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PPP and PTI (Imran Khan) join hands to support Ziaur Rehman Advocate….

Aitzaz, Hamid in all-out efforts to win LBA polls

PTI Vice Chairman Hamid Khan and PPP lawyers jointly supporting Ziaur Rehman against Tariq Javed a candidate jointly supported by Kurd and Aitzaz Ahsan in LBA elections

PTI VC and PPP’s joint candidate has an effective support of PPP lawyers who recognize Dogar as the real Chief Justice….so PTI VC wants president of LBA to be effectively Dogar supported?….where would LBA and PTI stand in long march if their joint candidate wins?…..

Aitzaz, Hamid in all-out efforts to win LBA polls
By Amir Riaz submitted 15 hours 28 minutes ago

LAHORE – With a week to go for polls to elect new office-bearers of the Lahore Bar Association, both heavy weights of lawyers’ community, Aitzaz Ahsan and Hamid Khan, are making all out efforts to secure victory for their respective candidates for the presidential slot.

Independent observers and surveys, however, suggest that Aitzaz’s backed candidate Ch Tariq Javed is in commanding position mainly due to his role and commitment to lawyers’ movement for restoration of deposed judges.

Interestingly president Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmed Kurd has also endorsed Aitzaz’s decision to support Tariq. On the other hand Rana Ziaur Rehman who is a nominee of Professional Group headed by Hamid Khan, has also the support of PPP’s leader and member Pakistan Bar Council Kazim Khan. Kazim who was once a staunch supporter of lawyers’ movement now recognizes Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar as the real Chief Justice of Pakistan while toeing the party line.

Tariq has secured the support of large number of voters including bigwigs of the Bar like Justice (r) Amir Alam Khan, Abid Hassan Minto, Hakam Qureshi and member Pakistan Bar Council Mian Israrul Haq. They are not only supporting but also campaigning for Ch Tariq Javed.

A recent announcement by lawyers affiliated to Hmaid Khan’s political party, Tehrik-e-Insaf, has also changed the complexion of game in favour of Tariq.
President PTI Lawyers Forum Malik Khalid Awan Saturday announced support for Ch Tariq Javed. Hamid Khan is vice chairman of PTI.

The insiders say though chairman National Coordination Council on lawyers’ movement Aitzaz Ahsan and Hamid Khan have parted ways as far as the LBA election are concerned, yet they are confident of making March 9 long march a success.
The observers say Aitzaz’s relentless efforts in SCBA’s recent election had helped Kurd secure an easy win over PPP backed candidate and the same could happen in the LBA election.

A large number of lawyers disbelieve this notion that Professional Group or its leadership is only spearheading the lawyers’ movement. They argue that majority of the lawyers are not affiliated with Hamid Khan’s group but still they are wholeheartedly adhered to the movement for independence of judiciary. Tariq was also the diehard supporter of Ali Ahmed Kurd in SCAB election.

Aitzaz says he is backing Tariq Javed for his full support to the lawyers’ movement as he suffered the hardships of detention when he (Tariq) was arrested on November 5 last year in a crackdown on lawyers in the wake of emergency and PCO promulgated by former dictator Pervez Musharraf.

On two vice president seats, four candidates are in the run. They are MR Awan, Khalid Chaudhry, Ghulam Abbas Sahir and Bushra Qamar. MR Awan is strong contender because of his popularity among the lawyers for the role he played in lawyers’ movement. Ch Khalid is also being considered as a potential candidate and is in a position to turn table on Ghulam Sahir. For VP Model Town seat, Ch Muhammad Akbar Gujjar and Anwar Kazmi vying for the slot.

For two seats of secretaries, Ahmed Yar Chawali and Khurram Rafiq Shaad are in the winning position.

Syed Fiyyaz Jaffar and Fiaza Naeem Paracha are in the field for the slot of joint secretary where Jaffar is seemingly in a better position. For finance secretary, Naeem Chohan and Asif Shakar are contesting against each other.

Express, 14 Jan 2009

Some Comments:

Muhammad Usman Says:

Imran Khan Fan club scratching head.

You know what we should leave lawyer politics to them and do our work.

Who cares about small lawyer body election.

May be who cares about hamid khan.

Let us discuss national security and solutions.

SnrCtzn Says:
Is it not really, very saddening but not SO STRANGE, that these days, we commonly find ‘white’ sheep turned into ‘black’, & that too, overnight? First,it was SOB Mush, then PPP’s Zardari, Yusaf Gilani, & their long list of cohorts, like Shery Rehman,etc; & finally now those from the ‘right-minded’ community of lawyers?
It also ‘boggles’ ones’s mind (or it startles one with amazement or fear,) as to what is happening on the political scene , & that too, in quick succession
? Agreed, that our national history is full of ‘lotas’ or turn-coats to a cause, but what changes in political thinking are being reported on daily-basis; is greatly ASTOUNDING, to say the least.

