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Big fat Geo wedding in Dubai: Tax evader Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman gave Rs. 80 crores to Shahrukh Khan to attend his daugther’s wedding!

I have been wanting to write on this matter in the last fortnight but just didn’t get the time to do so. I also hoped that someone from the mainstream media or other tweeting/facebooking/online social media gurus from Pakistan would write about it. New year’s eve 2012 in Dubai was a grand event. It seemed the who’s who of Pakistan were there to ring in the new year. They had a major reason be there other than just seeing the fireworks around Burj Khalifa. Pakistan’s media tycoon/tax evader/speculator/wannabe-king maker, Mir Shakeel ur Rehman’s daughter was getting married to  financial sector guru, Jahangir Siddiqui’s son at the plush Madinat Jumeirah on 29th December whereas the Valima was at Ritz Carlton DIFC on the following day.

According to Mubasher Lucman, Mir Shakil gave Rs. 80 crores to Shahrukh Khan alone to attend her daughters marriage. Millions of rupees were spent to invite other stars of Bollywood, in addition to huge expenses on the weeding ceremony? Will the champions of Islamic values and austerity, namely Ansar Abbasi and Irfan Siddiqi, employees of Mir Shakil’s Jang Group, write columns on this? Wil Najam Sethi care to write on this topic?



Though I was not the privileged ones to attend the event, there were many who attended the wedding as it was talk of the town. Aman kee Asha did wonders for Mir Shakil ur Rehman as he was able to have stars like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal to attend the event. Apparently Sonu Nigam sang at the Mehndi. For a crowd of nearly 1000, it was a grand event hosted by MSR. General Pervaiz Musharraf was the star from Pakistan along with many politicians and media celebrities.

According to investigations, the arrangement of the event only (at Madinat Jumeirah for 1000+ people and many other arrangements) cost nearly AED 3.5 million for the tax evading owner of Geo TV and Jang/The News. It is also speculated that MSR paid heavily to Shahrukh Khan to attend the event.

Shahrukh Khan with wig-less Mir Shakil ur Rehman at his daughter's wedding in Dubai on 29th December 2011

Mir Shakeel gave 80 crores to Shahrukh khan to… by loverose443

One wonders where the media owner like MSR get all this money from? Oh yes, by not paying employees sufficiently and on time and off course not paying taxes to the national exchequer and then getting the courts to give stay orders.

If we are being considered to be making this up, then please read the write up in Emirates 24/7 (http://www.emirates247.com/bollywood/take-one/big-fat-dubai-wedding-bollywood-and-musharraf-2012-01-05-1.435923)










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  • I love Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and Najam Sethi. Both are great brains, who cares for hair!

    • I agree, poor article. As any journalist will tell you. To report on an event you must be present there. This so called journalist was not there. The Emirates 24 article he claims does not exist. I tried the link. You may do so as well. I am disappointed in LUBP

  • 1 Dirham = 24.25.
    3.5 million = 84.875 million or 8 crores, 48 lakhs, 75 thousand only.
    Yeh to kuch bhee nahee hay, MSR kay liye…Arbon rupay ka tax chore hay. Kaheen to kharch karey ga.

    I hope he paid Madinat Jumeirah…

  • Its funny how geo closed it’s entertainment channel a while back and blamed the government. Geo is shot in Dubai and if I’m not mistaken Dubai is not inside the sovereignty of pakistan making it impossible for the government to take action. Ohh you childish spin doctors how you cast these people into lies I never understood

  • This is why I love LUBP! Only this is why. What an article! The Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan raised tax demands against the Independent Media Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. (Jang Group and Geo), totaling to 1.68 billion rupees. When Geo failed to pay, the Deputy Commissioner, Inland Revenue, FBR, proceeded to arrest Geo TV directors. However, Sindh High Court granted a stay order against this move on the appeal of the directors. How sad.

  • I think Zardari shall give the green-signal to FBR so that it raids Mir Shakil ur Rehman’s properties.

  • I was there in the hotel where the shadi took place. I won’t lie that I attended but did curiously see famous faces making their way to the wedding. Quite a few politicians and business leaders were there, but when word came out that there were bOllywood celebrities, there was a near stampede

  • Very good post. May also ask the author to write a post about what happened to the Imran/Mir Khalil ur Rehman Pukar Fund. We were told we would get regular updates on GEO about the model village in Nowshera the fund was to be used for and yet there is now pin-drop silence.

    Talk about 600 million dollars of poor Pakistanis looted by Mr.10% and deposited in Swiss Bank.

  • I think Dunya News is secretly owned by Jang Group. Necessary investigations must be conducted by FBR.

    • I agree. Dunya needs to be investigated. Poor article though. As any journalist will tell you. To report on an event you must be present there. This so called journalist was not there. The Emirates 24 article he claims does not exist. I tried the link. You may do so as well.

