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Difa-e-Pakistan and the continuing education of Syed Riaz bin Al-Malik Hajjaji

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters  (This message is not intended for liberal fascist Rafzi-Sabai-Qadiani-Baloch RAW-ians)

I want to share with you my continued education.

I have now come to accept that in order for Pakistanto be Islamic Welfare State as envisioned by Hazrat Imran Khan, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Sunni Tehrik and other Patriotic Punjabi Puttars, pious brothers will have to choose their statement depending on the pitch.

For example, to Hindu baniya Karan Tharpar, Hazrat Imran Khan had to be very careful of what he says about JuD ( ).  The Brave man that HIK is, he stood by the downtrodden and weak Islamo-Marxist Kashmir Liberating Jamaat Dawa.  This pious group are the current favourites to conquer Dehli and do Spartan-style langar of Nihari, Galawatti kebabs, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Karhai, Halal Lobister Thermidor, Halal Merlot and Halal Heiniken for the poverty-stricken generals of Pak Fauj.  I request that Halalling contract be awarded to by my friend’s nephew who might have been a pop evangelist.

Imran Khan’s principled stance on Jamaat-ud-Dawa ( stands in stark contrast to hypocrite witch Benazir Bhutto’s stance on the Taliban, which was exposed by HIK here:

In the first Difa-e-Pakistan rally, HIK (Hazrat Imran Khan) did not attend directly but sent a representative from PTI ( ). In the next DP rally that was taken to defend Pakistan from the imperialist goals of Qadian/Rafzi/Yahood-o-Hunood lobby ( and , PTI was careful to maintain an even lower profile. HIK has been advised by Chacha Morpheous, aka, Hazrat Gen. Hamid Gul, to be careful so as to maintain popularity with the Mummy-Daddy activists ( ) and Jinnah-Secularist PTI jiyalas.  Liberal fascists do the blasphemy of accusing HIK of double standards – chilax ok – He is just doing Taqqiya!

This is why HIK was an immortal cricketer; he knew how to play on every pitch. He knows when to praise Jinnah, when to quote Iqbal and when to invoke the era of Caliph Hazrat Muawiya; which he has said to have done at Jamia Ferozia recently.  His sometimes direct and some times tacit support of the Difa-e-Pakistan rally must be applauded and must be emulated by every pious Punjabi, oops, Pakistan Puttar.  Here is my supplication to Pious Pakistan Puttar army:

“O Ye Generals and pious Syeds of the Pak Fauj,

Please reward HIK with 2/3 mandate in next elections as you rewarded your now forgotten son, Nawaz Sharif in 1997

And as you rewarded MMA in 2002

O Ye Lords of the Supreme Court

Please release us from the Sindhi-Balochi Hindu-Rafzi domination of the Bhutto-Zardari fascists

As you released us from them in 1979”

Speaking of Difa rallies, has anyone noticed how liberal fascists like Nadeem Paracha, Marvi Sirmed, LUBP, Al Ufaq ( , Pakistan Blogzine ( talk about rights of those who are oppressing revulotionary anti-imperialist groups like Jud, JM, SSP-LeJ-ASWJ.  They cry for these well funded RAW-Mossad agent Minorities ( but never cry for the death of great leaders like Hakeemullah Meshud, Illyas Kashmiri, Abu Mustafa Yazeed and Baitullah Meshud from drone attacks. Only blessed PTI jiyalas like Isfundiar Kasuri and Meera Ghani have the courage to raise an outcry on the murders of the great leaders of Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Excluding the Judiciary, Jamaat-e-Islami,Sipah-e-Sahaba,Pakistan Army, Taliban, ISI, PML N, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, MQM, PTI (Imran Khan group), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, GEO, ARY, Aaj, Samaa, Dunya etc –  there is no one else to support the point of view of these brave PTI workers.

Mr. Isfundiar Kasuri’s show, Washington Report, was axed for supporting the Pakistan Army point of view on Kerry-Lugar Bill and for supporting Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s point of view on drones – It was not axed due to lower ratings.  Everyone knows that the Pakistanmedia is under the autocratic rule of PPP and no one can dare critisize them.  For that matter, no one in our media industry can dare support or praise our under-funded Army and powerless Judiciary.

The Judiciary has served Pakistanwith distinction and has always taken the hardship route by supportingPakistan’s true heros- Hazrat Ayub Khan, Hazrat Zia ul Haq (RA), Hazrat Musharaf and Hazrat Kayani.  If it was not for our Un-corruptible heroic Supreme Court, anti-imperialist Islamo-Marxist rebel, Malik Ishaq would still be behind bars.