@ FahadAfridi.
Wether this new nomenclature for PTI (i.e; Pak Taliban-Injustice) is your own coined or borrowed; whatever, it is SIMPLY GREAT.


Read this crappy clarification from PTI


The following clarification is in reference to the item regarding Mr Hamid Khan’s role in the Lahore Bar Association elections in the Nation.

1. This issue is related to two candidates Rana Zia Abdur Rehman, who is being supported by the Professional group headed by Mr Hamid Khan, and Chadhry Tariq Javed who is a nominee of the Khosa and Malik Qayyum groups.

2. Rana Zia Abdur Rehman has been in the fore front of the lawyer’s movement.

3. Ch. Tariq Javed is also supported by the People’s Party while Mr Ali Ahmed Kurd and all other vanguards of the lawyer’s movement are supporting Rana Ziaur Rehman. PML, JI and PTI lawyers are also in favor of Rana Ziaur Rehman.

4. The insinuation in some communications forwarded to a lot of people that Mr Hamid Khan has ever harmed the interests of the PTI are false and mischievous. In fact he is the founder member of the party and is a moral anchor of the Lawyers movement as well as party policies. The fact that he did not get arrested during the lawyer’s movement when Mr Imran Khan and others got arrested was because of the fact that the party at that stage wanted to avoid his arrest as he is also the Senior Vice President of the Party.

I hope the above clarification shall put to rest the controversy being created in the Lahore Bar Association elections with regard to Mr Hamid Khan’s role.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Arif Alvi,

Secretary General,

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Ramda says:

This Alvi guy and his son moron Awab Alvi, both are Jamaat-e-Ghair Islami agents. They used to work for the JI. Now they have been asked by the ISI to serve the PTI. Naya jaal laye puranay khilaari.


Jamhooriat Says:

what kind of clarification is this?“The fact that he did not get arrested during the lawyer’s movement when Mr Imran Khan and others got arrested was because of the fact that the party at that stage wanted to avoid his arrest as he is also the Senior Vice President of the Party.”

i am disappointed (specially with Dr Alvi)that PTI has leaders of so low calibre who cold not even handle this small issue properly.

Muhammad Usman Says:

What PTI should do is identify anchors and journalist on the payroll of PPP/ PMLN.

One journalist i know , however is HAROON RASHEED working day and night to spread IK message.

Nation and News in propaganda against PTI

Both reporting same .


Asking questions regarding some thing is like questioning God .

gOOD Luck for democratic culture in fan club and absorbing capacity of agroup on cticism


kafka8 Says:


alvi guy on PTI site categorically states that all three are supporting the same guy.

the dentist alvi is a moron..but thats another story.

nota Says:

“alvi guy on PTI site categorically states that all three are supporting the same guy.”

How can that be true? Then what are we doing here?

“the dentist alvi is a moron..but thats another story.”
I believe he is the son of PTI Secretary General Dr. Alvi (who himself is a dentist).


Another clarification by PTI:


In a meeting with lawyers delegation Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Central Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that PTI lawyers wing will extend its support in Bar Elections after consultation with the party leadership. He further said we are struggling for the judicial and social justice since foundation of PTI in 1996. PTI has fully supported the lawyers movement and its leadership and workers also faced hardships and were sent to the jail during the movement. To stand by the lawyers movement pakistan tehreek-e-insaf has sacrificed to boycott the elections and we are committed to struggle for the independence of judiciary and reinstatement of chief justice iftikhar ch alongwith other deposed judges.

tharapolitics Says:

One of the “best” confused and uncleared statement issued by PTI information sec. Issue is still blurred and infact this PTI guy issued more confusing statement.
Firstly, PTI exposed by the statement of their Sec Gen, Dr. Alvi and now party is more exposed by their untrained and unskilled info Sec

Malek Says:

noted the following comments by PTI member….bit disturbing to see such comments

‘By nauman shah @ Friday, January 09, 2009 1:01 PM | (Nauman_shah)
I just want to deliver a message to all my PTI friends. I recommend you guys to visit pkpolitics, especially when there are few idiots making derogatory remarks against IK and PTI. That way if attack from all corners are coming those cowards will run away and wont be able to respond. I personally am making this recommendation because I lose my cool sitting here on the computer seat and want to break that guys face talking against IK. Its just a suggestion.


Jamhooriat Says:

This clarification raises more questions about PTI weak organisation and specially about chain of command.

Dr. Alvi had issued a clarification personally and available on PTI website and then their information sec. has issued official press release.

was dr Alvi so dumb that he had no idea about official stance??

its getting worst for them , they need to fix it before they are exposed more n more.

chottibibi Says:

Now IMRAN (my leader) started to play words game…haha…all are same…instead of saying “we condemed the acts of Hamid Khan or We will not support anti CJ Iftikhar bar” they are saying it is bad but we are doing it…..