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Veteran Pakistani journalist Nazir Naji faces threats by Taliban terrorists

This is an alarming development. In his op-ed in Daily Jang on 11 March 2010, veteran journalist Nazir Naji has provided details of various threats which he has been receiving from Taliban and their affiliate jihadi and sectarian organisations recently and also in the past few years. They want to silence his voice.

Nazir Naji is one of the very few brave souls in Pakistani journalist community, most of whom unfortunately remain subservient to the ISI’s agenda, who raised his voice against creeping Talibanisation in Pakistan. In fact, his was the very first voice in the Pakistani media which condemned Taliban and exposed the ugly side of their evil ideology and practices.

We salute Nazir Naji for his courage, honesty and patriotism. We demand that the Government of the Punjab as well as federal government must take all possible actions to protect Nazir Naji from those who are trying to harass and intimidate him.

Here is the op-ed by Nazir Naji:

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  • I personally appreciate him and have a great respect for Naji sb on his stance against Terrorists and his balance analysis of political scenarion….though disagree his typical anti india touch.
    But he and Munno Bhai are my only reason for visiting Jang site on daily basis….

  • Such is the state of security in Pakistan today. President Zardari to Nazir Naji; all receiving threats of being killed and taken away in ambulance (in case of Zardari). Certainly not empty threats. BB was assasinated before the whole nation (however, I personally believe it was not militants who assasinated her nor it was the US as many seem to argue). The point is: why should any Pakistan feel insecure ? In a country where the state has traditionally failed to provide social security i.e. employment, education, medicare etc., today it cannot even provide life security. And when a state fails to provide neither social nor life security, it is called a ‘failed state’. Yes, we are a failed state. We, the people, have failed Pakistan as a state because it’s the people who make a nation, not the other way round.