the most dangerous place on Earth.


  • You people are so ignorant. Its not even funny…
    Seriously, get a life and focus on things that are more important.
    Go wash your own dirty laundry first, and then worry about others…
    dont you have anything better in life to do?

  • Bismillah…
    Assalamualaikum to all of you who are waisting their good deeds by indulging themselves in false rumours.
    And the one who has brought the truth and [they who] believed in it – those are the righteous.[039.033]
    it is so strange that you ppl do believe in people like raheel raza [who is leading salah and few fools are standing behind her.the worst doer in Islam that never happened before this] and tarik fateh [the most ignorant person [not according to me but according to the last revelation( And among them are unlettered ones who do not know the Scripture except in wishful thinking, but they are only assuming.002.078).
    Do anyone of you have ever been in Farhat hashmi’s classes/ institute or in any open session?did you get anything againast Qur’an n sunnah? if yes then, according to Quran “…”Produce your proof, if you should be truthful…”002.111.
    and if not ( and in sha Allah you wont) be able to get anything like what you speak out. so be ready to stand infront of Allah and get REWARD against your lies. fear Allah and be honest to Deen e Kamil not shortcuts to islama as it was completed in the life of last Prophet of Allah.
    Taqi usmani sb. being a scholar just do you think that acting upon Imam abu Hanifah [ra]’s fiqh is better then following Hadith e Rusool salallahu alaihe wasaalm.???
    if not then why do you write on the every fatwa “qala abi Haneefatah” why do you start with “qalallahu t’ala wa qala Rusool Allah” what is this ???
    and in grave Muslims will be asked (according to Hadith e Sahiha)abut LORD,PROPHET,DEEN and in some ahadith this too is mentioned that after correct answers the person will be asked how do you come to know and person will reply i read Qur’an …
    wa ma alaina illa albalagh.

  • Bismillah…
    Assalamualaikum to all of you who are wasting their good deeds by indulging themselves in false rumours.
    And the one who has brought the truth and [they who] believed in it – those are the righteous.[039.033]
    it is so strange that you ppl do believe in people like raheel raza [who is leading salah and a few fools are standing behind her. The worst doer in Islam that never happened before this] and tarik fateh [the most ignorant person [not according to me but according to the last revelation( And among them are unlettered ones who do not know the Scripture except in wishful thinking, but they are only assuming.002.078).
    Do anyone of you have ever been in Farhat hashmi’s classes/ institute or in any open session? Did you get anything against Qur’an n sunnah? if yes then, according to Quran “…”Produce your proof, if you should be truthful…”002.111.
    and if not ( and in sha Allah you won’t) be able to get anything like what you speak out. so be ready to stand infront of Allah and get REWARD against your lies. fear Allah and be honest to Deen e Kamil not shortcuts to islama as it was completed in the life of last Prophet of Allah.
    Taqi usmani sb. being a scholar just do you think that acting upon Imam abu Hanifah [ra]‘s fiqh is better than following Hadith e Rusool salallahu alaihe wasaalm.???
    if not then why do you write on the every fatwa “qala abi Haneefatah” why don’t you start with “qal Allahu t’ala wa qala Rusool Allah” what is this ???
    and in grave Muslims will be asked (according to Hadith e Sahiha)abut LORD,PROPHET,DEEN and in some ahadith this too is mentioned that after correct answers the person will be asked how do you come to know and person will reply i read Qur’an …
    wa ma alaina illa albalagh.
    NOTE: there were some typos so here it is after correction.

  • so very true sis beena. for more info plz do read the book “KHAIR KHAWAHI” that keeps all of fake fatawas and questions answers PASTED above. link is: http://www.alhudapk.com/reading-material/books/khair-khuwae/khair-khuwae.pdf
    before reading this book me too was like mufti sb.who prefers his Imam abu Hanifa (may Allah bless him ameen) upon Prophet’s salallahu aliha wasallam ‘s ahadith. while Islam was completed in Prophet’s life and muslim ummah wont be asked about following any Imam but surely regarding Nabi akram salallahu aliha wasallam. now it is up to you all to decide about it who is doing fair and who is playing his own game.

  • Dr. Farhat Hashmi Exposed!

    Why Al-Huda International Cannot Be Trusted With Your Charity Money

    Part 1

    Dear All

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

    In this final episode of al-Huda WikiLeaks, we will be examining the role of Dr. Farhat Hashmi in the Farah Rabbani corruption case, the tragic true story of a London al-Huda class. For those of you new to all this, please check the attached document for background information.

    Please note that me and my fellow students have gone to great pains to ensure that none is accused or blamed without right which is why all my claims have been based on evidence. For matters unresolved, I have sought answers and explanations from Dr. Farhat Hashmi herself, and it has taken 10 long months of patience and investigation. However they have not been co-operative or forthcoming with anything satisfactory. To add insult to injury, they recently redirected me back to Farah Rabbani for further clarifications. Therefore we have reached a dead end in our relationship with al-Huda.

