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Political marriage between Ali Kazi and Marvi Memon – by Raza Baloch

Ali Kazi, the owner of KTN group of print and electronic media, is going to form a new ethno-nationalist party in Sindh. Marvi Memon, the foreign educated daughter of Nisar Memon who is a retired technocrat and a good friend of ex-army chief Musharaf and the military governments, has also joined Ali Kazi for formation of new political party.

This party will be named as Sindh Akta Party or Sindh Unionist Party.

Marvi has spent a lot of time in Lahore and abroad and Ali Kazi is the king of Sindhi print and electronic media. Kawash, a newspaper in Sindhi language, has large circulation in Sindh like the KTN’s entertainment channel. Therefore this political marriage between two big names may bring an important change in political scenario of ethno-nationalist politics in Sindh.

Ali Kazi might be thankful to Dr. Shahid Masood who raised an issue that the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is a federal entity therefore he should not put Sindhi style cap on his head during any of his international official trips. Ali Kazi flared up the issue, honoured President Zardari, and interpreted Shahid Masood and Shaheen Sehabi’s remarks as a dishonor of the Sindhi Cap (a cultural sign). Ali Kazi brought a change through celebrating the Sindhi Topi Day or Sindhi Cap Day.

Ali Kazi’s second try of change was to mobilize the people of Sindh to pray for the flow of water in the Indus River. People of Sindh showered roses in the dusty river bed of Indus without water; later the Indus River responded well and flooded all.

His third great try for change was his social marriage with a young pretty lady employed in his kingdom of media. My wife was surprised when she heard that separation between a young pretty lady and old man with young sprit for change was announced on Sindhi media. I tried to convince my wife that social marriages/weddings are not like political marriages. I had to argue more therefore I prepared a graph for illustration that ratio of separation in political marriages is higher than social marriages. For example Marvi Memon was part of military government in Pakistan and General Mushraf’s departure from Pakistan without his “skin” uniform divorced Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and then the parliament. My wife is very critical on people who are doing politics alone without their spouses that why she loves Bhutto family. She argues that Benazir Bhutto convinced her husband Asif Ali Zaradari to be part of her political struggle for democratic Pakistan and she sacrificed first than her spouse Asif Ali Zardari.

It is a fact that CHANGE needs scarifices. Ali Qazi+Marvi Memon and Imran Khan+Shah Mehmood Qureshi can bring change in Sindh and Pakistan but CHANGE needs scarifications. To bring CHANGE both ethno-nationalists and Islamist nationalists need to CHALLENGE the present system. Imran Khan should CHALLENGE Pakistan Army’s militancy in Balochistan and Ali Qazi should CHALLENGE the blasphemy law in Sindh and elsewhere. Is it possible for Ali Qazi to CHALLENGE the blasphemy law? Can he fight with the ever rising Jihadi groups in civil society under cover of Pakistani secret agencies?

The existing ethno-nationalists parties functioning since decades in Sindh could not win elections even on union council level because the leadership of those parties differentiate themselves from poor voter. They think that they are intellectuals and people who vote for PPP since decades are illiterate and unaware. The poor people of Pakistan are very sensible, they are uneducated but can read politician easily.

Nusrat Javed, a senior journalist, writes good words “….reliable sources …..’new face with the message of change’……Marvi Memon’s well wishers” .Enjoy reading full article here: http://tribune.com.pk/story/324477/invisible-hands-hatching-a-new-challenge-for-ppp/

Nusrat Javed is right because Imran Khan was not good ace for ISI particularly in Sindh where people are politically much more aware compared to the people of Punjab. But among Imran and his “wickets” Kazi and his Kawash group team and bonding force Marvi Memon certainly will bring CHANGE without CHALLENGING their good Gods.

It is a fact that both Imran and Kazi can bring CHANGE by CHELLENGING Pakistan Peoples Party but Kazi + Memon party has selected wrong place of Jalsa “Bhittai Ki Nagree” soil of Bhittai – a great poet, wrong place to show solidarity with the ISI and anti-democratic forces.

Kazi+Memon party should invite Kamran Khan, Dr. Shahid Masood, Kashif Abbassi and Syed Talat Hussain to join their political marriage ceremony. They should also consider relocating the Kazi+Memon change ceremony venue from Bhittai Ki Nagri to Aabpara, Islamabad in the cradle of the good Gods.

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