Just few days back, one liberal fascist group was talking about some lawyers being killed (  inKarachi. Shame on them for not realizing that these lawyers were possibly against His Lordship, Hazrat Chaudhary Mohammad Iftikhar (RA).  They were also insulting the human rights of great Islamo-Marxist anti-imperialist Malik Ishaq.

Here is my translation of the works of great Islamic poet- Abu Sufyan Gajjanpuri:

“Now when I was a young boy

At the age of five

My Mamo said:

I was the greatest thing alive”

This is sung to all children of noble Punjabi blood to inculcate humility which is an essential trait of our oppressed nation.  This is why I can relate to under-previliged socio-Marxist Islamic cricketers like HIK.

HIK grew up in a tiny corner of the crowded, clausterphobic Zaman Park slums; a few metres of land liberated by his working class uncle, General Burki and his father’s collegues in the powerless, efficient and un-corrupt bureaucracy.

This was the land that has once been stolen from the descendants of Hazrat Mohammad Bin Qasim and Sultan Shah Mahmood Qureshi-Ghaznavi by perfidious Sikh-Hindu venture capitalists in the 6th century Hijri. However, with limited resources at his disposal, the undefeated General Burki approached the Evacuee Property Trust Board and liberatedZamanPark from the dark savages.  He then settled the Burki-Niazi clan here. They lead a hard, under-privileged existence and slowly rose up to lead various cricket teams and public departments on the basis of pure merit.

No one can accuse Imran Khan of benefiting from nepotism, cronyism or any other traits under the corruption umberella. Every Pakistani knows how Imran Khan was denied his place in the cricket team from 1964-1971.   Back then, he was bowling at 150 miles per hour.  In a 1969 match of Aitchison vs. the Rest-of-the-World-11, 16-year old Imran Khan took 36 wickets in a single innings and scored 10,000 runs in the match as well. Then too he was denied a place in the team by Hindu-mother RAW agent, ZAB.

General uncles tried but dictatorial ZAB overruled them just like he did when he coerced them into Bengladesh to fight against the Mukhti Bahini Titans.  By sending Pak Fauj against the Titanic forces of evil represented by Mukhti Bahini, Bengali socialists, women and Hindu sorcerers, ZAB ensured that they would lose so that he could install his dictatorship to replace the Basic Democracy of Field Marshall, Hazrat Ayub Khan.

This is why only a Patriotic Aitchisonian is fit to kaptaan the Islamic Welfare State of Pakistan.

Yeh karahi chicken karahi hai, yeh karahi mein hi khaoon ga

Tum kitnay burger chupao gay, har ghar say Toru niklay ga

Syed Riaz bin Al-Malik Hajajji

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  • I am a PTI supporter and I approve this message. We PTIians need to stick together and support Syed Riaz.


    At first I though George Fulton was critisizing Imran Khan but overall, the article is good.
    Imagine comparing Imran Khan to that Hindu scocerer, Bhutto. Imran Khan has the support of the educated people and is talking about Islamic democracy. Bhutto was popular amongst a few dozen mud people, the sweaty illiterate RAW agents of Sindh who do shirk dancing at shrines in their spare time. Unlike Musharaf who is atleast a brave Ghazi warrior, Bhutto sneaked in through the back door and had the audacity to think he could do something just because a few dozen sweaty, stinking jahil mud people were hynotized to vote for him. Had it not been for these bloody civilian Bhuttos, Imran Khan would have swept the polls in 1996 and 2002. For that matter, imagine comparing Imran Khan’s supporters to those idealistic fools who supported Barack Obama in 2008. Clearly, Imran Khan supporters are far greater in number and far better informed of what their country needs. Not a good comparison Mr. Fulton.

    In another article, George made a mistake of including Zaid Hamid, Aamir Liaquat and Bhutto in the same category. Sorry, here I would have to politely disagree with George that including Bhutto with someone as great as Zaid Hamid is an insult to the latter! Aside from the fact that they two are completely different cases, George should not have categorized them like this. Zaid Hamid is a great Islamic scholar who has laid the intellectual groundwork amongst the educated youth for a Theo-Demo-Islamo-Caliphato-Welfare-Riba Free Dar ul Islamic Emirate. Bhutto was just another failed politician who never had any support amongst the masses. He undertook two land reform acts, the second of which initiated tax on the agricultural sector. For doing these silly things, he was finally prosecuted by the law under the great Marxist revolutionary Ghazi, The Greatest, Gen. Zia ul Haq. It was because of this that all the intelligent, loyal, working class heroes like Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Shah Mahmood Qureishi, Mustafa Jatoi, Mumtaz Bhutto, Chaudhary Aitzaz Ahsan, Faisal Saleh Hayat left the Feudal dominated PPP.