    I have drawn to the attention of Dr. Farhat Hashmi the audio evidence I am presenting today, and on the basis of this and everything else, on 29th Jan 2011, I advised her to resign from her teaching position/leadership at al-Huda for her dishonesty, betrayal of trust and abuse of authority; urging her to shun the pride, show humility, admit mistakes and repent to Allah, and not to follow in the footsteps of Farah Rabbani/shaytan. Needless to say, my appeals have gone unheeded and there was no reply, and no expression of regret, remorse or fear of Allah… A truly unfortunate scenario.

    It is absolutely miraculous the way Allah has equipped me with all the proofs and evidences we needed to fight our case, Masha’Allah. So, all that remains for me is to declare the Truth because: “Verily those who conceal the clear proofs, evidences and the guidance, which We have sent down, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, they are the ones cursed by Allah and cursed by the cursers.” (2:159)

    Till now, we have seen email evidence and documented result proofs of how top al-Huda figures have been involved in lying and cover-ups and corruption. As if the dodgy emails weren’t enough, today we will be presenting direct audio evidence that implicates ‘Ustazah’ Farhat Hashmi in lying, deception and slandering her own innocent al-Huda students in a public lecture. Therefore you may see this as a kind of public trial of Dr. Farhat Hashmi for a crime committed openly. We are the party that has been wronged so we must defend ourselves openly. This audio was taken from part 3 of “Misaali Ustad”, recorded in May 2010, from 33:38 mins onwards. For your convenience I have extracted the relevant clip as an attachment to this email.

    Please open the audio file and prepare to be shocked!

    The Evidence (1)

    00:01 – ‘One person in a class turns out to cause extreme disturbance…’

    This scenario is preparing the ground for the true incident coming up next. I guess Ustazah has me in mind when describing this one person causing extreme disturbance and we are compared to naughty little children in a class that will correct themselves eventually.

    00:39 – ‘Shaytan is bound to intervene…..but we must ask for Allah’s help and continue’

    Good old shaytaan to the rescue again. We have become rather familiar of this al-Huda policy of never admitting one’s own mistakes, just blame everything on shaytan and maintain your innocence. We also learn that teachers are encouraged to continue in such circumstances.

    01:05 – ‘We had a student, very able, very good, very hardworking, very passionate, very dedicated…..’

    This is the introduction to our corrupt, lying, cheating teacher Farah Rabbani. Ustazah is going out of her way in praising her. By this time (May 2010), I had sent a number of emails to al-Huda some of which have been released. Despite everything I said in my emails, Ustazah maintained a high opinion of her. In actual fact, our teacher was a good speaker and actor, clever politician, manipulative shrewd tactician, sly and cunning business woman.. So yes, very able and talented indeed.

    01:15 – ‘She started work in a new place… big lesson for us all, I want to explain to you all’

    The new place was London. She moved from Karachi to London. Why are these facts being hidden? Let the truth be out. You are about to teach us some lesson here, I hope you get your facts right, Ustazah..

    01:30 – ‘That poor woman was doing dars here, there and everywhere; day and night..

    SubhanAllah! Where did she do dars here there and everywhere exactly? She came here for Daura-e-Quran in 2008 and through your own contact Mrs. Sheikh and then Firdous, she was able to find a place in our local Mosque directly. She didn’t go through all this trouble beforehand as you say. She landed straight in the Mosque without having to frustrate herself here there and everywhere, day and night as you claim. This intro was designed to draw audience sympathy and support for this poor woman right from the outset.

    01:37 – ‘Her home was here in Pakistan, in it a number of servants, a variety of comforts, all kinds of luxuries.. She left all that and took a ‘bacha’ (kid) to work in a new area, some other place.. And it is not easy to start work in a new place, especially where you don’t know anyone, but she worked very hard to establish everything. She started a class.’

    Yes, her home was in Pakistan indeed. This confirms that she stepped foot internationally, in London like I stated. Next Ustazah is following in the footsteps of Farah Rabbani herself by impressing us with the wealth and riches of this teacher. What do her servants and luxuries have to do with anything? Most rich people in Pakistan are corrupt these days anyway. Just take a look at your leader and politicians. So what?

    Anyway, what possessed her to leave all that, leave the country and step into the wilderness to set up a class with a bacha tagging along? Was everyone dead back home? This is a lie! Let me tell the truth: Farah Rabbani was not alone out here. She came to her daughter Rabia who is already here with her husband on a work permit. The ‘bacha’ actually landed here months later on a student visa and Farah Rabbani has been looking for a British rishta for him using the “al-Huda” marriage bureau and contacts.. It is not easy to start work in a new place I agree, but luckily, Farah Rabbani was able to find a place in our Mosque and immediately after Daura-e-Quran, she was able to sign up most people for a course and take over the existing class and teachers. So really, she didn’t work so hard to ‘establish’ the class after all.. Just gate-crash the Daura-e-Quran and towards the end sign up everyone for a course. Simple.

