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What do Pakistan’s Shia Muslims think about Imran Khan? – by Laibaah

Source: Pakistan Blogzine

A Shia Muslim scholar Allama Jawad Naqvi exposes the Saudi-ISI plan to revive a repackaged version of General Zia-ul-Haq Group (Religio-political fascists) in Pakistan

In this post, we present a thought provoking analysis by a Shia scholar on the re-emergence of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) with the help of Pakistan army (ISI in particular) and its Jihadi-sectarian affiliates (e.g., Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (aka Lashkar-e-Jhangvi), Jamaat-ud-Dawa (aka Lashkar-e-Taiba), Jamaat-e-Islami etc. Given that the speaker in this video (Allama Jawad Naqvi) offers an analysis based on his particular ideological and political point of view, we do not necessarily agree with all of his arguments, however, given that Shia Muslims are the most target killed faith group in Pakistan, it is our ethical duty to pay attention to their perspectives and attempt to redress their grievances.

In this lecture, Allamad Jawad Naqvi explains that the same way the imperialists assigned King AbdulAziz ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia with the political authority and Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab with the ideological or religious authority, the powers that be have planned to assign Imran Khan with the political and Sami-ul-Haq/Munawan Hasan/Ludhianvi/Hafiz Saeed with religious authority.

Zia-ul-Haq Group (Redux)

1) Ideological or religious wing: Difa-e-Pakistan Coucnil (comprising Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Jamiat-e-Ahle-Hadith, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Taliban etc)

2) Political wing: PTI of Imran Khan (along with Jamaat-e-Islami and other Salafi-Deobandi religio-political parties)

Allama Naqvi notes that General (retired) Hamid Gul (former chief of ISI) was a key architect of Shia killings in Afghanistan and Pakistan during 1990s. He along with other serving Jihadi generals and the Jihadi-sectarian organizations is currently working to convert Pakistan into a Saudi-Wahhabi Islamic State under the leadership of Imran Khan.

In order to foil the Saudi-ISI plan of installing Imran Khan and his Jihadi-Sectarian mullah affiliates, Shias as well as Sufi (Barelvi) Muslims, moderate Deobandi and Salafi Muslims, Ahmadi Muslims, Christians and other oppressed groups must show political awareness, maturity and unity.

Shia Muslims along with other oppressed groups may create the biggest hurdle in the way of the Saudi-ISI plan to enforce the Talibanic Sharia in Pakistan. The real planner for Shia killings, Barelvi killings, Ahmadi killings, Christian killings etc is an unholy network in which the ISI (General Hameed Gul etc), religious wing (Ahmad Ludhianvi etc), political wing (Imran Khan etc) and the media (Dr. Shahid Masood, Ejaz Haider etc) are united.

Imran Khan is the reincarnation and repackaging of General Zia-ul-Haq group aimed at providing political legitimacy to Jihadi-sectarian mullahs and religious groups. In this regard, he is aided by the ISI, the Saudi network (Hafiz Saeed etc) and other radical salafi-deobandi mullahs.

Political Analysis: Emergence of New Leaders and the Return of the Zia-ul-Haq Group

By: Allama Syed Jawad Naqvi, 28 Dec 2011

(Very short version: 2 minutes)

(Condensed version: 9 minutes)

(Full version: 96 minutes)

Previously we have exposed Imran Khan’s PTI Vice President Ejaz Chaudhry’s links with sectarian terrorists! and have also shown that Imran Khan sent a special note to the Jamaat-ud-Dawan / Sipah-e-Sahaba rally at Minar-e-Pakistan: https://lubpak.net/archives/66829

Supporters of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP aka LeJ) and Jamaat Islami (JI) conspicuous due to their flags keenly listen to Imran Khan’s anti-USA speech

Imran Khan’s best friend Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry happens to be the best friend of the ISI and ISI-backed Jihadi-sectarian terrorists

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  • I am not a Shia and obviously I don’t understand some of the technical terms used by Maulana Naqvi in his lecture. However, I can clearly understand Pakistani Shias concerns about Imran Khan and PTI. With so many examples of tacit cooperation between Imran Khan and Sipah Sahaba, Shias are legitimately worried as are other persecuted groups.

    Khan has lost it big time.

  • @Fahim

    Good comment. I am a Shia and instead of joining PTI, I will prefer to take the direct route and join Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. At least, they are transparent in their aims and tactics.

