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Target killing of Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister and niece – by Mureed Bizenjo

Baloch Resident Party’s president and one of the most loved Baloch Leader Brahamdagh bugti’s sister and niece along with their driver gunned down at Gizri Bridge, Karachi early Tuesday.

Zamu Domki, her daughter Jana Domki and driver Barkat Baloch, were returning home at their DHA based resident from a wedding when unknown asiliants on a motorbike fired at them in an ambush, killed all of them and conveniently escaped.

Some Bugti families agreed about the tripple killing that this was clearly an act of Pakistani agencies

The victims were wife, daughter and driver of Sibi based Balochistan MPA Mir Bakhtiar Khan Domki who said “They used to kill the men of our family, now they have started killing our women as well,” he said. “We have been sacrificing for our country, and will continue to do so.”

Exiled in Geneva Brahamdagh Bugti Grand son of Nawab Akhbar Khan Bugti is leading a pro independence movement

I.S.I. and M.I. want to stop his surface political movement in such a brutal way by killing of Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti’s family members. The world should take notice and stop Pakistan from killing of Baloch women and children,” Sher Mohammad Bugti official spokesperson of Baloch Republican party told the reporters

The brutal act of assassinating Baloch women must be condmned, whisking away, torture and target killing of Baloch scholars, journalists, political activists is routinely carried out in Balochistan by Military and Para-Military forces of Pakistan whereas the clearly biased media either manupulates the stories or completely skips them. In 2011 alone 350+ (on average one each-day) Baloch were killed and ruthlessly dumped and thousands still remain in captivity.

Some news reports termed this attack as an outcome of family vendetta, whereas Mir Bakhtiar Domki enjoys no enmity with any of his clan or other Baloch tribes.

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  • deliciiious aBBasi
    and now they are killing their women and children.. The incident which happened in gizri those were granddaughters of Akbar Bugti

    balochmedia balochmedia.com
    Pak military initiated brutal operation in Bugti areas of Balochistan | Balochistan Online Media balochonline.com/en/pak-militar…

    atifahmads Atif S Ahmad
    @MalihaMansoori Pakistan is oppressing the Baloch since 1948, I wish ppl start condemning it

    MureedBizenjo Mureed Bizenjo
    Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister & Niece target killed in #Karachi, How will Army apologists justify this? #Shameless

    Chiltan salma jafar
    #Shame on all of us! RT @MureedBizenjo Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister & Niece target killed in #Karachi, How will Army apologists justify this?

    TarekFatah Tarek Fatah
    The Target killing in #Pakistan of exiled Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister by Pak Military ISI @MureedBizenjo shar.es/f7JOi

  • They should kill some nieces and daughters of dumb generals to level the score. The cowards of ISI and army only understand the language of violence.

  • this is injustice with balochs.
    Apeal to aal that rise ur hands against this cruility and injustice with balochs.

  • The perspective regarding the social and human cost resulting from violence has been presented excellently at think twice Pakistan.

  • its clearly an act of terrorism and i have simply no wordz how to condemn and console with the victimz may their soulz rest in peace (amen) This brutal act of terrorism can never be done by pak army i’m sure they have nothing to do with the livez of the women and chil dren… for agenciez i guess its more eazy to shot down their reall targets…and their enemies/targets cannot be women and childeren who are considered to be weak and helpless … and do you think agenciez agents would take it as a childz play and would shot down innocent people while wearing a proper uniform? i think its merely a propaganda.