    But hang on a minute, was this really a new place where she needed to be established? What about the proper al-Huda branch already established here not far from us, which I have mentioned in my previous emails? Why didn’t she go and team up with those people? Ustazah has even denied the existence of her own al-Huda site to add flavour to her story. How sad!

    02:04 – ‘Forty to fifty people attending the class, the class read 10 paras, everything got done’

    Bingo! This is definitely our class. We had this many people and we had completed ten paras. Where else in an international class did ‘fitnah’ break out after 10 paras? I challenge al-Huda to come out and deny this is us.

    02:10 – Now, from them one or two people turned out.. who accused her of not being transparent in donations… And they began telling everyone… What was it, a small amount of fees money perhaps, and a small amount of other money according to the occasion, qurbani and other money here and there she had collected of donations. And whatever she collected, she wrote down every penny/paisa, and wherever she spent it, there was receipts and everything present. But it gave opportunity for those who wanted to allege/make an issue, to do so.’

    Astaghfirullah, this is buhtanun azeem! Ustazah, is this what really happened? Well the teacher Farah Rabbani was in Pakistan at the time. She had left behind an incompetent daughter who cannot sit tafseer or teach a book, so she alone was finding it difficult to run the class. Our main concerns were about the way the class was being run and the fraudulent result for our ten paras. As for fees and donations, we wanted to verify from you if they really reached al-Huda and you know that. So our class problem did not start from accusations about finances. All the issues were addressed in the confidential class report I sent you in April 2010. Why didn’t you declare this? Why did you make us out to be some kind of mischief-makers and disturbers? Of course, if you told the truth, it wouldn’t suit your agenda would it?

    And you say that she was writing down everything and there are receipts for everything. Another blatant lie. She was writing down nothing. I was closest to her and I saw her writing down nothing (except tafseer). Whenever anyone gave her money there were no receipts. And if al-Huda has a financial record then why is it that after 10 months of communicating with you, I have not seen a single figure or receipt from your end despite my many requests for verification on finances?? Were we wrong in referring the matter to authority? We are not talking a small amount of money here and there but money of the order of tens of thousands of pounds. Not even Farah Rabbani defended herself as much as you have defended her on money matters, SubhanAllah!

    02:46 – And they created so much chaos, that everything was sabotaged.

    Allahu Akbar! Another slander. Here we have been accused of creating fitnah and mischief in a Qura’n class. Actually we left the class (and we are more than 2 people by the way), and never returned. The remaining class continued. It was your own beloved Farah Rabbani that created fitnah when she started phoning up everyone from Pakistan, crying wolf and accusing us of being power-seekers that were after her chair!!

    But your story still doesn’t make sense I’m afraid. If she was being so transparent, then why would anyone level an ‘accusation’ against her of being untransparent in the first place. Further how could they succeed in sabotaging a class? Hmm..By bringing in bulldozers perhaps? If these people were genuinely fitnah-makers, the Mosque could have banned them from class, right? Instead we find that Farah Rabbani has been banned twice by the Mosque from taking classes. How do you explain that, Ustazah?

    02:53 – ‘This is a big trial. You cannot bear witness for anyone but like we read in surah Nur, that why didn’t you say about her: “This is a great lie”. You should have said, this isn’t possible, it doesn’t suit us to say this about anyone.`

    I wish these al-Huda teachers would stop invoking religion like the ancient Jews to prove right their falsehood. Before the lectures on Misaali Ustad, Ustazah recorded a fresh version of surah Noor 2010 to drive home the same message of keeping a good opinion of anyone ‘accused’ of malpractice. Well, what if the sanctity of a Qur’an class has been violated and there is hard core evidence against someone, should we continue giving them the benefit of the doubt? Our teacher had cheated us in our results and I had proof of that. Al-Huda was not interested in this matter. When I finally scanned the result to Ustazah, she gave a strange comment on the result by saying that ‘Some policies have not been followed’. What was that supposed to mean? Some policies have been followed and some haven’t? Can something be both right and wrong? What we needed to hear was this, “Yes CHEATING has occurred here and I condemn it in the strongest terms. I am withdrawing Farah Rabbani and her daughter from your class straight away and sending in fresh teachers from my Ilford branch.” Or “I am dissolving this class immediately”. Wallahi, this issue could have been resolved in two days. However Ustazah kept the matter in doubt and confusion deliberately as she continued to secretly support her Farah Rabbani and propogate against us.

    This was a big trial indeed, one in which Dr. Farhat Hashmi and her corrupt management has been exposed. And we students by the Grace of Allah have been exonerated. Alhamdulillah.

  • Dr. Farhat Hashmi Exposed!