  • all is stupid… in ka kahna ka matlab hai k ab sirf PPP he hope hai shia k liya… sharm aapi chaheya firko ko hawa da rha ho… Imran Khan na jo Chakwal ma jalsa kiya tha us ma us na Hazrat Ali A.S ka kaul bayan kiya tha… he is true muslim and lover of Ahle Bayt… aur ya aap dakhain ga k election k kareeb is propaganda ko aur hawa diya jay ga phr thanda kr diya jay ga. ya video 1 din pahla he youtube pa upload ke hai kesi na aur PPP facebook Wall pr bhi yahe bakwas upload ki hai. Shia-Sunni ko seperate krna k liya…

    • Lol. PPP is the most corrupt party. They dont give a damn how many people die and from which religion, race or ethnicity they belong to. There were hundreds of terrorist attacks on shia community took place and 1000s of shia people died. PPP was only busy in looting Pakistan. Some sick minded illiterate ignorant PPP mental slaves are running this page.

  • Despite being a Shia, I think it is a deliberate attempt to malign Imran Khan. ‘zabardasti wali baat’.
    Never has IK spoken against Shias, he always quotes Imam Ali (AS) in his speeches, so this is all a lame story

  • People’s party has a serious issue, and it is “bund mein ungle pasana”. Peoples Party is so used to having a boot up their @$$ that they have now started to enjoy it. And when the boot is taken out, they start acting and whining to have it back up their Butts. Usually, after getting the boot up their butt PPP tours around the country and displays the gaping hole in it’s @$$ as a reminder of grave in justice done to it. Alas, this time your ripped and gaping @$$ hole will not be able to fool the public and you won’t get any sympathy votes!!!

    Shias of Pakistan love PTI and Imran Khan, Syed Zahid Kazmi, Firdous Naqvi, Talat Naqvi etc are all members of PTI CEC.
    These pics should be enough to dispell pathetic propaganda of PPP



    A plethora of badly edited pictures and ignoramus rants about PTI and Imran Khan will not help you.

    Ouch again Laibah!!

    p.s. What has PPP done for the Hazara killings in Balochistan? They are in the government afterall?

  • please dont try to use sectarian methods in politics..ppp supporters have steeped to such a cheap extent..obviously ppp has no other thing on its advantage so they always provide fuel to linguistic and sectarian misunderstandings..and try to gain an advantage

    • Sunni Musalmaan Nahin hai Balke
      Sunni Kafir ki Ek hi Sazaa
      Chut Gaand se Judaa
      Chut Gaand se Judaa!!!…

      Sahih Bukhaari
      Condom Bukhaari!!!…

      • Shias are not muslim. Infact this dirty religion insults and abuse our beautifull Islam. See what your religious values teaches you, only abuse and to fall down to dirty extent. Tch tch. Hell fire will surely make you realize how much religiously ignorant and illiterate you people were.

  • Dear Sir:

    Please note that one Jawad Naqvi from Punjab is dividing Shias in Pakistan on Iranian Mullahs’ behalf. Is this Mr Jawad Naqvi, an Iranian agent, who put posters in Karachi on Khomeini’s birthday, hurting Shia sentiments? Iranian Ayatollahs and their stupid revolution not welcome among Pakistan Shias.

  • Imran aur PTI k khouf me ab yeh Imran Khan ko kbhai shia ka dushman banaye gy aur kbhi Sindhiyo ka………….PTI 2nd Tier leadership is all shia…..Arif Alvi…..Arif Naqvi……Shia Brother its fake story plz dont belive on this….Murdabad PPP and PMLN

  • What a crap site and article…. SHAME on PPP and the supporters of PPP…. Benazir n Zulfiqar are rotten in hell and Zardari is coming soon IA….

  • So this website is hell bent upon pulling IK legs even if it means inciting sectarian hate in the name of “analysis” and politics. The selection of IK photos showing him holding gun pretty much explains the “narrow mindset” of the writer. Looks like some mummy daddy wanna beez . . . know shit about the TRIBAL culture of PAKISTAN and cant stop their biased analysis. There is no doubt IK’s anti-USA statements brings him closer to the jihadiz but he has never supported them and as such never said any statement in their support. Showing some jihadi flags in PTI rallies mean nothing.