  • @dr Tahir you do realise that even the isi admitted they created the mr 10 percent name to create propaganda against mr zardari. Ohh and to add to the article shahrukh khan came for around 20 minutes for which he was paid around 98 lakhs. I don’t know how much Arjuna and the others were given oh oh and karishma was also paid to attend

  • Just wondering, had there been any Pakistani Politician in place of MSR, people would feel their moral duty to bash him around and submit the allegations like corruptions, subversion and booty. Now it is a conspiracy against the innocent media people.

  • Guys, the only way, the media baron wont have a lavish wedding is by you guys not wathcing GEO. If you guys stop watching GEO, their ratings will go down, and hence he will have less money to splurge on weddings. How many of you will be worth a billion dollars, and have simple weddings?

    I think it was tasteful of him to have the wedding in Dubai. Plus fact of the matter is; this was a great promotion and networking tool for him. Imagine him in couple of months, and weeks, taking GEO to next level by having bollywood and even hollywood stars appear–it would increase the ratings manifold.

    Yes these lavish affairs are for enjoyment, but they also have a larger purpose. It’s called networking. Why do billionaires from all over the world pay millions of dollars for just one week to rent yachts in monaco—to simply entertain their guests, build relationships and contacts with high level people from all over the world, who can open doors, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

  • We have no solid proof about the tax evasion. However, people, should really stop wathcing GEO, the more viewers he has, the more money mints. Ofcourse, if we were responsible consumers, and were concerned about him not paying employees, we would protest GEO’S policies, and totally stop watching it–we do not have the moral fortitude to do that, so we just bash him on the internet.

    This is the problem in Pakistan. Among us have emerged a class ( me too amont them) that we can afford suzuki’s and corollas, we have heating in winter, and cool air in summer (although we do have power outrages). We can manage our health expenses, and we live normal medium lives. When we got to this level, we were happy. Then we realized there were thousands like us (forgetting the millions suffering from poverty). So how do we feel good about our own ‘average’ status in society? By bashing the more fortunate ones. Like Shakespeare says about the man in the middle in his play Othello. He feels good about his mediocre status in society by mocking the senators. Most of you here spend a lot of money on your wedding relatives to your wealth. We may spend 50,000, 1 lack, 2 lack, or even 5 lacks- on our weddings. This is a lot of money for us. Why dont we have simple nikkah? Why do have to bother with expenses.

    how much 50,000 rupees for us is how much 50 carores for him. Its all realtive.

    All in all as a businessman, his networking has imporoved because of this wedding, which will increase his tv’s rating, hence his weaalth further.

    Let us get out this fickle and banal mentality. We have no moral authority to judge anyone. Let us not be angry, hateful bloggers. If we have a problem with the said person, lets boycott his products, and protest against his treatment of employees.

  • This is the update on IKF Pukar campaign:

    735 houses were reconstructed across Pakistan. From which 100 houses were constructed in Nowshere. Other places are Rahim Yar Khan, D G Khan, Muzafargarh where houses are ready.

    3000 houses will be done by March 2012, in swat, D I Khan, Rajanpur and Karachi Jadeed (Balochistan).
    Apart from this 1 million people were given seed. Temp shelters given to 7000 people. Warm cloths to 15K, 200 handpumps installed in badin, sanghar and tando muhammad khan. 1300 are under construction. 2 million people were given food assistance.

    you can access all data on following website http://www.imrankhan.org.pk

  • Mir Shakil is a traitor and big lier…. he and his cronies which include hamid mir, sana butch and Najam Sethi are clear enemies of Pakistan..

  • It’s against all the ethics to target someone’s personal life. How does it make it any of our business to poke nose and criticize how or how not people celebrate their weddings. The way Geo has come forth to empower the media and use it to win justice and for the betterment of the people is commendable. Instead of criticizing the owners and their lifestyle, we should better appreciate their contribution in the welfare of the nation.

  • Stop this cheap propaganda…criticalPPP is after cashing Geo Tv’s name for their own publicity. While writing against the channel in any which way, these guys should see the sort of revolution brought by Geo Tv in freeing the media from the clutches of government, how so many downtrodden people find it a platform to raise their voice against the injustice and how these people get aided by the national and international community.

  • May geo become a patriotic channel or strive to be , may it become more allah fearing and may all its anchors pray and realise and be reminded that they will be answerable to our higher power and must please the higher power and do the best for our country Insha Allah

  • Jang/Geo Group are Indian Agents and are out to destabilize the country by weakening its Armed forces. Indian motive is to disintegrate Pakistan,Shakeel ur Rehman is a Tool. Jang/ Geo should be stopped once for all without any further delay to save Pakistan

    • ye kanjar khabees Luqman asal main ek din geo k dafter gaya tha apni cv ley kar is salay ko jahil ko jb se job nahi mili tb se geo k peechy para hai. begairat har waqt gheebat karta hai geo ne kabhi is ki burai nahi ki pata nahi band karwa k bhi is ko sakoon nahi aya zalil behain chod sala

  • It’s refreshing to read interesting content like this. Your unique writing style brings forth thought in the reader. I agree with a lot of this content. Thank you for writing this engaging and intelligent article.