    Why Al-Huda International Cannot Be Trusted With Your Charity Money

    Part 2

    The Evidence (2)

    Please hear the attached audio to hear from the mouth of Farah Rabbani herself, an account of how she got here and who gave her the idea to set up class independently from the al-Huda branch. Notice how she is constantly on the defensive seeking approval of the audience. This is the psychology of a compulsive liar. Prepare for more shocking revelations…

    The Verdict

    The way al-Huda dealt with this case was utterly disgraceful. On the one hand they left us waiting and waiting for answers, attempted to silence us by mis-using and abusing all kinds of Islamic concepts and religious jargon while on the other hand, Ustazah was ‘really really busy’ slandering and vilifying us in an Islamic lecture! In doing so, she was indulged in the very evil she was preaching against. While I agree that no one is perfect and I certainly do not claim piety for myself, but mistakes are one thing and the deliberate plotting and planning of intrigue, lies and deception against innocents, exploiting the situation and exaggerating fitnah in a Qur’an class is another. It is a khiyanah and betrayal of Allah’s deen. Such people need to be removed from the platforms they utter evil from! Wa la Hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

    “How can you bid others to be righteous and forget yourselves, even when you read the scriptures? Have you then no sense?” (2:43)

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are facing a time of great fitnah. We must beware of corrupt individuals and corrupt organizations indulged in religious exploitation for worldly gains (money, fame, positions). Pakistan’s institutions are drenched in enough corruption as it is. Corruption in Islam is something we must not tolerate. It is a sugar-coated poison that is destroying us from within. Manipulation of religious text and tampering with ayahs for evading or suppressing the truth, in order to achieve worldly benefits, incurs the anger of Allah. Consider: “Verily those who conceal/suppress any part of the scriptures Allah has revealed, and purchase a small gain therewith (of worldly things), eat nothing but fire in their bellies. Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them, and theirs will be a painful torment.” (2:174)

    Jaisa Ustad, waisa shagird… (Quote from Misaali Ustad lecture)

    At times of tribulation or dealings, one’s true identity is revealed. Why is it that everything I have said about Farah Rabbani also applies to Dr. Farhat Hashmi? I see them as two sides of the same coin. Farah Rabbani was running after money, position and settlements abroad while at the same time seeking a share in the al-Huda business franchise. The fraudulent methods she used are similar to those used by Dr. Farhat Hashmi in Canada, whose own devious activities uncovered in the ISNA charity fraud scam have not gone unnoticed. The controversies of these people are bringing a bad name to Islam and they are a disgrace to the communities they set foot in.

    In setting up her own al-Huda and hiding existence of the other, Farah Rabbani was following in the footsteps of her own teacher. Why is it that Dr. Farhat Hashmi is working independently of her own sister(s). For example ‘Ustazah Nighat Hashmi’ has opened up al-Noor International (http://www.alnoorpk.com) on exactly the same pattern as al-Huda but the sisters are not united in this vital Islamic mission to serve humanity. Instead they are in direct competition with each other. Nighat Hashmi, who has no PhD by the way, has assumed the role of ‘Ustazah’ in her own kingdom. Thanks to al-Huda’s star student Farha Rabbani we know that these sisters do not get on with each other.

    My Al-Huda Experience For The Benefit of God-Fearing Islamic Workers In Al-Huda:

    All the WikiLeaks I released show that the top management of al-Huda including Dr. Farhat Hashmi herself are certainly corrupt lying individuals that only seek to preserve the interests of their business franchise. Al-Huda policies are skewed to the benefit of the organizers. As long as the revenues are flowing in, they don’t give a damn about what’s going on in class. All the people that have been named and shamed in our case, are carrying on unabated despite my calls for them to be reprimanded and removed from office, so there is a culture of shamelessness around here… Birds of a feather flock together. As a former student and teacher assistant I have discovered that Al-Huda is run like a strictly secretive corrupt political system where the rich ‘elite’ and their family members are given favours and positions even though they may not be qualified for those positions. They set up bases independently of each other using any means (legal or illegal). When anyone complains about class issues or seeks verification of finances, they are labelled as a mischief-makers and hypocrites! The concept of ‘tarbiyah’ in the al-Huda teaching system is designed to brainwash and intimidate students into submission like sheep, while teachers use Qur’anic ayahs and religious jargon to manipulate the thinking and ideas of the audience in indirect and subtle ways, to dispel doubts about their real mission and to prove themselves as ultra-pious women who are sacrificing so much for the sake of the Deen, so that you sacrifice yourselves for them too. They even recruit spies to check up on ‘student talk’. During tafseer or public lectures all kinds of fantastic stories are related, which are often a mixture of truth and falsehood, and deceptions as a means of keeping the students/subjects under control. Over the years, they have become experts at these sinister tactics, so they have no shame in lying and deceiving in public lectures because it has become second nature to them. It is not easy for the layman to detect this.. And they have a ‘religious’ justification for everything because they can easily use their knowledge to twist the meanings of ayahs or hadeeth even if it means comprising with the Truth. During and at the end of a course, students are pressured into joining the system using emotional blackmail to carry on ‘Good work of the Qur’an’ for the sake of Allah, but in reality they are being recruited as free labour for the “ever-expanding” al-Huda business franchise and it is the seniors at the top that are benefiting.