    IK is not going to go on ground to snatch these flags from his workers. PTI like any other political party has diff groups and people from diff classes.

    Like i have said it many times and i repeat again, i have yet to see this website say anything on the JIHADI policy of BENAZIR and PPP gov in 96 whose fruits we see now (along with zia regime).

    laikin apne gareban mei jhankey kon . . .

  • Excellent work Tightchuddi

    criticalPPP better help the chor gov look into its collar instead of hiding its failures of 4 years and now crying crocodile tears under the cover of democracy and civillian supermacy.

  • Nice one all of you.
    I wonder that the moderator had allowed you all to comments against ppp and its leaders.
    This site is full of S h i t and stinking

  • although shia’s may be deemed true to some extent,but dear this story is truley a myth and shamefull attempt of fabrication of false story.
    all this attemep is made by the current politicans to D-Grade imran khan’s increasing popularity,because last trick from them is islamic and based on aqaid,jis main aa kr bohat sy log misinterpret kr jain gy,just think on it guys and support for true change…..

  • Thank You PPP & hence LUBP for for now giving sectarian to political parties. Your Qaied-e-Awam who is ‘aaj tak zindaa’, is just because he gave Muslim color to the PPP by making Ahmedis nonMuslim. !KEEP IT UP GUYS!

  • Ilmana, these LUBPians are anti-Jamaat-e-Islami, anti-PTI. they are obsessed with Shia killings and cannot understand that today, biggest problem in Pakistan is corruption by Bhutto-Zardari fascists. They are being controlled by treacherous Sindhis, RAW Balochis and foolish Pathans. Chairman PTI should simply ignore them and what the silly Shias think of him. After all, they are only 02 % of Pakistan and will not affect the Tsunami of PTI which will sweep the next elections with the help of Jamaat Islami and Sipah Sahaba.

  • I realy Respect ALLAMA SB .BUT i was not expectign that for there personal benifts he ll play upto this extent with this nation.Allama sb You are doing realy very good NAWAZ SHAREEF ASIF ZARDARI.
    Khudara apni shops chlane k lie hmen ab aur use nan kro.We ll pay you full fees for majaalis dont worry

  • Alliance of All Terrorist organizations…
    ……………………….is there need any more prove. Future alliance for govt is Nawaz + imran + mqm + Sipah e sahaba together

    Sipah-e-Sahaba chief Ludhianvi admits his links with Imran Khan’s PTI candidates:

    Imran Khan Tehreek Insaf & Sipah Sahaba Romance


  • Imran khan is a polition and evry polition need votes to get in power doest matter who is voting so if u saw flag of ssp in imran khan jalsa that doest mean he is anty shia and i am a shia muslim and heartly support imran khan and listen stop this propaganda against him

  • I being a Shia Muslim support imran khan.
    Jawad Naqvi has his own doubts about imran.
    But it doesn’t meant that all the Shia is against
    Imran. We love imran. And we support him. Oh
    People for God sake plz don’t use Shia name
    For playing these political game.

  • This is all propagenda. I am shia but understand that fuedal lords are making propegnada to stop the change. Similarly PPP made propogenda for Jamate islami who never opposes shia rather support them. We should be first muslim and then any one else. We all should support for Imran KHan for the poors of Pakistan. He is the last hope and it does not matter if some one had make mistakes in his past. Mejority of the sahabas were sinners earliers than islam. I think God has send him and if we would not took care of him, we all will suffer, shia and sunni both. USA with its touts will run the state.

    • Bravo! Thats the smooth tongue of educated person. Admit it only IK supporter can talk like that:D. As far as these type of articles are concerned, there are many corrupt people, who uses religions are sects and upon their bases tries to promote their evil agendas. These people are everywhere and belong to various groups sects or religions.

    • Sunni Kafir ki Ek hi Sazaa
      Chut Gaand se Judaa
      Chut Gaand se Judaa!!!…

      Sahih Bukhaari
      Condom Bukhaari!!!…

      Naali Naali
      Gattar Gattar

      Abu Bakar, Abu Bakar
      Abu Bakar, Abu Bakar!!!…

  • yazeed wahsil-e-jahnum howa aur us ka baita zia ul haq yazid k roup may dubara say jaya zia lanati wahsil-e-jhanam howa ab us ka baiata imran khan lanati aya hy in 3no aur inhe 3nu pe lanat ho beshumar………………………………………………………………………………………