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To be dashing, keep bashing! – by Mian Saifur Rehman

PML-N leaders in various cities of Punjab have taken out rallies and resorted to public display of arms and firing to express their (shameless) support for the police chitrol (bashing). Here is an article on this topic by Mian Saifur Rehman:

Once upon a time, I wrote a column that was titled ‘Be pleasing, keep pleasing’. But now the theme has assumed another proportion. Now it is ‘be bashing, keep bashing’. But why this major paradigm shift?

The fact is that there is no paradigm shift. Both the theories are in vogue and in practice. Those who are adept in the art of pleasing are capable of reaching to the pinnacle with ease, comfort and ‘honour’. And those who are adept in the art of bashing are known as successful administrators or policemen.

The demonstration of this ‘successful policing’ the nation witnessed the other day in Chiniot where some youngsters were given bashing with the traditional rubber platter known as Littar in police jargon, Punjab taking the lead in this bashing business.

And while the Chiniot bestiality was being lamented through all the tiers of our police-terrorized society, some more incidents have come to the fore thanks to the electronic media whose constant vigil has invited the attention of his lordship the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

Now the terror filled in people’s hearts with rising occurrences of police brutality might lessen to a great extent. Now there is much likelihood that the ruling party MPAs might avoid taking law in their hands the way PML-N MPA Shahid Bhatti did while witnessing the Littar parade with sadistic pleasure and pride in Jalalpur Bhattian.

And I am sanguine no one would henceforth dare put ‘Kundas’ (direct, un-metered connections) on national electricity poles for pilfering power to illuminate and ‘enlighten’ rallies of political bigwigs as done the other day during Mian Nawaz Sharif’s public gathering to muster public support for NA-123 by-election candidate.

And I am equally confident that the bashing at the hands of our lawyer brethren might also come to a halt in the foreseeable future.

I am, however, upset over so many bashing, dashing adventures that seem to be on a vertical rise without any let or hindrance.

Haven’t we gone too much restless in the areas of reformation or punishment as if punishment is the only efficacious remedy for most of the ills rampant here and there? Or is it our inner turmoil that is manifesting in the form of bashing of students, accused persons-in-custody and media persons on duty inside court premises etc?

If it is our inner turmoil, how will it come to an end and when? And why our leading elite especially those from the ruling class has not learnt a lesson in handling things wisely, patiently and calculatingly? Does democracy permit institution of cases under Anti-Terrorism Act against students taking to the streets to press for their demands? The other day, the students of a college at Civil Lines Lahore were maltreated by police and booked under Anti-Terrorism Act. Very sad indeed!

Can any suo moto notice help heal their wounds? Why not? I have high hopes of the high priests of civil liberties and human dignity, their lordships, who have embarked on a mission that was long due. And I have many hopes pinned on the ruling class that has made a pledge to the masses to deliver and to restore their honour and freedom, I mean, freedom from disgrace, suppression and, above all, hunger and impoverishment.

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  • Police taking law its own hands was itself condemnable and now the rallies of these supporters of a certain political party to support the “police bashing” is indeed a proof of the fact that we as a nation lack the ability to make sensible choices. One particular party is being supported just because the one who is condemning this barbaric practice is an opposing party. The suo moto action by the CJ of Pakistan was I think a timely move. The defenders of law cannot be the breakers of it.