    Financial matters are especially a taboo subject in al-Huda. Students are not expected to question or ever raise doubts about where the money is really going because this is ‘disrespect’ to the teacher. It then becomes easy for the teacher to abuse the trust that naïve students place upon them. The al-Huda management are doing the same. They find financial questions very uncomfortable. Verbal assurances count for nothing. They ignored me, avoided the subject and never gave any explanations or figures. What are they hiding? Isn’t it about time Dr. Farhat Hashmi comes transparent on her own expenses? How much has she and her inner circle made over the years? How much of our charity money and donations actually goes to the legitimate targets?

    While I’m sure that there are sincere, honest people within al-Huda, it is time to decide where one’s loyalties lie: with an evil scholar and corrupt institution or with Allah and the Deen of Islaam. Remember Allah’s warning in surah an-Nisa (105-110) not to be an advocate for the traitors. Ask Allah to Guide you in all matters and insha’Allah you will also one day pronounce:

    “My Lord! For that with which You have favoured me, I will never more be a helper of the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners)!” (28:17)

    And Allah knows best. May Allah give us the courage to stand up for Truth and Justice. Ameen




    To the Press:

    For more information on this incident please contact me: sophie78@ive.co.uk

    here is a mail that i got as a result of malfordawrding.this is from SOPHIE to Dr.FARHAT HASHMI.
    SOFHIE >>>> i reading your mail i wud say shut your idiot mouth.and consult a good doctor who can ttreat your mental sickness.

    From: S Ahmad
    Date: May 30, 2010 11:59:40 AM GMT+05:00
    To: Ustaza
    Subject: JazakAllahu Khair

    Dear Ustaza
    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

    I just wanted to say JazakAllahu Khair for your reply. Alhamdulillah your input has been invaluable and I appreciate your response despite your busy schedule.
    Actually, I wanted to reply after I had the meeting with Rabia, on Fri. In that meeting at my house, I can’t understand why Baji Farha and Baji Saadia Bukhari continued to justify the result (over the phone), when you have already made our decision, and they insist on some involvement in the future class. I don’t know why they did this.

    Anyway, insha’Allah we are seeking to carry on. We are now to put our case to the Mosque commitee because Baji Farha/Rabia are not making an honourable exit despite our negotiations and meeting. There are still some consultations and decisions to be made on our part but insha’Allah I will try not to bother you much from now on. Even with Al-Huda, this time we are seeking to operate through the right channels and organise matters properly.

    Besides this, I hope your Umrah trip is going well. Please pray for us all. Many thanks once again.. May Allah Bless you, Ameen.


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  • SOFIA AHMAD a FRAUDULENT WOMAN. The links given below expose
    alhuda social welfare services. and for your poor information this foundation was awarded by national award in connection of her social welfare services in pakistan on 14th August 2010. sofia ahmad!you are blaming your teachers… your institute how you could be reliable?.
    neways truth comes here.Click the links given below.

  • Looks like Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s days are numbered. even former students are calling for her resignation. Loool!

  • well mr.Farhan Qadeer ! please list such students down if you are right, im sure 2 – 3 names and these are ones who were with her for a very short time.my mother is with her before Alhuda ‘s came into being.i can give you a very long list who do believe she is right, her teachings are pure.
    You have written in the light of sophia ahmad’s mails.She is the lady whom you dont know . but alhumdulillah i know both of them. I know how far sophie is right in her words and definitely she will be answerable about her accusing mails in front of Allah on the day of judgement. ahhhh may Allah help sophia n you .ameen. How do you say that dr.Farhat hashmi is wrong and her days are numbered. listen ! what about your number of days? are you sure they are not numbered? if yes you are a big fool.i am sorry but no other words.being honest to myself having a strong family friendship with dr.hashmi’s family i can say WRONG are THOSE who believed in rumors against her.May Allah guide us to the straight path.so be it.
    i would like you to listen her Qur’anic teaching just once only, select any part of Qur’an and listen it with learning attitude.May Allah open your heart.ameen

  • کل ذی نعمۃ محسود
    Farhat hashmi! … ghabrana nahin, fikar nahin karna,paishan bilkul nahin hona.oopar likhi hadith parh li na keh “har woh bandah jis ko nemat milti hay us say hasad kiya jata hay”
    yeh dunya dar log Qur’an o Sunnat ko kiya janin.

  • Dear Sophia
    asalamoalikum warahmatullah
    May Allah protects you from all odds and evils(ameen) and always keep you on the rigtheous path.
    You have been constantly sending me your mails regarding farrah rabbani,your grudge that started due to some problem in your 10 para result later on you inquired about some financial donations that you send to Alhuda ISL and you felt that you have not been replied properly.

    If i analize logically i feel that the way you write…the material you gather..the research work you carried out…the amount of effort and time you contribute for writting such mails depicts your personality.
    Today i am writing you this mail as a nuteral person ,not on behalf of any one but I feel it is my moral duty to high light the facts.

