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Asaan tay jaana billo day ghar

The top Pakistani nationalist, ex-winning cricket Captain and recent-wining conspirator Imran Khan read General Pasha’s message in his speech in Lahore in which he disclosed latest conspiracy namely memogate, co-produced by Mansoor Ijaz along with General Pasha. From that day, Imran has been getting wickets through his tsunamic bowling and clean bolded Qureshi, Makhdoom and many others.

The pioneer of this Memogate conspiracy surprised and frustrated Nawaz Sharif so he wanted to play fastforward to satisfy his age old masters in establishment. “Tusee Hukam Karo jee asee……tay puranay Khadim aan” and decided a more bold move compare to Mr. Captain. This move again surprised and frustrated Chaudhry Iftakhar “saano kee lour…..marjawan…jee…. Tusi sanoo bahal kita…o jee hukam” so played more fast forward and allowed Sharif’s petitions on unconstitutional grounds.

Choudhri Iftakhar annoyed on Babar Awan’s retaliation by “Mein Lakh Wari Bismillah Karan” [a very famous Punjabi song] and stopped hearing Z.A Bhutto’s case. The Justice was in fury and issued order for judicial commission. Now advocate Akram Sheikh is representing Nawaz Sharif, Justice Faiz Qazi representing CJ Choudhri and Abrarul Haq a famous singer is representing Imran Khan.

Asaan tay jaana billo day ghar was important song by Abrarul Haq in PTI’s jalsa. Justice Qazi once in his remarks said that judicial commission can visit Mansoor Ijaz in his home in America. Actually he had translated the song by Abrarul Haq and other part of this “Kinay kinay jana bilo thay ghar” is yet to be interpreted by the larger bench of the Supreme Court.

Someone disclosed on a private channel that Mansoor Ijaz is an operative in Black Water think tank and he wish to visit Pakistan’s arsenals. Anyway today six point agenda decided by judicial group over five members in their consultative workshop see final findings pasted below:

01: To initiate the contempt of court proceedings against the Chief Executive and the Secretary Law for not implementing the NRO verdict.
02: To declare the chief executive ineligible from the membership of the Parliament.
03: The court may form a commission to get the verdict implemented.
04: The people themselves decide on the issue and the court exhibit patience.
05: Contempt proceedings against Chairman Nab may be initiated.
06: The action may be taken against President for violating the Constitution.

I think the larger judicial group over 17 members will agree with (04) agenda and will inspire Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif and Fake Civil Society (FCS) loyal to Generals Pasha and Kayani to agitate against this elected government.

But remember that if Mansoor Ijaz refused to come in Pakistan then be ready to go his home with delegation led by Justice Qazi, Akram Sheikh and Abrarul Haq.

Have a nice trip to USA. Jana aay bilo day ghar?

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Raza Baloch


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  • Pasha = Billo
    Imran = Billi
    Iftikhar Choudhry = Qazi

    jab billo billi razi, to kia kar lay ga qazi?

  • Is peoples party ready to display it’s gaping hole to the public once again?

    Are people going to buy it again?

    This notion is further confirmed by the latest news item from Zardari, he said, “We will fight the next elections on the promise of Roti Kapra and Makan”, cha ching!

  • What a crap site and article…. SHAME on PPP and the supporters of PPP…. Benazir n Zulfiqar are rotten in hell and Zardari is coming soon IA….

  • Just another biased and half baked self made assumptions by this website.

    I have yet to see this website talking abything about the corruption and looting of this gov as well as any mentioning of the creation of TALIBAN under PPP gov in 96

  • Ali Abass, Osama and Munib thank for your impartial comments.

    Actually you people like Choudhrism and don’t know what happening with us (The Baloch), Your Choudhri Army is killing innocent Balochs but you still love Pakistan. You Choudhrism lover don’t know that who is owner of the constitution “the Citizen” of Pakistan. Every Citizen has right to interpret the constitution through his her vote.
    God bless you good Jannat and hell is good for us Balochs, Sindhis, Pashtuns and Siraikis who living in your “Hell Pakistan” the country of Choudris

  • There’s absolutely nothing I cherish more compared to coming to this website each and every afternoon just after work. Hi and thanks for all the wonderful posts!!