    Nonetheless, George is completely correct when he says:

    “He’s no Taliban supporter or stooge. That is clearly ridiculous.”
    Just because Imran Khan wants to talk with these Islamo-Marxist anti-imperialist rebels and just because he countered the Blackwater-RAW-Zionist propaganda against the Taliban does not make him a Taliban supporter or stooge. Actually, Imran Khan should not be ashamed of being called a Taliban Goebbels and should actually be proud of it! George would definitely disagree with the poorly informed liberal fascist, Dr. Taqi when he says:

    “These assertions by Mr Khan might even be amusing if he was not capable of even worse assertions. Blaming the US for all ills is one thing, but he has as easily blamed the victims of terrorism. Writing about the Karsaz bombing in ‘Benazir Bhutto has only herself to blame’ (The Telegraph, UK, October 21, 2007), he noted, “I am sorry to say this, but the bombing of Benazir Bhutto’s cavalcade as she paraded through Karachi on Thursday night was a tragedy almost waiting to happen. You could argue it was inevitable…it is different for me campaigning in public, even in the frontier region, because I am not perceived as an American stooge, or a supporter of the war on terror.” Benazir and not the takfiris were to be blamed as per Mr Khan’s views!”
    Finally, his brilliant countering of another liberal fascist Prof. Hoodbhoy on Hamid Mir’s show when he questioned Hazrat Imran Khan on Taliban atrocitiesshould lay to rest this silly allegation altogether and those who saw that show should themselves decide whether the good Professor was upto his typical conspiracy theories and that Imran Khan does not support the Taliban or apologize for them or is a stooge for them; he just effectively defends their actions by denying them or brilliantly deflecting them. So not just a cricket great but a potential hockey Olypian too. Now does anyone doubt Imran Khan’s brilliance or Hamid Mir’s journalistic capability. During the interval, the coward professor alleged that Imran Khan threatened to fight him.

    Thank you George for debunking the silly notion that Imran Kahn is a Taliban apologist or stooge. The evidence is completely in favour of your arguement.

    I am willing to accept George’s very mild criticism of Imran Khan because in this process, he put that tyrant Bhutto in his place. And that is truly an achievement and no one can fault George for jumping on the bandwagon on this one. We all know that in Pakistan, no one can dare critisize Bhutto and Zardari. In the drawing rooms of the educated people who have made a few ruppees on merit, there has been a hushed silence on Bhutto for decades and fear grips anyone before uttering even mild criticism against Bhutto and Zardari. So far these drawing rooms are dominated by liberal fascists who rail against the pious underpaid and impoverished army . For decades we, the educated followers of Jamaat-e-Islami and now Imran Khan romantics have been suppressed by these liberal fascists who when not praising Bhutto and Zardari and cursing the army, break out into heathen acts such as singing and dancing . Just because they have won elections doesn’t mean that the PPP have the right to form the government!

    However, into this darkness, I am so glad that George has come out openly against Bhutto.

    Further to this, I am so happy that George is not the only one to write original and ground-breaking critiques of our tyrannical rulers. I also have to highlight how a great rebel soul, Cyril Almeida finally came out against Zardari when he wrote the seminal, “Inside Zardari’s Mind“.

    When the two PTI jiyalas on Pakistan Press are satisfied with your article, you know have written a great critique of Hazrat Imran Khan.

    kal bhi Zia zinda tha, aaj bhi Zia zinda hai.

  • Writer if this blog is not the patriot at any case and not even the Muslim because he is trying to divide the Muslim of the Pakistan and any person how try to divide the Muslim is not the Muslim so that writer is not the Muslim According to the light of the Quran . And for the Bhutto family person like who try to spread the hate in the world worshiper of the Dajjal can say about the Bhutto specially the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the Benazeer Bhutto as the not the good muslim etc etc

  • According to the Saudi Salafi-Wahhabi mullah, Jihad must be against Hazrat Bal, Khwaja Nizamuddin Chishti Ajmeri and other shrines in India and Kashmir. According to him the Jihad to make Kashmir autonomous or a part of Pakistan is not Jihad.

    Here is an extremist Deobandi mullah (Ilyas Ghumman) of Sipah-e-Sahaba who is criticizing Hafiz Saeed and Lashkar-e-Taiaba, describing Hafiz Saeed as an American and British agent.

  • dear plzz provide an ethentic source of imran khan address at Jamia ferozia you mentioned in above column.when did he address at jamia ferozia? any video proof will be appriciated..thanks