    Your problem in my analysis of your mails indicates that you were tyrying so hard and were sure to top your Quran class but in the preparation of result some one else topped you felt seriously annoyed and in retaliation like a young kid you forced your energy on gathering the weak points of Farah Rabbani and finally you shifted your battle on financial matters which means your main issue as being highlighted by you in 02:53 min explanation of ustaazah

    Your underlined solutions as highlighted by you has a clear indication that you just wanted justice from ustaazah in the shape of review of class results and expulsion of Farrah and her daughter for their manupulations.All the material gathered afterward is a clear show off revenge from your side.You wanted a soothing councelling and retresal of your grevences and assurance from the concerned management

    You narrated different examples with mostly irralevant ayahs to support your point of view that we should’nt blame shaitan for our bad deeds and all justice should be done here in this world,just ask your self if all justice to be done in this world by humans than what is the need of Hell and Heaven.

    I feel like telling you a very simple story from the book ZERO POINT by Javed choudry he says:
    “one day he was bringing home one of his friend from airport,the car stopped on one of the signal and A beggar came close,it was a very cold night and rain was drizlling the beggar was not wearing anything warm and no shoes.My friend who was sitting next to me just arrived from London looked at the bagger and suddendly remove his branded jacket and branded italian shoes,i shouted at him at his strange gesture and told him he is a profesional beggar, my friend reply in his low cool and calm voice,dear javed,we make 100’s of mistakes in a day and yet have the guts to stand in front of Allah and asks for 100 favours every day when Allah does’nt say OH!! professional ill doer why are you asking me when you are so disobedient & even He blesses me what i deserves, who am I, to investigates ,&question about the professionalism or need of a beggar.
    This small story will satisfy your extreme anger that something has drastically misapropriated in your given donation.

    You have made some contributions for a good cause for the sake of donations which you might say be few thousand pounds has been given for the sake of Allah,let it be that way,dont propogate &high light the amount as it hurts the essence of a good deed.

    I feel it quite pertinent to clearify you one thing that there is a hairline difference between anger and insult ,plz be watchful that your every word should not fall in the second catagory.As it is the basic teachings of quran that ISLAM is a religion of PEACE and harmony nothing has gone so bad or i must say sky has not fallen that you are creating such a large hue and cry neither your agenda is so IMPORTANT nor the crime is so henious that Farah should be hanged.PLZ have a heart.

    I personally & closely know ustaazah and her family for the past 15 years,even my father being an Army General has lots of regards and respect for her.My whole family have closely experiance ustaazah like an open book in different aspects & situations of life.I have stayed with her in hostel,her attitude was like a loving mother ,a caring teacher in class room,a friendly scholar in question answer session,an extremly honest human being in her administrative dealings and above all a true practising muslim.

    I feel that after reaching 10 paras of quran your life patteren should have altogether changed.
    Why are you wasting so much of your time & energy on this unproductive debate,which has no positive end,everybody in Pakistan &abroad including your CCs of your mail knows very well about ustaazah and her contribution for helping people.

    In the end i assume that it can’t be you who is doing all this beleive me that after reading just one para of quran my internal feelings were totally changed i am sure that you have been badly brain washed by some evil source for certainly some evil motives.Plz be aware & be watchful of your company.I am sure that you will find the black sheep from within your friends who never wants you to follow the righteous path of Allah, while here I never want you my friend to loose this path forever.

    Kindly open your heart &embrass the light of knowledge rather than doing otherwise,life is too short
    Qurat ul ain Khan

  • assalam o alikum warah matullah

    i just wanna say plz open your heart and confrm the news before telling to others.

    i personaly knw ustaza and she is superb MASHAHALLAH.

  • she is a kind of person when u talk to her u just simply love her for Allah.and i think all these are misunderstanding and nothing els coz any one who knw her and hve some mind can’t say any thing like this.
    Kindly open your heart & embrass the light of knowledge, life is too short

  • welcome to the world of peace and tolerance in which we govern our lives to how our Creator wants it and free ourselves from the slavery of man, of our own lowest nature and false desires ..Listen to the Quran for yourself with an “OPEN” Heart and “MIND” and let us pray for our guidance that

    “O My creator behind this world of confusion and illusions You really do exist so guide me my Creator the one who knows whats in my heart, the One who knows what is happening at each and every single cell of mine, guide me My Creator guide me take me out this illusion and confusion, Ameen Ya Rabil Alameen

    click: http://www.farhathashmi.com/dn/Audio/Quran/ExplanationTafseer/tabid/77/Default.aspx

    “Inshallah we’ll live with Dignity and Inshallah we’ll die with Honour”

    Asalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you)

