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Well done, students of Peshawar University and Pashtun Aman Committee – by Nasir Ahmad

Pashtunkhwa Peace Forum, a worldwide group of Pashtun students and professional, lauds students of Peshawar University and Pashtun Aman Committee for stopping Zaid Hamid from speaking at the Islamia College Campus.

A belligerent hate monger, racist, chauvinist and thug, these are all the precise characteristics of a person known as Zaid Hamid. But in a country like Pakistan where laws are only made for those not in position of influence, Zaid Hamid has become a media celebrity and a youth-mentor in matter of days by using power, position and resources from unknown sources.

Zaid Hamid distorts history, Quranic verses and Prophetic sayings and provokes Pakistani youth with a chronic delusional idea that they will conquer New Delhi and Jerusalem in the near future. The self-proclaimed protector of the territorial integrity of Pakistan, Zaid Hamid does not spare ethnic minorities and their political leadership in Pakistan in his hate speeches.

He has, time and again, called upon the Pakistani security forces and the overzealous Jihadi youth of Pakistan to, in his words, ‘crush’ the nationalist forces in Pashtunkhwa and Balochistan and hang their leadership in public. Zaid Hamid, who himself has cajoled attractive model girls and mode dress designers into his media campaign and enjoys their company in country-wide trips, openly supports the brutal Taliban force and strict sharia law to be implemented in the Pashtun land of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This turncoat jihadist has, in the past, fought in Afghanistan under the command of Northern Alliance warlord Ahmad Shah Masood and is thus accountable for the enormous sufferings of Afghans that were caused by this brutal militia of which Hamid was a member. As if his past history full of arrogance and his despise of ethnic minorities was not enough, to the disgust of all Pashtuns, Zaid Hamid embarked on a campaign to spread his hateful ideology in the Pashtun land this week and made a failed attempt to deliver a speech in Islamia College Peshawar.

A secret campaign was underway for weeks to make the jihadi show a success and hundreds of naïve youth from around Pakhtunkwa were bussed to Islamia College. But thanks to the students of Peshawar University and the members of Pashtun Aman Committee who foiled the first attempts of this hate-mongering group to use Peshawar to further their reprehensible objectives.

Members of Pashtunkhwa Peace Forum from throughout the world unanimously commend the brave and timely action of the Students of Peshawar University and Pashtun Aman Committee. We not only request the provincial authorities to investigate the matter of who gave permission to Zaid Hamid to use Islamia college campus for the purpose of spreading hate and mislead Pashtun youth which only adds insult to the injury of Pashtuns.

Pashtunkhwa Peace Forum also requests the federal and other provincial governments to take immediate actions against the jihadi media campaign of Zaid Hamid at a very sensitive time when the entire country has been plagued by the violent campaign of Jihadis. PPF encourages all the Pashtuns to be vigilant in the future and thwart any further attempts by Zaid Hamid and his Jihadi click to malign the good name of Pashtunkhwa and use our territory for the spread of his hateful ideology.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • It indeed was a courageous act and it is very alarming that Governor Pakhtoonkha has fascilitated him.The helplessness to replace a governor of Mush era is a question on the authority of provincial as well as federal Govt.
    A generation who extracts wisdom from the TV screens cannot just be prevented from ZH idiocracy by stopping him to speak in the colleges..Putting one step further is to enlighten our youth about extortions in the name of religion. Pakistani youth is confused over the various versions of national identities revolving around religious interpretations for political means…
    Pakistaniat should be defined in a way which has space for absorbing all the ethnicities as well.

  • These types of sleve snakes are supported by anti-pashtoon forces and offcorse it was an excellent act to spoil the bloody zaid hamid. He is infact not a muslim but just a dot for the name of muslim. Now it is duty of every Pashtoon to expose such forces like zaid hamid, ISI and traditional mullas. UNITE ALL PASHTOON through out the Globe.

  • Stop every hate mongers and Mullahs too, these are terrorist and new theory is that every mullah is terrorist so be awear when ever u see mullah or snake first kill mullah

  • Its sad to see how people will go to any extent to defame someone. All the accusations are based on a primary convention that Yusuf actually did claim to be a prophet. One must look into solid evidence before taking such huge steps as we are all accountable in front of Allah and he who misleads for worldly gain or limited understanding because of less effort will be in a very vulnerable position on the day of judgement. Also please see this for further guidance”:


  • Zaid Hamid is a real hero!! more and more people will know about him if this type of incidents occur. Thats pretty good. Keep it up!! Zaid Hamid is only hope in this nightmare for us. Zaid Hamid Zindabaad!!

  • mr jhanzeb….why dont u take this ass hole zaid hamid to your home and let him fuck all your family….you pathetic panjabi


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  • Who is this Guy Mr.Zoyed Hamid… ? Ignorant, after having search about him…