  • Aoa,

    Whatever u published is totally “A CRAP OF NON-SENSE”.. Well how can you even publish something against Dr.Farhat Hashmi without even knowing it..?… I wonder that why don’t you people mind your own lives & why do u keep on blaming HER for absolutely NO REASON..Well i think u people are totally MENTALLY SICK.. That’s what!!… Why don’t u mind ur own businesses first?.. As far as i know her she is absolutely a nice & kind lady..!!… As Muslims what really are we doing for the society..?… Do you even go out & say a word about Islam to a non-muslim..?.. What impression are we leaving to our young generations about Islam..?,.. Then who are we to call her a TERRORIST or even EXTREMIST..?… It’s better to keep our mouths shut than to claim false things about Dr. Farhat.. Is she talking something against our religion Islam..?.. Is she..?.. or is she ordering us to commit false sins..?..”IS SHE”??… What prove do you guys really have to publish such an ARTICLE!!??… As Muslims are we really not spoiling our images by publishing such articles about our own MUSLIM FELLOWS>>?.. THINK PEOPLE>>THINK…

    I don’t want to continue this further.. In short I just want to convey a message to our muslim brothers & sisters…that… WHY ARE WE SPOILING OUR OWN NAME BY PUBLISHING SUCH STUFF..?& one last thing.. “DONT EVEN SPEAK A WORD AGAINST SOMEONE WITHOUT KNOWING..”


  • Bismillah,
    Assalam O Alaikum,

    Whatever u published is totally “A CRAP OF NON-SENSE”.. Well how can you even publish something against Dr.Farhat Hashmi without even knowing it..?… I wonder that why don’t you people mind your own lives & why do u keep on blaming HER for absolutely NO REASON..Well i think u people are totally MENTALLY SICK.. That’s what!!… Why don’t u mind ur own businesses first?.. As far as i know her she is absolutely a nice & kind lady..!!… As Muslims what really are we doing for the society..?… Do you even go out & say a word about Islam to a non-muslim..?.. What impression are we leaving to our young generations about Islam..?,.. Then who are we to call her a TERRORIST or even EXTREMIST..?… It’s better to keep our mouths shut than to claim false things about Dr. Farhat.. Is she talking something against our religion Islam..?.. Is she..?.. or is she ordering us to commit false sins..?..”IS SHE”??… What prove do you guys really have to publish such an ARTICLE!!??… As Muslims are we really not spoiling our images by publishing such articles about our own MUSLIM FELLOWS>>?.. THINK PEOPLE>>THINK…

    I don’t want to continue this further.. In short I just want to convey a message to our muslim brothers & sisters…that… WHY ARE WE SPOILING OUR OWN NAME BY PUBLISHING SUCH STUFF..?& one last thing.. “DONT EVEN SPEAK A WORD AGAINST SOMEONE WITHOUT KNOWING..”


  • As Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakaatuhu! I am deeply bothered by this posting. I pray to Allah that it is not true. I truly feel that it is false. She does not and has never appeared to represent extremism! Muslims can adhere to the Sunna strongly and not be associated with Suicide Bombers and all of the other actions of ignorance. If one truly has an understanding of the Quran and Sunna, or at least is striving to do acquire the slightest bit of understanding, would not even entertain the idea of these extremist acts. I sincerely believe that Dr. Farhat Hashmi is not an affiliate. May Allah please, please guard and protect the honor and well being of those Muslims striving to be upon the Quran and Sunna, obtain Taqwa, Tawfeeq and diligence as we Seek this Ilm (knowledge), apply the knowledge acquired, call to the knowledge, and patiently persevere with any, any, harm that comes it’s way. “WHICH INCLUDES SLANDER!”

  • I go to Al-Huda and its not what u say it is.They teach only what the quran says and thats how to find true peace.Unless you actually take the class and see it for yourself you cant make up stuff.Get ur facts right and fear Allah.Muslims against muslims? Where’s the unity in this? Istaqfurallah!!!

  • oye ye gumraho wali batein nhe karo jo Allah ki raza ki khater bestar otha k nekalta he wo kalay kapday pehnnay walo se, apne apko zanjero se marnay walo se lakh darja behtar he,,, n jo khudkash hamla karta he wo apnay behn bhayo se hath dho bettha he qk drone hamlo k shekar hote hain aur oun drone attack ki waja se ham kerry logar bill k through america se aid litay hain,,, sham on all of us jo america ka jhota kha kha ka mar nhe rahe hain,,,, drone geray fata k awam pe aur aid milay islamabd ko, so khawo aid aur tayar hojao maut k lea,,, agar humanity ka kisi ko fikar he tu apne fata walo ko bhai samajh k jihad karo ya pher jo munafiq hongay wo tu jihad ko mantay he nhe hain agar munafiq nhe hain tu pher tu sath milo oun ka jin se apno ko cheena gaya he then INSHALLAH suicide attack nhe hungay.

  • You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be actually one thing that I think I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complex and very huge for me. I’m taking a look forward to your subsequent publish, I will try to get the hold of it!

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  • Thanks , I have recently been looking for information approximately this topic for a while and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. However, what about the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?|What i do not understood is actually how you’re no longer actually a lot more neatly-liked than you might be right now. You are so intelligent.

  • Bismillah

    Why in the world should you stand & throw dirt on your teachers???

    Tell me…sophie did you learn the Quran for worldly benefits??? or was it to know Allah & be close to him???

    Whatever is written here…is TRASH! NONSENSE! CRAP!

    Get your facts right, ok?!

    Enough of prejudiced comments…

    May Allah (swt) guide forgive us all & guide us all on the one straight path….Aameen.


    “Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight … are dearer to you than Allâh and His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause, then wait until Allâh brings about His Decision (torment). And Allâh guides not the people who are Al-Fâsiqûn (the rebellious, disobedient to Allâh).”
    [Verse 24 | (9:24)

    Dear Pakistani Brothers & Sisters go through this verse of Quran which says if the worldly pleasures and worldly relations are more dearer to you than Allah and his messenger then Allah bring about his decision TORMENT(AZAAB-E-ELAHI)..The woman you guys are criticizing on this open forum is a great Islamic Scholar who gives teachings in the light of Quran and Sunnah…How you guys can be disobedient to Allâh and how can you deny the sayings of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad(SAW)…This is so ridiculous…Can you call yourself a Muslim forget it can you even call yourself a human..How can one human being disrespect other and the people who are in favor of this article should be seriously ashamed..go and see what a wonderful and productive work she is doing for this so called Islamic society..dawah is a responsibility of every single Muslim if we don’t have courage to do that atleast we shouldn’t splash dirt on our true Islamic Source who reveals things in the light of Quran and Sunnah and how you guys can even support this article..Go and read productive things stated in our Quran and hadiths our prophet left behind for us to follow but what you guys are doing you are following footsteps of Satan..She is right that earthquake event was a torment of Allah and He displaces his anger in the form of natural calamities stated in Quran as well…Those who have objection on her statement they need to Go and read these two Surahs with translation Az-Zariyat (1-60) – At-Tur (1-49)and detailed stories of the disobedient creatures of Allah and how they faced torments in different forms of calamities at the time of different Prophets of Allah you will find in different Surahs..If you call yourself a Muslim go and read out whole Quran with explanation you will get to know…here are few links my friend that will help you out in making understanding of Quran http://www.quranexplorer.com and go through official website http://www.farhathashmi.com you will get to know how much this lady is contributing towards Islamic Society…May Allah forgive us our sins and give us true hidayat before we return to Almighty..Help her support her give nothing bus your little contribution against this article and encourage Islam on these kinda stupid blogs rather than discouraging Islam Scholars…That’s why we are still developing country and facing socio-cultural,political,economic and all kinda instabilities in our country this is also a torment of Allah..We should look after ourselves what we are doing rather than defaming other honorable people of our society..We are answerable to our deeds in our graves so better to work out with your lives and keep the potential to support Islam not so called Islam..Kalima is not enough my friends be practicing Muslim…Advance your knowledge on Islamic issues rather than societal issues so you will get to know where are you standing or dangling between hell fires..Do something productive don’t be so inhumane..May Allah give us hidayat to differentiate b/w goods and bads your goods will take you to Jannah and bads will make your way to hell…now the decision is yours what to choose b/w both or stick to you stupid comments that are against her…Do Taubah Allah will forgive our sins…..

  • Dr. Farhat Hashmi is conveying the true teachings of Islam based on the Holy Quran and the authentic sources of Sunnch at a time when fitna (disinformation) is at its peak. She is a brave female Islamic scholar of this century. We need true Iman to understand true Islam, the gift of Allah (SWT) to the mankind. I would suggest you to first understand Quran and its true and deep meaning
    then only you will be able to differentiate between right and wrong. May Allah (SWT) open our heart and guide us to the true teachings of Islam that can lead us to success here and hereafter. May Allah (SWT) make us helpers of Allah instead of helpers of Shaitaan. Ameen.

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  • In 2008 I prayed a lot to Allah SWT that Yallah give me Hidayat and i want a friends those who loves you and you love them then HE helped me and i joined Al Huda International when i completed 12 chapters i wished to spread the massage loudly to all the ladies that come here coz i have found a treasure, peace, sakoon and much more. i cried a lot that why i didn’t find it in my early age. :(( Dr. Farhat Hashmi, prayed to Allah SWT that Yallah “mujh say wo kaam lay lain jis say ap razi ho jain ” and Allah SWT accepted .. this is also my prayer now ALHAMDULILLAH. MASHALLAH ALLAH SWT loves her

    when i completed Quran and met her meray pass alfaz nahi thay k mein in say keh sakti k ap nay mujhay meray Allah say mila dia , mujhay wo Quran samajhnay mein help di k jis ko mein impossible samajh ker , mayus ho ker ek side per rakh bethi thi. Now i can understand Arabic , words of Allah with meaning , message.ALHAMDULILLAH

  • All this publish is really FAKE.
    I my self after reading this column research AL-HUDA.
    Please Sir I request you that in the END you have to answer ALLAH for this fake .
    So at the day of Judgment how you face ALLAH for this lie.

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